Is Product Testing USA Legit – Unknown Facts About Product Testing USA

Product Testing USA is a legit consumer data collection and market research company owns and operates by a large UK marketing firm.

This popular market research site allows the public an opportunity to voice their honest opinion to improve their favorite brands and products.

Product Testing USA is not the only company that rewards members for testing products. Many popular survey sites such as Swagbucks and InboxDollars allow members to test products as well.

However, Product Testing USA is a website focusing primarily on product testing.

It offers a wide variety of popular products for members to test and review, including the famous iPhone.

The opportunity to keep the products that you love for free makes Product Testing USA a favorite site with consumers as well as scammers.

The scammers are so good that sometimes people have difficulty to distinguish between the real Product Testing USA and the fake Product Testing USA. Because of this, many start to wonder Is Product Testing USA Legit?

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Is Product Testing USA Legit?

Products Testing USA website was launched in 2014 by the Product Testing UK.

This company specializes in market research and online opinion polls similar to online survey sites but primarily dealing with product testing. The company also offers mystery shopping and secret diner opportunities.

Product Testing USA is a legit and real company. Membership is open to the public. However, unlike Swagbucks or InboxDollars, members do not earn points or cash but get to keep the product that they review.

The company does offer a large variety of popular products that members can potentially test and review.

Products are grouped into categories such as Baby, Beauty, Fashion, Mystery Shoppers, Technology, Gaming, Home & Garden, Secret Dinners, Pets, and Entertainment which members can browse and choose any products to compete for an opportunity to test and review.

The competition to become a product tester for Product Testing USA is extremely high. Only one person out of thousands of applicants will get selected to test each product. Popular products such as the iPhone, the odds of getting selected are one out of millions.

The highly competitive nature of becoming a product tester left people feeling cheated after getting rejected for so many times. Because of this, people feel Product Testing USA is not legit or a scam.

How Does Product Testing USA Work?

Remember, sign up for an account with Product Testing USA doesn’t mean you’ll get chosen to test and review a product.

The registration begins by visiting the UK, US, or Australia Product Testing website to browse and select the category you wish to compete for testing.

You select a category and clicked the ‘Sign Up’ button to start.

Product Testing USA offers you an opportunity to sign up using a Facebook account or personal email.

But before you click on the ‘Sign Up Today’ button, be sure you are OK with receiving promotional emails from Product Testing USA and its sponsors. This is how Product Testing USA makes money by selling your data.

Product Testing USA will ask you to complete a short personal profile which requires personal information, including home address and phone number so Product Testing USA can notify you if you get selected.

You then select a password for your account. After clicking the ‘Completing Registration’ button, you’ll arrive at the offers page where you have to complete a product selection survey before you can continue.

The product selection survey is a lengthy process. Here, you have the options to select which products you like to test and review.

The last step is verifying your email and completing a questionnaire for each product that has checked ‘Yes’ during the product selection survey. After this, your registration is completed. Product Testing USA will contact you if you are selected.

The entire registration process, especially the product selection survey, is designed to collect your data and promoted various products. This is a trick to get people completing surveys after surveys for free.

People become members of Product Testing USA hoping that one day they’ll get a chance to receive free product to test and review, which never happens for most people.

Many members eventually give up after numerous fail attempts to qualify for a product testing position. A lot of people believe Product Testing USA uses the registration process to collect their personal information with no intention to hire product testers. However, this is not true.

The competition to become a product tester is intense. You are competing against millions of people worldwide for the same opportunity. This is like playing the lottery.

When people did not get selected to test product, they immediately consider Product Testing USA as a scam or not legit. But no one will label the lottery as a scam when they did not win.

Don’t expect to get rich as a member of the Product Testing USA. You are lucky if you get selected. If you are interested in learning to make a full-time income online, I invite you to check out My #1 Recomended Free Training Program for more information.

How Does Product Testing USA Pay Testers?

Product Testing USA doesn’t pay members for testing products. Members get to keep the products free of charge.

A chance to receive a free product, like the iPhone, is a big motivation for people to register as a member of this company.

Think about this,

You receive the latest iPhone to use and test, write at least 500 words review, produce a minute long video, take a few photos, then the iPhone is yours FREE.

A free iPhone is a marketing gimmick that Product Testing USA uses to lure people to become members. The company, however, does offer a free iPhone testing opportunity to one lucky member out of millions sign up. This action makes Product Testing USA legit.

You have other options to earn money with Product Testing USA through surveys, mystery shopper, and secret dinners. But the problem is that none of these money-making opportunities are provided by Product Testing USA. They are from other popular survey companies.

So, if you want to make money doing surveys I suggest you join Swagbucks and InboxDollars directly.

Product Testing USA is not an opportunity for you to make money online.

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So, Is Product Testing USA Legit Or Scam?

As I have stated above, Product Testing USA is a legit company.

However, when you talk about the opportunity of becoming a product tester, the answer to this legit or scam question depends on who you ask.

People need to understand and accept the known fact that they are competing against millions or even thousands of other people from the UK, US, and Australia for the same product testing opportunity. One person will get lucky, the rest will not.

The unlucky contestants will complain.

Below are a few popular complaints for you to decide if Product Testing USA legit or not.

I must tell some of you that Product Testing USA doesn’t have a business page with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating. If you are looking for the BBB rating for Product Testing USA to determine its legality, then you are out of luck. This is a foreign company and the BBB doesn’t rate a foreign company.

While you cannot find complaint file against the Product Testing USA with the BBB, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and the internet.

Member Complaints Against Product Testing USA.

  • The #1 complaint against Product testing USA is: ‘I have never received a product for review.’ This is true. Some members have tried for years with no luck. This product testing is like playing the lottery. You just don’t know when you get lucky.
  • This product testing opportunity felt like a scam is another major concern of many members. After completing hundreds of questionnaires and surveys without receiving a notification from Product Testing USA, this makes members believe they were scammed to do free works.
  • Email Spam is a major problem with Product Testing USA. This company makes money by selling your email addresses to third parties. When you register or sign up for a product testing opportunity, you will receive promotional emails, texts, and calls from all Product Testing USA sponsors, not just the company you clicked. You need to understand this by reading the fine print underneath all product offers as you are selecting them. To avoid this problem, I use a non-personal email address to sign up for an account with Product Testing USA.

The truth is you can join Product Testing USA for free, but you might never get a chance to review a single product.

This market research and data collecting company make money by promoting the hope and dream of having an opportunity to receive a popular product free of charge.

The tester selection process is random and competitive. This unknown fact left people to feel as being scammed or cheated.

Those lucky few will have an opportunity to review, test, and keep the free product. To them Product Testing USA legit!

While millions of unlucky members never have the opportunity to test product will complain Product Testing USA a scam!

I never like the idea of making money as a product tester. You will never make money with this opportunity. I’ll never give out my personal information for a chance to receive something free. This is not for me!

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