Digital Veteran Blueprint Review: True Facts Of A Scam

This Digital Veteran Blueprint review discusses the legitimacy of this affiliate marketing course for veterans.

You can’t say Digital Veteran Blueprint is not legit.

However, I discovered a connection between Digital Veteran Blueprint and OPM Wealth, a so-called Ponzi program.

If you are looking for ways to make money online, the last thing you want is to become a victim of another online scam.

We are giving this review to save you from wasting time researching.

Keep reading this Digital Veteran Blueprint review to find the hidden secrets.

We’ll reveal a shocking discovery of a risky connection with OPM Wealth.

In the end, we don’t recommend Digital Veteran Blueprint our readers.

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Digital Veteran Blueprint Review Summary



Name: Digital Veteran Blueprint

Business Type: Affiliate Marketing

Investment: $2,000

  • Digital Veteran Blueprint is an online money-making system created by Josh Snyder.
  • It’s just a sales funnel that links you to OPM Wealth.
  • OPM Wealth requires you to schedule a phone call listening to an OPM Wealth success story.
  • You join Digital Veteran Blueprint by purchasing one of the OPM Wealth digital packages with a starting price of $1,000 up to $27,500.
  • The program then teaches you to promote and resell the same OPM Wealth packages for earning high commissions.
  • Digital Veteran Blueprint is effectively an affiliate marketing program promoting OPM Wealth.
  • As an affiliate marketing program, Digital Veteran Blueprint is legit. However, the product that the program promotes is a Ponzi scheme.


Digital Veteran Blueprint What Is It?

Digital Veteran Blueprint is a free eBook created by Josh Snyder.

The eBook has absolutely no value. It’s a simple sales funnel that redirects visitors to a program called OPM Wealth.

OPM Wealth sells expensive digital packages that start at $2,000 and goes all the way up to an absurdly high $27,500. It is nothing more than a money game. We’ll explain this in a bit.

Josh will invite you to become his business partner making money by promoting and selling the same OPM Wealth packages.

The requirement to make money with Josh is buying one of the expensive digital packages. Even, it has no value to you.

Digital Veteran Blueprint uses the sales tactics of fear, fear of missing out, to lure people to join OPM Wealth.

So, This is an affiliate of OPM Wealth. You learn nothing from the free Digital Veteran Blueprint.

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Josh Snyder of Digital Veteran Blueprint

Josh Snyder, aka Coach Josh, is an army vet who has a secret system to make a lot of money online.

Coach Josh claims he is not a guru, and he is not selling hope and dreams of making tons of cash online.

However, Josh is giving you a free copy of the Digital Veteran Blueprint that he has used to get rich overnight.

That’s all we know about Josh Snyder.

Coach Josh has no online presence, nor does he share his real identity.

There’s no YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram account for Coach Josh. It seems like Josh is hiding from the public. It is not a promising sign.

Since we don’t know much about Josh Snyder, we have to take a close look at the Digital Veteran Blueprint to see if it’s legit.

Is Digital Veteran Blueprint Legit?

Digital Veteran Blueprint is legit. It’s an affiliate marketing program promoting OPM Wealth.

But, we cannot say the same for OPM Wealth. This company is very suspicious. It sells expensive products that have no value at all.

You can easily find some material in these digital products for free on the internet.

The goal behind Digital Veteran Blueprint and OPM Wealth is to make money off you.

Because Digital Veteran Blueprint directs people to an unethical business, we don’t recommend it to our readers.

If you are in fear of missing out, then read on to see how the scheme works.

What Does Digital Veteran Blueprint Do?

Digital Veteran Blueprint is a sales funnel that directs people to OPM Wealth.

The Digital Veteran Blueprint alone is not going to make your money. It doesn’t even teach anything about making money online.

Basically, Digital Veteran Blueprint is a free eBook that you can download from Josh Snyder by giving him your email address.

Here’s a quick overview of how this scheme work.

Digital Veteran Blueprint Program Review

Upon visiting the Digital Veteran Blueprint home page, you have to enter an email address to get a free copy of the eBook.

Josh will email you the link to download it.

This eBook contains 28 pages. It offers some information about Josh Snyder and his successful online business.

The rest of the eBook is sales pitches filled with affiliate links leading you to a sale page promoting OPM Wealth.

Once you click on the invitation to join, it takes you to a squeeze page asking for your name, email, and phone number.

The next step takes you to a webinar, where Josh pitches his make-money-online system. It introduces you to the OPM Wealth program.

After the webinar, you have the option to sign up for a free account with OPM Wealth.

You get some free content to read and ask to schedule a call with Coach Josh.

The coaching call has nothing to do with the business. It’s a sales call to persuade you to buy into OPM Wealth.

