Find Dream Jobs Review – Is Find Dream Jobs Legit

Everyone has a dream job. But only a few people get to work at their dream jobs.

Then the question is, how do you find a dream job?

The internet seems to have the answer to everything. It even has a website

You start using But to use find dream jobs, you must provide detailed personal information to the site.

You hesitate. You don’t know if Find Dream Jobs legit or another online scam.

If you ask me, should I give out my personal information to this site?

I will give you a few reasons, why you should not, in this Find Dream Jobs review.

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Find Dream Jobs Review Summary

Name: Find Dream Jobs

Business Type: Job Search Engine

Investment: Free

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  • Find Dream Jobs is a job search engine that crawls the internet for jobs.
  • The site offers links to job openings, nothing more.
  • Your personal information is not passing on to the employers, and it’s not part of any employment application.
  • FindDream Jobs collects your information for their advertisement purposes.
  • The site will sell your information to third parties, such as email marketers, telemarketers, or any advertising company that willing to pay.
  • If you don’t want to receive junk mails, unwanted phone calls, and ads pop-up, then don’t provide your information.
  • Find Dream Jobs is not a legit online job board.


Find Dream Jobs Website Review

Find Dream Jobs is a website that allows you to search for job postings on the internet. Yes, this website is a job search engine, nothing more.

When you conduct a job search, offers a list of links for job openings in your area.

The website has no business relationship with companies posting the jobs.

When you create an account and submit personal information, Find Dream Jobs will use the data for their own marketing purposes. It doesn’t help you find a dream job.

You don’t have to create an account with this website to find a job online. There is nothing special with this job search engine.

How Does Find Dream Jobs Work?

As a job search engine, Find Dream Jobs works by crawling the internet to bring you the jobs listing online.

This search engine allows you to narrow the search field to find jobs in your specified area.

Find Dream Jobs only provides links to job openings, nothing more.

The jobs that you see on Find Dream Jobs are just job listings. The website offers zero assistance in securing a dream job.

No, Find Dream Jobs doesn’t work to get you a dream job.

Is Find Dream Jobs Real?

Most job seekers mistakenly believe Find Dream Jobs as an online job board.

No, Find Dream Jobs is not a real job board. It’s a job search engine that pulls job listings from other job boards on the internet.

The jobs that you find after conducting a job search using Find Dream Jobs are real. These are jobs listed by companies, but they have no business relationship with Find Dream Jobs.

You are not going to land a dream job with this website. Find Dream Jobs is not a real place to apply for jobs.

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Is Find Dream Jobs Legit?

You can use Find Dream Jobs to search for legit job listings on the internet.

However, don’t expect to get a dream job with this website.

Find Dreams Jobs doesn’t offer jobs. The website only provides links to job openings near you. You must click on the links to apply for the jobs.

The danger with Find Dream Jobs is when people create an account without knowing what the website does with their information.

Providing personal information to Find Dream Jobs does more harm than good.

Yes, we all agree that Find Dream Jobs is a legit job search engine.

But you should be more concerned with your personal information. If the data are not part of your job application, then what does Find Dream Jobs use them for?

Continue reading to understand the risks of creating an account with Find Dream Jobs.

Is Find Dream Safe?

Submitting your personal information to Find Dream Jobs doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to get a dream job.

Your information is not used for job applications.

Find Dream Jobs collects personal information from users to make money.

According to Find Dream Jobs Privacy Policy, the company describes how they sell users information:

“We may share and/or sell Information that we have about users in many ways and for many purposes, for which we may be compensated: With our advertisers, marketing partners, and service providers for marketing purposes;

  • With our telemarketing partners;
  • With our vendors and marketing partners that assist us with the delivery of email messaging, telemarketing calls, text/SMS messaging and push notifications, both commercial and transactional in nature;
  • With our interest-based advertising partners;
  • To enable third parties, including our data and list management partners, to market products and services to you;
  • To enable customer service vendors to perform their respective tasks, including for fulfillment of Promotions;
  • To submit users’ contact information to comment and petition campaigns run by governmental agencies, elected officials or other parties …”

From the description above, Find Dream Jobs is telling you that the company will sell users’ information to any third-party.

Do you still think Find Dream Job is safe?

The risk of creating and submitting your personal information to this website is huge. Your information can end up with scammers if they are willing to pay Find Dream Jobs.

Many online Find Dream Jobs review claimed this website is safe without looking at the Privacy Policy.

You are literally giving Find Dream Jobs the freedom to make money with your personal information in any way they want.

There is little or no protection offered to you as a user of this website.

I recommend you use this job search like Google, just to search for jobs on the internet. There’s no need to create an account with this website.

It’s never safe to provide your personal information to an online search engine.

Final Review Of Find Dream Jobs

A dream job is a personal reference. Everyone has an ideal job or career that they wish you pursuit.

The process of finding a dream job is by narrowing down your strength, interest, skill, and options.

A dream job is a job or career that makes you happy.

The first step to finding dream jobs is identifying your strengths. This helps you focus on the best skills, things that you enjoy doing or good at.

Finding a dream job is identifying what you enjoy doing, not what you are doing the best.

You cannot rely on a website to find a dream job.

People who joined Find Dream Jobs will realize this platform is worthless. It does nothing to help you land an ideal job.

There is no benefit to creating an account with Find Dream Jobs. You are giving out your personal information to marketers and advertisers for free.

I learn the best way to find your dream job is by creating one for yourself.

I understand you are here reading this Find Dream Jobs review. So, I invite you to read my process of building a dream job.

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I hope this Find Dream Jobs review answers your question, is Find Dream Jobs legit?

Until next time.

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