OnPassive Review – Is OnPassive A Scam Or Legit

Would you join an MLM company with Zero revenue and No sales?

Well, over 108,000 people have paid more than $10 million to join OnPassive on a promise of a better future with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

If you interest in investing in AI businesses, you need to read this OnPassive review.

Many people report OnPassive look and sound like a scam. This business scheme is built on one promise, “invest $97 in the company today, and you will make millions in the future.”

The OnPassive opportunity seems interesting. So, I conduct this OnPassive review to find out a few facts:

  • What is OnPassive?
  • Is OnPassive legit?
  • How do you make money with OnPassive?

The first thing you need to know is OnPassive is an MLM company.

It is not easy to make money with an MLM business. Over 99% of MLM businesses failed. If this fact doesn’t scare you, then read on.

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OnPassive Review Summary

Name: OnPassive

Business Type: MLM 

Investments: $97

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  • OnPassive promises to deliver the best AI marketing platform for businesses to grow.
  • A $97 investment today will make you the GoFounders of OnPassive and reap the financial rewards from these powerful AI marketing tools.
  • No one makes money until OnPassive is launched. Early OnPassive GoFounderss have been waiting forever for the launch date.
  • The only product released by OnPassive is TrimURL, a URL Shortener tool, which is free. No other AI tool available today, only empty promises.


What Is OnPassive?

OnPassive is an MLM company operating an Artificial Intelligent (AI) marketing platform to help businesses grow.

You can join OnPassive as a GoFounders to make money by recruiting others and building a team.

OnPassive was created in 2018 by Ash Mufareh with a mission to build a “Digital Marketing Platform that ensures everyone succeeds.”

However, the company has been in the development stage for years with no product to sell. The launch date has been extended forever.

OnPassive revenue is generated from selling GoFounders membership, which promises big returns when OnPassive goes live.

There are more than 108,000 people given over $10 million to Ash Mufareh investing in OnPassive with nothing in return, just a promise.

So, OnPassive is nothing more than a shell company selling hope and dream of future profit in AI marketing tools.

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OnPassive AI Marketing Tools

OnPassive has sold thousands of GoFounders memberships based on a dream.

A dream of building the most powerful AI marketing tools for businesses to grow and compete.

OnPassive AI products

All of these AI products are in development without a launch date.

Here’s how OnPassive promotes its AI product portfolio.

Automated Digital Marketing

This AI digital marketing tool will help you with outsourcing marketing tasks such as bringing in traffic, customized crowdfunding, and unlimited rotators and funnels.

Video Conferencing

OnPassive video conferencing tools provide exceptional communication of sound and vision for you and your team. You can easily create rooms, set meeting times and locations, and easily invite people.

VPN Tools

The VPN tools will help to encrypt all of your online data. This will enable your business to operate in a safe and secure environment with enhanced mobility.

Website Builder

OnPassive website builder tools utilize artificial intelligence by providing enhanced user satisfaction. It includes voice search and more.

Video Marketing Tools

This video marketing tool is created specifically for all your marketing campaigns.

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OnPassive ConnectMe Tools

Connect Me helps you stay in touch with your team remotely.

Email Marketing Tools

OnPassive email marketing tools give businesses the power to convert leads into paying customers.

Video Chat Tools

Video chat provides a quick connection for online, face-to-face conversations in an incredibly simplified manner.

IP Tracking Tools

OnPassive IP tracking provides you information such as the name, location, and other info of an IP address.

When Will OnPassive Launch?

OnPassive does look impressive with the product portfolio. The problem is none of these AI products exist. There is no definite launch date for these products.

The last launch date announced by OnPassive was the first quarter of 2020. As usual, nothing happens when the launch date arrived. OnPassive simply extends the launch date.

OnPassive launch date has been moved numerous times over the last two years.

Does anyone ever question why OnPassive can’t even launch one single product in their product portfolio?

This means the company has no product. OnPassive seems to have no intention of launching the business.

There is a possibility that once the company goes live, the OnPassive scam is exposed. This could be the reason for not launching OnPassive.

Is OnPassive An MLM?

OnPassive promotes itself as an MLM company by allowing you to recruit others into your team to earn commissions.

However, you cannot make money from recruiting GoFounders. 100% of the $97 GoFounders fee goes to OnPassive.

I have to say OnPassive used the MLM business model to create hype around the earning.

It is easier to use team commissions to convince others that OnPassive earnings potential is big. I will explain this in the OnPassive compensation plan.

OnPassive GoFounders are encouraged to grow their team quickly before the launch date. They don’t realize that they are promoting the OnPassive MLM scheme for free.

How To Join OnPassive?

You can join OnPassive as a GoFounders. It’s by invitation only.

Don’t worry! You can easily find an OnPassive GoFounders invitation all over the internet and on social media sites.

You must pay a fee to reserve your place as an OnPassive GoFounders.

GoFounders OnPassive Fee

The fee to become a GoFounders is $97.

You get nothing in return. This fee is to reserve your place with the company. Earning doesn’t happen until the OnPassive launch.

