Done 4 You Business Review – Is Done For You Business Legit

Every Done 4 You Business that I have researched turns out to be a scam.

Matt & Orlando claim to have “The Ultimate Hands-Free Income Machine!”

The business system is already set up for you to earn over $10,000 commission per sale without lifting a finger.

This is a typical sales pitch of every Done For You Business, get-rich-doing nothing.

It’s hard to believe that you can earn thousands of dollars with this Done 4 You Business.

Are Matt and Orlando telling the truth?

Is this done for you business legit?

Like you, these are questions that I have after learning about this business opportunity.

I want to know more about this opportunity.

I have completed my research.

Now, I am writing this Done 4 You Business review to share with you my findings.

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Done 4 You Business Review Summary

Name: Done 4 You Business
Business Type: Make Money Online
Investment: $3,247 – $21,847

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  • Done 4You Business offers you an opportunity to make money hand-free.
  • This Done 4 You Business model is simple. You simply purchase one of the done-for-you business packages from Matt & Orlando to start earning commissions.
  • You earn commission by selling this Done 4You Business opportunity to others.
  • This business requires a big marketing budget. You have to purchase digital advertisements to find new buyers.
  • Matt & Orlando use your money to promote their Done 4 You Business scheme.
  • Done 4 You Business doesn’t sell anything. It allows you to resell the scheme to others for commissions.
  • Only a fool gives away $21,847, hoping to collect his money from another fool.


What Is Done For You Business?

Done For You Business is a fully automated business system that allows people to instantly launch a profitable business hand-free.

People are led to believe the simplest way to achieve financial success is buying into the Done 4You Business.

This type of business is appealing to people because it considers as a risk-free business opportunity.

Done For You business has become a powerful marketing tool for scammers to steal people’s money.

These schemes require thousands of dollars in investment from members for the opportunity to earn future commissions.

Most done-for-you business doesn’t sell a product. It’s selling a recruiting scheme based on an idea of a large number. The more you recruit, the more money you make.

But this business idea doesn’t work because not a lot of people will buy into this scheme.

When people conduct researches into the Done 4You Business, they will discover the truth.

Done For You Business is a scam.

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Matt And Orlando Done For You Business

I am not saying every done-for-you business a scam.

We must look into Matt & Orlando’s Done 4You Business to know the truth.

Before we discuss the business model, let get to know Matt and Orlando.

According to the bio from their Done 4You Business website, Matt & Orlando are not marketing gurus. They have no higher education degrees.

They are Nobodies who have discovered a fun and unique way to make millions online.

Matt and Orlando decide to share with you their success. They want to help you become a millionaire.

At first, Matt and Orlando offered their business opportunity under the name, Secrets of the Wealthy.

After a few years, the two nobodies guys rebranded their business to Done 4You Business offering the same system.

They launched a new website by the name logintosystem to sell their Done 4You Business.

Done 4 You Business Review

Matt & Orlando calls their done for you business model as a High Ticket Affiliate Program.

To understand how this business model works, we are going to conduct a review of the Done 4You Business system.

Here’s a diagram of the business model.

There’s no magic or secret for you to make money online.


As you can see, the black boxes represent everything already set up for you.

You have to do two things under this business model, represented by the orange and green boxes.

  1. You pay for advertising, and
  2. You receive checks.

There’s no product mention in this business model.

What does Done 4You Business sell?

You are making money by reselling the Done 4You Business scheme, no real product.

This Done 4You Business scheme works like this:

  • You buy into Matt & Orlando Done 4You Business.
  • You get a copy of the Done 4You Business website and sales funnel.
  • You purchase online advertisements to invite people to visit the website and watch the webinar.
  • If visitors request more information, they get connected with Done 4You Business Coaches.
  • If the coach successfully gets the visitor to buy into the scheme, you earn a commission.

This business model sells nothing but HOPES.

You hope someone gives you money for one of the Done 4You Business packages. If no one gives money, you earn nothing.

Does this Done 4You Business sound legit?

Done For You Business Packages

You have to purchase one of the four Done For You Business packages with the hope of collecting commission in the future.

