Legendary Marketer Review: A Closer Look At David Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer

It’s hard sometimes to determine the authentic opportunities from the scams.

The online Legendary Marketer reviews add more confusion than helping.

A few reviews claim David Sharpe and the Legendary Marketer course are genuine. They claim the Legendary Marketer 15-day challenge is the best.

Then, you have complaints on the BBB website telling horror stories from clients getting pressured, persuaded, or tricked into buying the course.

Who is telling the truth?

We always believe in reviews from actual clients. They actually purchased and took the course. It’s the reason readers enjoy reading our online business reviews.

You understand this. It is why you are reading this Legendary Marketer review.

We are not promoting Dave Sharpe or Legendary Marketer. We are here to give you an honest review of Legendary Marketer.

We let you decide if Legendary Marketer is legit or a scam.

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Legendary Marketer Review Summary



Name: Legendary Marketer

Business Type: Digital Training Platform

Investment: $7

  • Legendary Marketer is an education platform selling digital training products.
  • The business uses the Pay-To-Earn scheme to recruit members.
  • Expensive upsell products and little success stories are just a few bad things about this program.
  • This make-money-online opportunity is not pro beginners.
  • The Legendary 15 Business Builder Challenge is a money trap. It designs to sell you more and more products.


What Is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer by David Sharpe is a digital training platform for aspiring online entrepreneurs looking to start an affiliate marketing business.

The training program offers digital courses, eBooks, one-on-one coaching, support groups, and live networking events where students meet six and seven-figure entrepreneurs.

The courses come at all levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced, and it teaches various aspects of online business, such as affiliate marketing, coaching, consulting, and even selling your own digital products.

Legendary Marketer seems like a great deal. But, it is an expensive training program.

The founder of Legendary Marketer is David Sharpe. There is a long story about him as a digital marketer.

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About David Sharpe Of Legendary Marketer

David Sharpe is the creator of Legendary Marketer. He says to have over ten years of digital marketing experience and has done more than $200 million in sales online in his career.

Sharpe claims to mentor more than three hundred thousand people globally and helped them become great digital marketers. There’s little information to support this self-proclaim guru.

His controversies stem from one of his past businesses.

David Sharpe was a co-founder of Empower Network. An infamous multi-level marketing company that duped people millions of dollars.

The Empower Network business concept involved members paying each other $25 a month for a replicated website on the Empower Network domain.

The pitch was that everyone blogging on the Empower Network domain would create unstoppable search ranking success.

The Empower Network ranking scheme worked until Google penalized the domain.

Google ranking penalization ultimately caused Empower Network to fail and become infamous.

David Sharpe left Empower Network and started a business called Duplicate Dave. This company is now a part of Legendary Marketer, which uses the same MLM concept from Empower Network to make money online.

Is Legendary Marketer Legit?

We agree Legendary Marketer is legit as you do receive the training materials.

The training platform does offer some value. If you buy a course from Legendary Marketer, you will learn something about online business.

But, are you buying a training program to learn or to make money?

A digital education platform doesn’t provide tools for you to build an online business.

It appears to us Legendary Marketer is an education platform. It exists to teach skills, not help you make money.

Making money online isn’t as easy as Legendary Marketer makes it sound.

You can take all the courses offered by Legendary Marketer and still cannot make money.

It’s not because you are lazy or not willing to do the work.

But, You need more than a digital course to build a successful online business.

Only experienced or advanced digital marketers can benefit from the Legendary Marketers system. The business concept here is to earn commissions selling digital courses.

There is no reason for newbies to get involved with Legendary Marketer.

Does Legendary Marketer work?

Legendary Marketer does work. It’s nothing more than a membership website selling digital learning materials, such as eBooks, courses, and one-on-one coaching.

The platform promotes courses mainly covering what David Sharpe refers to as the four-core high-ticket online business models: Affiliate Marketing, Digital Products, Coaching and Consulting, and Events and Masterminds.

Legendary Marketer uses affiliate marketing to sell and promote its products.

Members can become affiliates of Legendary Marketer to earn commissions ranging from 10 to 60%, depending on their membership level, basic or pro.

Let me walk you through the Legendary Marketer operating process.

How To Join The Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer recruits new members using sales funnels that have two sign-up offers.

You can join Legendary Marketer through their 15-Day Online business Builder Challenge or purchase one of the three front-end digital courses. The products are:

  • Copywriter’s Playbook ($1)
  • Legendary Affiliate Marketing book ($1.99)
  • 15-Second Free Leads ($1)

Purchasing these courses gives you free access to the 15-Day Online business Builder Challenge.

So, the primary path to join Legendary Marketer is The 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge. This training aims to give you an overview of online marketing.

Legendary Marketer also assigns you a personal coach to mentor you through the 15-day process.

Once you have completed the 15-Day challenge, you have the option to join one of the two affiliate plans:

  1. Basic – Free
  2. Pro – Paid

The idea here is to upsell you a more expensive course which they call the Blueprints.

