Vacant House Bank Review: What The Heck Is This, Legit or Scam?

Vacant House Bank wants you to believe that “real estate investment is the most proven way to become rich.” Sorry, this statement is not true.

They tell you vacant properties are available everywhere in the US market. You can make easy $10,000, $20,000, or $30,000 finding and flipping vacant properties.

Looking around you, how many millionaires or billionaires come out from flipping vacant properties?

Today, most billionaires are online business owners.

The internet has created more billionaires than the real estate market.

Is the Vacant House Bank telling you the truth?

Can you really make thousands of dollars flipping vacation house?

Is the Vacant House Bank even legit?

I am writing this Vacant House Bank review to share with you my understanding of the program.

You might not like what I am about to tell you.

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Vacant House Bank Review Summary

Name: Vacant House Bank

Business Type: Real Estate Training

Investment: $97

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  • Vacant House Bank promises to teach you a lucrative real estate investment, flipping vacation properties.
  • You learn the best method of finding vacant properties hiding in plain sight.
  • You learn to locate the owner of the vacation house and what motivates them to buy.
  • Vacant House Bank offers to assist you with one free transactional funding for your first deal.
  • Listening to Vacant House Bank promotional videos of making money flipping vacant properties is like a dream come true.
  • Yes, Vacant House Bank is selling you a dream.
  • It is not easy to make money flipping vacant properties. You have to scout the street to find vacation properties. You have to locate and convince the owner to sell you the property. Then you must have a buyer ready to purchase.
  • The painful part of this real estate investment is to find the vacant house and locating the rightful owner. Most people fail at this stage.


What Is Vacant House Bank?

Vacant House Bank is a real estate educational program teaching people the process of finding and flipping vacant properties for profits.

This investment program was introduced by Cameron Dunlap in November 2019.

Cameron says vacant properties are the most lucrative real estate investment that hiding in plain sight all around in any market.

He offers you a system to find off-market vacant properties and profit from them by quickly selling them as-is to hungry cash buyers.

If making money flipping vacant properties is this easy, do you ever wonder why Dunlap sells this lucrative system for only $97?

The money is not in flipping vacant properties.

Vacant House Bank makes a lot of money from selling courses, coaching, the vacant house data feed services, and the private lender data feed.

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Who Is Cameron Dunlap?

Cameron Dunlap claims to be the guru of flipping vacant properties for profits.

He has been teaching people his real estate investing strategies & tactics since 1995.

Cameron believes vacant properties are the most lucrative strategy for real estate investors to build wealth. He says you can find these distressed properties every market, “hiding in plain sight.”

Cameron created the Vacant House Bank to teach you his lucrative process of flipping vacant properties.

I don’t much about Cameron Dunlap.

But I know vacant properties have lots of problems, that is why they are vacant.

Most vacant properties are located in bad neighborhoods with a high crime rate.

It’s very hard to find vacant properties in an upscale community.

I don’t believe you can find vacant properties in every market. This is not true.

Vacant House Bank Course Review

The Vacant House Bank course is organized into 6 modules teaching the entire process of making money flipping vacant properties.

The first few video lessons cover the vacant properties market and opportunities. Dunlap explains to you different reasons properties end up vacant.

The program teaches step-by-step of finding vacant properties and locating the owner(s).

You’ll learn to pre-screening, tracking down, and cold-calling vacant house owners asking them to sell the properties to you.

Vacant House Bank will teach you how to use transactional funding to acquire the vacant property without using your money.

Transactional funding is the method of selling and buying a real property simultaneously.

You cannot acquire a vacant house by transactional funding unless you have a cash buyer ready to take the property of your hand.

Vacant House Bank will show you how to locate a hungry cash buyer to purchase the vacant properties from you.

That is a quick overview of the Vacant House Bank training program.

As you can see, It’s not easy to make money flipping vacant properties.

