WritersDomain Review: Who Wants To Know If WritersDomain Legit?

Freelance writing platforms, such as WritersDomain, have become a good source of supplemental income for writers.

You have lots of freelance writing platforms to join.

However, the challenge is finding a legit writing platform to make money.

That’s why you read Writer Domain reviews. You want to know if WritersDomain is a scam or legit.

Of course, every writer wants to get paid after completing a writing job.

Making good money is the reason to become a freelance writer.

You don’t want to work for WritersDomain if it doesn’t pay, or the pay is low. I am 100% agree with you.

As a freelance writer, I am going to share everything that I have learned about Writers Domain with you in this review.

We will discuss the writing jobs, the pay, the complaints, and the WritersDomain alternatives.

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Writers Domain Review Summary

Name: Writers Domain
Business Type: Freelance Writer
Investment: Free

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  • Writers Domain offers you an opportunity to earn money from home as a freelance writer.
  • You can join for free. However, the pay rate depends on your writing experiences and qualifications.
  • Writers Domain pays based on start rating. The highest pay level is the five stars.
  • Landing your first writing gig on Writers Domain takes a long time. Writers have reported waiting over a year or more for the first gig.
  • According to WritersDomain, you should not rely on the platform to earn a consistent income.
  • If you are looking to earn a full-time income as a freelance writer, Writers Domain is not the place to achieve this goal.


What Is Writers Domain?

Writers Domain is a gigs platform for you to earn money as a freelance writer.

Boostability launched WritersDomain.com in 2011 to outsource its content writing jobs to independent writers.

You might have heard people calling Writers Domain a content mill. It means the platform is paying writers pennies for the content.

New freelance writers use content-mill platforms like Writers Domain to build their business portfolios.

Other writers enjoy the convenience of writing opportunities available on content mills.

If you are a super-fast writer, Writers Domain might be a good fit. But your writing business is facing lots of risks:

  • You have zero control over future earnings. If Writers Domain bans you, the business is dead.
  • You are competing against thousands of writers for the same job.
  • WritersDomain doesn’t have sufficient writing opportunities for you to earn a consistent income.

There are more risks which we will discuss later in this review.

Remember, you don’t own your business. You are an independent employee of WritersDomain.

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WritersDomain Platform Review

Not all content mill platforms are the same.

So, it’s super important to understand how WritersDomain operates.

Here are the steps to become a writer for WritersDomain:

Writers Domain Sign Up

Sign up for an account with Writers Domain is free. It does not mean you get accepted as a writer.

WritersDomain only hires writers from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand. It’s useless for people living outside these countries to get an account set up.

No writer under the age of 18 allows signing up either, not even with parental consent.

The registration process requires filling out an application providing basic information, the address, email address, and password.

You also need to submit 400 words writing sample for the grammar test.

Then the waiting begins. It takes Writers Domain editors 2-3 business days to approve or reject your application.

If WritersDomain rejected your application, you have to wait six months to reapply.

Accepted applicants are facing worse. Writers Domain places them on the waiting list until something becomes available. The waiting time can take up to a year or more.

If you need to make money right now, don’t waste your time signing up for an account with WritersDomain.

Here’s how I make money as a freelance writer.

Writers Domain Writing Opportunity

Writers who hang around long enough will eventually get invited to write for WritersDomain.

Writing opportunities offer on WritersDomain include articles, blog content, website content, and content editing.

New writers begin their career writing 400 words articles.

Writers get promoted to 600 words articles based on their writing performance.

You must consistently score above a 3-star rating to get paid and promoted.

WritersDomain staff will review and rate every completed gig on a scale from 1-5 stars.

You have one opportunity to revise articles with a rating of less than 2-star. Failure to improve the rating, WritersDomain will reject the article.

Rejected writing gigs don’t get paid.

WritersDomain Pay

WritersDomain pays based on the star rating of each article.

Articles with a 1 or 2 stars score earn nothing. You are working for free.

400 words articles get paid $15.00 for 3-star and $17.50 for 5-star.

You earn a little more for premium articles.

However, Writers Domain only pays for premium articles with a 4-star rating or above. A four stars article will get $34, and the 5-star articles get $35.

Premium articles with 3-tars or less receive no payment.

You might get invited to write for WritersDomain.com, but getting paid for your work is not always true.

So, your WriterDomain earnings depend on how the reviewers rate your writing.

You can request an immediate PayPal payment if your earnings total $100 or more. Anything less than this amount, WritersDomain will deposit into your PayPal account on the fifth of every month.

Is Writers Domain legit?

Writers Domain is a legit opportunity for freelance writers to earn supplemental income.

The challenge with this platform is landing the first paid writing gig.

It feels like a scam when accepted applicants have to wait for more than a year after getting hired to make money. Who can wait this long for a writing opportunity that pays $15 per article?

Then, you have to deal with the rating and payment issue. Many writers accuse Writers Domain using the rating process to not paying them for their works. It’s difficult to verify this allegation.

The bottom line is, WritersDomain is not a good place for new writers to launch their writing careers.

It’s better to start your own online writing business or join more freelance writing platforms to make money.

Writers Domain Alternative

WritersDomain is just one of the thousand freelance writing platforms online.

Writers Works, Fiverr, and Upwork are a few popular freelance platforms for you to review.

These content mill platforms are great for new writers to build their writing portfolios and finding clients. However, you cannot rely on them as the only source of income.

Successful freelance writers are online business owners. They start out writing for content mills, then slowly transition the clients to their own business. You can do the same.

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I hope this WritersDomain review answers your question, is Writers Domain legit?

Until next time.

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