Is Global Wealth Trade A Scam – Global Wealth Trade Review

This review is about Global Wealth Trade (GWT) MLM business opportunity.

Some of you might know Global Wealth Trade as Opulence.

If you are reading this Global Wealth Trade review, you must be conducting due diligence on this MLM business opportunity.

I know you have lots of questions about the Global Wealth Trade MLM.

You are searching for a legit business opportunity to make money from home.

So, let start with our review. Is Global Wealth Trade a scam?

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Global Wealth Trade Review Summary

Name: Global Wealth Trade

Business Type: MLM

Investments: $270

Recent Reviews:
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  • Global Wealth Trade (Opulence) is a luxury designer fashion and jewelry retail company.
  • Customers can only purchase GWT products through a Distributor.
  • Distributors are independent business owners selling GWT luxury products.
  • You can become a Global Wealth Trade Distributor by joining the company MLM program.
  • Global Wealth Trade claims to have the #1 rate compensation plan in the MLM industry.
  • Upon analyzing the GWT compensation plan, I must warn you that the Global Wealth Trade adopts the binary compensation structure to pay distributors.
  • It is very difficult to make money under binary compensation. This is a well-known fact of the MLM industry. We’ll talk more about this in the compensation section of this GWT review.
  • I suspect the Global Wealth Trade MLM business is not profitable. When an MLM company doesn’t publish an income disclosure statement (IDS), it indicates that distributors are not earning a good income. You must request a copy of the IDS from GWT before investing.
  • MLM is a face-to-face sales and recruits business. It’s not suitable for people without a direct sales background.


What Is Global Wealth Trade?

Global Wealth Trade (Opulence Global) is a consumer luxury designer fashion and jewelry company. The company distributes its product through an exclusive distributor network using the MLM business model.

You can launch your own high-end retail business by joining GWT Multilevel Marketing (MLM) opportunity.

Global Wealth Trade was launched by Ramin Mesgarlou in 2005. The company headquarters is in Toronto, Canada.

After 13 years of operated as Global Wealth Trade, in 2018 the company changed its name to Opulence Global.

The company’s current sales revenue is $41 million with over 100,000 distributors operating in more than 200 countries.

However, I am not convinced that you can make money with Global Wealth Trade MLM for two important reasons:

  • The binary compensation plan is not favorable to distributors.
  • No IDS report is a big red flag. GWT doesn’t want investors to know the truth.

I strongly recommend comparing Global Wealth Trade with other home-based business opportunities before investing.

You can use My #1 Business Opportunity to make a comparison.

How To Join Global Wealth Trade?

Global Wealth Trade is an MLM opportunity. So, you must have a sponsor to join the program.

Any active GWT Distributor can be a sponsor. You can easily find one online or contact the company to request a local sponsor.

Your sponsor is your upline (leader). This person earns override commissions from your business activities.

The initial step to join the Global Wealth Trade MLM is by purchasing one of the three Virtual Design Malls (VDM).

Then Global Wealth Trade Distributors must maintain an active status to stay in business. They can do this by contributing money into an Inventory Account (IA) very month.

I will discuss the investment costs in the following section of this Global Wealth Trade review.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Global Wealth Trade?

The cost to join Global Wealth Trade depends on the VDM that you have purchased:

  • $270 for a Retail VDM
  • $720 for the Lifestyle Promoter VDM
  • $1,800 for the Lifestyle Advisor VDM

Most people purchased the Lifestyle Advisor VDM.

As a Lifestyle Advisor, you earn the highest commissions and bonuses with GWT. (Please refer to the compensation section for detail.)

There is a monthly IA fee to stay in business and receive commissions:

  • Retail VDM must contribute $35 per month
  • Lifestyle Promoter must contribute $75 per month
  • Lifestyle Advisor must contribute $150 per month

Distributors who fail to pay the monthly IA fee above will lose their business.

I hate MLM because of the monthly active status fee requirement. It is designed to force you to become a customer.

Think about it. Why do you have to pay Global Wealth Trade a monthly fee to promote and sell products? Global Wealth Trade should be paying you.

As an Affiliate Marketer, companies pay me to promote their products on the internet.

The monthly active status fee is used by MLMs to avoid being classified as a pyramid scheme. You should read our discussion on MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing to learn more.

The Global Wealth Trade Compensation Plan Review

Global Wealth Trade adopts the ‘Binary Tree’ compensation plan. It is considered the most difficult compensation plan to make money in the MLM industry.


Because you have to build two successful teams to qualify for commissions.

Here’s a better way to explain binary tree compensation: ‘You must sell everything double to earn commissions.’

Active Distributors have two options to make money with Global Wealth Trade:

  1. Buy products at wholesale prices to earn retail profits (if you can sell).
  2. Build binary teams to earn residual income from downline sales and purchases.

The wholesale discounts and team commissions are determined based on the VDM package that you have purchased to launch your business. I’ll provide more information on this in each section of below.

Retail Profits

Global Wealth Trade offers the following wholesale discounts to distributors:

  • Retail – 20%
  • Lifestyle Promoter – 25%
  • Lifestyle Advisor – 30%

This discount is applied every time you purchase products from GWT.

The requirement to receive these wholesale discounts is to purchase one of the three VDM packages.

Most people purchase the Lifestyle Advisor package to receive the best discount. This is the trick that MLM uses to get the most money from you.

You should know that it is unlikely to make a 20%, 25%, or 30% retail profits.

Most MLM products are overpriced. It is very difficult to sell them at the suggested retail price.

It seems to me new Distributors, hoping to start a business and earn team commissions, are the buyers of Global Wealth Trade luxury goods.

If you want to be successful with Global Wealth Trade, you need to focus on team building. It is the best way to make money with MLM opportunities.

