Monat Review – Is Monat A Scam

Monat is premium hair care products that promise to make hair longer, fuller, and stronger.

Monat promotes and sells their natural hair care products through the Monat MLM business opportunity which they refer to as ‘Market Partner’.

However, this company is facing nine class-action lawsuits with allegations ranging from operating a pyramid scheme to fraud and marketing faulty products.

Has someone invited you to join Monat either as a VIP buyer or a Market Partner?

You must have lots of question about the Monat MLM.

This Monat Review will help you decide if Monat a scam or legit opportunity to make money from home.

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Monat Review

Hi, this is TQ. Here’s my profile. I was invited by a friend to become a Market Partner with Monat, and I refused to join. It’s not because some people believe ‘Monat is a scam’, but because I am not a big fan or supporter in Multi-Level-Marketing (mlm).

There is nothing wrong with Monat using mlm to sell and promote their shampoo products. Mlm is legal in the United States. However, it is very difficult to succeed in this business.

I tried mlm before and was not very successful.

I decide to become a blogger and learn affiliate marketing. I find affiliate marketing is much easier because it doesn’t involve face-to-face marketing.

Many of my friends in mlm now start using affiliate marketing to promote and expand their mlm business. They have invited me to join Monat and use my blogging influence to promote Monat.

Using affiliate marketing to promote mlm business can be a very lucrative and easier option for those that are not too good with face-to-face marketing.

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I know you either excited or wondered whether Monat business is a good opportunity to invest your time and money.

Yes, no one like to become a victim of scams, including me.

It is a good idea to conduct market research on Monat before investing. This investigation has prompted me to write this Monat Review to share with you my findings and saving you some time.

What Is Monat?

Monat considers itself the leader in natural hair care and beauty products.

This mlm company was launched in 2014 by the Urdaneta family with headquarter at 3450 NW 115th Ave. Doral, FL 33178.

  • Monat is a subsidiary of a Latin America mlm company known as Alcora.
  • Alcora also owns and operate another mlm beauty and wellness business called the L’Eudine. This company was established in 2001.

Looking at their business resume, you can say that Monat founders and management have an impressive experience working in the network marketing industry.

In 2017, Monat reported an annual sales revenue of over $200 million. Another impressive achievement for such a young mlm company.

This mlm company has received numerous industry awards:

  • 2018 Making a Difference Award
  • 2017 Journey to Success Award by the DSA of Canada
  • 2016 Gold Stevie Award, Silver Stevie Award, and Bronze Stevie Award from the American Business Awards
  • 2016 Silver Stevie Award and Bronze Stevie Award by the Stevie Awards for Women in Business.
  • Monat has been featured by NBC, ABC, and the Hallmark Channel.

The name ‘MONAT’ is a combined of two words “Modern Nature”. The company claims their hair care products are backed by tons of research and science.

My own research has revealed a different story.

Monat is facing numerous class action lawsuits questioning the legality of its mlm operation and the false claim of its hair care products.

Many consumers complain Monat shampoo has caused their hair to fall out, scalp irritation, and bald spots.

These recent class actions and negative news coverage make you wonder, is Monat a scam? Or Are their natural hair products claim just marketing hype?

Before jumping into a conclusion, you must fully understand what the Monat business opportunity is? And what products are offered by Monat in their mlm business?

Monat Product Review

Monat offers a line of natural hair care products which claim to prevent ‘hair aging’ problems, including hair loss, hair damages and strengthen hair by reducing dry and brittle.

The Monat hair care collection offers products for men, women, and children. The current product catalog consists of:

  • Hair Treatment Systems
  • Monat Botanical Shampoos
  • Monat Botanical Conditioners
  • Monat Botanical Styling
  • Monat Wellness System
  • Monat Botanical Grooming Products
  • Monat Botanical Pet Styling Products

Monat most popular product is ‘Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive’.

Monat promotes the Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive as a solution to ‘nourish and energize the scalp with an invigorating blend of 11+ natural ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, beta-carotene, and omega-6 fatty acids. This proprietary formula helps protect hair against oxidative stress and adds incredible volume to create a healthier hair looks instantly with long-lasting beauty.’

