EasyCash4Ads Review: The Truth About EasyCash4Ads

This is a review of a cash gifting scheme called, EasyCash4Ads (Easy Cash For Ads).

We are going to discuss, is EasyCash4Ads a scam?

EasyCash4Ads claims that you never have to work again after joining Easy Cash For Ads. This automatic moneymaking machine will generate money for you 24/7.

This sounds like a wonderful online opportunity for you to make money from home.

There is one common problem with Autopilot Businesses, ‘all of them are scams.’

Basically, these are known as a get-rich-quick online scheme.

You must have lots of questions about Easy For Cash Ads.

So, let start with our review. Is EasyCash4Ads a scam?

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EasyCash4Ads Review Summary

Name: EasyCash4Ads

Business Type: Make Money Online

Investments: $19

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  • EasyCash4Ads claims in less than 1 hour after joining, you never have to work again.
  • The easy cash for ads system generates money 24/7 on autopilot.
  • It costs $19 to join EasyCash4Ads. (I’ll discuss later why this is not true.)
  • EasyCash4Ads doesn’t sell products or services. It offers nothing.
  • You make $10 for every $19 that you have collected for Easy Cash For Ads.
  • According to EasyCash4Ads, there’s no work involved. You are just inviting people to participate in the cash gifting program.
  • Finding and inviting people to participate in the Easy Cash For Ads system is a lot of work. This is recruiting people to join.
  • There is no such thing as an autopilot business. You will not sit back and collect unlimited income from EasyCash4Ads.
  • I must warn you EasyCash4Ads is a scam.
  • This system requires you to provide visitors, aka ‘web traffics’.
  • This scam targets inexperienced or lazy online entrepreneurs looking to get-rich-quick.
  • I suggest you read this EasyCash4Ads review to understand why you can never make money online with cash-gifting opportunities.


What Is Easy Cash 4 Ads?

Easy Cash 4 Ads ‘EasyCash4Ads’ is a cash-gifting scheme. New participants are required to gift cash to join.

Easy Cash For Ads offers no products or services.

According to online rumors, EasyCash4Ads was created by a guy named Craig Haywood sometime in October 2016.

There is little information about Haywood. Except he’s from Gauteng, South Africa.

EasyCash4Ads is promoted as an autopilot online moneymaking system that can make you rich after 1 hour of joining the program.

Your job is inviting people to visit the Easy Cash 4 Ads website. The system will sell itself.

If you have experience with an online business, you should know that finding people to visit your website is hard work. This process is known as ‘traffic generation.’

You will not make money without traffics. This EasyCash4Ads is a scam.

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How To Join Easy Cash For Ads?

You join EasyCash4Ads by gifting cash to your sponsor.

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Yes, you get nothing in return.

Now it’s your turn to promote Easy Cash 4 Ads to others as an opportunity to make money on autopilot.

Those interested in this get-rich-quick scheme give you cash for the chance to scam more people.

That’s how you join the EasyCash4Ads scam.

How Much Does EasyCash4Ads Cost?

The one-time cost to join EasyCash4Ads is $19.

The payment is split into two. $9 pays the administrative fee of creating your account, and $10 pays the sponsor.

If you want to make more money, it costs more.

There are two upsells you must purchase:

  1. Famous: This autopilot business costs a one-time fee of $23. This program pays $500 for every two people you sign up, up to 7 levels.
  2. Global Domains International (GDI): This automatic moneymaking system costs $10 per month. It pays $1 per customer per month up to 5 levels.

Easy Cash For Ads claims these upsells are optional.

But if you do not participate, you’re risking ‘forfeiting’ all your earnings from the EasyCash4Ads program.

Most participants will join all the programs, hoping to earn more.

So, the total costs to join Easy Cash 4 Ads are $43 and $10 per month.

How Does EasyCash4Ads Work?

EasyCash4Ads claims after 1 hour of joining, you will never have to work again. This is a clever marketing scheme.

You get nothing for participating in the EasyCash4Ads scam. So, there’s nothing to do, ‘never have to work again.’

The cash-gifting scam starts with you giving $19 to join EasyCash4Ads.

