Lifestyles Unlimited Review – Is Lifestyles Unlimited Legit

My friends have been telling me that investing in real estate is the best way to earn passive income.

They spent thousands of dollars in real estate investment programs and seminars like the Lifestyles Unlimited. But most of them lost everything, without a place to live.

Real estate investment requires large capital. You can lose thousands of dollars with just one bad deal.

Real estate investment education program like Lifestyles Unlimited promises to teach you a secure way to build a profitable real estate portfolio.

However, the cost to join Del Walmsley Lifestyles Unlimited program is expensive. It costs up to $20,000.

$20,000 is enough down payment to buy you a house.

You must be wondering if this real estate education program worth it, and is Lifestyles Unlimited legit?

In this Lifestyles Unlimited review, I will give you everything you need to know about real estate education programs.

You will understand why I choose to generate passive income online over real estate investment.

Here’s the truth. It is cheaper and more profitable to own an online business.

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Lifestyles Unlimited Review Summary

Name: Lifestyles Unlimited

Business Type: Real Estate Investment

Investment: $20,000

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  • Lifestyles Unlimited will teach you a safer way to generate passive income with real estate investment.
  • The education program offers various free workshops, seminars, and mentorship groups with the price up to $20,000.
  • If you don’t have more than $20K to invest, then don’t waste your time and money with the 2-day seminar.
  • The free workshops are sales pitches to recruit you into Lifestyles Unlimited.
  • The 2-day seminar receives mixed reviews. Many attendees complain Lifestyles Unlimited is a scam for not disclosing upfront the real price.
  • Lifestyles Unlimited is making a fortune selling these high priced mentorship programs.


What Is Lifestyles Unlimited?

Lifestyles Unlimited (LU) is a real estate investment education and mentoring program founded by Del Walmsley in 1990.

The program is designed to teach anyone interested in generating passive income with real estate.

Del uses the blog, radio station, podcast to promote and recruit new members to attend Lifestyles Unlimited free real estate investment events.

Lifestyles Unlimited free event is a sales pitch for their two-day seminar and the one-year mentorship program.

The events and seminars are structured as a sales funnel to sell you the mentorship program, up to $20,000.

The comprehensive education in real estate investment doesn’t begin until you join the Lifestyles Unlimited mentorship program.

If you can’t afford the LU mentorship program, don’t waste your money and time on the seminars.

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How Does Lifestyles Unlimited Work?

Most investors begin their Lifestyles Unlimited education by attending the two-hour free workshop event.

You will not learn much about real investment at the Lifestyles Unlimited free workshops. They are structured to sell you the 2-day seminar.

I was told that the 2-day seminar is taught by Del Walmsley himself. You will receive an 80-page book outlining the details of the course ‘Natural Progression of the Real Estate Investor.’

Lifestyles Unlimited 2-day seminar offers investors a road map to generate passive income with a real estate portfolio of single-family homes.

A large portion of the seminar is warning you about the dangers of doing real investment deals without a mentor.

Lifestyles Unlimited even goes as far as saying that their program is not a get-rich scheme. It takes up to 5 years to build a real estate portfolio that produces enough passive income to meet or exceed the monthly expenses.

If you want to shorten the 5-year time, you must purchase one of the Lifestyles Unlimited mentorship programs.

We’ll discuss the price of the mentorship programs in the following section of this Lifestyles Unlimited review.

How Much Does Lifestyles Unlimited Cost?

Lifestyles Unlimited is very expensive. To become a full member with an assigned mentor, it will cost you up to $20,000.

You will not learn about the actual cost of the program unless you purchased the 2-day seminar.

Lifestyle Unlimited 2-day seminar costs $750. This seminar covers basic real estate investment. After 2 days, you are on your own.

You can continue your membership with Lifestyles Unlimited by purchasing one of the mentorship programs.

You have the option to purchase the single-family or the multi-apartment mentorship program.

