Exotic Car Hacks Review

Can you really make money trading a luxury car?

I came across Pejman Ghadimi’s YouTube channel while looking to buy or lease my dream car.

I was intrigued by his videos about making money or breaking even buying your dream car.

It sounds crazy!

How can you make money from buying a car, driving it, and then selling it for profits?

Exotic Car Hacks is really a different way of viewing luxury assets.

So in this Exotic Car Hacks review, we will discuss everything about the Exotic Car Hacks program, including whether you can make money buying luxury cars.

Here’s the truth: while you probably won’t rake in tons of cash from luxury car hacking, you could drive your dream car for less.

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Exotic Car Hacks Review Summary


Business name:
Exotic Car Hacks
Type of Business: 
Trading Luxury Cars
Initial Investments: 


What Is Exotic Car Hacks?

Exotic Car Hacks (ECH) is an online course by Pejman Ghadimi.

This course will teach you tactics and strategies to turn a luxurious car from being a liability to an asset.

You learn to buy an exotic car at the best price possible.

The marketing material and YouTube videos promote Exotic Car Hacks as a way to make money off of Exotic or luxury cars.

However, after reviewing the Exotic Car Hacks course, it is apparent that it is not realistic to make much money off Exotic Car Hacking.

We know these words can be a bit disappointing for you, but it is the reality.

It is also not as easy to buy a sports car from a dealership and flip it for a profit.

The whole purpose of this course is not to buy and drive exotic cars to make money.

It is about owning an exotic car for a short amount of time without losing money on it.

Exotic Car Hacks uses a systematic approach that allows you to turn a car from a liability into an asset.

The course teaches you some cool hacks about purchasing the right car while understanding which exotic cars will quickly depreciate.

So, don’t think of ECH as a source of making money.

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Pejman Ghadimi, The Man Behind Exotic Car Hacks

If you are reading this review, you probably know about Pejman Ghadimi. He is the man behind Exotic Car Hacks.

You might have known him from his ECH YouTube channel.

But you may not know what I am going to tell you here.

Pejman Ghadimi is not just a YouTuber trying to sell his course.

As a banker, Pejman Ghadimi has a deep understanding of money.

He is the author of The Third Circle Theory, a popular book on entrepreneurship that has sold over 300,000 copies since 2013.

Ghadimi went from nothing to great success.

He became a self-made millionaire at the age of 27.

Pejman launched several successful businesses such as VIP Motoring, Secret Entourage, and Watch Trading Academy.

I know, Pejman Ghadimi looks scammy in his YouTube promotional videos.

We, however, believe that Pejman Ghadimi is legit.

Pejman has used the precise method he teaches in his courses to buy and sell over sixty personal luxury and exotic cars.

If you’re into driving exotic cars for free or at little cost, It’s safe to say that there is no one better to teach you how to do this than Pejman Ghadimi.

Is Exotic Car Hacks Legit?

OK, Pejman Ghadimi is real.

It doesn’t mean what he’s selling or promoting is legit.

We know you are searching for the answer to this question: is Exotic Car Hacks a scam or legit?

We have the same doubt.

After reviewing the Exotic Car Hacks training, we can say that ECH is NOT a scam.

The course will teach you some helpful car buying tips.

However, if you want to make money, it is not as easy.

What Does Exotic Car Hacks Offer?

Inside the Exotic Car Hacks course is everything you need to know to hack your first exotic in 90 days or less.

Here are the different components of the training: step-by-step videos, checklists, cheat sheets, resources, and a private support group.

We will discuss each component more in-depth below.

However, we were not impressed with the overall layout of the member’s area. It was not what we expected for a course about luxury items.

These are what you get for a lifetime when you purchase the course.

1. Exotic Car Hacks Training

The entire Exotic Car Hacks training component is about 4-5 hours long.

You might be disappointed at the length of the training, but you will learn a lot.

ECH teaches you:

  • The Negotiation Hacks.
  • The Huge saving tips for luxury car ownership.
  • Selling the right way to get the highest price possible, and much more.

Since your membership is for life, you get access to new training.

Exotic Car Hacks promises much more training videos to come.

Sure, there is a lot of valuable content there.

2. Comprehensive Car Buyer’s Guide

ECH offers a ton of buyer guides available for most exotic cars on the market.

These buyer guides are a great resource to help you find the right luxury car.

They cover topics including:

  • The best types of luxury cars to buy (make, model, year, mileage, condition, spec, etc.),
  • Where to find them,
  • How to buy them at the lowest price,
  • How to leverage financing to keep cash in your pocket,
  • How to save big on insurance,
  • How to minimize the cost of upkeep,
  • How to sell them after you’ve enjoyed them without losing money, and so much more.

Simply put, you might think getting a base model version of a luxury car is the way to go. But this can hurt you later because there’s no demand for it.

3. Private Members’ Facebook Group

Technically not part of the training, the Private Members Facebook Group allows you to connect with other Exotic Car Hacks members.

