Is BinBot Pro a Scam – BinBot Pro Review

There are hundreds of BinBot Pro reviews online and most of them agree that BinBot Pro is not a scam.

Should you trust these reviewers?

Do you know why they all have the same conclusion?

It turns out that most of them are promoting this trading platform to earn commissions. Their reviews do not offer you a fair answer to the question: ‘Is BinBot Pro a scam?’

They discuss how easy to use the BinBot Pro trading platform to make profits. But they all fail to provide proof that you can withdraw money from BinBot Pro.

What type of a trading platform that you can easily fund money, see your account make big profits, but has trouble withdrawing the funds?

A Scam! I have to tell you that BinBot Profits this description.

In this BinBot Pro review, I am going to expose how this scam works.

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BinBot Pro Review Summary

Name: BinBot Pro

Competitors: ICoinPro, KaratBars, Vorwerk, Talk Fusion

Business Opportunity:
Crytocurrencies Trading

Initial Investments: $500

  • BinBot Pro is an automated trading platform that you can use to trade cryptocurrencies and binary options assets.
  • This automated trading platform is free to use. However, you are required to open a trading account with one of these three approved brokers: BinaryCent, VideForex, and RaceOption.
  • The three approved brokers are owned and operated by the same parent company, Finance Group Corp (FGC). This should be a red flag for investors.
  • BinBot Pro is promoted as an independent automated trading platform to trick investors into opening an account with FGC brokers.
  • Yes, BinBot Pro is not a scam. But the three brokers where investors funded their money to carry out the trades are.
  • It is easy to fund your BinaryCent, VideForex, and RaceOption account. However, it is not easy to withdraw money from these brokers, or should I say, ‘From FGC’?
  • If you still do not understand how this scam works, then you need to read this BinBot Pro review.


What Is BinBot Pro?

BinBot Pro is a multitude of trading robots (binary trading software) that allow people to place automated trades on cryptocurrencies and binary options assets. It is one of those sets and forgets money-making program.

BinBot Pro was launched in 2016 by no Nobody. Yes, not a single online BinBot Pro reviewer can name the creator (owner) of this trading app. Doesn’t this sound a little suspicious to you?

I have never met a successful trader who trades with a company that doesn’t have the name of the Founder or CEO.

If BinBot Pro is such a good trading robot, then why the developer and owner afraid to disclose their name?

Yet, no one is willing to claim ownership of BinBot Pro.

I don’t know about you, but I would never invest money with an institution that has no owner or CEO.


Because who am I going to call when I cannot withdraw my money?

If you are going to invest money with BinBot Pro, get ready to lose all your investment.

I strongly recommend that you carefully evaluate and compare BinBot Pro with other investment opportunities before joining.

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How To Join BinBot Pro?

You can visit the BinBot Pro website to fill out a registration for a free account.

You then have to select one of the three approved brokers and fund your brokerage account before you can use the robots to trade.

I’ll discuss the minimum required investment in the next following section of this BinBot Pro review.

How Much Does It Cost to Join BinBot Pro?

It costs nothing to join BinBot Pro. This robot is free to use.

However, you must have money to buy and sell cryptocurrencies or binary assets. For this, you use a broker. BinBot offers you three approved brokers to choose: BinaryCent, VideForex, and RaceOption.

It doesn’t matter which broker you choose, all these three approved online brokers are owned and operated by the same company, Finance Group Corp.

FGC requires a minimum deposit of $500 to open an account with these three brokers.

BinBot Pro cost

If you are not suspicious of this structure by now, let me review the facts for you. ·

  • BinBot has not developer or owner.
  • BinBot only works with three online brokers.
  • All three online brokers own by the same company,

FGC. BinBot Pro appears to be the vehicle to get money into FGC. You cannot access the BinBot Pro trading dashboard until you deposit money with the FGC brokers. The three brokers were created to make BinBot Pro looks legit.

When you deposit money into any of these three brokers, don’t expect to receive anything back.

So, the cost to use BinBot Pro is $500. It is not free.

How You Make Money With BinBot Pro?

BinBot Pro is a collection of automated trading robots. According to BinBot Pro, the robots use three prominent algorithms – Classic, Fibonacci, and Martingale to conduct trades.

Once you have registered and deposited funds, you can visit the BinBot Pro dashboard to turn on the auto trading robots. Now sit back and collect profits.

BinBot Pro is an opportunity to get rich doing little or nothing.

Do you still believe BinBot Pro is not a scam?

Let me say this,

You are the owner of BinBot Pro, and makes unlimited profits every time trading cryptocurrencies, will you give this app away for free?

And yet you believe BinBot Pro is legit.

Get -rich-quick programs like BinBot Pro exist because there are idiots who still believe money grows on trees.

Can You Make Money with BinBot Pro?

Yes, you can make money with BinBot Pro. But it is not real money.

You can see the robots win lots of trades and make huge profits. But these are just numbered.

The dollars in your BinBot Pro account are not real money unless you can turn them into cash or withdraw into a bank account.

I have not seen any proof from people using BinBot Pro successfully withdraw money from their account.

On the contrary, there are many online BinBot Pro customer complaints that they could not withdraw money from all three approved brokers.

Most of them admitted BinBot Pro is a scam after unable to withdraw money.

No online BinBot Pro review articles can offer proof that people successfully withdraw money from their BinBot Pro account. They only tell you that robots work to win trades and make profits.

If you cannot turn profits into real money, then you cannot say that you make money with BinBot Pro.

Is BinBot Pro a Scam?

Do I have to tell you that BinBot Pro is a scam?

It is not smart to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars with a company that:

  • Doesn’t have a management team, an owner or a CEO
  • Offer you three brokers, but they all owned by the same company
  • No real proof of profits
  • #1 customer complaint is not able to withdraw money from the brokerage account.
  • No proof of successful money withdraws from brokers

If you still don’t believe BinBot Pro is a scam, I wish you the best at making money doing little or nothing.

As an Online Business Reviewer, I can tell you some will invest with BinBot Pro even if I say it’s a scam.

There’s a lot of people who still believe that they can get rich doing nothing.

Is BinBot Pro Worth It?

No, BinBot Pro doesn’t worth a penny.

I don’t believe in a get-rich-quick scheme or get rich doing nothing business opportunities.

I am self-employed and a successful business owner. I know what it takes to create a successful business, a lot of sweat and hard works.

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BinBot Pro was launched to trick you into opening a brokerage account with FGC through the three approved brokers.

I am not saying that BinBot Pro does not work. I don’t know.

However, the truth is, you will have a hard time to withdraw profits from your account.

Many customers stated that when they placed a request to withdraw profits, BinBot Pro suddenly lost all their money in hours.

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I hope my BinBot Pro review answers your question, is BinBot Pro a scam?

Until next time. Please share your own BinBot Pro experience below.

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