Is Shaw Academy Legit – Shaw Academy Review

Is education the best way to improve our financial situation?

Most of us answer, YES.

But studies have shown, not all training is beneficial. It depends on the type of training and the place of education.

Wrong training is worse than no education.

Recently, we have a lot of complaints accusing Shaw Academy of running a scam. This might be a reason for you to read Shaw Academy reviews.

I understand you want to confirm that Shaw Academy is legit.

You want to improve your financial wealth. But is Shaw Academy the right place to learn new skills?

Before you sign up, there are few things you need to know about Shaw Academy.

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Shaw Academy Review Summary

Name: Shaw Academy

Business Type: Online Education

Investment: $69.99 Per Month

Recent Reviews:
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  • People attend Shaw Academy online education courses to improve or learn new skills.
  • They mistakenly believe a Shaw Academy certificate can get them a promotion or a bigger paycheck.
  • Shawn Academy is not an accredited institution. A certificate of completion from this academy is a verification that you have completed a course, nothing more.
  • Trustpilot has issued a warning against Shawn Academy for engaging in biased (paid) reviews. The academy uses these fake reviews to scam people.
  • You can find numerous scam complaints against the Shaw Academy for using the free trial to process unauthorized card charges.
  • To avoid being a victim of a Shaw Academy scam, never give your financial information to this company.


What Is Shaw Academy?

The Shaw Academy is an online education platform that claims to provide affordable courses to over 12 million people worldwide.

The company offers interactive video classes to help people start a new career or build a business.

This private online education platform was launched in 2013 by James Egan and Adrian Murphy. The company headquarters is in Dublin, Ireland. The company has offices in the US, India, and South Africa.

Starting in early 2019, Shaw Academy begins to experience financial problems and unable to pay its debts.

In June 2020, the company reported massive growth in new students’ registration due to the COVID-19 lockdowns.

At the same time, the number of scam complaints against Shaw Academy also increased.

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Students complain that they are unable to cancel the free trial membership. They accuse the Shaw Academy of making unauthorized charges on their payment accounts. Many reports of having a difficult time getting their money back.

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Is Shaw Academy Accredited?

Shaw Academy claims that the organization is accredited by the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF). This is not truth.

The Academy lost this accreditation on 24 July 2019.

Today, Shaw Academy is not an accredited institution. Any claim of accreditation is not legit.

Shaw Academy Free Courses

Shaw Academy offers more than 100 courses on its education platform. You can sign up for a 4-week free trial to attend any of these courses, but they are not free.

Shaw Academy doesn’t offer free courses. You only get access to the intro lessons. To complete a course, you must register as a paid student.

People complain that Shaw Academy uses the free trial account to scam them. The company refuses to allow people to cancel their free trial accounts. Even after they have canceled their account, Shaw Academy still charges them for the full price of the course.

According to online complaints, Shaw Academy free courses are a scheme to get your payment information.

Shaw Academy Price

You must at least know the cost before signing up for a 4-week free trial course with Shaw Academy.

If you fail to cancel your free trial account on time or you want to continue with the course, you will pay a fee.

Shaw Academy offers two membership prices: a monthly membership and a lifetime membership.

It costs $69.99 per month to complete a course, or you can pay a lifetime membership fee of $99.

The $99.00 Lifetime Membership fee allows you to access all courses on the Shaw Academy platform. This seems to be a better option to become a student of Shaw Academy.

However, Shaw Academy charges you the monthly price when you fail to cancel the free account. I was told that you have to pay an additional $99 if you want to become a lifetime member.

Is Shaw Academy legit?

After reviewing so many online complaints regarding the free account scheme, I must agree with TrustPilot that Shaw Academy is not legit.

A legit company doesn’t need to buy fake reviews. A legit company doesn’t use a free account scheme to inflate student numbers. A legit company doesn’t engage in unauthorized charges.

You might not agree with me that Shaw Academy is a scam.

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But you must agree with me an education from Shaw Academy is worthless.

The Certificate of Completion from Shaw Academy doesn’t bring a promotion or big paycheck. It only adds more debt to your account.

If you are going to pay a lot of money for an education, you must select the right place to earn that certificate.

Did you know that I pay less than $300 to learn how to build a six-figure online business?

I’ll tell you more about this training program at the end of this Shaw Academy review.

Don’t waste your money and time with Shaw Academy.

Scam Complaints Against Shaw Academy

Before signing up for Shaw Academy free trial account, I strongly suggest you read the warning to TrustPilot.

You can also read more scam complaints with the BBB. You will be surprised by the number of complaints filed against this company in 2020.

Most complaints accuse the Shaw Academy of making an unauthorized charge on people’s payment accounts.

According to the victim, they have a hard time getting their money back.

