Is Rent A Friend Legit – Rent A Friend Review

Rent a Friend offers a fun way to earn passive income, get paid to be a friend.

So, you want to work for Rent a Friend selling your friendship.

But who buys friendship? Or Is Rent A Friend legit?

The concept of renting a friend seems to contradict our understanding that “Money can’t buy friends.”

Everyone needs a friend, not everyone has a friend.

When you don’t have a friend, what do you do when you need a friend?

Renting a friend is not a bad option. It might be a better deal than having a friend. After all, you don’t need a friend all the time.

If you want to know what is like to rent out your friendship, this Rent A Friend review is written for you.

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Rent A Friend Review Summary

Name: Rent A Friend

Business Type: Passive Income

Investment: Free

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  • Rent A Friend offers people an opportunity to earn passive income by getting paid to be a friend.
  • The website is free to join, and you set your own rate.
  • A friend can hire you to take them around town, go to a movie or restaurant, or someone to attend a social event.
  • The friend proposes the activity and pays for it. You simply decide whether you want to go.
  • Rent a Friend is not an escort or dating site. It is strictly a platonic companionship and nothing more.
  • Don’t expect to get rich as a paid friend. After all, not a lot of people want to hire a friend. This is just a side gig to earn some extra cash, not a full-time income.


What Is Rent A Friend?

Rent A Friend is an online companion service. The website allows you to hire a friend or get paid to be a friend.

Service offered on is strictly a platonic companionship. It’s not an escort agency or an online dating site.

This friendship for hire website was launched in October 2009 by Scott Rosenbaum from Stewartsville, New Jersey.

Scott got the idea from a Japanese “rent a friend” companies that cater their service to single-parent families.

After doing some market research in the US, Scott founded thousands of rent a friend with benefits websites. There’s no website offered platonic friendship for hire. was the first website to rent a friend with no benefit. The site bans its members from all physical relationships. There is no dating or sexual service allow on the rental date.

How Does Rent A Friend Work?

Rent a Friend is a website for you to find a new friend or to get paid to be a friend.

There is no cost to search for a friend near you or to work for Rent a Friend.

You are required to pay a membership fee to contact or rent a friend, which I’ll discuss more in this review.

Let talk about how to rent a friend.

Rent A Friend For A Day

You can rent a friend for an hour, a few hours, or for the day.

You start the renting process by entering your location to search to see available friends that are located near you.

You can view the friends’ photos, profiles, and interests for free.

Once to decide to contact or hire a friend, you must register and pay a membership fee to start the friend rental process.

As a paid member, you can contact every friend on to negotiate price and service.

You can tell friends about the activities you like to do, the duration, and the hourly rate. If a friend accepted your offer, you have rented a friend.

How Much Does Rent A Friend Cost?

Rent a Friend has two types of costs that you must pay to rent a friend.

The first cost is the membership fee. This fee is paid to Rent a Friend. The cost to become Rent a Friend member is $24.95 per month.

The other is the cost to rent your friend. Most friends charge an hourly rental rate between $10 to $50. However, the rate is always negotiable. Sometimes you can rent a friend for free, depending on the activity.

You pay the hourly rental rate directly to your friend, not to

Work For Rent A Friend

You know how to rent a friend. Now, let us discuss the process of getting paid to be a friend.

If you don’t want to work for Rent a Friend, you can skip this section.

You pay nothing to work at

You start the job application by registering for a free account to create a profile on Rent a Friend. Your profile will go live once approved it.

When members search for a friend in their city, they will see your profile. If they interested in hiring a friend, they can contact you to negotiate price, time, and activity.

Once you both agree on the rental terms, you meet your new friend, hang out, and get paid.

Rent A Friend Jobs

You can negotiate the jobs or activities directly with the person that wants to rent you as a friend.

Rent a Friend jobs are all platonic companionship, non-sexual.

You don’t have to accept every rent a friend job if you are not comfortable doing it.

Even though only paid members can contact you, I suggest taking all the necessary precautions to protect yourself.

If you accept rent a friend job, make sure to bring your phone and turn on location tracking. You need to let your loved ones and best friends know where you are at all times.

When in double, don’t accept the rent a friend job. There are always more options to make money.

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How Much Can You Make on Rent A Friend?

You can make up to $50 per hour. However, the popular rent a friend rate is $10 an hour.

How much do you make on Rent a Friend depend on the rate, the time, and the number of friend job you accepted?

The competition for a job on rent a friend in the cities is very competitive.

There are more people offering friendships than there are people renting a friend.

It’s unlikely that you can earn a full-time income working as a paid friend.

Is Rent A Friend legit?

Rent A Friend is a legit website to earn a few bucks while having a good time.

It appears that there are legitimate reasons for people to rent a friend.

Business travelers and newcomers often rent a friend to show them around town.

Introvert people do rent a friend to have a small conversation or hang out with them at social events.

You shouldn’t be so much concerning the legitimacy of rent a friend.

You should concern about safety.

Is Rent A Friend Safe

Many people think Rent A Friend is safe because members have to pay a fee to contact and rent a friend.

This illogical thinking suggests serial killers, rapists, psychopaths couldn’t afford to pay the $24.95.

Rent a Friend doesn’t require a background check to become a member. Anyone that pays $24.95 can contact you to rent as a friend.

Working for is risky and unsafe. You don’t know much about the new friend that you are going to meet and hang out for a few hours.

As a successful Online Passive Income Reviewer, I have evaluated online moneymaking opportunities to expose scams. I am going to tell you the truth, Rent a Friend is not a safe job. Your life is at risk every time you accept a job on rent a friend.

Even though Rent A Friend is legit, I would never risk my life for $10, even $50, an hour.

Final Review of Rent A Friend

You don’t have to work for Rent a Friend to earn passive income.

The thought of getting paid to be a friend seems interesting. But it’s not safe to risk your life for a few dollars.

People might tell you it’s safe to work for because they haven’t met a crazy person working at as a paid friend.

Well, “Because they HAVEN’T met a crazy person.”

It takes one serial killer, rapist, or psychopath to destroy your life.

After reviewing the rent a friend opportunity, I believe my way of making passive income online is safer and more profitable.

For me, I love to roll out of bed and take five steps to my office. I don’t have to meet or spend hours with crazy people.

It makes no sense to put your life on the line for a few dollars. You can’t even earn a full-time income with Rent a Friend.

You can use This #1 Home Business Opportunity to create a full-time passive income. You can work from the comfort of your own home and on a laptop, with no commute and no boss. You work whenever you want and where you like.

I invite you to read What I Do Every Day To Make Money At Home Online. Let me show you the real system of generating passive income.

I hope this Rent A Friend review answers your question, is Rent A Friend legit?

Until next time.

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