Write Your Way to Freedom Review: It Doesn’t Help You Make Money

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Sarah Turner, Write Your Way to Freedom, suggests copywriting is the only way to make money online as a writer.

You can sense the tone of dishonesty with this claim.

Many people have asked me, is Write Your Way to Freedom legit? And Do I have to learn copywriting to earn passive income online?

NO, I am not a copywriter and you don’t have to be a copywriter to make money online.

We are not stupid. We can tell the difference between an honest and genuine review versus a copywriting article B.S. about a product or service.

Successful bloggers are writers writing about real-life experiences.

When you read this Write Your Way to Freedom review, you understand that I am telling you the truth.

I don’t have to use fancy words or phrases to trick you into trusting me.

I have nothing against Sarah Turner.

I am not associated with Write Your Way To Freedom.

I am writing this review to help you make an informed decision before purchasing the Write Your Way to Freedom course, nothing more.

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Write Your Way To Freedom Review Summary

Name: Write Your Way To Freedom
Business Type: Copywriting
Investment: $2,000
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  • Write Your Way to Freedom is a training program teaching the art of copywriting.
  • This step-by-step training program is offered as a guide for you to become a successful copywriting blogger.
  • The program claims you can earn a six-figure income in six months as an online copywriter with no prior experience.
  • Copywriting is used as a marketing hype to target desperate and novice online writers.
  • Honestly, you don’t need to be a copywriter to make money online blogging.
  • I’ll share with you how to become a successful online writer for less than $300 at the end of this review.


What Is Write Your Way to Freedom?

Write Your Way to Freedom is an online course created by Sarah Turner. This training program teaches the processes of building a six-figure online business as a copywriting blogger.

Sarah Turner is a successful copywriter from the UK. She believes online writers must learn copywriting to earn a six-figure income, which I respectfully disagree with.

The program will teach you 7 steps to build a successful online copywriting business. We’ll discuss more this in a bit.

According to Sarah Turner, copywriting skill is in high demand because businesses need copywriters.

She suggests copywriting is the most effective way to write product reviews because consumers only read something catchy and interesting.

Write Your Way to Freedom clearly misunderstands the customer intent when reading product reviews.

We read product reviews to find out if the product works to help us with a real-life problem.

No one loves to read a sales pitch (copywriting) product review.

Do you?

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Write Your Way To Freedom Course Review

Write Your Way To Freedom course covers all the 7 steps needed to build an online copywriting business.

Step 1 – Pick Your Niche

You learn how and why you need to pick a niche for your writing business.

A niche helps to identify ideal clients, become an expert, charge more, and write faster.

Write Your Way to Freedom tells you to pick a niche that you love.

Picking a niche that you love sounds logical, but not profitable. This is the worst advice on starting an online writing business.

I’ll share with you my mistakes in picking a niche at the end of this review.

Step 2 – Study Copy

This is lesson provides you with a sample of copywriting materials from popular copywriters to learn.

It gives you an idea of different copywriting contents and styles that you can use to write.

Step 3 – Learn Copywriting Basic

You learn the basic structure of copywriting content.

Write Your Way to Freedom will tell you that copywriting content is more effective than content writing. It argues content writing is bland and not appealing to readers.

This lesson misses an important point in content writing. Content writing is original while copywriting content is a sales pitch.

Do you like to read original content or a sales pitch?

Step 4 – Start Writing

This is the real lesson. You start writing and creating your own copywriting content.

You learn the process of promoting your skill and where to find writing opportunities.

Step 5 – Learn SEO Basic

You will need more than an understanding of the basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to build a successful online writing business.

SEO should be the main lesson that you need to learn to promote anything online.

You can find material on basic SEO for FREE online.

Step 6 – Build A Website

You will need a website to launch a blog or an online copywriting business.

However, Write Your Way to Freedom will not teach you how to build one. It gives you advice and information on building a website, which you can get for free.