Then why are so many people willing to hand over $97?

These GoFounders don’t want to “miss out” on the chance of becoming the next millionaire.

Every scam begins with future earnings hype. It’s designed to attract human greed.

OnPassive Compensation Plan Review

You must look at the OnPassive compensation plan to understand how the scheme works.

The earnings from this compensation plan are based on hypotheticals. This company doesn’t have revenue.

The OnPassive compensation plan is designed using the 3×10 matrix. I’ll explain the main parts of the matrix compensation for you to understand.

There’s no need for an in-depth review of the OnPassive compensation plan because it’s not real. No one makes money with OnPassive currently.

The OnPassive compensation plan doesn’t go into effect until the company launch.

Understand The OnPassive Matrix

This is a copy of the OnPassive matrix compensation plan.

OnPassive compensation plan

This MLM compensation plan is known as a 3 by 10 matrix. It has 10 levels with each level increased by a multiple of 3.

Let look at column 1 (Level) and column 2 (Members) of the OnPassive compensation plan.

  • As a new OnPassive GoFounder, you start at level 1. You are required to recruit 3 members.
  • You advance to level 2 when you help each member in the level 1 recruited 3 members for a total of 9 (3X3).
  • When the 9 members on level 2 each recruited 3 members, you advance to level 3 with 27 (9×3) members in your team.
  • This process repeats until you reach level 10.

The easiest way to understand this OnPassive matrix is by taking a level and multiply by 3.

Example: To advance from level 9 to level 10, you take 19,683 x 3 = 50,049.

OnPassive Commissions

The commission is determined based on the matrix level and the membership plan that you have purchased at the time of signing up.

The OnPassive compensation plan offers 5 membership subscription types:

  1. $25 per month member
  2. $125 per month member
  3. $250 per month member
  4. $500 per month member
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The monthly subscription fees above only apply to members joining OnPassive after the launch date.

All GoFounders start at the $500 memberships. This is important because I believe the entire OnPassive scam is built on this. I’ll explain more later.

OK, let say you join as a GoFounders and recruit 3 members. You are at level 1 of the $500 subscription. Your monthly commission is $126 ($6+$30+$30+60).

As you can see, the faster you grow your team, the more commissions you can earn when OnPassive launches. At level 10, you can earn $2,032,614 in income per month.

The earning potential with the OnPassive compensation plan is impressive. But there is a big flaw that will expose this OnPassive scam.

Let review this in the next section.

Is OnPassive A Legit?

OnPassive doesn’t look legit.

As I review this OnPassive GoFounders investment, the facts indicate to me this OnPassive MLM is a scam.

OnPassive Has Zero Revenue

This entire investment is sold on a promise of future earnings. This company generates no revenue and has no product to sell.

Unrealistic Income

It’s unrealistic for a $97 investment to generate over $2 million per month in return.

The OnPassive compensation only works when members paying the monthly subscription fees. Commissions are derived from these fees.

GoFounders don’t have to pay monthly fees if they invest $97 before launch to reserve this special status. This seems to be the selling point of OnPassive.

Now, you have built a team of 59,049 members (level 10) who are all GoFounders. If all these members don’t have to purchase a monthly subscription, where the commission comes from?

If you tell me from the $97, then you are a fool. It’s not enough to pay every GoFounders in your team.

Can you see the flaw in the OnPassive income promise?

Doesn’t this look like a scam?

No OnPassive Launch Date

No one can tell the exact launch date for OnPassive, not even for a single product.

Doesn’t this sound fishy?

Well, the forever delay launch date seems to be done on purpose.

Just go back and read our previous analysis of “Unrealistic Income,” the best way to avoid commission payout is never launched OnPassive.

Once OnPassive goes live with no GoFounders receiving a commission, it is the end of this investment scheme.

As a Business Review writer, I have evaluated hundreds of home-based and MLM business opportunities to expose scams.

I will never invest with OnPassive. The facts tell me this is a scam.

My Final Review of OnPassive Company

Over 100,000 people signed up as OnPassive GoFounders. They want to lock in the chance of making millions with this company.

Creating a sense of urgency is the best way to promote a scam. This is the OnPassive selling point, “act fast before launch.” GoFounders invests with OnPassive based on fear, not rationale.

If you are looking for a home business opportunity, you need to ask these questions.

Why do you want to start a business?

To make money, right?

But to make money you need to invest in a legit and profitable business opportunity. A business that has strong financial records. OnPassive has nothing.

Why take so much risk with OnPassive?

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I hope this OnPassive review answers your question, is OnPassive a scam or legit?

Until next time.

Please share your experience below.

2 thoughts on “OnPassive Review – Is OnPassive A Scam Or Legit”

  1. I just paid the $97.00 one time fee but after reading your article I may ask for a refund. Thanks for the eye opener.

  2. I have been with this Co. Since Late 2017. They were telling everyone that they were hoping to launch in late 2017. The Orlando Florida address has changed a couple of times. The office was never at those addresses.


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