Blue Sky Amazon Review

There are mixed reviews of the Blue Sky Amazon course.

Sophie Howard claims herself as the Amazon Selling Queen.

Others call Blue Sky Amazon a scam, not legit.

Overpriced is the #1 complaint about this course.

The cost doesn’t tell us whether Blue Sky Amazon is legit or a scam. However, this does:

“If Sophie makes millions of dollars selling products on Amazon, why is she focusing all her time and effort on selling a training course?:

Successful online business owners don’t do this. Jeff Bezos doesn’t sell a course on how to build an online business.

For smart investors, there are two logical answers to this:

  1. Sophie Howard is lying. She is not an Amazon Selling Queen.
  2. The Fulfill By Amazon (FBA) business is not profitable compared to selling the Blue Sky Amazon course.

What do you think? Which answer is correct?

I’ll offer my findings in this Blue Sky Amazon review.

However, both answers tell us Blue sky Amazon is not a good online business opportunity.

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Blue Sky Amazon Review Summary

Name: Blue Sky Amazon
Business Type: FBA Course
Investment: $3,495.00

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What Is Blue Sky Amazon?

Blue Sky Amazon is two digital courses by Sophie Howard teaching how to make money online with FBA (Fulfill By Amazon) business.

Yes, this course is about selling products on Amazon.

Sophie considers herself the Amazon Selling Queen.

She is the author of the Amazon Jetstream Income, an eBook promoting the Blue Sky Amazon course.

This course focuses on teaching mild-level Amazon sellers to expand their business.

If you are new to the FBA business, don’t waste money on this course.

You can skip reading this Blue Sky Amazon review and click on the link below.

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Blue Sky Amazon Course Review

The Blue Sky Amazon course consists of two modules.

This first module has 6 video lessons discussing the foundation of an FBA business.

The second module has 8 video lessons addressing the issues of growing and expanding an FBA business.

Let review each module in more detail.

Module 1 – FBA Business Foundation

This module has 6 video lessons. Each video lesson is about 22 minutes.

Lesson 1 – Introduction

This video offers a brief history of the Blue Sky Amazon course.

It introduces you to Sophie Howard and her story as an Amazon seller.

Sophie discusses the pros and cons of the FBA business. She also offers tips on developing a positive mindset for FBA success.

The purpose of this lesson is to prepare you for the course.

Lesson 2 – Choosing The Right Products

FBA success depends on choosing the right products to sell on Amazon.

Blue Sky Amazon prefers products that are unique and exclusive.

According to Sophie, choosing unique and high-quality products will serve as an entry barrier to keep out competitors. This allows you to sell the products longer on Amazon.

Lesson 3 – Sales Funnels

The video introduces students to the components of a sales funnel.

You learn the process of setting up the ClickFunels, which you have to purchase for your FBA business.

Lesson 4 – Hiring The Right Virtual Assistants

As your FBA business grows, you need helpers.

This lesson covers the process of searching, interviewing, and hiring virtual assistants.

Sophie provides tips on when to outsource work, the tasks to outsource, and the right way to manage your team.

Lesson 5 – Selling On Amazon

A large portion of this lesson discusses Sophie’s experiences as an Amazon seller.

You learn the pros and cons of selling on the world’s largest eCommerce platform.

Sophie provides tips on setting up an Amazon seller account, getting the right business licenses, and choosing the correct business organization to protect your assets.

Lesson 6 – Choosing Product Sourcing Places

The success of your FBA business depends on finding the right products, and where you source the products.

Sophie often combines pleasure with business by searching for special products on her vacations.

She also reveals different ways to discover unique products such as:

  • Browsing the local classifieds
  • Visiting markets and bazaars
  • Using the Amazon catalog technique
  • Using the Amazon scroll and search technique.

Module 2 – Amazon Navigation

The second module comes with 8 video lessons for a combined total of 9 hours 43 minutes.

Lesson 1 – Mind Preparation

Building a successful FBA business is not easy.

The first few months have a lot of ups and downs for new FBA business owners.

It’s important to develop a positive mindset and focus on your business goals to carry you through tough times.

Lesson 2 – The Importance Of Branding

You learn what branding is, and how they can strategically position your product on Amazon.

Sophie reveals her branding strategies helping you establish and sustain a 7-figure FBA business.

Lesson 3 – Selling Products For The Long-Term

To build a successful FBA business, you need to travel around the world to find unique products.

Sophie has developed a business relationship with suppliers in many countries to supply her products.

