Liv Labs Review – Is Liv Labs A Scam Or Legit Opportunity

Liv Labs is one of the hot CBD MLM opportunity in 2019.

The company offers people a unique opportunity to start a CBD Hemp distribution business from the comfort of their own home.

Starting a CBD Oil business with little or no investment is too good to be true.

Is Liv Labs a scam or the best MLM opportunity for us to achieve our dream of financial independence.

Let me be honest with you; the MLM face-to-face recruiting business is dying. People don’t want to invite strangers into their homes. How can you build your MLM business?

Today, MLM business owners turn to the internet to recruit and build their businesses. They use a new strategy known as the MLM Affiliate Marketing to promote and recruit downline.

If you are thinking of starting a Liv Labs MLM business, I suggest you read our discussion on the MLM affiliate marketing to use as a recruiting tool to build your MMLM team.

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Liv Labs Summary

Name: Liv Labs

Business Type: MLM

Investment: $47

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  • Liv Labs is a new mlm company launched in 2018 by David and Debbie Reeder to distribute and sell CBD Hemp products.
  • David and Debbie Reeder together have over 30 years of experience in network marketing.
  • Liv Labs is considered a startup mlm business with high investment risk. It is unlikely promoters can earn a good income with Liv Labs.
  • To make money with Liv Labs, you must be super talented with Face-To-Face selling and recruiting people into your organization.
  • Liv Labs has no record of the top earner. This is common with startup mlm.
  • If you don’t like face-to-face recruiting, the Liv Labs mlm business opportunity is not for you.


What Is Liv Labs?

Liv Labs is an mlm company that offers premium, powerful, and proven CBD hemp products designed to restore balance and wellness

The company was established in 2018 by David and Debbie Reeder.

At the time of this Liv Labs Review, the company is considered as a startup with a revenue of less than $1 Million.

Like other new CBD oil companies, Liv Labs considers its CBD products to be the best on the market.

Liv Labs distributes its products through a network of independent promoters throughout the United States.

Based on the information currently available, we can conclude:

  • Liv Labs is a CBD mlm company based in Melissa, Taxes.
  • This is a small mlm company with a revenue of less than $1 Million.
  • Liv Labs is considered a high-risk investment.
  • Liv Labs business is very competitive.

Before investing with Liv Labs, it’s smart to compare with other home-based business opportunities…

You can use My #1 Business Opportunity to make a comparison.

How to Join Liv Labs?

You will need a referral to join Liv Labs.

If you don’t have a referral, you can search online or contact Liv Labs to request for a local Liv Labs Promoter.

Once you complete the application process and pay the annual membership fee, you will receive your Liv Labs Promoter ID with your own Liv Labs website.

But, before you can earn commissions, you have to sell or recruit others to join Liv Labs.

The Costs to Join Liv Labs

The annual fee to join Liv Labs Promoter is $47.

But, if you want to start a business with Liv Labs, you must purchase one Business Pack from $297 to $1,188.

Liv Labs Review Pack

Purchasing a Business Pack allows the Promoters to qualify for a higher rank and earn bigger commissions.

Liv Labs encourages Promoters to purchase at least a Max Pack ($990). This immediately qualifies them for the 15KVIP Rank, which pays a 37% commission.

The $47 fee to join Liv Labs is small. But, if you want to start a business with Liv Labs, you must invest another $990 to $1,188 in a Business Pack.

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Besides these initial costs, there are operating expenses to run a Liv Labs mlm business.

One monthly business expense that every Liv Labs Promoter has to pay is the monthly minimum order requirement.

Every mlm company requires Promotes to order products each month to remain active and receive a commission.

Liv Labs requires Promoters to purchase a minimum of $75 each month to consider as an active promoter.

If you cannot maintain the monthly $75 quota, you might lose your rank and commissions.

The real investments require to launch a Liv Labs business is not the $47.

It’s the Business Pack and the monthly minimum order.

Monthly products purchase is the biggest expense for a Liv Labs Promoter.

This monthly expense can destroy your chance of making a profit because you must purchase products to stay in business.

With other home-based businesses, like affiliate marketing, you get paid commissions on every sale, no purchase is required to earn commissions.