It is a very active group filled with questions and convenient answers.

The Exotic Car Hacks Facebook Group gives you an idea of what is possible in this game and what isn’t.

4. Secret Exotic Car Hacks Resources

The ECH resources component is where Pejman Ghadimi recommends different services and products to help you achieve success.

These products and services include:

  • Dealing with the right car dealerships,
  • Finding the right insurance providers,
  • Hiring a reliable transportation company,
  • Using the best and trusted mechanic, and
  • Working with the right financial adviser.

There is also a list of dishonest and untrustworthy dealers to avoid.

Warning, the resources are for students living in the US. It provides very few resources for those living outside.

5. Pejman Ghadimi Personal Case Studies

Exotic Car Hacks has hundreds of case studies that validate Ghadimi’s teachings.

Pejman details the different car hacks he has personally done and gets into the nitty-gritty details to help you understand his mindset.

You have access to all the case studies. So, there are lots of articles to browse through.

There are case studies for everything from Ferrari, Benz, and NSX, to Aston Martin v8 Vantage.

From these case studies, you learn exactly how much to pay for cars at dealerships and how much to sell them.

The Exotic Car Hacks case study is a fascinating section.

Exotic Car Hacks Price

Exotic Car Hacks offers a single price of $997.

This price tag is for lifetime access to Exotic Car Hacks.

$997 is pricey.

However, a few people claim the negotiating tactics and strategies will save you more than $997 on your next car purchase. Maybe, but this is not making money from car hacking.

A good thing with Exotic Car Hacks is the 14-day money-back guarantee.

If you feel that the course isn’t meeting up with your expectations, you can back out and request a refund.

This guarantee comes with a warning: ‘do not join if you plan on taking no action.’

We assume the warning to mean that you must take action to receive a full refund.

How Does Exotic Car Hacks Work?

The thing to understand with exotic cars is the depreciation curve.

The depreciation curve for exotic cars is different.

Nonexotic cars start at market value and depreciate down to zero.

If you buy a brand new Honda Civic for $20,000, you will lose about 50% the minute you drive off the lot.

The car value continues to depreciate as millions of new Honda Civics are produced.

Eventually, the demand for older Honda Civics plummets to zero.

The depreciation curve for exotic cars is a little different.

Exotic cars still depreciate, but they don’t go all the way to zero. T

hey tend to level off at around 30% of their value.

For example, a brand new Lamborghini LP550 would’ve cost you about 230,000.

After one year, that same car would be worth around $145,000.

You would’ve lost nearly $100,000 in one year because of depreciation. That’s a sucker’s move in my book.

However, exotic car depreciation eventually hits a threshold.

The idea is that around year four or five, the price of the Lamborghini will level off, and that’s when you want to buy.

The only downside to ECH is that you are buying used cars.

The Exotic Car Hacks does not work buying new cars.

So yeah, you may get to own your dream car, but it might not be the way you want it.

Is Exotic Car Hacks a Good Investment?

Exotic Car Hacks is not a course teaching you to earn passive income.

The truth about car hacking is that not every deal is profitable.

Remember, the Exotic Car Hacks strategy is to preserve the car value, not make you a lot of money.

I am speaking from experience. Not only have I done it, but I won’t do it again.

Your situation may be different.

When deciding if Exotic Car Hacks is for you, The first question you might want to ask is whether you are comfortable buying used cars.

Used cars come with a lot of problems. They are best for someone who doesn’t mind doing DIY.

There are other opportunities for you to passive income.

I work from home, which is a unique situation. I make a good living selling my skills.

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I am not saying this fit you, but who knows?

Exotic Car Hacks Pros and Cons

To help you figure out if the ECH course is for you, we will discuss a few pros and cons in this section.

This Exotic Car Hacks course is not for everyone.

As we have said, this course is not for people who want to make money. It is the biggest con.

The Pros

  • The ECH course offers some valuable tips and strategies for buying used cars.
  • It can save you money if you are one of the car enthusiasts.
  • An active Private Facebook Group.
  • Hundreds of case studies are available for you to learn.
  • The course is updated regularly. This means that the tactics and strategies are current.
  • Pejman Ghadimi lives what he’s preaching.

The Cons

  • ECH only works if you have a good credit score and an annual income of more than $50,000.
  • This course is not for people living outside of the USA. Most strategies only work in the US market.
  • Not everyone can do it.
  • If you can’t afford a $300 monthly payment, Exotic Car Hacks is not for you.
  • You are buying used cars. It involves a lot of work.
  • The goal of Exotic Car Hacks is to save money, not to make money.

Final Review on Exotic Car Hacks

Overall, Exotic Car Hacks is a course for exotic car lovers.

Let’s make this clear, if you buy Exotic Car Hacking to generate income, please stay away from it.

The Exotic Car Hacks course is not an income-producing investment.

We are not badmouthing Exotic Car Hacks. It is the truth.

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I hope this Exotic Car Hacks review answers your questions about this course.

Until next time.

Please, share your experience below.

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