The goal of Digital Veteran Blueprint is to bring you into the OPM Wealth Ponzi scheme, where you end up spending more and more money.

Here’s how much this will cost you.

Digital Veteran Blueprint Price

Digital Veteran Blueprint has five price levels. The cost increase as you move up.

The price levels are as follows:

  • Hermes – $2,000
  • Apollo – $5,000
  • Athena – $8,500
  • Poseidon – $14,500
  • Zeus – $27,500

You’re probably thinking, these are OPM Wealth prices. You are right because Digital Veteran Blueprint is an affiliate for OPM Wealth.

Josh Snyder earns a big commission every time someone buys into the program.

It’s a typical high-ticket program, where you start at a low price, then force you to buy more and more.

Imagine spending $2,000 only to learn that you can’t make money with the scheme unless you invest in more expensive packages.

That’s how much it costs to make money with Digital Veteran Blueprint.

How You Make Money With Digital Veteran Blueprint?

You make money with Digital Veteran Blueprint by promoting the same program, OPM Wealth.

Digital Veteran Blueprint is not a training program that will teach you how to start your own online business. It teaches you how to make money recruiting people into the OPM Ponzi scheme.

The program teaches you to promote the scheme by giving away a free copy of the Digital Veteran Blueprint.

You become a recruiter, not selling any product.

When you recruit someone into the OPM Wealth program, you earn up to 60% commission from the sales.

But there’s a catch!

You only earn commission on the price level that you have joined.

If you join at the lowest level paying $2,000, you don’t earn a commission when your recruit purchases a $5,000 level or above.

The scheme forces you to join at the highest level, $27,000, to earn commission on all levels.

That’s how they get you to spend more and more by using the fear of losing out to persuade you.

Can You Make Money With Digital Veteran Blueprint?

No, you don’t make money with Digital Veteran Blueprint alone. It’s not even an affiliate marketing program.

You learn nothing from Digital Veteran Blueprint.

The Digital Veteran Blueprint scheme is to recruit others into a Ponzi Scheme.

Sure, you can make money recruiting people to join OPM Wealth.

The question is, can you recoup your $27,000 investment?

The Digital Veteran Blueprint’s OPM Wealth training doesn’t teach you to sell high-ticket products.

It promotes this crazy logic:

  • If you want to make $50,000, you have to sell 15 of the $2,000 packages to reach your goal.
  • But with the $27,000 package, you make a profit by selling only 2.

The logic sounds good.

In the real world, where are you going to find two people who are willing to spend $27,000 for nothing in return?

We don’t’ know about you. We are not stupid enough to fall for this scam.

Digital Veteran Blueprint Pros

There is nothing good to say about Digital Veteran Blueprint.

The entire scheme is misleading, overhyped, full of exaggerated income claims, and has absolutely no value at all.

It’s not a training program for you to build an online business.

You get sucked into a money game scheme, where members are forced to pay more and more.

Digital Veteran Blueprint Cons

We can give you a lot of Cons with Digital Veteran Blueprint.

However, we’ll give you a few factors to consider before joining.

1. The Program Has No Value

What you get from Josh Snyder is a marketing eBook full of hype with no real value.

It’s not a blueprint or training manual. You learn nothing from it.

In other words, it is just a marketing scheme to bring you into OPM Wealth.

Digital Veteran Blueprint is a worthless program for us.

2. The Ridiculously Expensive Price

This program charges people $2,000 to $27,000 for a chance to collect future commissions.

You get no products, not meaningful training, just the opportunity to promote and sell the OPM Wealth scheme.

Josh Snyder calls this a high-ticket commission program. It’s not true.

Digital Veteran Blueprint starts you at a low price than using the fear of missing out to force you to pay more.

3. There Is No Blueprint

You hear that right! You are not going to get a blueprint from Josh Snyder.

We are not the only ones telling you this. Read other reviews of Digital Veteran Blueprint to know the truth.

You get nothing from Josh after submitting your email.

What you will receive from Digital Veteran Blueprint is a misleading sales page and an invitation to join OPM Wealth.

After all, Digital Veteran Blueprint is a recruiting machine for a Ponzi scheme.

Do you still want to join?

We Know Some of you will.

Is Digital Veteran Blueprint Worth It?

We now know that Digital Veteran Blueprint is promoting OPM Wealth.

OPM Wealth is a money scheme, not a real online business opportunity.

This training doesn’t teach you the process of starting an online business. It forces you to recruit others into OPM Wealth to make money.

We would never recommend this type of money-making scheme to anyone.

If you’re new or looking for a legit way to online business, this one is not for you.

The internet has created more millionaires and billionaires than any industry.

All you need is to find the right business opportunity to achieve financial freedom.

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I hope this Digital Veteran Blueprint review helps you in making the right decision.

Until next time.

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