Amazon Jetstream Income Review – Is Amazon Jetstream Income Legit?

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Why do people think Amazon Jetstream Income is a scam?

This question was recently asked in my online business group discussion.

I am writing this Amazon Jetstream Income review to share a few facts that I have learned from others about this book.

The Amazon Jetstream Income is a marketing scheme for Sophie Howard to upsell you more training courses, coaching, and live events.

This book is just an introduction to the Amazon FBA business. You are not going to make $554 per month on Amazon after reading the Amazon Jetstream Income.

If you want to learn the real deal, you will have to pay Sophie a lot more.

Continue reading this review to discover the true cost of starting an Amazon FBA business.

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Amazon Jetstream Income Review Summary

Name: Amazon Jetstream Income

Business Type: Ebook

Investment: $29.95

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  • Sophie Howard wrote the Amazon Jetstream Income to teach the process of building a million dollars Amazon FBA business.
  • This book is about 157 pages. It costs $29.95 on Kindle. But you can purchase a PDF version for $4.95.
  • Sophie calls this book, “quick-start guide to a 30-minute per day Amazon cash machine business.”
  • I have read the Amazon Jetstream Income before writing this review. The book is a sales pitch promoting Sophie’s live events, courses, and coaching program. It offers little information about starting an Amazon FBA business.
  • It a waste of time reading this quick-start guide. You learn nothing about the Amazon cash machine business. It’s a scam.


What Is Amazon Jetstream Income?

Amazon Jetstream Income is the Amazon FBA business quick-start guide written by Sophie Howard.

This book supposes to teach you how to find the right products to sell on Amazon and make a lot of money.

Sophie claims you just need to invest 30 minutes per day to earn millions.

If you have read the book, you know all the promises are just promises. Amazon Jetstream Income is a sales pitch promoting Sophie paid training program known as the Blue Sky Amazon Seller Academy.

The book lacks meaningful information to help you build a successful Amazon FBA business.

Sophie makes more money selling the training than selling on Amazon.

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Amazon Jetstream Income Sophie Howard

So, who is Sophie Howard? And is her Amazon Jetstream Income legit?

Sophie Howard is the UK born New Zealander. She wanted to have more time with her family, so she quit her job as a CEO to sell products on Amazon.

Sophie launched her first Amazon FBA business in 2014 which she sold for 7 figures.

Yes, Sophie is legit.

The problem is this book Amazon Jetstream Income. She promises to share with you her success strategy selling on Amazon.

You will learn to pick winning products, source them, and promote them on Amazon to make millions. The book offers tips and tricks to help you build a successful Amazon FBA business, Sophie promises.

If you buy this book, you will be disappointed. The Amazon Jetstream Income is a marketing scheme to promote Sophie’s courses and coaching program. It offers little information to help you start an Amazon FBA business.

The book is a repetition of sales pitches, success stories, and Sophie’s achievements.

Amazon Jetstream Income Book Review

Let me give you a quick review of the Amazon Jetstream Income. The entire book provides little training on the Amazon FBA business.

Lesson 1 – An Introduction to Amazon

This lesson talks about Sophie and her success selling on Amazon.

It introduces you to Jeff Bezos and Amazon as a giant online retailer, which we all know.

You learn about the Amazon service called “Fulfilled by Amazon or FBA.” Sophie claims that you can use this service to put your Amazon business on autopilot, working 30 minutes per day.

The book doesn’t tell you that Amazon FBA only warehouses and ships the products for you. You have to source the products, ship them to the warehouse, and provide customer services. You cannot do all this in 30 minutes per day.

Then Sophie shares two pieces of information about her product selection process.

  1. Select products with a 30% margin.
  2. Don’t chase the bestseller products.

The book never tells you how to locate products with a 30% profit margin.

The rest of the lesson is promoting Sophie’s Amazon courses with a student success story.

Lesson 2 – How Amazon Thinks

This entire lesson introduces you to Amazon and Jeff Bezo.

It talks about how Jeff founded Amazon and his vision for the company.

The lesson highlights the power of the Amazon logistic system. I explain why you should use the Amazon FBA service to take advantage of this powerful system.

