Is Aoledirect A Scam – Aoledirect Review

This review takes a closer look at a work from home job listing site called Aoledirect.

The work from home jobs market is booming.

However, not every work from home job offered is legit. Work from home job opportunities is the #1 online scams.

Aoledirect is an online job listings site offering jobs to those seeking to work from home.

People seem to be excited about Aoledirect when they first discovered the site.

But the excitement quickly faded as people discovered it was not what it seems.

I understand you have lots of questions about Aoledirect.

So, let begin our review, ‘Is Aoledirect a scam?’

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Aoledirect Review Summary

Name: Aoledirect

Business Type: Work From Home

Investments: Free

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  • Aoledirect offers jobs working from home. This online job listing site is free.
  • You can visit the website, answer a few pre-screening questions, and get connected to a job working from home.
  • Aoledirect job listings are mostly taking surveys. You don’t need to take the pre-screening questions for these jobs.
  • Those that have taken Survey Jobs For Cash know these are low pay work from home jobs. It pays less than $1 per hour.
  • A visit to the Aoledirect website revealed that it’s not a legit job listings site. There is no work from home jobs available.
  • Aoledirect is a referral site. It connects people to survey sites for commissions.
  • Don’t waste your time. Aoledirect is a scam. It’s not a legit work from home job listings site.


What Is Aoledirect?

Aoledirect is a referral site disguises as a work from home job listings to connect people with survey companies for commissions.

Aoledirect is not a place to find work from home jobs. Aoledirect doesn’t have any work from home job listing. It just refers you to online survey sites.

The homepage of Aoledirect’s website has some pre-screening questions for you to complete.

However, you don’t need to take the pre-screening questions to apply for a job with Aoledirect.

These pre-screening questions are designed to trick people into believing the site is legit.

When you click on the ‘Click here to apply’ button, Aoledirect connects you with survey companies such as Swagbucks and InboxDollars. There is no work from home job.

Survey sites are free to join. You don’t need to go through Aoledirect.

If you are interested in online surveys, you can visit Survey Sites Directory to apply.

Online survey companies pay on average from $0.50 to $1.00 per survey, if you are qualified.

Aoledirect receives a referral commission every time someone joins the survey companies through their website.

To generate the most commissions, Aoledirect tricks people into believing they are offering real work from home jobs paying up to $17 an hour.

For the reason above, I consider Aoledirect as a scam.

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How To Join Aoledirect?

Aoledirect is free.

You don’t even have to complete the pre-screening questions to qualify for a job with Aoledirect.

The real registration takes place after Aoledirect referred you to the survey websites.

Aoledirect was created to refer you to survey companies. There’s no real work from home job available at this place.

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Is Work From Home Job On Aoledirect legit?

Work from home job doing online survey is legit. But the pay rate is low and competition is fierce.

You get paid between $0.50 to $1.00 for each completed survey.

Before you can take a survey, you must qualify. You are competing against thousands of people for the same job.

You can spend hours getting pre-qualified without making a penny.

Work from home taking surveys is not a real job. There’s no way you can consistently make $17 an hour.

Aoledirect connects you to legit survey jobs. It receives up to $5 for each referral.

Does Aoledirect Really Pay?

No, Aoledirect doesn’t pay you. Even though the pre-screening questions ask: ‘How Do You Wish To Be Paid?’

You receive payment directly from survey companies. But surveys pay in points, not real money.

You have to earn enough points to redeem for gift cards or cash. This can take a few months to earn $1 in points.

Yes, Aoledirect is not paying you. It actually makes money from your activities.

Is Aoledirect A Scam?

Yes, Aoledirect is a scam. This is not a work from home job listings site. It’s a referral site.

Aoledirect is lying when they advertise work from home jobs paying up to $17 an hour.

They are using this marketing scheme to make money from you.

Many people are excited about making $17 an hour from home that they join Aoledirect without questioning the legitimacy of the website.

These people quickly realize that they can never make $17 an hour from home doing surveys. They just got scammed by Aoledirect.

Aoledirect is the one that makes money with this scam. The site earns between $5 to $10 for each referral.

As a successful Online Business Reviewer, I have evaluated hundreds of online moneymaking opportunities to expose scams.

I can tell you, ‘Aoledirect is a scam.’ This is not a work from home job listing site.

Is Aoledirect Work From Home Jobs Worth It?

Making less than $1 an hour from home is not worth it. This is what you get paid for doing online surveys.

Aoledirect doesn’t offer you work from home jobs. It doesn’t have any.

You will find online survey jobs, not real work from home jobs with Aoledirect.

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But to make some serious cash, you look for a high paid work from home job with a consistent income.

Jobs working from home are real, but you have to find the right one. Aoledirect is not.

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Aoledirect is not a job listings site. It is a survey referral site. Don’t waste your time with this scam.

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I hope this Aoledirect review answers your question, is Aoledirect a scam?

Until next time.

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