How you make money depends on which of the Blueprints you purchased. The cost for one of the Blueprints is not cheap.

The Cost To Join Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer $1.99 comprehensive entry-level training course is a popular program.

The program often claims that you can make money online for less than $2.00.

But, the $1.99 is a scheme to trick people into joining a sales funnel. The foundation of Legendary Marketer is selling the $30 per month subscription service.

The sales funnel starts with the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge for $7.

Following the challenge is an invitation to apply for the Legendary Marketer affiliate program. You can join as a free member, but you will not make much. We’ll explain more in the income section of this review.

If you want to get the highest commission, you must sign up for the $30 per month program.

So, it costs you another $30.00 for a right-to-earn commission promoting the Legendary Marketer.

During the 15-Day challenge, a coach will pitch the four Business Blueprints Starter Package for $2,500.

This starter package will teach you how to build and run a successful online business.

But this offer seems to only be valid for 48 hours during the 15-day challenge.

Up to this point, the Legendary Marketer already costs more than $2,500.

If you’re not careful, you can end up spending a lot of money buying courses after courses from Dave Sharpe.

What Products Does Legendary Marketer Sell?

Legendary Marketer upsell products are one of the reasons behind the outrage and unpleasant reviews from members.

You have to buy tons of products to earn a commission from referrals. This requirement is ridiculous. It’s the reason for many people to call Legendary Marketer illegitimate.

To help you understand why this is a big deal, let’s take a look at the upsell products inside the Legendary Marketer.

  • Legendary Marketer Club ($30 per month) – This is a monthly training program teaching how to build an online business using different digital marketing techniques. You’ll learn to generate leads and drive traffic using Facebook ads, Instagram, YouTube, and more.
  • Traffic Rolodex Bundle ($247) – This course covers the skill of using digital paid ads to drive traffic to the affiliate marketing website.
  • Legendary Builder Masterclass ($2,500) – This 4-part course focus on leadership and brand development strategies. The four primary parts are Master of Enrollment, Profitable Presentations, Storytelling Formula, and Attraction Code.
  • Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint ($2,500) – This blueprint helps you build and run a successful affiliate marketing business. You learn various techniques of finding winners out of thousands of products available online to earn profits.
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint ($2,500) – This training shows you how to turn your knowledge or passion into digital courses. You learn to create audio, video, and PDF books to sell online for profits.
  • Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint ($2,500) – This course teaches the process of identifying your niche, creating offers, and generating sales leads.
  • Events & Mastermind Business Blueprint ($2,500) – This training teaches about planning, hosting, and profiting from your live event or mastermind in this course.
  • Legendary Leader Masterclass ($5,000) – The course covers the process of building an online brand to become a leader in your industry.
  • Marketer Mastermind ($8,000) – Gives you access to a live 3-day event where the world’s top online marketers take you through traffic, lead generation, and conversion strategies.
  • Entrepreneur Mastermind ($12,000) – This is a 3-day live event that focuses on health, personal development, and wealth creation topics.

Legendary Marketer Refund

Legendary Marketer promotes its products has a full 30-day refund guarantee.

But, it seems the 30-day refund policy only applied to the Legendary Marketer Club, not other products.

According to Legendary Marketer refund policy, a purchase of the Business Blueprint, or above, only has a 3-day right of rescission, not 30-day.

The majority of complaints against Legendary Marketer on BBB are regarding the refund policy.

How To Make Money With Legendary Marketer?

The only way to make money with Legendary Marketer is by joining the affiliate program. You can join as a Basic Affiliate or Pro Affiliate.

The Pro account costs $30 per month.

The Basic account is free. However, you will not make a lot of money with this account.

You will understand why as we discuss the Legendary Marketer compensation plan below.

According to the Legendary Marketer commission structure, Basic Affiliates receive a commission rate of 10%-30%, while Pro Affiliates earn 40%-60% in commission for each sale.

Pro Affiliates receive a much higher commission rate on other products as well. The following is a list of commission payout for each product:

  • Legendary Marketer’s Club – $18 residual for Pro, $9 for Basic.
  • Traffic Rolodex – $98.80 for Pro, $24.70 for Basic.
  • Affiliate Business Blueprint – $1,000 for Pro, $250 for Basic.
  • Digital Products Business Blueprint – $1,000 for Pro, $250 for Basic.
  • Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint – $1,000 for Pro, $250 for Basic.
  • Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint – $1,000 for Pro, $250 for Basic.
  • Marketer Mastermind – $3,200 for Pro, $800 for Basic.
  • Entrepreneur Mastermind – $4,800 for Pro, $480 for Basic.

If you’re going to put in the amount of grueling work to promote Legendary Marketer, you might as well go Pro. You make more money for the same amount of work.

Is Legendary Marketer An MLM?

Legendary Marketer is not an MLM. There are elements in its compensation plan that look similar to an MLM, but it’s not.

Under the compensation plan, you do not earn a commission unless you have purchased the product.