  • First, you must scout around the neighborhood to find vacant properties.
  • You then track down the owners, cold-calling them, and convince them to sell the property to you at wholesale price.
  • At the same time, you pitch the vacant property to potential buyers.
  • You make money when the owner agrees to sell low, and the buyer agrees to buy high.

The process of driving around searching for vacant properties and tracking down the owners is labor-intensive.

If you hate cold-calling owners, then don’t waste money with the Vacant House Banker.

How Much Does Vacant House Bank Cost?

The Vacant House Bank costs $97 to join. This is the cost of the video lessons.

There are additional costs to fast start your vacant house flipping business.

The first upsell from Vacant House Bank is the coaching/mentor program.

The mentorship program costs $5,000 to $25,000 to join. You also have to pay $250 per month to remain in the program.

Vacant House Bank says you need these digital tools to run the vacant house flipping business:

  1. The Vacant House Data Feed tool costs $97 per month to access.
  2. The Private Lender Data Feed tool costs $49.97 a month to help you fund the deals.

If you want to use transactional funding, the cost is $1,000 for the retainer fee.

I am not listing the cost of marketing, traveling, and phone calls to arrange the vacant house deals.

I hope you can see that Vacant House Bank costs thousands of dollars to start. The company makes its money from the mentorship program and tools.

You are unlikely to learn much about real estate investment from the $97.

Is Vacant House Bank Legit?

The Vacant House Bank is legit. You will receive the 6 module video lessons. But don’t expect to get rich with the $97 program.

The talk of earning a quick vacant house paycheck, and making $20,000 or $50,000 per deal are all marketing hype.

There is no way you can flip vacant properties that easily. This is like a get-rich-quick scheme.

Self-proclaim gurus always make unrealistic income claims to sell their course. Most of them make most of their money from coaching and teaching others, not investing in real estate.

Vacant House Bank has an income disclaimer to protect itself. This shows us that the income claims are unreal.

I am not saying Vacant House Bank is a scam.

I doubt that vacant house flipping is easy and lucrative. This is all marketing hype.

Is Vacant House Bank Course Worth It?

Flipping vacant properties require hard work.

The vacant House Bank offers you guidance and tools to operate a real estate flipping business.

Flipping vacant properties is no different from flipping a fixer-upper.

You need to find a good deal, locate the owner(s), then find a buyer to make a profit. You have to do all this work, not the Vacant House Bank.

If you hate cold-calling, don’t waste money purchasing the Vacant House Bank. It’s not worth it.

I hope you see the Vacant House Bank is nothing more than an educational program.

There’s no secret in flipping vacant properties. Vacant properties are not everywhere in plain sight. Self-proclaim gurus will make any claim to sell their courses.

Vacant House Bank wants you to believe flipping vacant properties is a lucrative and quick method to become wealthy. This is not true.

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I hope this Vacant House Bank review answers your questions, is Vacant House Bank legit?

Until next time.

Please share your experience below.

3 thoughts on “Vacant House Bank Review: What The Heck Is This, Legit or Scam?”

  1. This was an excellent review, not going to lie. The fact that you invested a little bit of money just to check it out, tells me you must know ‘exactly’ what you talking about. I’ve seen multiple companies do something like this before, there is ‘always an upsell’. Why not just be Straightfoward and say “Hey, I’m charging $25,000 to teach you and train you on how to flip vacant houses. You will make that money back by the end of x-amount of time..” Something like that. But who charges $25,000 for a coaching course?? I’d love to see those answers coming in lol. Great review, I’m glad I landed here on this website.

  2. I was about to purchase my next business model DIY tool. I am a hard worker but life happened and got injured, specifically, a back injury. Since the first two were more $$$ than advertised, before I purchased, I looked at reviews. Wow, what a relief. I AM SO GRATEFUL TO GET YOUR HONEST OPINION. I am sharing candidly that it’s extremely demoralizing to be high-functioning to zero. I found the most helpful people are the new people I meet. Friends … gone. Thank you in advance for your INVALUABLE HELP. – Jen


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