Free Money Website – Get Paid To Do Nothing

Free money websites is a real option to get paid doing nothing.

But do you know what is the ‘Free Money Website’? 

There are two types of free money websites:

  • One free website pays you to become a member. Yes! Get paid to join with a free membership account. 
  • The second free money websites are websites that generate income on its own, while you sleep. These are Money-Making Websites!

In this article, you will learn how to get paid from these two free money websites. 

Tired Of Scams And Pyramid Schemes?

Your Work From Home Opportunity!

Discover The Free Money Websites

Many years ago, I started my online journey to search for ways to make money on the internet.

After many failures, I discovered a few options to make money online.

The best is what I called ‘Free Money Websites’ which allow you to earn quick extra bucks with little or no work.

Hey, you get paid to do nothing. This is free money.

Let’s start with the first group of free money websites that pay you to join.

Joining Free Money Websites – To Get Paid To Join

Make money online is the modern-day gold rush.

Every individual and businesses want to have an online presence to collect their money.

Many believe and was told: ‘you need a free money website to make money online’.

But, what is a free money website?

Well, free money websites are sites where people get paid to do nothing. These sites are real. Below are a few of the top one.

Get paid $10 to join Ebates

Ebates pays $10 for anyone to join as a new member.

All you have to do is register for a free membership account to start the process of receiving $10.

Ebates is an online cashback site offering cashback on online and offline purchases.

As an Ebates member, you not only receive $10 for signing up, but you also earn cashback on your everyday purchases.

Ebates does all the work to get you the cashback. This is how you get paid to do nothing with Ebates.

Here’s how to get started collecting your $10:

  • Click here to register for a free Ebates account.
  • Go shopping online using Ebates to earn cashback.
  • Ebates pays you $10 upon becoming a qualified member.

To learn more about this free money website, you can read the full review of Ebates.

Get paid $10 From Swagbucks, the free money website

Swagbucks is currently offering $10 to all new members to kick-start their Swagbucks account.

This means you get paid $10 for registering an account with this free money website. It’s like getting paid to do nothing.

Getting a free account with Swagbucks is easy, let’s go:

The registration process is complete.

You can now use your Swagbucks account to make more money.

With Swagbucks, you can cash out as little as $3.

This means as soon as you earn 300 Swagbucks, you can cash out.  Cashing out $3 or $10 is all up to you.

If you want to discover more options to make money with Swagbucks, the free money website, you can read this Swagbucks Review.

InboxDollars – New members get paid $5 to do nothing

Yes, this free money website, InboxDollars, will pay new members $5 to join.

  • You can start by Signing up for a free account using a valid email account.
  • Once your new membership account is set up, log into your email to confirm the new account to get paid.
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This registration process is no more than 15 minutes.

If you are interested, you can earn more cash with this free money survey site by:

  • Watching introductory tutorial videos about InboxDollars.
  • Answering questions about race, income, degree, marital status, and children to determine surveys eligibility.
  • Taking surveys to make some quick bucks.

These are optional. You are not required to do any of the activities above to earn the $5.

To learn more about this free money website, InboxDollars, I recommend reading the InboxDollars Review.

Join Ibotta To Get Paid $10 On Grocery Shopping

Ibotta, a FREE mobile app allows you to get paid between 2% to 5% cashback on grocery items.

This free money website is offering a $10 registration bonus after your first use.

To get paid to do nothing with Ibotta, just register for a free account to claim this $10 cash bonus. Let’s start:

  • Download the Ibotta app to your smartphone.
  • Launch the app and browse through rebate offers prior to your shopping trip.
  • Tap to unlocking any rebates for items that you are going to buy.
  • Go shopping at the store or online.
  • After the shopping trip just scan and upload receipts to your Ibotta account to get paid.

That’s how you get paid $10 from Ibotta! It is simple and easy, get paid to do nothing.

The entire registration process takes less than 15 minutes.

Ibotta has over 500,000 retail partners nationwide, check out this Ibotta Review to learn more about cashback opportunities with this free money website.

Join MyPoints – Get Paid $10 And More Doing Nothing

MyPoints is an online survey site that pays $10 for each new account.

You can visit MyPoints to begin the process of claiming your free money, $10.