To make the scam looks legit, you are told $9 paid the administrative fee, and $10 paid the sponsor for ad space.

The ad space is a copy of the EasyCash4Ads web page for you to promote the program.

You are told to introduce your Easy Cash 4 Ads to friends, families, or anyone interested.

People visit the easy cash for ads website. Some fall for the scam, some wouldn’t.

Those who sign up paid the $19 fee.

They then go out inviting others to participate in the EasyCash4Ads.

The exact scheme is followed by every participant of EasyCash4Ads.

Now you understand how this EasyCash4Ads scam works.

How You Make Money with EasyCash4Ads?

Remember the $10 paid to the sponsor from the $19 joining fee?

That’s how you make money with EasyCash4Ads. You get paid $10 for every person that you personally recruit.

Before you can make $10, you must be qualified.

Easy Cash 4 Ads uses the ‘pass-up 2′ compensation plan. This means you earn nothing from the first 2 recruits.

The $10 from your first two recruits goes to your sponsor.

However, the two new recruits create two legs under you. These two legs would pass up their first 2 sales to you as a sponsor.

Every time you recruit a person into Easy Cash For Ads, it creates a new leg under you.

The first 2 sales from the new leg will go to you. This cycle continues nonstop.

Here’s a quick illustration of how the Pass-Up 2 compensation works:

easy cash for ads compensation plan

In addition to EasyCash4Ads earnings, you also earn commissions when someone in your team purchases the upsell products.

The FunMouse autopilot business pays $500 for every two people you sign up, up to 7 levels.

The Global Domains International (GDI) automatic moneymaking system pays $1 per customer per month up to 5 levels.

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The earning potential with EasyCash4Ads is amazing.

But I must warn you, this system doesn’t work in real life.

Can You Make Money with EasyCash4Ads?

No, you will not make money with Easy Cash 4 Ads.

The system sounds good in theory, but it is not easy to get people to participate.

What I am telling you is, it’s not easy to recruit people to join the EasyCash4Ads.

Here’s why:

  • When someone joins, that person pays and receives nothing.
  • To get his/her money back, now that person must go out and recruit others to give money in return for nothing.

How many people would give cash to someone, then go scammed others to get it back? This is dumb.

It’s not easy to convince people to give you cash and get nothing in return.

EasyCash4Ads doesn’t work.

You will have a hard time recruiting people.

If you cannot recruit, you will not get your money back.

You cannot make money.

Is EasyCash4Ads a Scam?

EasyCash4Ads is a scam. All cash-gifting schemes are scams.

The difference is, “in this scam, you agree to give a stranger, the sponsor, $19 for no reason.”

There is nothing special about this system. It cannot generate money for you on AUTOPILOT.

It requires a lot of hard work to convince people to visit and participate in EasyCash4Ads.

EasyCash4Ads uses the ‘automated online moneymaking marketing scheme to scam people.’

As a successful Online Business Review writer, I can tell you all autopilot businesses are a scam.

Easy Cash 4 Ads is a scam. It is called a cash-gifting scam.

Is EasyCash4Ads Worth It?

Don’t waste your money with EasyCash4Ads. No scam is worth your time and effort.

Many online moneymaking opportunities are legit and much better than EasyCash4Ads.

As a successful online business owner, I know what it takes to create a successful online business.

To be honest,

What you are looking for is a legit business opportunity that generates long-term incomes

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Can you write?

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You cannot generate long-term income with EasyCash4Ads.

Cash-gifting schemes and ‘Make Money on Autopilot’ are scams, not legit businesses.

If you are searching for ways to make money online, there are lots of legit opportunities that you can build a lucrative business from home.

I choose This #1 Online Business Opportunity to make my fortune. Yes, I have to invest time and effort into this business. But this is a legit business.

Today, I am my own boss, working from the comfort of my home with no commute. I work whenever I want and where I like.

Before you purchase the EasyCash4Ads ‘cash gifting’ system, I invite you to read “What I Do Every Day To Make Money Online”. It is more enjoyable to make money doing what you love than joining the EasyCash4Ads scam.

I hope this review answers your question, is EasyCash4Ads a scam?

Until next time.

Please share your own EasyCash4Ads experience below.

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