Here’s how the commission structure works:

Let’s say you purchase a $30 Legendary Marketer Club membership, then recruit a person who buys a $30 membership as well; you will receive an $18 per month commission for this sale.

If this person takes a step further and purchases the $2,500 Legendary Builder Masterclass package, you will not earn commission on this sale since you have not purchased that package.

The above compensation structure is not an MLM. It’s a pay-to-earn structure.

You are purchasing the right to resell a product from Legendary Marketer.

If you don’t have the license to resell, you cannot sell it and earn a commission.

This scheme forces members to purchase every product from Legendary Marketer for the fair of missing out on earnings.

Legendary Marketer isn’t an MLM because it doesn’t pay downline commission.

But the pay-to-earn scheme is not better than an MLM.

About Legendary Marketer 15 Days Challenge

The Legendary Marketer 15 Day Business Builder Challenge is the main front-end product to bring people into the program.

This challenge is essentially 15 days of step-by-step video courses to introduce you to the affiliate marketing business.

The challenge includes daily tasks, quizzes, assignments, and even coaching.

Yes, Legendary Marketer assigns you a personal coach to mentor you through the 15-day process.

The coach is there to help and provide you with tips to get your online business up and running.

Honestly, the coach is nothing more than a salesman. They are there to sell you additional products.

The idea of this 15-day challenge is to get you into the program, then persuade you to purchase one of the Blueprint upsells.

The ultimate goal of this challenge is to get into the Pro Affiliate subscription, paying $30 per month.

It might cost $7 to join the Legendary Marketer 15-day challenge.

If you’re not careful, you will get sucked into the scheme and spend a lot of money on junk products.

Legendary Marketer Pros And Cons

We have discussed how Legendary Marketer works, the costs, the commissions, and the 15 days challenge scheme.

Every online training platform has both good and bad things.

So, we will offer you our Pros and Cons of the Legendary Marketer. You decide if this is for you.

Legendary Marketer Pros

  • The good thing about Legendary Marketer is the price for entry-level training. It is cheap. You can start training for as little as $1.99.
  • The affiliate commission is high if you are willing to go Pro. You can earn big with the Legendary Marketer affiliate program if you are an experienced digital marketer.
  • It has a refund policy. Legendary Marketer refund policy is not the best, but at least you have a chance to get your money back.

There’s not much to like about this program. The entire scheme is selling you different digital courses. It has nothing to do with helping you make money online.

Legendary Marketer Cons

  • The first thing that makes people pause is too many upsell. You could end up wasting thousands of dollars with upsell products. Legendary Marketer upsells products can reach $20,000 or more. I have never seen anything like this before.
  • Legendary Marketer is a Pay-to-earn scheme. You need to buy the products to earn referral commissions, whether you like it or not. Fear of risk losing on commissions forces members to buy junk products.
  • There are no credible successful stories. Legendary Marketer claims students see results from the training. But we are unable to verify this claim.
  • Lack of technical support makes it harder for newbies to learn and make money. If you encounter technical problems with your training, you have no one to contact. Legendary Marketer only offers courses, not technical support.
  • Legendary Marketer doesn’t provide digital tools for building and running an affiliate site. You have to purchase all the tools from a third party.

You cannot build a profitable affiliate business without the proper digital tools. It might be the reason Legendary Marketer students cannot make money.

Legendary Marketer vs. Wealthy Affiliate

Many people are asking, which is better Legendary Marketer or Wealth Affiliate?

There are many differences between both platforms.

Legendary Marketer is an education platform.

Wealthy Affiliate is a more comprehensive program for online entrepreneurs to build and run their businesses.

If you are an experienced digital marketer, you might want to join the Legendary Marketer affiliate program. You can make a lot of money selling products.

Wealthy Affiliate is more for beginners, newbies. This platform offers both lessons and tools for you to launch an online business.

No one can give you a definite answer whether Legendary Marketer is better than Wealthy Affiliate. It all depends on your needs and situation.

You can use both to maximize your chance of success.

Is Legendary Marketer Worth It? The Conclusion of Legendary Marketer Review

We cannot say Legendary Marketer is 100% worth the price. The entry-level courses are worth a try, not the expensive ones.

The high-priced lessons are there for Legendary affiliates to earn high commissions. It has little value in helping you build an online business.

Legendary Marketer is not a program for beginners and those in financial problems. It is a pay-to-earn program. You need to spend a lot of money upfront for a chance to earn commissions.

Only a small group of people make money with the pay-to-earn scheme. It’s somewhat like the MLM scheme.

If you are searching for ways to earn money online, Legendary Marketer is not the only option.

The internet has created more millionaires and billionaires than any industry.

Yes, Affiliate Marketing is one of the best and affordable opportunities to earn passive income online. But it doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

I understand you are here to read this review of Legendary Marketer. So, I am not going to discuss my online business in this article.

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I hope this Legendary Marketer review helps you in making the right decision.

Until next time.

Please, share your experience below.

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