Super Affiliate System Review: Members Tell All, Scam or Real?

Super Affiliate System is an affiliate marketing training program founded by John Crestani. Mr. Crestani, a professional affiliate marketer. John claims using his training you can make money online, earning an affiliate commission, within 2 hours. Is this promise a scam or for real?

In this Super Affiliate System Review, you will find out if John Crestani a Scam or Real from members telling all about it. Read this before deciding to hand over your hard-earned cash to the super affiliate system.


super affiliate system affiliate disclosure

Intro to Super Affiliate System Review and John Crestani

Super affiliate system is an affiliate marketing training platform with courses aimed at novices looking to earn their first affiliate bucks online. The super affiliate system is truly a famous one for beginners.

This super affiliate system started in 2015 by John Crestani. The program received a large number of negative reviews. This prompted a major update to the training program in 2018 but are the new lessons the same or more update?

This is the super affiliate system review version 2018, not the older system. This is why my review will offer you a better understanding of John Crestani and the updated super affiliate system.


The new changes

The new training program takes a path that focuses on teaching beginner ways to generate free visitors.

John called it free visitors, but in reality, it is not free. I will explain this further in the review.

The update super affiliate system starts all new member with the first step of affiliate marketing, choosing niches to promote, follow by lessons on how to promote your niches on Facebook, YouTube, Google and much more.


affiliate marketing process


If you have no clued of what any of these things mean, then here is a lesson on the affiliate marketing for you to watch, or you can read my article on affiliate marketing niches by click here.




Let’s talk about John Crestani

John Crestani is a successful affiliate marketer from Santa Monica, California. He is in his early 30’s.


John Crestina of super affiliate systemJohn is a college dropout whose found financial success online through selling health products on his internet business. This online business is an affiliate program that allows people to join and earn a commission by promoting his products.

Super affiliate system was created with the intention to teach people John’s system of online success. In the beginning, this platform received lots of attention from the online community because of John personal success story which was featured in Yahoo Finance, and Inc Magazine.


The super affiliate system, however, also attracted many negative reviews after people had the opportunity to lose money through the program. This did not break John spirit.

In 2018, John reinvented super affiliate system and launch Internet Jetset. Both systems are similar with a few minor differences. Read my review on Internet Jetset to understand the differences.


Super affiliate system – How it works?

This system operates as an upsell system. Upsell mean you have to spend lots of money to get to the real deal. The real training has been updated and rewritten to add better content. The entire training is about 12 weeks long with the first 6 weeks focusing on basic training.

In this super affiliate system review, I will analyze the 6 weeks basic training with a quick discussion on advanced training to keep this review readable, and also because John focuses the sale promotion on these 6 weeks.

I believe a clear understanding of the 6 weeks basic training is sufficient for anyone to make a business decision of joining the super affiliate system.


If you are already decided to join this program, click here and use this promotional code: PROMOPROMO to get a big discount. I am not telling you to join. This code is available online everywhere. This is for people that cannot wait until finish reading this review.


super affiliate system training program


Here is the super affiliate system designed to help newbies become a successful affiliate marketer in 6 weeks.

Week 1: Intro to affiliate marketing & Super Affiliate System Set Up

Week 2: Find your business: niche research, networks, intent

Week 3: Basic Marketing Skill: basic copywriting skills

Week 4: Finding visitors using Google and Facebook Ads

Week 5: Promoting the business with YouTube and Native Ads

Week 6: Going big: Scaling and Advanced lessons



The first two weeks are mostly introductory lessons on affiliate marketing as a business and how to use super affiliate system to set up your online business. Here are some topics that cover in these 2 weeks:


gold opinionsTopics for Weeks #1

Setting your goals

Setting up your website

Understand and create presell pages

Create a Facebook ad account for beginners

Finding and joining the best affiliate networks


home jobs stopTopics for Week #2

Developing the right state of mind for success

Affiliate Niche Research

Find Niche Data and speak a niche language

Networking to learn the industry

Understand user intent in advertising


Not a lot of the people know this, most of these lessons are free online. I know this because I have a collection of them from my first day starting out as an affiliate marketer. I paid nothing for these lessons.


Here Is My #1 Recommendation for Free Affiliate Marketing Training

boot camp challenge


I was a little surprised to see John charged people for these free materials. I guess you can say that he should be rewarded for the effort of organizing them into an easy to follow training lessons for beginners.

Week #3 is getting a little more interesting. The biggest and most talked about is the copywriting tips and tricks. John does a very good job to get people excited about this training. This gives me an impression that you can learn a good deal of copywriting from John. However, the fact is that these lessons are so basic you can get them for free from other marketing training programs on the internet.


content is king video



Want to know how to create good content for affiliate marketing? The free video will help. >>>>>>>>




Topics cover in weeks #3 are:

What is copywriting?

Ronnie Sandlin, advanced 7-figure copywriter

17 proving steps copywriting that works

Get the biggest ROI on ads through optimization

Important factors in optimizing ads


Even the advanced copywriting tactics were a video by a guy named Ronnie Sandlin, claimed to be a student of John, not John himself. The training looks more like a recording from a seminar.

I must say this, the advance copywriting training does provide some valuable tips, but the basic lessons are worthless. You can learn this on your own using Google search.


Week #4 and #5 are all about PPC (paid per click) ads. These are paid online advertisements.

I don’t understand why people get excited when John tells them Facebook and Google are the two biggest ad networks and can make you a lot of cash, what? Don’t people know these ad networks charger a lot of money to run an ad? This is not free traffic!


social media exchange sites


Want to know how to generate free traffic to your website.
Take this free lesson on Intro to Google organic traffic.