Do you know the reason Liv Labs has a $75 monthly quota?

Well, to sell its products and to meet the FTC guideline as a legit mlm business.

Without product sales, Liv Labs is a scam or a pyramid scheme.

We all understand that it requires an investment of money to start a business.

But, we also expect to make money from the business to recover our investments.

Don’t you like to know how you can make money with Liv Labs?

Of course, we all do!

To find this out, let talk about it,

Liv Labs Compensation Plan

The Liv Labs compensation plan is unnecessarily complicated and confusing.

You don’t need to understand all the options to make money under this compensation plan.

As an mlm company, there are only two ways for you to make money with Liv Labs: sell Liv labs products and recruiting others to join Liv Labs.

I’ll provide you an overview of the Liv Labs compensation plan. To learn in detail, just download a copy.

Before discussing how you earn, I need you to understand that Liv Labs does not calculate commission based on the order total dollar amount.

Liv Labs commission is calculated using 50% of Bonus Volume (BV). BV is the points assigned to each product.

So, if the total order is $100BV, your retail commission calculation starts with 50BV based (50% of BV).

Since Live Labs offers a 40% commission on personal customer sales, your earnings for this $100 order is $20 (50BV x 40%).

Would it be easy to understand if Liv Labs says, the company pays a 20% commission on the personal retail sale?

But it sounds better with a 40% commission.

Now, we’ll discuss the ways to make money with Liv Labs

Make Money Selling Liv Labs Products

You can sell Liv Labs products by purchasing the product at wholesale to resell or have the customers buy directly from your personal Liv Labs website.

It sounds simple, right?

We’ll see.

I did a quick search online and found a bottle of 500mg Organic Hemp Oil Drops selling for $14.54 with free shipping.

This item is on Liv Labs website retail price $119.00, and Promoter wholesale price at $99.00.

Liv Labs CBD oil

Can you see?

It will be a challenge to make money selling Liv Labs CBD products at a premium price.

Recruiting Incomes

There are several ways to make money by recruiting others to join Liv Labs.

Liv Lab gives you free products for recruiting 3 people who commit to ordering a minimum of 99 each month.

Liv Labs review free product

Promoters can earn $200, $400, or $800 bonus by “Go VIP.”

Liv Labs scam VIP

Liv Labs pays a 5% residual income up to 9th generations.

There are other bonuses and incentives which you can review the Liv Labs compensation plan for more information.

It is very difficult to determine your earnings with this compensation plan because Liv Labs calculates commission using BV points.

However, the compensation plan only tells us how you earn money, not the actual income.

Unlike other mlm companies, Liv Labs doesn’t release the Promoter Income Disclosure Statement.

Can You Make Money With Liv Labs?

You don’t need Liv Labs to disclose to you that 99% of mlm businesses failed.


Because mlm compensation plans are not designed for Promoters to earn. It’s designed for Liv Labs to make money.

Look at the compensation plan, do you know that you do not earn commissions on every sale? You only earn a commission, “If you are qualified!”

Liv Labs doesn’t provide an income disclosure statement, because they don’t want you to know the truth.

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It’s not easy to make money with Liv Labs!

Promoters Actual Incomes

To be successful with Liv Labs, you must recruit a lot of people into your team.

I can tell you this, you will not make money with Liv Labs if you are not good at face-to-face recruiting. This skill is required to run an mlm business.

Based on our review of the Liv Lab compensation plan, I can tell you that your chance of making money is not good.

Because the residual income is not 5% on every dollar. It’s more like 5% on half of the dollar or 2.5% of every dollar of sale.

It is not easy to make money with Liv Labs.

You must be super talented to recruit a large team to earn a decent income.

Is Liv Labs A Scam?

Yes, it’s not easy to earn with Liv Labs.

But this doesn’t make Liv Labs a scam.

Liv Labs is a business opportunity. Every business has risks. Liv Labs is a high-risk investment.

Investing in a startup mlm company, your chance of success is low.

So, when your business failed, you cannot call Liv Labs a scam.

Before starting a business, you must carefully research and study the opportunity.

