Is First Rate Response Legit Or Scam – First Rate Response Review

This review discusses the legitimacy of work at home jobs site, First Rate Response.

You just discover First Rate Response, or you have just applied for a job and discovered, ‘This is not a real working at home JOB.’

You’re wondering is First Rate Response legit or another online work-at-home scam?

Welcome to my First Rate Response review.

People seem to be excited when they first discovered First Rate Response.

This excitement quickly faded as people discovered it was not what it seems.

I understand you have lots of questions about First Rate Response.

So, let begin our review, ‘Is First Rate Response legit or scam?’

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First Rate Response Review Summary

Name: First Rate Response
Business Type: Job Board
Investment: Free

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  • First Rate Response advertises working from home jobs including administration, data entry, customer service, retail, human resources, and many more.
  • The hourly pay rate is between $18.00 to $30.00 per hour. It seems like a good opportunity to make some extra money from home.
  • You visit the website, complete a simple job application, and get connected to the in-house job board.
  • Actually, there is no job board. After you applied with First Rate Response, you are directed to the partners’ page which is survey sites.
  • Those that have done Online Surveys For Cash will understand the low pay rates for these jobs. You will not earn $18 to $30 an hour. This is a lie.
  • Rate Response is a referral website, not a job board. We’ll talk more about referring sites later in this review.
  • Don’t waste your time. First Rate Response is not a legit work at home jobs board. This is a scam.

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What Is First Rate Response?

First Rate Response is an online work at home jobs board that connects people with market research and survey companies to earn commissions.

This job board advertises work at home opportunities, including data entry, customer services, administration, human resources, and many more.

But I must warn you this is not true. First Rate Response doesn’t have any job listing.

This is a referral website that connects people with survey companies to earn a referral commission.

When you apply for a job with First Rate Response, you will get connected with Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and other market research companies.

Survey sites are free to join. You don’t need to apply through First Rate Response.

If you are interested in doing online surveys, you can visit Survey Sites Directory to apply.

The truth is, online surveys pay on average between $0.50 to $2.00 per survey completed if you are qualified.

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First Rate Response receives a commission every time someone joins the survey companies through their website.

To earn the most commission, First Rate Response promotes itself as an online job listing board. It advertises work at home jobs paying $18 to $20 an hour. This is not true.

For the reason above, I classify First Rate Response as a scam.

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How To Join First Rate Response?

First Rate Response is free.

You can apply by completing a simple application form.

firs rate response application

When you click on ‘Submit Your Application’, you get connected to the First Rate Response partners’ page.

The partners’ page contains links to survey sites. You are encouraged to join all survey sites to earn the most money.

The real registration takes place at the survey websites.

First Rate Response is created to refer people to survey companies. There’s no work at home job available at this job board.

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How Does First Rate Response Work?

First Rate Response is a website with referral links to other online survey sites.

The first step to attract people is by advertising work-at-home jobs paying $18 to $20 per hour.

When you click on the work at home job to apply, you are asked to complete a simple application.

Once you have submitted the application, you are directed to a second page of the application process.

The second page introduces First Rate Response as a specializes in market research. It claims that you can earn up to $75 doing email reviews, and up to $125.00 for participating in Focus Groups.

You are instructed to go to the final registration page to complete the application process.

The final page contains links to different survey sites which you are required to register with each of them to begin working with them.

When you register with each survey site on the final page, First Rate Response earns a referral commission.

You get paid pennies for each survey, not $18 or $20.

Is First Rate Response legit?

First Rate Response is not a legit work-at-home jobs board.

Doing online surveys is not a real job. The problem is the low pay rate and high competition.

You get paid between $0.50 to $2.00 for each completed survey.

Before you can take a survey, you must qualify. You are competing against thousands of people for the same job.

You can spend hours completing pre-qualified survey questions without making a dime.

There’s no way you can consistently make $18 to $20 an hour.

First Rate Response lies to people to get them signup with survey sites so they can receive a referral commission.

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First Rate Response receives up to $5 for a referral.

First Rate Response uses the bait-and-switch scam to make money from you.

Does First Rate Response Really Pay?

No, First Rate Response doesn’t pay you.

You receive payment directly from survey companies.

Most surveys pay you points, not real cash.

You can redeem points for gift cards or money.

No, First Rate Response is not going to pay you.

Is First Rate Response A Scam?

Yes, First Rate Response is a scam. This is not a work-at-home jobs board.

They use the ‘job at home’ marketing scheme to earn referral fees.

Many people are so excited about making $18 an hour that they are willing to visit First Rate Response and join survey sites.

These people quickly realize that they can never make $18 an hour doing online surveys.

They got scammed by First Rate Response.

First Rate Response is the one that makes the most money with this scam. The site earns between $5 to $10 for each referral.

As a successful Online Business Reviewer, I have evaluated hundreds of online moneymaking opportunities to expose scams.

I can tell you, ‘First Rate Response is a scam.’ This is a referral site, not an online work-at-home jobs board.

Is First Rate Response Worth It?

There is a difference between a work-at-home job and First Rate Response.

First Rate Response is not worth it. This site is a waste of time.

There’s no work-at-home job on this website. Unless you consider taking online surveys as a real job.

Why waste your time with First Rate Response?

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First Rate Response is not a legit work-at-home jobs board. This is a survey referral site.

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I hope this First Rate Response review answers your question, is First Rate Response legit or a scam?

Until next time.

Please share your First Rate Response experience below.

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