The costs for these business packages are:

  • The Gold Package costs $3,000 plus a $247 admin fee for a total of $3,247.
  • The Platinum Package costs a total of $7,447. This includes $7,000 for nothing in addition to the $447 admin fee.
  • The Diamond Package costs $14,000 with a $647 admin fee. This package total price is $14,647.
  • The Royal Package is the most expensive, $21,847. You are giving $21,000 and $847 in an admin fee to someone for free.

What do you get from purchasing these Done 4You Business packages?

You receive a promise of collecting a 50% commission next time someone you invite purchased a Done For You Business package.

The scheme is similar to this:

“I ask you to give me $21,000.

Then I ask you to introduce your friends so I can ask them to give me $21,000.

I promise to share with you 50% of the money that I collect from your friends.”

Nobody will give me $21,000, because it’s a scam.

However, a lot of people have given Matt & Orlando their hard-earned money. They are now sitting in their house hoping to collect 50% from the next person joining the Done 4You Business scheme.

Can You Make Money With Done 4You Business?

Done 4You Business promise to pay you 50% commission when someone you invite purchases a business package.

Your earning potential is big.

  • Sell a Gold Package, and you earn $1,500.
  • Sell a Platinum Package, and you earn $3,500.
  • Sell a Diamond Package, and you collect $7,000.
  • Sell a Royal Package you earn a $10,500 commission check.

There is a catch to this business.

Your commission is capped at the package that you have bought.

If you bought a Gold Package and your referral bought a Royal Package, you don’t earn a commission.

This scheme force you to buy in at $21,847 to lock in the promise of collecting all commissions in the future.

But, what is your chance of collecting a $10,500 commission from Done 4You Business?

It depends on how quickly you can find the next fool that has $21,847 to give away. This is not an easy task.

There are not a lot of people who have $21,847 to give away.

Your chance of making money with this Done 4You Business scheme is near zero.

Done 4 You Business, Is This Business legit?

I have told you every Done For You Business that I have researched turns out to be a scam.

This one is no different.

If you still believe this Done 4You Business legit, I wish you all the luck.

The business doesn’t seem legit to me. There’s no way you can find smart investors that willing to give money away. This doesn’t often happen in real life.

If you have purchased a Done 4 You Business package, you are buying a HOPE of get-rich-doing nothing. You are chasing after something not real.

Done For You Business Scam

Most done-for-you businesses are scams because they are targeting lazy investors looking for get-rich-quick opportunities.

Who doesn’t dream of sitting on the couch, watching TV, and collecting free money? But we know this is just a dream, not real.

Done-for-you business is the same. These business schemes sell dreams, hopes, and empty promises.

Have you ever met a successful business owner sitting at home doing nothing every day?

I haven’t.

Even the stock investors must work, doing researches, to find the best stocks.

I have readers argue with me that certain done-for-you businesses are not a scam. They give me franchise opportunities as an example.

I ask them to introduce me to a franchise owner that sits at home doing nothing.

They can’t.

Can you see the differences?

Done For You Businesses that tell you to give them money then sit back waiting for the paid check are scams.

What happens if Matt & Orlando of Done 4You Business decide to shut down the website?

It looks like you lost all your investment. There is nothing you can do. You are not in control of the business.

Final Review On Done For You Business

I might be lazy. But I am not stupid to give $21,000 to Nobodies hoping for future commissions.

I rather invest my money in bank CDs. Yes, this investment generates a low return, but the principle is safe. I always have my $21,000.

There’s no way you can get $21,000 back after giving it to Done 4You Business. The business doesn’t have a refund policy.

If you are looking for an opportunity to achieve financial success, you must stay away from Done 4 You Business.

Smart business owners know that they must invest time to build a successful business.

There’s no such thing as get-rich-doing-nothing. Stop chasing after done-for-you business schemes that promise wealth without work. Most of these schemes are not legit.

If you’re not afraid of working, there are many legit and profitable business opportunities for you to make money from home.

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I hope this Done 4 You Business review answers your question, is Done For You Business legit?

Until next time.

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