Is IDplr A Scam or Safe – IDPLR Review

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Free eBook is a popular giveaway enticing people to give out their emails.

IDplr offers hundreds of free eBooks and videos in exchange for emails. This seems like a harmless deal, isn’t it?

Yes, if IDplr is a safe website.

How do you know IDplr is not a scam?

I check online reviews of IDPLR to learn from other experiences.

My research discovers your email is not safe upon downloading free products from IDplr.

But, there’s a fix. I write this blog to share my findings.

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IDPLR Review Summary

Name: IDplr

Business Type: PLR

Investments: $47

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  • You can sell, buy, and download free digital products as a member of IDplr.
  • You can make money with IDplr by inviting others to sign up for free accounts.
  • Free IDplr download products are mostly for personal use. To make money repacking or reselling these products, free members must upgrade to IDplr lifetime membership.
  • It’s not easy to make money reselling IDplr digital products when they are being given out for free.
  • The way you make money is offered IDplr products as gifts to build a customer email list. I’ll discuss more on this later in this review.


What Is IDPLR?

IDplr means Instant Download Private Label Rights. It is an online marketplace to buy and sell digital products such as eBooks, videos, software, and other written content.

Digital products on IDplr come with certain rights of use. I’ll discuss these rights of use in the product section of this IDplr review.

The most power right of use is Private Label Right (PLR). This right gives buyers the power to repackaging, redesigning, and rename the product to their own.

Buying products from IDplr to resell them for profits under your brand sounds exciting, but it doesn’t work in real life.

PLR only works for luxury and high-end products, not the digital products offered by IDplr.

Nobody is going to pay a premium price for the same product that they can get it cheaper or even FREE.

IDPLR Products

Digital products offered on IDplr are eBooks, software, videos, templates, graphics, and music.

IDplr digital products

IDplr products come with certain rights of use. There are 4 types:

  1. Giveaway Rights allow you to give the IDplr product away for free or as an “add-on” bonus to another product you’re selling.
  2. Personal Rights indicate the product for personal use only.
  3. Resell Rights allow you to resell the products for personal use.
  4. Master Resell Rights allow you to sell the product as well as the resale rights to your customers.
  5. Private Label Right gives you all the rights of use, even changing the product to your brand.
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Anyone can download IDplr products with a free account for personal use.

Those wanted to repackage and resell must purchase them under the Private Label Right.

Don’t think you will make a lot of money reselling IDplr products. These digital products are normally used as gifts.

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How Does IDPLR Work?

IDplr is a membership website. You need to sign up for an IDplr membership account
to get access to digital products.

You can join IDplr as a Free member or as a Gold Membership.

IDPLR Free Membership

Most people join IDplr as a free member. It is a great way to discover the different types of digital content available on this platform.

Free members receive 200 digital products with limited rights of use.

You can use this membership to download free eBooks and digital content for personal entertainment.

The highest product right of use for free members is “the giveaway right.” Many affiliate marketers use this giveaway right to help build their email marketing lists.

IDPLR Gold Member

This is IDplr paid membership.

Gold members have access to more than 12,590 PLR products and all future releases.

Besides, IDplr Gold members also receive free web hosting, a landing page builder, and an eCover creator to rebrand IDplr eBooks for resale.

IDplr Gold Membership is for those looking to make money with IDplr.

IDPLR Pricing

IDplr has three different prices for Gold membership. The prices are based on access rights.

You can purchase IDplr 3 months access, IDplr 1 year access, or IDplr lifetime access.

Here are the IDplr pricings:

  • 3 Month Access – $47
  • 1 Year Access – $100
  • Lifetime Access – $149

If you are going to purchase the 1-year access, you might as well purchase for the IDplr lifetime access. This option is the best price.

IDPLR Discount

IDplr is currently offering the following discount directly from its website.

You can visit the IDplr website to get these discount prices:

  • 3 Month Access – $39
  • 1 Year Access – $69
  • Lifetime Access – $89

IDPLR Refund Policy

IDplr offers a 60 days 100% money-back guarantee.