Reading this Liv Labs Review is a good way to learn the risks before investing.

Many entrepreneurs hire professional financial analysts to evaluate every business deal before they jump in.

As a Business Review Writer, I have evaluated hundreds of mlm businesses to help investors managing the risks.

That’s all we can do, managing risks.

To me, Liv Labs is not a scam. It’s just an unprofitable business.

Is Liv Labs a pyramid scheme?

Liv Labs will tell you that the company is not a pyramid scheme.

But, I think Liv Labs is a pyramid scheme.


Looks at their compensation plan,

The more people you recruit, the more money you earn.

The largest commissions were earned by a few at the top with a large team.

Less than 1% make money while over 99% lost money in every mlm opportunity.

Doesn’t this a pyramid scheme?

Liv Labs is rewarding Promoters to recruit, not to sell products.

If you want to become successful with Liv Labs, you must recruit, recruit, and recruit more.

Is Liv Labs Worth It?

I will never invest in a business unless I know it is profitable.

With Liv Labs, it is very difficult to determine how much you can earn under the compensation plan.

If you don’t know how much your business can generate in revenue, then how can you know if it is profitable?

Do you know why you want to start a home-based business?

To earn extra money from home, to be your own boss, or to achieve financial freedom?

And to make money, we invest in a PROFITABLE business!

There are much better and less risky home-based business opportunities.

If you want to be an owner of a lucrative and profitable business that generates six-figure passive income, then read my #1 recommended online business opportunity.

You should use the writing skill to start your own highly lucrative online writing business, TODAY!

There’s NO traveling around town to attend late-night meetings and NO face-to-face sales or recruits with my online business.

The best part, you are working on the computer in your own home or anywhere you like.

Liv Labs is a small mlm company. The chance of Liv Labs going out of business is high.

If Liv Labs going out of business, every Liv Labs Promoter is out of business.

As a Liv Labs Promoter, you do not own your business. Everything you do must be approved by Liv Labs.

MLM opportunities are no longer a lucrative option to make money from home. Everyone hates face-to-face sales and recruiting. You will have a hard time building a successful business with Liv Labs MLM.

The most profitable home-based business opportunities are online businesses. This business model doesn’t require face-to-face selling or recruiting.

You can use This #1 Home Business Opportunity to create a full-time passive income. You can work from the comfort of your own home and on a laptop, with no commute and no boss. You work whenever you want and where you like.

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I hope this Liv Labs Review answers your question, is Liv Labs a scam?

until next time.

If you like to add your own Liv Labs experiences to this review, please share it with us below.

3 thoughts on “Liv Labs Review – Is Liv Labs A Scam Or Legit Opportunity”

  1. Liv Lab is a scam. Debra Reeder has been in illegal con scams her entire adult life. She will steal your money in impunity, walk away with no guilt, remorse. Debra Reeder simply has no conscious. She has stolen from her family. She has sold diet vitamins containing FDA banned substances. These diet pills sent tons of people into Emergency Rooms with angina. Her comment when the FDA closed this company was “too bad the FDA discovery the banned substance”. She did not mention the countless people who suffered angina a life-threatening illness or other more seriously affected than angina. Debbie took the money of these representatives with empty promises and thanks to them for the money she has conned out of them by almost killing them. She never expressed remorse or even a second thought about these victims. If Debra Reeder is involved it is for sure a scam. Give no money to this company, find a reputable company to invest your hard works into.

  2. It is a scam: David and Debbie Reeder are scammers. I have known Debbie since I have been born she has no conscience, she is unable to care about anyone else except for herself. Be careful she sold vitamins with a band substance I don’t know how many people died. I would not use her products, no way. Have you ever known someone that will do anything for money, control, power? I did not say almost anything, I said anything to get what she wants. I would not advise any consumer to use these products. The vitamin was sending people to Emergency rooms all over the US. She did not care, she just cried about moving out of her big house when the FDA and FTC shut them down. How many people died or had life-threatening long term illnesses. You do not want to trust these people. Get CBD in a reputable store.

    • Could you please tell me what was the company’s name or that product? And where could I find more information about the fact that people were getting sick of the pills? Thank you!


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