Club Cash Fund Review – Is Club Cash Fund Legit

If you stumble on this review while searching the internet to verify the legitimacy of Club Cash Fund, you are at the right place.

When you visit the Club Cash Fund website, you will see their tagline as free money on your mailbox on autopilot. Even though this might sound like a lucrative offer, it is too good to be true!

Many people might already show you proofs to persuade you into joining the Club Cash Fund scheme, but is it even real?

We don’t like to waste our money, time, and efforts on something which might shut down for bad business or illegal issues.

If you are contemplating whether you should join the most sought-after program, Club Cash Fund, this review will help to clear all your doubts! Let get started.

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Club Cash Fund Review Summary

BUSINESS INFORMATION Name: Paparazzi Jewelry Business Type: MLM Investment: $99

  • Club Cash Fund is a direct mail cash system for you to make money recruiting people.
  • This company offers no product or service to an individual. You pay $80 for the opportunity to recruit.
  • The Club Cash Fund compensation plan uses new investment money to pay recruiters.
  • You make money by recruiting more people into the scheme using words and persuasion.
  • According to the FTC, Club Cash Fund fits the definition of a pyramid scheme.
  • New members stand to lose all when the recruiting scheme collapses.


What Is Club Cash Fund?

Club Cash Fund is a direct mail cash system with an autopilot approach. It is a typical make-money-online opportunity that makes the internet goes crazy!

Here you can make easy money by just recruiting other people on the internet to join your team.

Once you add an individual to the company, you get a commission for it. The more people you add to the company, the higher are your chances of earning more money.

Even though such a scheme is not new and is very banned in many countries, Club Cash Fund has an automated approach. You need not mail anything to anyone to join it. Everything happens effortlessly, which gives us the benefit of the doubt here.

Also, you cannot visit their website( directly. You have to tell the name of the individual who referred you to the site to enter the website.

Club Cash Fund is like a secrete society where making money is by invitation only.

What is so secret about this cash gifting scheme that John Stalvey tries to hide?

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About John Stalvey Club Cash Fund

John Stalvey, also famous as Chad Stalvey, is the ultimate personality associated with multiple MLM schemes, which were similarly suspicious.

Chad first appeared on the radar during 2010 with GiveOpp and Numis Network, followed by 2014 with Infinite Leverage System and many more. He was also the co-founder of Traffic authority which later ran out of people to recruit and collapsed. Many other companies he was associated with even collapsed in the long run and were also in decline.

Club Cash Fund has a very similar mechanism when compared to all of these MLM companies.

Even though he is not the prime face of Club Cash Fund, it brings us to a matter of great conflict whether Club Cash Fund is also legit or will it also have a similar fate like the other MLM platforms.

How Does Club Cash Fund Work?

Club Cash Fund works as a direct mail cash system wherein you mail your money to the company to distribute them to your recruiters.

After joining the scheme, your only job is to get others to send in their money into the company, and you get a portion out of it as a commission.

Legit MLMs offer products or services for members to sell and earn the commission, which is not the case with Cash Club Fund.

There is no product or service that you can sell. You make money by recruiting people using your words and persuasive skills.

How To Join Club Cash Fund

You can only join Club Cash Fund through a sponsor, someone who is a paying member of the scheme.

Hence, you must invest to be a part of this scheme. Here is the process on how to join the Club Cash Fund.

  • Your recruiter provides you with an affiliate link or a code to register.
  • Once you visit the website, you need to enter your name and the code to access the sales page.
  • You can now view a video about success stories and experiences from Club Cash Fund.
  • You can also call the phone number on the sale page to listen in on a prerecorded overview about how the company works and how you can make money.
  • If you interest in joining Club Cash Fund, you fill out a form providing all the necessary information to request a starter kit.
  • The starter kit comprises a letter and instructions to send Club Cash fund $80 to pay for the joining fee.
  • Once the company receives the payment, you are confirmed as a member and receive your login information in your email.

Your membership account contains an affiliate link that you can use to recruit others and start building your team.

Club Cash Fund Starter Kit and Price

The Club Cash Fund starter kit is free. It’s just a simple letter with instructions on where to send the $80.

It is a direct mail cash system with a twist; you are requesting the investment letter.

According to Club Cash Fund terms and conditions, if you fail to earn any commission within the first 30 days, you are entitled to a full refund.

Since the $80 is an investment, not a payment for the starter kit, your refund is $0.00.

Having a problem with getting a refund is the top scam complaint against the Club Cash fund.

Club Cash Fund Compensation Plan

You are reading the Club Cash Fund review because you want to know if you can make money with this scheme.

On paper, reading the Club Cash Fund compensation plan, here’s how you earn commissions for recruiting.

Let says you recruit a friend to join who invests $100. The compensation plan divides the money as follows:

  • You earn a $20 commission as a sponsor.
  • $20 goes to your sponsor
  • The person that referred your sponsor gets $20.
  • $20 is giving as a Pro rotator sponsor for people who sign up without a sponsor.
  • The last $20 goes to the company to bear the expenses of mailing the kits, brochures, etc.

This compensation plan is paying out every new investment dollar as compensation for recruiters. This investment scheme is a pyramid scheme according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Is Club Cash Fund legit?

Reading the FTC definition of a pyramid, Club Cash Fund is not a legit MLM business.

Here’s a quick review of this business model.

  • It offers no product or service to any individual.
  • Members make money by recruiting others.
  • New investment is paying out to recruiters as commissions.

Club Cash Fund is using the starter kit as a way to hide the scheme.

New members receive nothing in return for their investment.

Hence, the Club Cash Fund could be a pyramid scheme in disguise.

Can You Make Money With Club Cash?

The only way to make money with Club Cash Fund is by recruiting more people into the company.

You have anything other than your words and claims to persuade people into paying and joining the community.

They bring this up as a business opportunity and offer lucrative offers with the idea of making money at home with minimal effort.

However, the task you are assigned to do here is to recruit more people, and you keep getting your commission pay rates accordingly.

Eventually, the recruiting process collapses. The people at the bottom will get hampered the most since they join fresh and might not even have the chance of recruiting anyone.

In the pyramid scheme, the people at the top rip of the profits. You cannot tell if you are joining at the top or the bottom of this pyramid scheme.

But why getting involves with an illegal operation when you have a legit and lucrative opportunity to make money from home online.

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I hope this Club Cash Fund review answers your question, is Club Cash Fund legit?

Until next time.

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