IDplr refund policy

You can use this to get free 2 months access to Gold Member.

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How To Use IDPLR?

There are a variety of options to use IDplr products to grow and build your online business. Some are good suggestions, others you should avoid.

The Best Use of IDplr

  • Repackage and rebrand IDplr digital products to sell on affiliate marketing platforms like Clickbank or JVZoo to make money. But it’s not easy. You are competing with other premium digital products on these platforms.
  • Bundle similar IDplr products to sell as a premium package. By combining similar products, you are creating your own premium digital product. The idea is to deliver more than the other guys.
  • Offer IDplr products as an add-on bonus to an existing product that you are selling. It’s a way to increase the value of your product with no additional cost. Many affiliate marketers adopt this add-on strategy to promote affiliate products.
  • Use IDplr products as a giveaway to build an email list. This is the most popular use of IDplr. It is much easier to ask customers for their email addresses to receive a digital gift. How else can you deliver the gift?

Bad Use IDplr

  • Never use IDplr to create website content or blog post content. The reason is ‘content duplication.’ First, no reader likes to read copy content. Second, duplicated content doesn’t rank well on search engines. Overall, this strategy is bad for your business.
  • The primary source of online income. It is very difficult to make money selling products that people can get at a cheaper price or free.

The best use of IDplr is to build an affiliate marketing business. It offers a variety of digital content to provide your audience.

Affiliate marketing is a real way to earn passive income online. If you are not familiar with this online business model, I invite you to read how I make money every day online.

Is IDPLR A Scam?

IDPLR is a legit PLR online marketplace. You can buy and sell thousands of digital products on this platform. Even free members have access to hundreds of free download digital content.

There are lots of PLR membership websites online. IDplr is safe to use. This website has over 76,000 members and offering more than 12,950 PLR products.

IDplr is legit for two reasons:

  1. It offers free membership. It doesn’t cost a penny to join. Free members are given access to 200 downloadable digital products to enjoy.
  2. The 60 days money back refund policy shows IDplr is not a scam, and it’s safe. I have not heard any complaints from a customer not getting their refunds.

As I research to write this IDplr review, I was surprised to find very few complaints against IDPLR.

The top IDplr complaints relate to outdated information. But this seems to limit to free IDplr download products. I understand these complaints, but this is normal with free stuff.

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All PLR websites use the same marketing technique, giving away free outdated, and unpopular products to attract new members.

IDPLR Alternatives

I suggest you check other PLR websites, not just IDplr.

You can find many of them with a simple Google search for “Private Labe Right.”

You will find similar PRL products on multiple sites. Because the creators, hoping to increase sales will list their digital products all over the web.

Joining multiple PLR websites do not give you access to more products. It’s just a waste of money.

Here’s a small list of IDPLR alternatives:


Those are some PLR sites for you to compare with IDplr. Get a free account first to review the products they offer.

Remember, most free digital products are not updated and without support. If you intend to purchase for resale, it’s important to check for the most current version.

My Final Review of IDPLR

IDPLR is a safe site to download digital products. The popular use of IDplr products is bundling or giving away.

Digital products are the most effective marketing tools to improve the value of your current product or to build a customer base.

IDplr is not an online business opportunity. It’s hard to make money selling products that people can download them for free.

Just think about this,

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To make money, right?

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It sounds like a great idea to repackage IDplr digital products to sell for profits. But this doesn’t work in real life. The problem is too many products with little demand.

The key to business success is selling products where demand is higher than supply.

Why take on so much risk with IDPLR?

There are less expensive opportunities that you can earn a full-time income at home today.

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Yes, I spent less than $300 to launch my online business.

I hope this IDPLR review answers your question, is IDPLR legit?

Until next time.

Please share your experience with IDplr below.

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  1. Hello, I believe they are a scam I purchased and the next day they blocked me from logging saying that I was sharing my login when all I did was log in from my cell phone instead of my laptop I’ve been email and trying to get in contact with NO RESPONSE so I paid $80 because I got it on sale for nothing and only one day of use. I wish I could reach someone to help me! so for me, they are a SCAM!


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