Ecom Elites Review – Is Ecom Elites Legit

The Econ Elites course claims to make everything simple for anyone to start an eCommerce business. Is this true?

When I conduct the review of the Ecom Elites course, things are very confusing.

I hear so many complaints that the business method appears outdated. It creates more failures than success.

Sure, you can make money online with dropshipping. The question here is, can Ecom Elites helps you achieve this dream?

The answer to this question might surprise you.

Before we discuss Ecom Elites, I want to reconsider the idea of launching a dropshipping.

Does dropshipping still a profitable online business to get into today?

Here’s the truth.

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Ecom Elites Review Summary

Name: Ecom Elites
Business Type: Dropshipping
Investment: $197

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  • If you interest in the dropshipping business, the Ecom Elites course might help you.
  • This course teaches beginners every aspect of building a dropshipping business.
  • The price for Ecom Elites is $197. But before you purchase this course, there is something you need to know.
  • Dropshipping is not a good option to make money online. The industry is too saturated with big players.
  • People are abandoning dropshipping to earn passive income.
  • Ecom Elites is a legit course. However, it’s not the right time to invest in this business.


What Is Ecom Elites?

Ecom Elites is an affordable online course for learning eCommerce.

Franklin Hatchett launched this digital course in 2017. The last update happened in 2019.

By 2021, many people consider Ecom Elites dropshipping business method outdated.

Ecom Elites offers tutorial videos directing you through each progression of the eCommerce process.

You learn the Ecom Elites best way of setting up and outsourcing for a dropshipping business.

The course covers these topics, social media advertisements, email marketing, creating a Shopify store, and sourcing products.

We will review the course in a bit. First, let talk about the founder and his eCommerce experiences.

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About Franklin Hatchett Of Ecom Elites?

Franklin Hatchett is a self-proclaimed dropshipping guru claiming to own multiple successful dropshipping stores.

He made his wealth during the early years when dropshipping business was hot.

As the industry declined, Franklin launched Ecom Elites to replace the losing incomes from dropshipping.

Before finding success in dropshipping, Franklin Hatchett tried affiliate marketing and failed.

According to Franklin Hatchett, success only happens with time, hard work, and dedication. He promises great success by taking the course.

Ecom Elites Course Review

Ecom Elites teaches the process of building a dropshipping business in 9 modules.

If you are serious about learning the dropshipping business, Here’s a quick review of the course to help you decide.

Ecom Elites Intro

Franklin begins the course by introducing you to the dropshipping business. He says Ecom Elites is a course for beginners.

If you are an experienced dropshipper, don’t waste your time with Ecom Elites. You might find the content outdated and irrelevant.

Module 1: Setting Up The Shopify Store

This module is fundamental learning for Shopify beginners.

You learn the steps of setting up a Shopify store, such as selecting a niche, installing the Shopify themes, and adding products. There is nothing special here.

You can skip this module if you already know how to set up a Shopify store.

Module 2: Sourcing Products

Picking the right product to sell is not easy. Your success depends on doing this step correctly.

This module gives you over four hours long of content. It covers every aspect of dropshipping.

You learn the process of selecting the right products and suppliers.

This module is the best of the Ecom Elites course.

Franklin shows you the techniques that he uses to source products for his dropshipping stores.

Modules 3 & 4 – Promote Your Business With Social Media Ads

You make no money unless people buy the products from your Shopify store.

These modules teach the process of using Facebook and Instagram ads to find buyers. This marketing technique is known as “Paid Traffic.” You need to have a big spending budget to run ads on these social media platforms.

Yes, you will learn the basic and advanced social media marketing techniques in these modules of over 50 video lessons.

However, Franklin doesn’t tell you the risks with Facebook and Instagram ads. Not every ad will sell. A small mistake could lead to financial disaster.

Beginners will make mistakes, no matter how good the training is.

Do you have enough money to waste on social media ads trials and errors?

It is probably the weakness of the Ecom Elites course.

Module 5 – Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the only free marketing method that you will learn from Ecom Elites.

You have 14 video lessons covering the basics of email marketing.

However, these videos lack the advanced strategies for beginners to implement a successful email marketing campaign.

Module 6, 7 & 8 – More Paid Digital Advertisements

There is nothing special you can learn from these modules.

Module 6 goes over the process of setting a chatbot for your store. It is a technical tutorial, nothing more.

Ecom Elites introduces you to sales funnels in module 7.

Sales funnels allow you to run target marketing and sell more products to existing customers. You learn to set up the ClickFunnels and connect them to a payment method that allows customers to purchase a product with one click.

Module 8 discusses the pros and cons of using Google ads. The lessons talk about Adwords, Google shopping, retargeting campaigns, and keyword research. You are not going to get anything in-depth on these topics.

Module 9- Free Traffic With SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a FREE digital marketing technique to promote your store and find customers.

Ecom Elites offers a general overview of SEO. There’s little you can use to get free customers.

Learning to promote your Shopify store with SEO will save you a lot of money from paying for ads. It is a safe and cheap marketing method for businesses that want to sell online.

If you want to learn SEO, Ecom Elites is not the course.

Bonus Videos – Top Secrets And Tips To Increase Sales

These bonus videos offer more tips and strategies to improve your store sales.

You find tips using review sites to get customers, offering extended warranty, offering discounts with coupons, and more. You can implement any of these tricks one-time.

Yes, you receive a lot of lessons from the Ecom Elites course. The problem is not the course. It has to do with the market condition.

Dropshipping is a saturated online business. The profit margin is low with heavy competition.

This online business opportunity is capital intensive.

Do you have enough cash to compete with the industry leaders?

Ecom Elites Price

Ecom Elites comes in two versions, Standard and Ultimate.

The price for the Ecom Elites Standard package is $197 and $297 for the Ultimate.

If you decide to purchase the standard package, you do not get access to modules 8, 9, and the bonus videos.

One good thing is Ecom Elites doesn’t charge an additional fee for updates. The price you pay will give to lifetime access.

Remember, the last update on this course is in 2019. The eCommerce business is changing rapidly. Tricks and tips that worked two years ago might not work today.

Is Ecom Elites Legit?

If you read my review of the course above, you know Ecom Elites is legit.

The problems you are facing with the dropshipping business are low profits and high competition.

People are abandoning this online business, including Franklin Hatchett. He is now making money selling the Ecom Elites course.

Sure, it only costs $197 to buy the course. But are you in the business to spend money or make money?

I am in business to make money.

Is Ecom Elites Worth It?

Dropshipping is an online retail business. Today, it is difficult for beginners to enter this industry.

You are competing against big players like Amazon and Walmart. Many former dropshippers have moved their business to sell on Amazon.

Because of the declining condition of the dropshipping industry, It is not worth spending money on the Ecom Elites course.

If you want to make money selling stuff online, you need to look at the Amazon FBA business.

Even the Amazon FBA business opportunity is getting more and more competitive.

You don’t have to go into retail to make money online.

The internet offers many opportunities to make money from home. You can earn passive income online with your computer. It’s your best opportunity.

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I hope this Ecom Elites review answers your question, is Ecom Elites legit?

Until next time.

Please, share your experience below.

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