The marketing language above has landed Monat in legal trouble.

Monat Hair Product Reviews – Rejuveniqe Oil Healthy Hair Claims

Monat claims their hair care products are natural, safe-to-use, pure and sustainable.

However, Monat hair care products have received mixed reviews from customers.

Some claims Monat hair care products do work, while others complain the products have caused serious damages to their scalp and hair.

Who is right? Or Who is lying? I’ll report the Monat hair care product reviews, and you decide.

Those that support Monat argue ‘how can a natural product causing your hair to fall out?’

This is a valid argument, but it also raises some concerns as to what is in Monat ingredients. Are these hair care products really 100% natural?

I just want to point out that the majority of online positive Monat hair care product reviews are from consultants, the company ‘Market Partners’.

Here are some of their testimonials:

  • Monat Shampoo does help your hair regrowth and fill in bald spots.
  • Mont products do make my hair healthier and thicker after 20 to 30 days of uses.
  • Monat hair care products contain mostly natural ingredients; therefore, it cannot be the cause of hair falling out and scalp red and blistered. It must be something else.

I somewhat understand the Monat business partners.

Why would such ‘naturally based, safe and pure’ products seem to have such severe side effects for so many people?

Are these bad people out to destroy Monat?

When you have over 901 complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), nine class action lawsuits, and the FDA is investigating your business, it is hard to convince the public that your hair care products have nothing to do with it.

According to many hair stylists, some people might be sensitive to some ingredients in Monat hair care products. This is normal.

Some speculate that a particular ingredient, Capixyl which add to promote hair growth, might be the culprit.

Capixyl is a blend of a peptide, acetyl tetrapeptide-3 (and) extract of red clover. The substance is considered to be safe, but it hasn’t yet been approved by the FDA.

One ingredient in Capixyl that raises concern is Red Clover. Exposure to a high amount of red clover can cause the following side effects: estrogen, rash, muscle ache, headache, nausea, vaginal bleeding/spotting.

The amount of red clover in Monat hair care products is unknown. Everyone has a different level of tolerance to red clover. Someone with low level tolerant can experience severe side effects when exposing to a high amount of red clover. This might be the case with Mont.

I understand every product has side effects. It works for some, but not for others.

I just don’t agree with the way Monat handles these complaints.

Monat takes the hardline approached and attacking these users. They accuse the people coming forward with complaints as making up the information, falsifying photographs, and simply trying to destroy Monat.

Monat claims might be valid, but it doesn’t make the brand look good.

Monat appears to be careless. They don’t care about their customers and their Market Partners. All they care about is protecting the profits.

Monat goes as far as filed a defamation action against a former consultant accusing her of spreading false information about Monat hair care products. I think this is a bad move.

Monat brand has been tarnished by these negative publicities.

The future doesn’t look very promising for Monat hair care products.

I suggest you wait and see the outcome of these legal actions and FDA investigation before investing money and time into becoming a Monat Market Partner.

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Monat Business Opportunity

You heard enough about Monat hair care products. Maybe you might be interested in learning about Monat Business Opportunity.

Yes, this wonderful company offers you an opportunity to join the movement and become a Market Partner.

Monat Market Partner is simply a beauty consultant earning commission promoting the company products.

As a Market Partner, you are considered an independent business owner operating your own Monat business.

The Monat business opportunity is only available to those with the sponsor. This means if you want to start a Monat business, an existing Market Partner must sponsor you into the program.

The process to join the Monat business opportunity is as follows:

You meet with a Market Partner, ‘Sponsor’. If you don’t have one, you can request one by visiting Monat website.

Your sponsor will meet with you to go over the requirements to become a Monat market partner. This is a sale presentation where the sponsor will try to sell you the Monat business packages as well as products.

  • If you agree to signup, the sponsor will request a business package for you to start as a new Market Partner under his/her line.
  • If you refuse, the sponsor will provide you with his/her Monat Market information to use when you are ready to become a Market Partner with Monat.

You might say this look like an mlm opportunity.

Yes, Monat is an mlm business opportunity. This is how mlm companies operate to help their Market Partner growth their business.

