Impact Theory University Review: Insider Secret Of ITU

You discover one of Tom Bilyeu YouTube videos ad.

So, you’re searching for Impact Theory University review to find out if Tom is for real.

There are a lot of opportunities these days on the internet offering ways to make additional income.

Because of online scams, picking the right one is challenging.

And you are here because you want to know whether Impact Theory University is one of them or not.

To find the answer, I’ve spent hours watching Tom Bilyeu YouTube videos and browsing through his posts on social media networks to find out if he can help you build a successful online business.

We’ll review some things about Impact Theory University that you won’t find in other Impact Theory University reviews.

So, is Impact Theory University is the right online business training course for you?

Let’s review Impact Theory University to find the answer.

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Impact Theory University Review Summary



Name: Impact Theory University

Business Type: Self-Improvement Courses

Investment: $47

  • Impact Theory University (ITU) is a training platform teaching self-improvement.
  • The program consists of 2 courses, one on the proper mindset and the other on business tracks.
  • The business tracks do not offer any particular business idea for you to make money. It’s more on personal business development.
  • If you want to start an online business, this program is not for you.


About Tom Bilyeu Impact Theory University

Impact Theory University is a platform that provides an instructional manual on building a proper mindset and personal confidence.

Founded by Tom Bilyeu, Impact Theory University gives people the tools and knowledge that they need to unlock their potential.

The program consists of 2 courses. Once concerns the proper mindset and the other on business.

The Mindset program is an interview series that explores the mindsets of the highest achievers to learn their secrets to success. We’ll explain this in detail later.

Most interestingly, you can find 99% of the courses’ material on Tom’s YouTube for free.

Then, why subscribe to Tom Bilyeu Impact Theory University?

People are paying for the live coaching sessions and their Facebook group.

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Who Is Tom Bilyeu?

Before launching Impact Theory University, Tom Bilyeu was a co-founder of a very successful company called Quest Nutrition, selling healthy snacks.

Quest Nutrition had a revenue of more than $80 million by 2013. In 2015, it sold products in more than 70 countries.

Yes, Tom Bilyeu is a successful online entrepreneur. His YouTube channel has over 2 million subscribers.

According to the official website, Tom has scaled Impact Theory to a seven-figure business, amassing an audience of 4 million people in less than three years.

Tom Bilyeu appears legit. It’s always good to know who runs the company. It helps you to avoid getting scammed.

Is Impact Theory University Worth It?

Considering you can get 99% of the training for free, Impact Theory University is not worth it.

Why would you pay for something that you can get for free?

If you are a big fan of Tom, then Impact Theory University is for you.

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These courses are great for people looking to improve the quality of their life, not making money.

If you have the financial means to pay for self-improvement courses, you might find this worth it.

You must understand that everything Tom Bilyeu teaches is just theories.

Results are different for each person. So, you can learn how to have proper confidence, but without action, Impact Theory University is worthless.

How Does Impact Theory University Work?

Here’s the Impact Theory University review section that you are waiting for, the inside of Impact Theory University.

Now, 99% of what you’ll find inside is available for free on YouTube. It’s the 1% that you are curious to know. That’s what you’re going to see upon joining the program.

You see the library of interview videos with Tom as the host.

Tom organized the videos into two categories, Mindset Track and Business Track. You must purchase the bundle to get access to both tracks.

We’ll discuss both separately below.

Impact Theory University Mindset

Most people start with Mindset 101 before going on to the business tracks. Mindset is everything, according to Tom Bilyeu.

The prerecorded Mindset 101 Course has more than 40 hours of videos taught by Tom and other guest speakers.

It is a blueprint to harness the power of your thoughts. You learn to eliminate negative thought patterns and them with positive ones.

Paid members have access to two hours of live mindset lessons each month.

The live lesson allows you the chance to ask Tom questions in real-time.

Sure, you can get the recordings of the previous lessons on YouTube. But not the real-life interaction with Tom.

The membership also gives you access to the ITU private Facebook group. Here, you can interact with students from both tracks with a chance to talk to Tom.

