ShopTracker Review – Earn Cash Sharing Shopping Habits

The idea of allowing a research company to track your Amazon purchase history has never been appealing to me, until now.

Harris Poll is willing to pay people $3 per month if they allow them to track their Amazon spending habits. Millions of people have signed up, will you?

But when it comes to allowing an app to track my activities, I am not a big fan. Even if, it pays.

People get excited above this ShopTracker App because it pays $3 per month.

I, however, don’t believe the $3 is worth the risk of exposing personal information to the world.

I write this ShopTracker Review to explain the risks vs. the benefits of allowing the ShopTracker app to track your Amazon purchase history.

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ShopTracker Review – The Tracking App

ShopTracker is a data mining app. Once installed, it allows a research and marketing company, Harris Poll, to track your spending habits on Amazon.

This concept is similar to 2020 Panel where the data collected by ShopTracker participants are sold to companies and marketing research firms looking to make critical business decisions regarding products or services.

To entice consumers, ShopTracker offers to share a small percentage of its monthly revenue, $3, for anyone willing to install this app on their personal computers or smartphone.

The app is promoted as an opportunity to make passive money online from home.

Instead of telling the consumers it only pays $3 a month, it claims that you can make “$36 for installing the app.”

The statement above is true, but it is misleading. You can potentially earn $36 a year, $3 per month, only if you meet the purchasing volume requirement. I’ll explain this in detail later.

It’s not worth the risk of selling your monthly shopping data to ShopTracker for $3. Even the company knows this by promoting the $36, not the $3.

A safer alternative to ShopTracker is doing online surveys. You can earn good money offering your opinions to consumer research companies, like InboxDollars, Swagbucks, and Survey Junkies without installing any tracking app on your personal devices.

ShopTracker History

ShopTracker app was created by Harris Poll to help the online survey company obtaining data and insight into how people are using their personal devices to shop on the Internet.

Harris Poll, founded in 1963. It is considered one of the oldest and prestigious consumer research company in the world.

The company headquarters located in Rochester, NY, and it is not accredited and rated an A- by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

How Does ShopTracker App Work?

The way ShopTracker App works is very simple.

Participants just download and install the app on their personal devices and grant their permission to track their Amazon spending habits. The entire process takes less than 10 minutes.

Below is step-by-step how you can start with ShopTracker App. If you’re interested!

ShopTracker requirements

You cannot join ShopTracker unless you meet the following requirements:

  • You must have at least one Amazon account. You earn nothing if you don’t shop at Amazon.
  • You must be 18 and a resident of the U.S. This program is only available in the United States.
  • Limit 3 Amazon accounts per member
  • You must own a smartphone and/or a PC with Window 7 or later versions to run the app.
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If all the requirements above are good, you can register, download, and install the ShopTracker App to earn money.

Get $3 to join ShopTracker

Before you can download the app, you need to complete a simple registration asking for basic demographic information.

Once you have submitted the registration form, you will be asked for an email address where ShopTracker can send you a $3 after the installing of the app.

You are now ready to download and install the app on to the personal devices.

After the app has been installed, you are required to login to your Amazon account and grant permission for ShopTracker to sync the account with the app.

The registration process is completed. ShopTracker will send you a $3 registration bonus with 48 hours.

The cost to join ShopTracker

You pay nothing to join ShopTracker. The company pays you $3 to download and install the app.

No credit card or payment information is required. You just need to provide an email address where they can send you an e-Gift card.

How to Earn with ShopTracker App?

Once you install and activate the ShopTracker app on the personal devices, there is nothing more to do except completing the monthly survey to earn $3.

ShopTracker is truly an app to make passive money online. But, very little, only $3 a month.

If you want to make serious money online, paid surveys, tracking apps, and online focus groups cannot make you rich. Read my most popular article about “The Secret to Make Money Online.”

Rewards for Installing ShopTracker

ShopTracker rewards participants for installing the app, keep the app active, and how longer it stays active on their personal devices.