The meeting with sponsors is a sell meeting. This is how Monat Market Partner pressure you to buy into the Monat business opportunity.

When I say sell meeting, you will have to buy something.

Now, you must be thinking

How Much Does Monat Cost?

The meeting with a Monat sponsor does not necessarily require you to become a Market Partner to cost money.

There are various ways the sponsor can sell Monat products to you.

How much does Monat cost depend on your purchase option with the Market Partner?

Option 1

You are curious and want to try Monat hair products, the sponsor can give you some free sample or charge you a few dollars for them. The costs for samples are varied depending on the Market Partner.

Option 2

You are not interested in becoming a Monat customer, you are invited to become a Monat VIP customer.

The cost to become a Monat VIP customer is $19.99 (one-time fee), and three Flexship orders, each cost $84.

Option 3

You like to become a Market Partner with Monat, there are a few different costs:

  • The startup cost of Monat business is $99 USD or $125 CAD with an annual renewal fee of $49.99 US or $64.99 CAN.

A payment of $99 gets you the Monat Starter Kit which includes:

  • SMART Start Workbook offers very thing you need about the Monat business systems.
  • SMART Start Roadmap teaches you the right way to sell Monat products.
  • Assorted Product Pack, which contains 35 sample Monat product sachets, not real products.

You can upgrade the Product Pack at additional costs to receive real Monat hair care products. I’ll provide these Monat costs below.

  • Training and Marketing Materials
    • Product brochures provide pricing and information on Monat products.
    • VIP Customer Brochures explain VIP program.
    • Meet Monat Brochures introduce the Monat business opportunity to others.
    • Market Partner Academy is an online training platform with lessons on marketing, growing, and expanding the Monat business.

The Monat costs to become a Market Partner increase quickly if you decide to upgrade the product packages. You can choose to upgrade the starter kit package to one of the following:

  • Business Pack with 50 samples and 12 assorted Monat hair care products $299
  • Success Product Pack with 80 product samples and 18 assorted Monat hair care products costs $399
  • Overachiever Product Pack with 10 samples and 31 assorted Monat hair care products costs $649

How much does Monat cost for a Market Partner is based on his/her selection of a product package? The highest cost is $649.

There is an additional $200 monthly cost to stay active and receive downline commissions. I’ll explain this more in the next section.

The cost to operate my affiliate marketing business is far less than Monat cost 0f $649 plus $200 per month.

If you are looking for a cheaper option to start a home-based business, you need to check out the affiliate marketing business, you can launch one on a Free training account.

The cost to start a Monat business is not cheap. Don’t you want to know your earning potential with Monat business opportunity?

I bet you do.

Monat Compensation Plan

There are multiple ways that a Market Partner makes money selling Monat products. However, they are falling into two main groups: Personal sales volume (PV) and Downline sales volume (GV).

To receive compensation, you must maintain an active Market Partner status. Here are the requirements to stay active:

  • Paid the $49.99 annual Market Partner fee to be eligible for personal sale commissions.
  • Meet the minimum $200 personal volume to be eligible for downline sale commissions.

You must meet the requirements above to receive payment from Monat.

Now, a quick breakdown of the Monat compensation plan:

Compensation from personal sales volume

Personal sales are transaction from retail customers, VIP customer, or your own purchases.

  • Your personal purchase: You receive up to 40% discount.
  • Retail sale: you earn a 30% commission. This commission increase as your PV increase. You can earn up to 40% commission each sale.
  • VIP customer sale: You earn a 15% commission, and this commission can increase up to 25% based on your PV.

Bonus From Personal Sales

  • Sales Volume Bonus 1: When you reach $1,000 PV, you earn a bonus commission of 3%.
  • Sales Volume Bonus 2: When you reach $2,000 PV, you earn a bonus commission of 5%.
  • Sales Volume Bonus 1: When you reach $3,500 PV, you earn a bonus commission of 10%.

Product Pack Bonus

  • You receive a $100 bonus for enrolling a new Market Partner who purchases a $299 Business Product Pack.
  • You receive a $120 bonus for sponsoring a new Market Partner who purchases a $399 Success Product Pack.
  • You receive a $220 bonus for enrolling a new Market Partner who purchases a $599 Overachiever Product Pack.