The live interaction is the 1% that people want from joining Impact Theory University.

Impact Theory University Business Track

The Business Track is mostly live sessions.

Purchasers of Business Track will receive the Entrepreneurship 101 course only, not the Mindset 101 course.

Each Business Track session has handouts. Handouts are in PDF form.

You can use the handout to take notes and write down questions to ask Tom.

Essentially, these handouts are the key difference between YouTube content and the Impact Theory University videos.

Instead of listening to interview tracks, this is where you have to do some work to get results.

However, the video contents seem pretty much the same. You learn how to grow your business as a CEO.

Tom shares with you how he started his Quest nutrition company, how it grew, and eventually how he sold it for one billion dollars.

Impact Theory University Cost

You can take the Impact Theory University courses for free.

Tom Bilyeu posts 99% of the content on his YouTube channel. His estimated net worth is over $400 million. He doesn’t need the money from this course to get by.

Bilyeu even says that he doesn’t want money to be the barrier for people to learn his stuff.

However, if you have the money and want to attend live sessions with Tom, there are a few different costs to join Impact Theory University:

  • Mindset Track is available for $47 a month or $297 a year.
  • Business Track costs $97 per month or an annual fee of $597.
  • The Bundle option gives you the best discount. You get access to both courses for $120 a month or $797 a year.

Up to this point, you must realize that these are motivational sessions, not helping you make money.

Impact Theory University Refund Policy

Impact Theory University does have a 30-day refund policy.

If you don’t love the program, you can cancel your monthly subscription anytime. You also get a full refund for the month.

However, it seems the 30-day refund policy only applied to the Impact Theory University monthly subscriptions.

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If you pay annually, you are out of luck after 30 days of purchasing.

Can You Make Money With Impact Theory University?

The true goal of Impact Theory University training is to help people unlock their inner potentials.

Everything centers around mindset training and confidence.

The business training focuses a lot on understanding the mindset of successful business people.

Can you make money with this kind of training?

I am not 100% sure. It largely depends on your situation.

For most people, It is unlikely.

If you purchase these courses to start an online business and make money, you might want to reconsider.

Is Impact Theory University Legit?

Impact Theory University is legit. You get immediate access to the videos lessons after purchasing.

Tom doesn’t hide or trick you into buying his courses. He even posts 99% of the courses material on his YouTube channel for free.

What you are paying for is the monthly live session training with Tom. You have to ask yourself if this is worth it.

Since Impact Theory University teaches about mindset, It doesn’t provide a practical business idea to make money.

You end up wasting a lot of money on personal development programs without a clear path to achieve financial freedom.

You should think carefully about this.

Impact Theory University Pros

  • Impact Theory University is a comprehensive training program for self-improvement.
  • The course creator, Tom, is a very successful businessman.
  • If you can’t afford the live coaching sessions, you can access the recording for free on YouTube.
  • Tom does offer a 30-Day refund.

You might think there’s a lot of upsides to Impact Theory University.

But that’s not the case.

Impact Theory University Cons

  • Impact theory University teaches mindset. It’s not a business training program. It does not teach the specific business idea to help you make money.
  • It’s not a training program for newbies or inexperienced entrepreneurs. You should use the free YouTube version.
  • Since 99% of the course is available for free, the subscription fees for 1% are expensive.
  • Tom promotes the course as a business opportunity. But the training is actually teaching business skills.

Impact Theory University Review Conclusion – Alternative To Impact Theory University

I would not recommend jumping on board with Impact Theory University without visiting Tom Bilyeu YouTube channel.

Watching a few free video sessions will help you understand why Impact Theory is not for people looking to start an online business.

The courses do not offer a specific path to start making money online. It designs to help existing business owners better manage their online business.

If you’re new to online business, This one is not for you.

Don’t waste money on it.

Remember, Impact Theory University is not the only opportunity to make money online.

The internet has created more millionaires and billionaires than any industry.

All you need is to find the right business opportunity to achieve financial freedom.

I understand you are here to read this review of Impact Theory University.

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I hope this Impact Theory University review helps you in making the right decision.

Until next time.

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