The information provides in this lesson is useless. It teaches you the history of Amazon, not to start an Amazon FBA business. It’s a waste of time reading the lesson.

Lesson 3 – Common Mistakes Made by Amazon Sellers

This lesson is preparing you for the big upsell.

Sophie lists five mistakes people make, but they have nothing to do with selling on Amazon.

  1. Not getting started and waiting.
  2. Waiting to find the perfect product.
  3. Too reliant on digital tools to select products.
  4. Getting distracted by shiny object syndrome.
  5. Spending too much time on social media talking about starting an Amazon FAB business.

These are not mistakes made by Amazon sellers. These are fears that prevent people from starting a business.

I hope you see the setup.

The rest of the Amazon Jetstream Income talks about Sophie’s Amazon business, her training courses, and her student success.

The final sales pitch is an invitation to attend a free webinar with Sophie.

That’s your review of the Amazon Jetstream Income book.

As I have told you, you will be disappointed because of the absence of meaningful information to help you start selling on Amazon.

The worse part, you have to pay for the book!

Amazon Jetstream Income Price

Amazon Jetstream Income is not free.

The cost is $29.95 for a hard copy.

You can purchase a digital copy for a lesser price, $4.95.

If you plan to purchase a copy, I suggest you buy a digital download. You don’t want to waste $30 on marketing material.

Sophie is making a lot of money selling this book on Amazon.

Does Amazon Jetstream Income Work?

No, you are not going to sell anything on Amazon after reading this book.

Sophie uses the Amazon Jetstream Income as a marketing tool to promote her training program called, Blue Sky Amazon Seller Academy.

If you want to sell on Amazon, you have to purchase advanced courses and a coaching program from Sophie.

The Blue Sky Amazon Seller Academy costs anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 depending on location.

You will discover that it takes a lot more than 30 minutes per day to build a successful Amazon FBA business.

It also requires a big spending budget, because you have to purchase the products to sell, inventories.

Amazon provides warehouse and shipping services. You provide the products and customer services.

You don’t make money until someone purchases your product.

Did you know Sophie has launched over 500 items on Amazon? And not all of them are the bestseller.

Selling on Amazon requires long hours of hard work. You have to travel to meet suppliers and validate products. You have to provide customer services after the sales.

Customer service is the most expensive and difficult part of the retail business. For this reason, Amazon provides warehouse and shipping services, not customer services.

Is Amazon Jetstream Income Legit?

I am telling you Amazon Jetstream Income is not legit. This book doesn’t teach you the process of making money on Amazon. It’s just a promotional book.

Some of you might not agree with me on this but look at the title of the book.


Most people purchase this book believing it helps them to start a business selling on Amazon. But it doesn’t.

This scam comment captures the truth about this book:


You can visit Trustpilot to read more customer reviews on Sophie’s Amazon business training program.

Sophie makes a lot of money selling the Amazon Jetstream Income as a business guide book when it’s not.

If the book is giving out as free promotional marketing, then we cannot say Amazon Jetstream Income a scam.

However, people have to pay for this book.

If people know the book is a sales pitch promoting more expensive training courses and a coaching program, they will not pay for it.

Final Review Of Amazon Jetstream Income

Amazon Jetstream Income is not a real training course.

Sophie uses this book to build a list of followers to who she can upsell her courses, coaching, and live events.

If you want the real thing, you will have to pay Sophie a lot more, up to $10,000.

Besides, starting an Amazon FBA business requires a lot of money and time. It will be much more than 30 minutes per day. You have to source the right products, purchase them, ship them to Amazon warehouse, then list them on Amazon to sell. After the sales, you have to provide customer services.

Do you know it takes at least $30k to $50k to launch an Amazon FBA business?

Do you have enough funds to launch the business after purchasing the Amazon Jtstream Income?

Listen, there is a cheaper and less risky business model to make money online. It doesn’t require putting up thousands of dollars to purchase and carry inventory.

Why take so much risk with the Amazon FBA business?

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I hope this Amazon Jetstream Income review answers your question, is Amazon Jetstream Income legit?

Until next time.

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