The process to join this free money website is as follows:

  • Visit MyPoints Here, then click on the join now button
  • Provide a valid email
  • Choose a password
  • Enter contact information

The final step is to confirm your account from your email. This completed the registration process.

You can also download the MyPoints mobile app to register and claim the $10 bonus.

There are more options to get paid to do nothing with MyPoints. You can discover all the earning opportunities with this free money website by reading this MyPoints Review.

Survey Junkie Pays $1.45 – Get Paid To Register

I don’t consider this survey sites as a free money website, because the payout is too low, $1.45 for the registration process.

It’s close to get paid to do nothing.

You can join and claim this $1.45 bonus. I don’t think is worth it.

Here’s what you must do to earn $1.45:

  • Complete the registration process to earn 25 points ($0.25)
  • Get 25 points ($0.25) when you confirm your email
  • Survey Junkie pays 50 points ($0.50) upon completing the profile
  • Earn an additional 5 points ($0.05) for taking the “How it Works” tour
  • Earn 10 points ($0.10) for completing each of the following profiles:
    1. Technology Profile
    2. Shopper Profile
    3. Health Profile
    4. Additional Household Profile

This is too much work to qualify as a free money website. You get paid only $1.40 (140 points).

This survey site that offers additional options to make money, if you are willing to do a little work. I suggest you read this Survey Junkie Review to determine if this opportunity is worth your time.

Above are the top free money websites to join and make some cash.

You get paid a total of $46.45 to do nothing but joining the following free money websites:

These sites give out free money is real. Most of the registration process is less than 15 minutes.

Well, if you want to get $46.45 today, then click on each one and register for a free account to claim your Free Cash.

 Create A Free Money Website And Get Paid To Do Nothing More

Creating your free money website to make passive income online requires some initial work, setting up the free website. 

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Everyone loves to get free money. So, you create a website to give them what they want.


How To Create A Free Money Website

The process of creating a free money website requires less than a minute.

This type of website is called a Blog. You can launch a blog for free, Zero Cost.

You can use SiteRubix to create your free blog site. I use this platform because it gives you 2 free blog sites to build your free money website without advertisement.

You don’t have to use SiteRubix. You can use other free blog platforms, but be sure there is not advertised on your free money website. This is how they steal your customers.

You should use SiteRubix to compare with other platforms before deciding where to build your free money website.


Watch the video below to launch your free money website blog in 1 minute.


build a business website in 30 seconds


The blog is the best tool to communicate your business purpose with visitors. In this case, tell them where to get free money.


Once you launch a blog, the next step is writing an article to post on your blog teaching people where and how they can get free cash, like this post you are reading.

In this article, you provide links to the free money websites as a convenient way for visitors to claim their free money by clicking on the links.

These links are called affiliate links which I’ll explain in the next section.

That all the work, your free money website is completed, and you are ready to get paid.


If you like to learn step-by-step with creating a free blog, use these 10 Free Lessons to help you.


Once you start your blog, then return to this article and read the last section where I share with you how to get paid from your Free Money Website.


Get Paid To Do Nothing More With The Free Website

You have launched a free money website. Now wondering how to get paid?

You get paid by promoting websites that offer free cash to new members.


This is how the process works. Let the fun begin:

The method that I use to get paid with my free money website is known as ‘Affiliate Marketing’.


I am not discussing affiliate marketing here. If you don’t know ‘What Is Affiliate Marketing?’ or want to learn more, follow the link, and read the article.


Remember I told you in the last section to add affiliate links in your free money website post? Where do you get these affiliate links?


They are in the free account that you just registered to collect your free money.

All the free money websites mention above will pay you for referrals.

The way to earn these referral bonuses is by giving out your affiliate links to everyone.

The blog is the best tool to distribute your free money websites affiliate links.


When people find your free money website online and click on these affiliate links to claim their money, you earn a referral bonus.

You only have to write the article one time, then sit back to get paid. This is what I mean ‘Get Paid To Do Nothing’.


Earning Example:

Ebates pays $5 for each referral that joins this free money website. Your blog has no more than 1,000 visitors per month. Only 500 of these visitors claim the $10 bonus, which is low, you get paid $2,500 (500x$5) to do nothing.


This is the power of affiliate marketing.

