National Consumer Center Review – Is National Consumer Center Legit?

OK, You got interrupted while browsing the web by The National Consumer Center.

The National Consumer Center pop-ups try to convince you that you have won a free iPhone, a similar prize, or a lottery.

It sounds too good to be true.

Should you click on the link and claim the prize?

If you are reading this review, let me guess, you want to know if National Consumer Center is real and legit.

This article will give you an inside operation of this non-existent organization, the National Consumer Center, and show you the details to consider before claiming the reward.

If you the link in The National Consumer Center pop-ups, you will most likely find out later that scammers have stolen your personal information or money.

Here is what we have found.

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National Consumer Center Review Summary


Business name:
National Consumer Center
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Pop Up Ads
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What Is National Consumer Center?

The National Consumer Center is a fictitious name that uses a misleading pop-up window by scammers to trick internet users into believing that they have won a free iPhone, a similar prize, or a lottery.

This fictitious organization is closely related to well-known Internet scams, like the Walmart scam and the Amazon Gift Card scam.

Typically, they interrupt people while browsing the web and ask them to fill out surveys to win expensive prizes.

The misleading messages appear trustworthy as they include the National Consumer Center’s official credentials in the top left corner.

Unfortunately, rewards from National Consumer Center are not real.

The only goal behind fraud pop-ups is to install an adware-type virus allowing scammers to harvest user data on the device.

If you are the victim of this National Consumer Center, you have to face problems such as identity theft, money loss, or other cyber attacks.

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Is National Consumer Center Legit?

No, National Consumer Center is not legit. It is a fake organization that scammers are using to harvest personal data for illegitimate purposes.

None of the promised prizes exists. It is a trick to get internet users to provide data like phone numbers, email addresses, credit card numbers, and physical addresses.

Without a doubt, providing personal data to National Consumer Center has enormous risks.

The scammers now have your email address and bank details. It is a matter of time before you start experiencing the negative consequences.

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In extreme cases, National Consumer Center pop-ups can lead to identity theft and money loss.

You should never click on the link in the pop-ups or fill out surveys from National Consumer Center.

How Does National Consumer Center Work?

The National Consumer Center pop-ups are among the most common online tactics scammers are using to intrude on the computer user’s privacy.

Online complaints show that fraudulent messages usually pop up while people are surfing the Internet.

They could also take the form of ads appearing in a new tab and redirecting potential victims to a page or pages containing corrupted content.

The fraudulent messages trick internet users into believing that a non-existent organization is willing to give them a free iPhone or a similar prize.

The goal is to convince computer users to click on a link, fill out a survey, or provide information to claim their prize.

To claim the prize, you are required to fill out detailed personal information on a form.

National Consumer Center asks for phone numbers, email addresses, credit card numbers, and physical addresses.

It explains that the data are necessary for the delivery of the rewards.

Often, the completion of the offer requires you to enter a paid subscription program for various goods and services, and you find yourself automatically enrolled in the program after submitting your credit card details.

Your credit card is now being billed with monthly or weekly payments while opting out from the paid subscription program is typically complicated.

In a worse situation, scammers can use your information to play for credit cards, take out loans, purchase expensive items, or commit a crime.

How National Consumer Center Attacks Your Computer?

It is relatively simple for the National Consumer Center pop-up scam to attack your computer.

There are several ways for this scam to appear on your browser.

The main reason is a malicious installation of an adware component or a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) on your computer.

The adware virus exposes your computer to National Consumer Center pop-up scams and other unwanted advertisements.

Another popular reason the National Consumer Center pop-up scam appears on your computer is that you have visited a poorly regulated website with the pop-up scam included in the site advertisement rotation.

It is easy to identify how the National Consumer Center pop-up scam attacks your computer.

If the scam appears when you visit a particular website, domain, or website, then the problem may be tied to that website and its advertising content.

However, if the National Consumer Center scams appear on your Web browser regardless of the website that you are visiting, then an adware-type virus has been installed on your computer.

Regardless of the reasons, you must remove the National Consumer Center scam to protect yourself from serious harm.

We’ll discuss the process of removing the scam further below.

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National Consumer Center Costs

Without a doubt, the National Consumer Center scam costs enormous problems for the victim.

Once such adware-type viruses infiltrate your computer system, it tends to cause computer failures, OS bugs, and the disappearance of personal data from the device.

The worst impact of this scam is the harvesting of your saved data, such as banking details, tax information, social security number, IP addresses, social site passwords, and more.

Once the crooks have this information, it can lead to identity theft and the loss of money.

It also opens the path for additional malware to attack your computer.

How To Remove National Consumer Center?

The best way to avoid the National Consumer Center scam is to stay away from malicious ads and block them.

If you suspect some adware has sneaked into your computer, the factory reset is probably the easiest way to remove it.

To remove National Consumer Center manually, you need to find all adware hiding on the system and remove them.

The manual removal procedure is not easy. Adware and PUPs tend to conceal their entries to prevent removal.

We recommend using a reputable anti-malware program to scan your PC and remove any detected malware threats, including the ones causing the National Consumer Center pop-ups.

Final Review on National Consumer Center

Unfortunately, National Consumer Center is not a legit organization, and none of the promised prizes exists.

The goal of the National Consumer Center is to harvest user data for illegitimate purposes.

It is too risky to provide personal data to National Consumer Center.

Once the crooks have your email address and banking details, they will use them for their benefit.

There is no doubt that the only way to avoid cyber threats and identity theft is to stay away from claiming prizes from National Consumer Center pop-ups and block them.

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I hope this National Consumer Center review answers your questions about this scam.

Until next time.

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