Is Mary Kay A Pyramid Scheme – Mary Kay Business Opportunity Coffee Talk.

What do you think of Mary Kay?

What about it?

Is Mary Kay a pyramid scheme?

Turn around, and there is this!

A car just pulled into an empty spot right in front of my Favorite Café, Starbucks, with a big banner on the rear ‘Mary Kay Consultant.’

To be honest, I already have a plan to write a business review on Mary Kay very soon.

There are a few people that I knew has expressed interest in becoming a Mary Kay consultant, and want to hear my opinion on this business opportunity.

This is just a nice opportunity to discuss this topic with my long-time friend, Michell, over morning coffee.

Usually, I get my coffee from the drive-through window, then come home, enjoy coffee, while writing and working on my money-making website.

Today is different, I’m meeting my best college roommate.

We haven’t seen each other for years… It’s time to catching up on life and talking about ‘Is Mary Kay a pyramid scheme?’ seem to be fun.

I hate you! Michell said.

OK, thank you, friend! Lol

You have a perfect work life! Work wherever, whenever.

I wish that I can become a writer like you.

Michell! You know you can. Anyone can do what I do. All you have to do is read my blog post about How Writers Get Paid!

Then you know what I do! Or just asked me.

I know you write business reviews, but I just don’t understand how you make so much money!

Just read the article already, you understand!

Michell and I enjoyed our conversation over coffee about Mary Kay, the process of becoming a Mary Kay consultant, the Mary Kay home business opportunity, Mary Kay a pyramid scheme, and life.

Now, I am here, sharing our discussing with you about Mary Kay and whether Mary Kay is a pyramid scheme.

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What Is Mary Kay? and is Mary Kare a pyramid scheme?

When I asked Michell this same question,

she looked at me and laughed, you’re killing me TQ.

Everyone knows Mary Kay and what is a Mary Kay consultant.

I do know? But do you?

What a Mary Kay consultant do?

They sell cosmetics! Don’t you know?

I know, but they have to do more than just selling cosmetics to make money.

What is that, Michell asked?

They recruit others into their team, that’s how they make money.

A Mary Kay consultant doesn’t make good money just selling cosmetics.

This is the nature of the mlm business.

I forgot Mary Kay operates as an mlm company.

Michell, you just asked me ‘Is Mary Kay a pyramid scheme?’ Really!

But, does Mary cosmetics any good?

I don’t know, I have never used them… Michell smile.

You’re useless, I was hoping to get some insider review on Mary Kay products for my readers. I guess they just have to read online Mary Kay product reviews, lol.

Why do you care about Mary Kay products? You’re writing about Mary Kay business opportunity, right?

Yes! But, some readers still like to know other people opinions on the products.

You’re asking the wrong girl!

I know that Michell!

Well, I haven’t heard any bad thing about Mary Kay products at all.

I guess this is one area of the Mary Kay business that we don’t have to talk about.

What about the price?

I heard that Mary Kay cosmetics are overpriced!

That’s the reason I don’t buy them! Michell said.

Typical mlm products pricing.

What do you mean? Michell asked.

Since Mary Kay operates under the mlm business model, they have to charge a higher price for their products to cover the consultants’ commissions.

The overpricing of mlm products makes it difficult for consultants to resell them. Most end up buying and using for themselves.

Thank you TQ, now I understand why every Mary Kay Consultants have a full closet of Mary Kay makeup!

You’re so mean Michell.

But, that’s the truth!

Ye, that the life of a Mary Kay consultant.

Is Mary Kay an mlm?

Yes, of course, you know Mary Kay is an mlm! What are you up to, TQ? Michel looked at me like I have two heads.

I’m just playing a little investigative, you know.

Sometimes a company using an mlm model to operate a pyramid scheme.

The line between mlm and pyramid scheme is very difficult to distinguish.

I know, Michell said, I have read your article MLM vs Affiliate Marketing, so I know what you’re talking about.

Thank you, I didn’t know I am talking to one of my fans.

I’m not going that far TQ. I do read your writings when I have time, lol.

Yes, Mary Kay is an mlm, Michell answered me.

But, that doesn’t mean Mary Kay is a pyramid scheme.

Not all mlms are a pyramid scheme, according to the FTC ruling.

If Mary Kay is a pyramid scheme, it wouldn’t have been in business for this long.

Why? then so many people call Mary Kay a pyramid scheme?