You can learn to build a successful online business using this marketing strategy.


If you want to make money beyond the free money website, I invite you to join the #1 free affiliate marketing training program by following the link below.


free money website training


Get paid to do nothing with the free money website is real, no scam!


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  1. this was helpful getting to know how to get paid to do nothing from all these websites. But I’ll love to say that doing nothing to get something might take years to build wealth. Why not invest in something profitable or try out affiliate marketing online in other to get the necessary tools for making money. Moreover, I have tried all these website services once and it didn’t earn me much.

    • Salim, have you try using affiliate marketing with these sites. This is the best way to make money with these free sites. I understand doing surveys take a lot of work and the pay is low, doing surveys is not the way, but affiliate marketing is what you should do. This article talking about using affiliate marketing to make a full-time income with these free money websites. This is why I encourage people to create their own free money website.

  2. As far as I’m concerned affiliate marketing rocks, this is one of the genuine online business strategy I know, you go through a step by step training, build your site to  certain standard and wait for ultimate return. I don’t believe in register and get paid mind of business, am a full time affiliate marketer and I love the fact you mentioned affiliate marketing.

    • Destiny, I understand what you are saying about affiliate marketing. But the part of affiliate marketing is joining and promoting a program to make money. These free money websites are a great way for anyone to make money with affiliate marketing.

  3. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. This article is an eye opener to make money online from home. Have been looking of ways to earn more on internet till I stumbled on your article, I would love to register the highlighted site you mentioned above. 

    Thanks for giving out this informative and insightful article like this, best regards 

    • There are more free money websites out there that pay people to register, basically get paid to do nothing.

      Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Thanks for writing this article on free money website. I must commend you for a well done job for taking your time to write this article and am so happy I read this on how to create how to get paid for doing nothing website. Apart from the amount it going to cost to start ,I must say there is revenue to generate from this. I will follow each of this step in this article to get paid for doing nothing 

    • You don’t have to pay with the Wealthy Affiliate and still earn commissions as a free member. You can find this information in the program information. People upgrade to WA premium because they want to expand and grow their online business.

      Thanh you for visiting

  5. It is amazing to know that there are websites that just pay you some bucks by signing in without doing anything. I read your article and am trying to convince myself if it is really true. Ebates, Swagbucks, inbox dollars are new to me. I may consider giving them a trial later. But I would really prefer I open my own site and make money from it because I believe nothing goes for free. I will follow your guide in opening my own site. Thanks.

    • Brent, you will discover the wonderful world of affiliate marketing. Survey sites have been around for decades. It is a great way to make money online. Yes, you can use these free money websites to make a good living.

  6. Thank you so much for this post. It has really enlightened me. Though, I have heard about some of these sites but I always think they are not genuine. I never thought making money online could be without any stress or efforts. But, I wish to inquire if there are subsequent incentives for referrals on these platforms and also, their means of payment for the free cash gotten on them.

    • These sites have been in business for over a decade. I am a member of all of them. I earn money from referrals every day. You can get pay by PayPal, check, or direct deposit. Many people from WA have used by this article to make money online with their website. I don’t recommend something to my readers unless I have used it myself.

  7. Wao, this is wonderful presentation of a deep thought. Well done. Truly, there are blogging websites that you make money from without doing hard work in the online business. Wealthy Affiliate has the answer. What the Ebates are doing is great. Best wishes.

  8. This is a wonderful presentation of a deep thought. Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity to learn other ways of making a genuine money online without struggle. The blog is the best tool to communicate your business purpose with strangers. Make sure you Tell them where to get free money online. The Ebates blog pays you $10 just to be a member and $5 for each referral that join this free money website. Your blog has no more than 1,000 visitors per month. Only 500 of these visitors claim the $10 bonus, which is low, you get paid $2,500 (500x$5) to do nothing. Indeed you can make money online without doing anything. Best wishes. This is indeed great.

  9. It’s kind of cool to see sites paying you to join, and some of these like Ebates, for example, offer some really cool deals. A few of them, I believe, also have referral programs so you can get paid by referring others to the sites. Again, something like Ebates, in this up and down economy, will benefit here, both getting paid to join, the deals offered on Ebates, plus the referral programs. You can’t beat that. 


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