At the lowest level, the cost to become a full member of the Lifestyles Unlimited mentorship program starts at $7,000.

At the highest level, the Lifestyles Unlimited Preferred Investor Group (PIG) costs $10,000 for one year, and $20,000 for two years.

Besides the one-time membership fee, there’s an annual cost of $500 to access the Lifestyles Unlimited Portal. This portal allows you to connect with different vendors, investors, and real estate agents to assist in building your real estate portfolio.

According to LU members, the lowest level is not worth the investment. You do not get a mentor for joining this group. A mentor is only assigned to investors in the PIG.

Unless you have $20,000 to spend, I suggest you investigate my #1 Method of Generating Passive Income Online Costing less than $300.

Is Lifestyles Unlimited Legit?

Lifestyles Unlimited is legit. You are spending $20K to purchase a real estate investment education program.

There’s no guarantee that you will make money after completing the program.

The value of an educational program is a personal decision. You might think Lifestyles Unlimited is worth the $20K, but not me.

I would never waste $20,000 with Lifestyles Unlimited. This money is enough for a down payment to buy a house.

It is legit to package your knowledge and skill into an educational program to sell for profits. You can do the same with your writing skill.

What is unethical with the way Lifestyles Unlimited selling its mentorship program. They do not disclose the true cost upfront.

This company uses seminars to extra as much money from the attendees, knowing many of them could not afford the mentorship programs. This is wrong.

Lifestyles Unlimited BBB Complaints

Lifestyles Unlimited proudly presents its A+ rating with the BBB.

Do you know businesses can buy the BBB rating?

I have every little confidence in the Lifestyles Unlimited BBB rating. This rating tells you nothing, except Lifestyles Unlimited resolved all the complaints filed with the BBB.

I never use the BBB rating to evaluate an investment opportunity.

I research the internet and read actual attendees’ reviews to evaluate Lifestyle Unlimited.

Most reviews complain Lifestyle Unlimited lies to them about the cost. According to the attendees, they were under the impression that the $750 for the 2-day seminar is the membership fee.

Is Lifestyles Unlimited Worth It?

Lifestyle Unlimited has been in business for over 30 years.

Many people think the program is worth it if you want to make money investing in real estate.

It’s not easy to place value on an education program.

As a person who has built a successful business with less than $300, Lifestyles Unlimited is not worth it for me.

You need to understand that Lifestyles Unlimited is not a business opportunity. You are paying $20,000 for an educational program.

You must have additional cash to purchase real estate properties. You don’t make money until you purchase and close a deal.

Lifestyles Unlimited has warned investors that it can take up to 5 years for you to break even investing in real estate. You need to have a source of income to support yourself during this period.

You don’t need to waste $20K with Lifestyles Unlimited to learn how to make money. You should use this cash and start an online business.

It is cheaper and more profitable to generate passive income with digital portfolio assets. I have been using this to generate six-figure income online every year.

I understand you are here to read the Lifestyles Unlimited review. But you must investigate my lucrative online passive income system before wasting $20k with this education program.

I recommend you read these discussions explaining why:

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I hope this Lifestyles Unlimited review answers your question, is Lifestyles Unlimited legit?

Until next time.

Please share your experience below.

3 thoughts on “Lifestyles Unlimited Review – Is Lifestyles Unlimited Legit”

  1. Good review…but there is more. On top of the 20k for the one-year, they want an additional 3000k for an annual renewal fee at the preferred level. I paid 20k, purchased 2 houses through their service. I didn’t use the mentor much. Once the 20k burns out, they kick you off their platform. You no longer can watch the educational videos, or receive email blasts for deals. You are straight cut off. I don’t think the 20k is worth it for someone who is not high-income. I told them I’d give them 1000k to renew for a year…crickets.

    • Thank you for a personal review of Lifestyles Unlimited. I agree. People with low income or cash strap should not join this program. They should save the $20K for a down payment on their house.


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