There’s a big difference between starting a content website vs. an online business.

Here’s a free lesson on building a content website. You will learn more in this free lesson compared to Write Your Way to Freedom building a website.

Step 7 – Make Yourself Valuable

This lesson focuses on becoming an expert in your chosen niche. The idea of becoming an expert to make a lot of money is wrong.

Look at colleges and universities, there are a lot of experts working in these institutions. But they don’t make a lot of money.

The Write Your Way to the Freedom training program will not turn you into an expert. You have to learn this by yourself.

Why would anyone pay a few grand to learn basic blogging?

How Much Does Write Your Way To Freedom Cost?

It costs $2,000 to join the Write Your Way to Freedom course.

But Write Your Way to Freedom doesn’t tell you the cost upfront. You must sign up for the free webinars (free lessons) to find out.

The free lessons don’t teach you anything about copywriting. They are designed to convince you into purchasing the Write Your Way to Freedom training program.

Once you’re conditioned to believe copywriting is the answer to your financial problem, it’s easier for the program to extract $2,000 from you.

Besides the cost to purchase this course, you must have enough money to launch your copywriting business.

You need to pay for the website hosting service, website construction, digital marketing tools, and more.

I think you should use two grands to start a blog first before testing out copywriting.

I start my online writing business for less than $300.

I’ll share with you my secret at the end of this Write Your Way to Freedom review.

Write Your Way to Freedom Refund

Write Your Way to Freedom doesn’t offer a refund. I suggest you carefully evaluate this course before wasting $2,000.

There is no try before you buy option either. Once you click “Buy Now” and provide payment information, you cannot back out.

I never buy a training program unless I have the opportunity to try a few intro lessons.

Most online make-money scams don’t want you to see the courses, and they don’t give refunds.

You want to know if this program is right for you.

Is Write Your Way to Freedom Legit Or A Scam?

Write Your Way to Freedom is a legit copywriting course. But it doesn’t worth $2,000.

You don’t need to learn copywriting to make money as an online writer, especially with a blog.

The skill you need to learn is becoming an SEO content writer, not copywriting content.

Write Your Way to Freedom wants you to believe consumers love reading copywriting content. This is not true.

People love to read content that is original, unique, and real-life. Most successful bloggers write about their life and their experience with life.

It’s helpful to know copywriting, but it will not help you to get rich.

There are a lot of copywriters who are struggling to make money. It is unlike you will become a successful copywriter with Write Your Way to Freedom.

Write Your Way to Freedom Scam Complaints

Online complaints accuse Write Your Way to Freedom a scam of not disclosing the cost upfront.

I agree with these complaints. Not everyone can afford to join. Why not tell us upfront the cost?

If you know it costs $2,000, you might not purchase the course.

As a successful Online Business Reviewer Writer, I have evaluated hundreds of online business opportunities to expose scams.

I am going to tell you the truth. You don’t need the Write Your Way to Freedom copywriting course. You can start a blog sharing with the world your passion to earn passive income online.

Is Write Your Way to Freedom Worth It?

I would not waste $2,000 with Write Your Way to Freedom. This copywriting program is not worth it.

All you learn are basic steps to start a blog and copywriting. You can get these lessons for free online.

I start my online writing business for less than $300. I never learn copywriting, and I don’t need to use copywriting to write reviews.

Readers love to read my business reviews because I am telling them the truth.

You need the truth to make an informed investment decision.

Don’t waste a few grands with the Write Your Way to Freedom.

There’s a cheaper way to start a profitable online writing business.

If I can do it, you can too. You just need to join the right training program to get started.

Since this review is about Write Your Way to Freedom, I am not going to discuss how I build a profitable online writing business.

I have written a few articles sharing with the world my secret to online success.

If you want to know a less expensive way to make money as a writer, you can read these articles discussing why:

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I hope this Write Your Way to Freedom review answers your question, is Write Your Way to Freedom legit?

Until next time.

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