This lesson is about finding long-term products. It doesn’t offer any tip or technique on building a business relationship with the suppliers once you discover the unique products.

Lesson 4 – Creating The Perfect Listing

This lesson walks you through the process of creating the perfect listing to attract potential customers.

You learn to construction the title, and how to create a product description that resonates with your targeted customers.

It’s important to set your products apart from the competitors.

Lesson 5 – Shipping The Entire Order

Shipping products from manufactures to Amazon warehouses is the most challenging part of running an FBA business.

You learn how to enter the correct information to keep track of the shipments.

The lesson also discusses the three shipment methods that you can use to ship products to Amazon warehouses: air express, air freight, and sea.

Lesson 6 – Promoting Your Products

Promoting your products is the key to FBA business success.

You learn the five ways to propel your products in the market, and the seven performance indicators to track your sales.

Lesson 7 – Maintaining Your Account

As an FBA business owner, you must stay in control of your business at all times.

You need to monitor the business performance regularly. You want to know the profit margins for your products and which product sells better.

Lesson 8 – Scaling Your FBA Business

The last lesson is about outsourcing works to virtual assistants.

You learn to outsource the hardest parts of your work so that you can have time to grow your FBA business.

Sophie also encourages her students to expand their online business beyond Amazon.

After reviewing the Blue Sky Amazon course, I have to say this FBA business is not a passive income opportunity.

It’s impossible to run and build this business working part-time.

Traveling around the world to find products is not fun or leisure. This is work.

Blue Sky Amazons Course Cost?

As stated earlier in this Blue Sky Amazon review, overpriced is the top complaint about this course.

The cost to purchase the Blue Sky Amazon course is $3,495.00.

Many people thought this price is the total cost of launching an FBA business.

No, the price is for the 14 video lessons, nothing more.

You need additional money to buy inventory and pay for marketing.

The money spending on Blue Sky Amazon doesn’t guarantee you will make money.

Remember, this is just a training course.

Is Blue Sky Amazon Legit?

Blue Sky Amazon is a legit FBA course.

I have given you a quick review of the entire course above.

You’ll get your training.

However, the money spending on Blue Sky Amazon doesn’t go into building your FBA business.

People who only have enough money to invest in the course will walk away with no business.

They are upset and call Blue Sky Amazon a scam.

Even though Blue Sky Amazon is legit, It’s not a profitable online business.

The FBA business has become too competitive and saturated with low-price merchants from China.

Today, many Amazon sellers are looking for ways to expand their business beyond Amazon. Sophie recommends her students do this in the last lesson.

I hope you understand why Sophie focuses all her attention on selling the Blue Sky Amazon course. She is transitioning out of Amazon.

Blue Sky Amazon Pros and Cons

Overall, Blue Sky Amazon is not a terrible course. There are several things to like about it.

Then, you have few things that make you think twice before buying.

Here’s what I like or don’t like about Blue Sky Amazon.

Blue Sky Amazon Pros

  • Blue Sky Amazon is one of the best Amazon FBA courses.
  • Sophie Howard is legit. She is a well-known Amazon seller.
  • The Amazon FBA business model is legit.
  • The course training material is beginner-friendly.
  • The best feature of Blue Sky Amazon is the 1-on-1 coaching calls.

Those are the pros. Now, let talk about things that I don’t like.

Blue Sky Amazon Cons        

  • You don’t have much time to evaluate the course because the refund policy is good for seven days.
  • Comparing to other Amazon FBA courses, Blue Sky Amazon is an expensive course.
  • The program uses aggressive sales and marketing techniques to bully people into purchasing the course.
  • There are few success stories from students in recent years.
  • The Amazon FBA business has become too competitive. It requires heavy investment, and the profit margin is low. The business opportunity is no longer profitable.

Is Blue Sky Amazon Worth It?

If you are thinking of launching an FBA business today, you might be too late.

The time to make money selling on Amazon is over.

The FBA business is saturated with low-profit margins. No matter how good the Blue Sky Amazon course is, it will not change the market condition.

Therefore, I don’t think Blue Sky Amazon is worth the investment.

Why paying over $3,000 to learn a dying business?

Amazon’s FBA business is a thing of the past.

The new lucrative online business model doesn’t deal with purchasing inventories or selling products. It’s 100% passive income.

You are here to read the review of Blue Sky Amazon.

So, I am not going to discuss the new passive online business opportunity in this review.

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I hope this Blue Sky Amazon review answers your questions, is Blue Sky Amazon legit?

Until next time.

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