Flirtbucks Review – Is Flirtbucks Legit

I know, Flirtbucks is offering you an easy and simple way to make money online from home, “Get Paid to Chat Online.”

My initial thought, Flirtbucks is not legit.

This opportunity is not real. Who would pay you to chat online?

Well, this is the internet!

I decided to research Flirtbucks to see if I can make a few extra bucks.

But I am not comfortable joining and working for this site.

Flirtbucks claims to be an online companion, nonsexual, platform.

However, Chat Hostess must be girls at least 18 years old.

OK, this doesn’t look like your normal make money online job.

So, I write this Flirtbucks review to warn girls about this opportunity.

“Don’t give your social security number, date of birth, and copy of your driver’s license to this site.”

I’ll tell you why.

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Flirtbucks Review Summary

Name: Flirtbucks
Business Type: Make Money Online
Investment: Free

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  • Flirtbucks Hostess get paid to text and video chat with men around the world.
  • You must be a girl at least 18 years of age to become a Chat Hostess on Flirtbucks.
  • Your chat session is flirting with lonely men to entertain them.
  • Flirtbucks promotes itself as a safe platform for girls to make money online. You get paid to chat, no nude performance or sex talk.
  • Part of the Hostess application process requires girls to submit social security number and driver’s license to verify their age.
  • Flirtbucks uses age verification as a scheme to steal personal information.
  • The BBB has issued an identity theft warning to people regarding Flirtbucks.
  • Flirtbucks is not a legit opportunity. It’s a scheme to steal your identity. Girls, read the BBB warning and complaints before giving your SS# and ID to this site.


What Is Flirtbucks?

Flirtbucks is a website for people to make money from home working as an online video and text chat operator.

This website recruiting girls, 18 years or older, to flirt with men for cash.

Flirtbucks girls are known as Chat Hostess. Their job is to entertain lonely men around the world.

The website claims their adult chat service is nonsexual. However, many people call Flirtbucks an online sexting company.

The company website appears legit, and the application process to work on the platform is simple.

Applicants need to submit their Social Security and ID card (Driver License) to verify their sex and age requirements.

However, there are complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), accusing the site of operating an identity theft scheme.

After submitting ID and SS# to Flirtbucks, applicants report no work or communication from the website.

Girls believe they are victims of an identity theft scheme.

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Is Flirtbucks Safe?

After my careful research and review of complaints on the BBB website, It appears to me Flirtbucks is not safe.

When you Google “is Flirtbucks legit,” the answer is yes.

It horrifies and disturbs for many Flirtbucks reviews to claim the site legit and safe.

I have visited the company website to review Flirtbucks’ privacy policy.

In the privacy policy, Flirtbucks lists its mailing address at 1497 Main St, Suite 331, Dunedin, FL 34698.


My online inquiry with the Florida Division of Corporation reviewed the address above is register to a different business entity, MAINLAND MEDICAL SUPPLY LLC.

With the fake address and numerous identity theft complaints on BBB, I have to warn you Flirtbucks is not safe.

How Does Flirtbucks Work?

Flirtbucks creates a website offering girls an easy and simple opportunity to make money from home, get paid to chat online.

I believe the site specifically targets girls for a reason. I’ll explain this in a bit.

The site appears legit by providing information about the opportunity and the application process to work on the site, become a Hostess.

While the site claims its online chat services as nonsexual, but only girls over 18 years of age can become Hostesses. This requirement is strange.

Flirtbucks seems to target stay-at-home moms and young girls looking to earn a few bucks on the side.

Yes, it’s fun and easy to make money chatting online all day, and it’s easy to become a Flirtbucks Hostess. This is the initial step to lure girls into the scheme.

Flirtbucks Sign Up and Requirements

All girls 18 and over can sign up for a Flirtbucks Hostess account and make money.

Flirtbucks ask girls to submit an ID and Social Security for a simple and painless approval process.

The site promises to email applicants an approval after reviewing the personal information that they have submitted.

So, it makes sense that hostesses must verify their gender and age to work on the site.

Most girls submit their personal information to Flirtbucks without hesitation.

Now the site has all the sensitive information from applicants.

But, does Flirtbucks use your information for the approval process only?

Nobody knows!

Applicants must wait until Flirtbucks emails them approval to start making money.

While waiting, girls dream about the money they can make with the site.

How Much Can You Make On Flirtbucks?

Flirtbucks pays the hostess per minute of chatting on its platform.

A hostess can earn from $0.10 per minute up to $0.50 per minute.


The longer you work on the platform, the higher your pay rate.

Even at $0.10 per minute, your pay rate is $10 per hour of chatting. This is not a bad gig.

However, you are unable to make money until your account is approved by Flirtbucks.

But that approval email never comes.

Applicants have waited for days, months, or years with no response from Flirtbucks.

The site has your SS# and ID. Nothing can stop them from using your identity.

Is Flirtbucks Legit?

My research is telling me Flirtbucks is not legit.

The website seems to create for a simple purpose, collecting personal data.

The scheme is very simple:

  • Luring people in with a website offering a lucrative opportunity to make money from home.
  • Place gender and age requirements in the job application to obtain social security number, driver’s license, and date of birth.
  • Make it hard for applicants to contact Flirtbucks by providing false addresses, no phone number, and a nonworking support email address.
  • Once Flirtbucks has your personal information, they don’t need you anymore.

If you still believe Flirtbucks legit, I suggest you visit and read the BBB Warning about this identity theft.

There’s no way for you to get your personal information back if you have submitted it to the site.

The way to protect yourself from Flirtbucks is to monitor your credit report and notify the authorities of unusual financial activities using your identity.

Flirtbucks Scam Complaints

There are so many Flirtbucks scam complaints with the BBB, how can you say the site legit?

It appears no one care to research the opportunity before making a recommendation. This is the problem with online Flirtbucks review articles.

If you do proper research on Flirtbucks, you will discover the identity theft warning and problems reported by applicants.

I hope this review helps you avoid being a victim of this scheme.

Is Flirtbucks Worth It?

I don’t care how much Flirtbucks pays per minute, it’s not worth dealing with identity theft.

Flirtbucks is not a legit make money online opportunity.

The scheme is set up to steal your identity.

I have shared with you the warning reviews from the BBB and girls applying to become a hostess.

You don’t want to be a victim of this scheme. Flirtbucks is not worth it.

You can make money with Flirtbucks. The site will ruin your life.

There are many legit and profitable opportunities for you to make money from home.

You must take time to research and find the right opportunity that works for you.

One lucrative and legit online business opportunity is all you need to achieve financial success.

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I hope this Flirtbucks review answers your question, is Flirtbucks legit?

Until next time.

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