A few victims have reported to TrustPilot that the company demands them to remove the negative reviews for a refund.

As a successful Online Business Reviewer, I have evaluated hundreds of online training program to expose scams.

I am going to tell you, save your money. A Shaw Academy education will not help you start a new career or build a business.

Is Shaw Academy Worth It?

No, Shaw Academy is not worth it. Don’t waste your money and time with this organization.

My conclusion is based on the scam complaints filed against Shaw Academy. When you have hundreds of online complaints stating the same problems, you cannot ignore them.

There are many legit online training programs to help you find success.

Why take on so much risk with Shaw Academy?

I love to share with you the $300 education that helps me start a successful online business.

However, this is a Shaw Academy review. I don’t’ want to take up your time.

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I hope this Shaw Academy review answers your question, is Shaw Academy legit?

Until next time.

Please share your experience below.

6 thoughts on “Is Shaw Academy Legit – Shaw Academy Review”

  1. Shaw Academy charged me membership fees $140 without my consent in my first week of free trial. When I request a refund they deleted my account from their website. The way the treat their customers is not acceptable and I will not stop commenting until I see my money sitting in my bank account.
    Please do yourself a favor by not signing up. The free trial is a lie.

    • Stefani,

      Thank you for your review of Shaw Academy. This seems to happen to a lot of people lately. Contact your credit card company to report the unauthorized charge. I agree Shaw Academy has to refund you. Good Luck.

  2. They are running a credit card auto-billing scam based on an e-contract that makes it impossible to cancel your membership through normal means of calling or simply canceling your “student” account info. My last resort was to cancel my credit card. When an online business puts up so many obstacles to controlling your membership cancellation and does not provide easy or honest phone access to customer service, that is a red flag that they are con.
    I am a Canadian “customer” who signed up online in early March 2021 when I saw their “free 4-week trial”. I immediately had regrets and called the same day with a number I found thru a google search, to cancel my membership and get my credit card details removed. A guy with an Indian accent served me. I even said that are you sure that my credit card won’t be billed? He assured me that my cc info and account info would be deleted from their Shaw Academy system and that I would not be charged anything. LIES!!!

    I recently received my cc statement and it shows two charges from Shaw Academy for CAD$69.99 each: “Mar 07 CKO*SHAW ACADEMY 531-6854354 NH” and on Apr 04 “CKO*SHAW ACADEMY 531-68543564 NH”. So I went to their website and found that I could still log into my Shaw Academy account even though I had deleted it myself back in early March. I saw that although my cc info and personal details were blank, that my account read “ACTIVE” and “PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP”.

    I followed the steps to cancel my membership as I could not delete my profile info. Clicking through as per Shaw Academy’s website’s instructions I got to this page that read: “Confirm your cancellation…our business hours are…+1 844 xxx xxx Canada…”

    Well, I called that number and there are only two prompts, there is no real person to speak with. Each prompt gives an outgoing message instructing the caller to cancel their membership by logging into their Shaw Academy account and deleting the info. WHAT!!! My Shaw Academy account DID NOT LET ME DELETE MY ACCOUNT INFO AND GAVE ME THIS NUMBER TO CALL.

    It’s a cunning circle that Shaw Academy has devised to entrap you into not having the control to cancel their access to your credit card…hence they will auto-debit you until you find a way to stop them!

    That is bad faith business practice.

    My advice, Shaw Academy is a con business as far as their lure of “free 4-week trial” is…they just want to get you to consent to give them your credit card information, and then they make you go in circles to cancel it, not before auto-debiting you at least a couple of time.


    • Kat,

      You can call the credit card company to report unauthorized charges and get the money back. This might be your best option to get a refund.
      Thank you for sharing your Shaw Academy scam experience with us.

  3. I got an offer from Shaw Academy, on April 16,2021 using Tracfone as a guise in the text, to gain your trust. I thought, coming from Tracfone, that it was perfectly legit. It went on to say that if you got other referrals, they would give you $30 off, and the person you got to enroll a $30 discount on the “educational materials”. I sent my sister a text about it, and fortunately the page vanished before I could contact my niece, then my sister sent me a text “It’s a scam”. When I Googled Shaw Academy, there was NOTHING but complaints about it and how it’s done people. It’s not accredited, and hasn’t been in a while…I mean there’s nothing at ALL legit about them!
    Coming from what appeared to be Tracfone, I’ve done everything but stop my service with them, but in talking to 3 different people with them, they have nothing to do with it, they just used their brand to scam people. I’m not sure what to do, other than contact my bank and get some advice from them. To any who read this, do NOT deal with Shaw Academy! They’ll just rip you off, and you get nothing but a big #$%ing headache from the experience!!


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