Fast Start Bonuses:

These bonuses are given to those achieving certain sales volume in the first month of joining Monat.

  • Smart Start Bonuses: You earn a $150 bonus when you enroll four new VIPs and one Market Partner who purchases a product pack.
  • VIP Customer Acquisition Bonus: You earn $60 every time you enroll four new VIPS.

Compensation from downline sales volume

You have to maintain $200 PV to receive downline compensation. This is why many Monat Market Partners purchase Monat hair care products every month to achieve their PV goal.

This is how most mlm companies operate. Monat tells Market Partners that they are not required to purchase products to stay active. But, if you want to get paid, you must meet the $200 PV. This is the same as requiring you to purchase products.

I hate this about mlm. I prefer Affiliate Marketing, no such requirement.

Your commissions from downline is based on your rank. This is Monat ranking system and downline compensation:

  • Market Partner (MP): 7% – Generation 1
  • Managing Market Partner (MMP): 10% -Generation 1; 3% – Generation 2
  • Associate Market Builder (AMB): 12% – Generation 1; 5% – Generation 2
  • Market Builder (MB): 12% – Generation 1; 6% – Generation 2; 3% – Generation 3
  • Managing Market Builder (MMB): 12% – Generation 1, 7% – Generation 2; 5% – Generation 3; 3% generation 4; and 2% – Generation 5.

Rank Advancement Bonuses:

  • Managing Market Partner: $100
  • Associate Market Builder: $100
  • Market Builder: $150
  • Managing Market Builder: $500
  • Associate Market Mentor: $500
  • Market Mentor: $1,000
  • Managing Market Mentor: $2,500
  • Associate Executive Director: $5,000
  • Executive Director: $10,000
  • Senior Executive Director: $20,000

This is a quick review of Monat compensation plan. There are more bonuses and sale commission available to Market Partners which I have not included Here.

The Monat compensation plan looks impressive, but if you cannot sell the products, it doesn’t mean anything.

Is Monat Worth It?

This is the question that you have to answer yourself.

This is my position. Giving all the legal problems and negative publicities, Monat is not worth it.

It is very difficult for a new Market Partner to recruit new people. You have to sell Monat hair care products, and you have to fight the negative publicities surrounding the brand.

When you invest in a business opportunity, you have to consider every fact and information about the mlm company, not just the initial investment dollars.

I don’t think we need to talk about whether Monat a scam or not? Or discuss the larger volume of complaining with the BBB. You can follow the link to read these complaints.

The biggest concerns for this investment are the 9 class action lawsuits. Can Monat survive these lawsuits?

Anyone of these class actions can potentially put Monat out of business. If Monat is out of business, what happens to you as a Market Partner?

It is likely that you will lose everything.

Monat Class Action Lawsuit

I understand every business has to deal with lawsuits. But in a short period of time, nine class action lawsuits filed against Monat.

There must be something, lawyers don’t bring that many class actions in a short period.

The majority of the class action related to deception, misrepresentation, and false marketing of Monat hair care products.

Many women, including Monat Market Partners, complain that the products cause severe damages to their hair and scalp.

If these claims are true, Monat is out of business.

All the hype is based on the wonder of these natural hair care products. This is the product line that draws people into Monat.

Even if Monat survives these class actions, what about the FDA investigation.

As stated earlier, Monat hair care product contains a substance known as, Red Clover. This substance is currently not approved by the FDA. If the FDA ordered a recall of Monat product, it is the end of the mlm company.

Considering all these major developments against Monat business, I don’t think is worth to invest your money and time with the Monat business opportunity.

If you are looking to start a home-based business, I suggest you consider affiliate marketing as well.

You can use affiliate marketing to promote and grow your Monat business or any mlm business opportunity if you decide to join.

Using Affiliate Marketing To Promote MLM Business

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From this Monat Review, this mlm company is facing a tough road ahead. Whether this young mlm company survives this battle or not, no one knows.

You must take these class action lawsuits into consideration when making your investment decision. It is too risky for me!

Join me in this discussion or let do Affiliate Marketing.

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