Team Commissions

Team commission is only awarded to Lifestyle Promoter and Lifestyle Advisors distributors.

If you are a Retail distributor, you can upgrade your status to participate in team commissions.

The first requirement to earn team commissions is recruiting 2 Distributors (1 on the left and 1 on the right) to create binary teams.

The second requirement is both teams must achieve a minimum combine weekly of $900 CV (Commissionable Volume) for you to start earning team commissions.

Third, you must maintain your monthly IA fee to receive the payout.

Look at this table to calculate your potential team commissions:

GWT commissions

Let take Level 1 and read across:

  • Your left and right teams must generate a total of $900 CV a week.
  • You must meet the following combinations: $300 CV from one team and $600 CV from the other or $450 CV and $450 CV.
  • Lifestyle Promoter distributors earn $25
  • Lifestyle Advisor distributors earn $45

You can earn up to 4 levels.

If you look carefully, Global Wealth Trade uses CV to determine team commissions qualification.

Commissionable Volume (CV) is assigned to each product by GWT. $1 CV will cost you about $4.22.

So, your teams must generate at least $3,798 in products sale for you to meet the $900 CV.

I hope you can see the difficulty of making money with GWT binary compensation.

There are other leadership bonuses. You can check the Global Wealth Trade Leadership Rewards Program to learn more.

Global Wealth Trade compensation plan was designed to convert Distributors into paying customers. This is not the best compensation plan. Global Wealth Trade is a scam.

Can You Make Money with Global Wealth Trade?

If making a few bucks qualify as making money, then yes, you can make money with Global Wealth Trade.

But, are you starting a business to make money or generate profits?

Profit is income. Without profits, your business will not last.

It looks like Global Wealth Trade MLM opportunity is not profitable.

How can you make money when the compensation plan forces you to buy products every month even if you cannot sell?

This explains why 99% of MLM business owners make little or no money.

Is Global Wealth Trade A Scam?

People argue Global Wealth Trade is not a scam because this is a business opportunity.

But I must disagree.

When we analyze the compensation, Global Wealth Trade doesn’t look for business partners. The company uses the ‘Home Business Opportunity’ to recruit customers.

Now you can see why Global Wealth Trade doesn’t publish the IDS report. The IDS report is a financial document that explains distributor earnings.

You need the IDS to understand GWT business profit or Return On Investment (ROI).

I would not recommend Global Wealth Trade to anyone.

Only join this MLM opportunity after you have a chance to read the IDS report.

Reading online reviews is the best due diligent method to find out if Global Wealth Trade a scam or legit. These reviews offer real peoples’ experiences as Distributors. You can learn from their mistakes to avoid scams.

As a Business Review writer, I have evaluated hundreds of home-based and MLM business opportunities to expose scams.

Global Wealth Trade is a scam. The company doesn’t have the best compensation plan in the MLM industry.

Is Global Wealth Trade A Pyramid Scheme?

After carefully review this MLM opportunity, I must say Global Wealth Trade is a pyramid scheme.

GWT Distributors to make money is recruiting new distributors.

New distributors are forced to purchase products monthly through the IA contribution. This contribution is used to pay existing distributors as team commissions.

The more people you bring in, the more money you will make.

People at the top of the team, the pyramid, earned a big residual income. While news distributors earned little or nothing. This is a pyramid scheme.

You don’t have to agree with me that Global Wealth Trade is a pyramid scheme.

But you can’t deny that the Global Wealth Trade compensation plan is not the best. It’s designed to convert you into a customer, not a business partner.

Is Global Wealth Trade Worth It?

I am unconvinced that you can make money under the Global Wealth Trade binary compensation plan. This investment is not worth it. Your chance of achieving financial success is low.

Many MLM companies promote luxury products or lifestyle to hide their pyramid scheme. This might be the case here.

Distributors are customers of Global Wealth Trade. Why do you have to buy products every month for a chance to earn commissions?

I have nothing against MLM. I just hate the idea of paying a monthly fee to stay in business.

Companies should pay you to promote and sell their products. Why do I have to pay Global Wealth Trade?

Let think about it,

Do you know why you want to start a home-based business?

To earn extra money from home, to be your own boss, or to achieve financial freedom?

And to make money, we invest in a PROFITABLE business!

There are much better and less risky home-based business opportunities.

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To be honest,

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You will not generate long-term income with a pyramid scheme.

As a Global Wealth Trade distributor, you can lose your business for missing one monthly IA payment. Who wants to own this type of business?

Also, Global Wealth Trade MLM is not a home-based business?

You cannot recruit people from the comfort of your home. You must travel around the country to recruit new Distributors. I hate doing this!

There are better home-based business opportunities that you can build a lucrative business without leaving your home.

I make money from home with my computer.

I choose This #1 Business Opportunity to build my fortune. Yes, I have to invest time and effort into this business. But this is my business, not an MLM.

Today, I am my own boss, working from the comfort of my home with no commute. I work whenever I want and where I like.

Before you purchase the Global Wealth Trade MLM business, I invite you to read “What I Do Every Day To Make Money Online”. It is more enjoyable and easier to make money doing what you love.

I hope this review answers your question, is Global Wealth Trade a scam?

Until next time.

Please share your own Global Wealth Trade review here.

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  1. Opulence Global is a pyramid scheme and scam. Nobody makes money from selling the products. Most of the money is made by recruiting other members. Their products are made in China, very bad quality, very bad design, and very overpriced! They are also harmful to your health. Their Fountain of Life product is just water that they claim is healthy. There is no scientific research that has ever been done on the product to prove that it’s effective. All they talk about is how lignans and antioxidants are good for you but there is no evidence that FOL creates any health benefits in people. They also make false claims online about the effectiveness of FOL which is misleading and the company will be shut down for this.


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