The first reward or payment you receive is after installing and sync the app with your Amazon account. ShopTracker will email a Visa Gift card code within 48 hours.

As long you kept the app installed, active, and met the monthly purchase volume requirement, ShopTracker will email a monthly survey to ask for your feedback on those Amazon purchases. Once you have submitted the completed survey, you’ll receive $3 Visa gift code via email. These monthly rewards can add up to a total earning of $36 per year.

You must complete at least one Amazon purchase each month to receive the monthly rewards. If your Amazon transaction is not completed, then no reward is given for that month.

ShopTracker rewards loyal participants. The longer you stay active, the more rewards you will earn. Every month you will earn points, HI Points, which you can redeem for E-Gift cards.

How to Get Paid?

You will receive payment from Harris Poll for installing ShopTracker. All payments are via email in the form of Visa card codes.

ShopTracker doesn’t offer cash payment or PayPal deposit like other online survey companies like Ebates, InboxDollars, or Swagbucks.

Payment Process Time

Payments are emailed to you within 24 to 48 hours upon completing the tasks.

Should I Install ShopTracker App?

Most people installed this app because it’s quick and easy to earn $3. If protecting personal data is not an important issue for you, then you should go ahead and install this app.

Whose doesn’t love free money. But sometimes free money isn’t worth it, this is the case.

ShopTracker states that they only collect information, such as order date, product title, category, condition, price per unit, and quantity. The report doesn’t include a name, address, and Amazon account information.

However, the app stores your Amazon login information to sync the account. This can be a major security problem if you store credit cards with Amazon. Hackers can gain access to your Amazon account through the app.

I have a bigger concern with the tracking activities. ShopTracker app does track other activities on your personal devices besides Amazon purchases. Here is a section of this app privacy policy:

ShopTracker Privacy Policy

I don’t understand why people allow an app to collect their personal activities for just $3. There are better and more secure ways to make a few extra bucks online. You can do affiliate marketing, which is considered the most lucrative method to make money online.

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I choose not to install this app because of the security concerns above. To me, $3 dollars doesn’t worth it.

Is ShopTracker a scam?

ShopTracker is an app collecting consumer data for Harris Poll. This is a legit, well-known, and highly respected company.

You have the choice uninstall the app anytime. It is your own decision, so you cannot call ShopTracker a scam.

Is This App Safe?

As stated above, I don’t trust this app to install on my personal devices. I installed it on an old iPhone, after a factory reset, to test the app for this review.

However, other people with no concerned about the security of their personal information stated that ShopTracker is worry-free.

People are interpreting the ShopTracker statement of removing payment information and shipping address from purchase history reports as a security statement. However, this is not. This is what they collect from your Amazon account. It has nothing to do with app security.

I always caution my visitors to be alert and fully research any opportunities to make money online if they don’t want to become a victim of scams or identity theft.

After careful research for writing this ShopTracker Review, here are my pros and cons of using ShopTracker to earn $3.

ShopTracker App Pros

  • It’s simple to join and earn $3.
  • Own and operate by a top research company in the world.
  • You can uninstall the app or the software at any time you wish.
  • The ShopTracker app doesn’t drain your phone battery.
  • The monthly survey is only 2-3 minutes longer.
  • Visa gift card code can be used at any online shop.

ShopTracker App Cons

  • $3 for a month of data is not worth it.
  • App security is unclear.
  • Must keep the app install and sync to Amazon account forever, if you want to get the $3.
  • Must make a purchase every month to earn $3. I have never bought anything under $3 dollars from Amazon. So, this is a lost investment.

Is ShopTracker a Make Money Online App?

Let be honest, ShopTracker app will not make you rich. But yes, you can make $3 a month if that is what you are looking for.

For those looking to earn a second income or full-time income, ShopTracker app is a waste of time, plus the security risks do not worth it.

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ShopTracker app sounds like a great opportunity to make a quick $3 dollars, but you have to consider the risk of exposing your personal information to scammers.

I use the internet to make a living, not giving away my personal information. That is how I feel about this opportunity after writing this ShopTracker review, what do you think?

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