I heard of some members of the super affiliate system spent upward of $400 on PPC ads before they can see the first sale. This is contradicting the claim of earning the first commission in 2 hours.

Maybe John means spending $400 in two hours to see the first commission.


Here are some training topics cover in week #4 and #5

Facebook Ads – Case Study & Compliance

Online Marketing Metrics

Intro to Google Ads 1 & Ads 2

Case studies for Facebook & Google ads

Anatomy of a $100k per month FB Ad by Brian Pfeiffer

The right way to Set up MGID Native Ads

Outbraing & Voluum Native Advertising

Setting up YouTube Ads for maximum ROI


I hope that you can see from this super affiliate system review that this program requires more than the initial $47 investment to work. Basically, you have to spend hundreds or even thousands on ads to generate a sale.

If you are ready to spend money on advertisements, then this program is for you. Click here to sign up.

Everybody knows online advertisements work, but most profitable affiliate marketing business must utilize both paid and free traffic. You cannot spend your way to richness!



wealthy affiliate program


By Week #6, You should have profitable campaigns up and running, John claimed. But to reach those 6-figure monthly, you must scale up and go automate.

Scaling means injecting more money into Facebook and Google ads. The idea of running more ads to reach more buyers is not entirely true. Running more ads will reach more people, not necessarily more buyers.

Automating is nothing more than using a sale funnel system.


Let talk about the super affiliate system sale funnel

Sale funnel is a process of converting visitors into paying customers. For a sale funnel to work, you must first have traffic.


Under the super affiliate system, traffic is mostly generated through PPC ads. This is the first step.

All traffic is directed to a single landing page, the 1 hour long free Webinar on “How to Build Your Own Online Business from Nothing.” This webinar is nothing more than sales pitches to get people purchasing the super affiliate system at the end. You learn nothing from this webinar.

Once you have paid the $47 for the super affiliate system, immediately, you get redirected to another page promoting exclusive access to the inner circle of advanced case study archive. This will cost you another $187.

After completing the sale funnel, a customer will have paid $234 to join the super affiliate system before even learning a single thing about building an online business.


Check Out My #1 Sources to Learn & Build an Online Business Completely FREE

wealthy affiliate certification program


This is a full picture of how super affiliate system sales funnels work. Yes, it generates the 6-figure income, but not for the beginners. This system is designed to generate online income for the founder and other businesses that they promote.

Super affiliate system members state in their online reviews that when you purchase the super affiliate system first, then, the Jetset system is a free bonus. NO, this is not true. You are paying for both programs by completing the sale funnel because the $187 exclusive access to the inner circle is the payment for Jetset. Magic!


Other Free Bonus Features

Let me remind you these are not free bonus features. This is all included in your $234. I want to talk a little about each of these features to provide you a full picture of the program in this super affiliate system review.


Live Weekly Webinar

Every Friday John around 3:00 PM PST, John holds a 2 – 3 hours webinar to offer his advance tips and 1-on-1 coaching to answer questions on the training lessons. This is a great chance to meet John Crestani in person.


Super affiliate system private forum

This is nothing more than a private Facebook group for member only. This forum allows members to discuss and share their own personal success stories or failures with each other.

Nothing special or fancy about this forum except John is an active member.


Online business tools.

Super affiliate system offers the following tools to help you build your own online business from the ground up.


Predesigned ads and landing pages

These templates allow new members to quickly launch their ad campaigns and make money quickly. This is the idea.

However, in the long run, this can do more damage to the business than good. Predesigned templates, loss buyer interest over time. Think about it: will you watch the same ad over and over again? I doubted! Furthermore, template landing pages do not get indexed and rank on search engines because search engines do not index duplicate content. It is only indexing the original.


Here’s a Free lesson on How Google Indexes Content.


Yes, predesigned templates make your life easy, but it is not a good business practice to follow.


Target Data

All members of the super affiliate system have access to exclusive target data to help them promote and advertise the system to the right audience. It is told that these data are exclusive and only John and super affiliate system has access to this treasure. Do you believe this BS? Not me!

No such thing is an exclusive data. Everyone and anyone can buy target data online if they are willing to pay for Facebook and Google for them.

The good thing about this is that John shows newbies how to use these target data to create a similar audience to market the super affiliate system. This is a good skill to learn.


Affiliate marketing tools

Super affiliate system does not have any of the affiliate marketing tools. This system only offers training lessons.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, two basic must have affiliate marketing tools are website builders and keyword research tool. These tools are essential for building a successful online business.

To learn the importance of these affiliate tools read my article on building a business website and Jaaxy keyword tool.


Does super affiliate system a scam or real?

If you are willing to invest more than $234 and put in at least 12 hours a day, then, yes, you can make money with the super affiliate system. However, if you don’t have an investment budget of more than $234 to spend on advertisement, then this program is not for you.


I must tell you the truth: the super affiliate system is not a scam because you do receive training lessons and predesigned ad templates for your initial investment. But $234 is too expensive.


This system is designed and marketed to people whose want to get rich online without doing any works. I can tell you this, you will make money online, but will not get rich online with the super affiliate system.

The best way to start an online business is to learn the 4 steps to make money online. There are many free training programs that build on this foundation for you to learn.

Why do you pay $234 for something that you can get for free?




I am not telling you to purchase or not purchase the super affiliate system. This decision is yours to make.

The purpose of this super affiliate system review is to provide you with true facts and information on this online business opportunity. You tell us if this is right for you.


Learn To Affiliate Marketing with a professional.

If you really want to learn how to build a successful affiliate marketing business online. I can help.

You can read about me and my online experience in my personal profile. I can help you achieve financial success if you are willing to do the works. This is not a get-rich-quick offer.

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boot camp challenge


Take the challenge and train with me. Let build a business together.


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