We tend to label multilevel marketing a pyramid scheme because of the business structure, the way they recruit others into the business, it looks like a pyramid.

The other reason people are calling mlm business like Mary Kay a pyramid scheme because of the difficulty in making money with this business opportunity.

Over 99% failure rate for mlms.

Wow, why such a high failure rate for Mary Kay business, TQ? Michell asked.

It is not easy to recruit people to join an mlm business these days.

You have to be a super talented sell person to achieve success with Mary Kay business.

Let me ask you this,

How likely are you going to attend a sale meeting/party? The one like Mary Kay?

Never have and never will, Michell answered.

Back in the old day, we love to come to these parties for networking and social life,

But today, with social media networks and other ways to meet, who wants to attend these Mary Kay meetings?

How can you sell Mary Kay products or recruit new consultants if no one comes to the party?

Do you think Mary Kay knows about the failure rate?

Absolutely, all mlm companies know about the 99% plus failure rate. That’s why they push hard to recruit new consultants to replace the one falling off the cliff.

You are destined for failure the first day signing up to become a Mary Kary consultant.

Recruiting is a way for Mary Kay, Avon, and Amway to sell their products.

Mary Kay makes billions of dollars each years selling large quantities of cosmetics to the consultants…

consultants are the primary consumers of Mary Kay cosmetics.

You can even find Mary Kay products on eBay at deep discount prices…. consultants are trying to get rid of the inventories.

The bottom line is, if you cannot sell Mary Kay products and you cannot recruit, how can you make money with Mary Kay?

Then, can I say Mary Kay a scam? Michell Asked.

I think that is a better way to explain Mary Kay business opportunity than calling it a pyramid scheme.

A pyramid scheme is a business model where new consultants’ investments are used to pay current consultants.

With Mary Kay, consultants are paid on product sales commissions… not from the money recruiting others.

Can you see the differences?

Mary Kay sells its products by forcing consultants to purchase them, what they call “minimum sales volume requirement.”

Sales volume requirements are quota which every Mary Kay consultant must meet to receive commissions… If you fail to meet this requirement, you earn nothing! You work for free!

The sales volume requirement is never disclosed to new consultants unless they ask.

I think, Michell… Mary Kay knows, disclosing the sales volume requirement, nobody will join the business opportunity.

It’s a shame and a scam for not disclosing this requirement. Michell said…

you should tell our readers to ask about this when they are interviewed to become a Mary Kay consultant!

I agree with you on that, Michell.

Also, I’ll do some research on this sales volume requirement and report on my Mary Kate business opportunity review, if you care to read, Michell.

Do you see why it is not entirely accurate to call Mary Kay a pyramid scheme?

And why Mary Kay Consultants have to buy so much inventories?

It’s all about sales volume requirement my friend!

TQ, Love to talk to you, but I have to go!

When I’ll see you again, Michell?

I don’t know, I’ll let you know… I have a boss… not free!

You can become a writer like me and fire your boss and live a free life, “the writer lifestyle!”

Oh, yeah! I have to talk to you about the article creating money-website. It’s very interesting, Michell said.

Yes, my friend anytime…

I cannot believe you make money online creating websites! Michell shakes her head and smiled while walking away.

If I’m going to start a business, it’s not going to be Mary Kay. Mary Kay is a pyramid scam.

What business are you going to start Michell?

I’ll let you know when you read it online!

Bye Michell…lol…

I want to take a few minutes to talk with you, now Michell is gone…

I know Michell is joking about becoming a Mary Kay Consultant…

What about you?

I am hesitant to call “Mary Kay a pyramid scheme,” because I fear people might conclude this as an endorsement to invest in Mary Kay business opportunity… I hope this is not you!

We should not invest in an mlm business opportunity simply because it’s not a pyramid scheme, yes pyramid scheme is a scam,

but the decision to invest in a business opportunity requires more information, such as the initial investments to start a Mary Kay business, the operating expenses, and the profitability.

We start a business to make money… if Mary Kay is not a pyramid scheme, then it’s great, but we still need to look at the financial side of this business.

Can we make money with Mary Kay?

Is Mary Kay profitable?

These questions need to be studied and analyzed…

The next time we meet, I’ll give you my report on How to become a Mary Kay Consultant?

Talk to you soon!

So, are you agree or disagree with Michell and me on our discussion of Mary Kay a pyramid scheme?

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