Paparazzi Jewelry Review – What Is Paparazzi Jewelry

She has so much Jewelry.

Jewelry everywhere in the house. I have no place to sit!

I don’t know what is she thinking?

I’ve already told her. Paparazzi Jewelry is a pyramid scheme. It’s a scam.

What are you talking about?

My wife’s Paparazzi Jewelry business.

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Paparazzi Jewelry Review



Name: Paparazzi Jewelry

Business Type: MLM

Investment: $99

Paparazzi is an mlm business opportunity… selling cheap jewelry… I’m telling you… never let your women join an mlm group.

I was at my favorite coffee shop… with my laptop living the writer’s lifestyle… When I heard two men talking about Paparazzi Jewelry mlm.

Since I had my laptop with me… I searched for the Paparazzi Jewelry Review to learn more about this mlm opportunity.

I took a break from writing… sat there listening to two men talking about the wife’s home-based business.

That sounds bad… Did you guys lose a lot of money?

Luckily, I refused to spend more on it… The problem, she could not sell the jewelry!

How can you compete with discount shopping sites like eBay and Wish?

The young man picked up his coffee while offering his own,

Review Of The Paparazzi Jewelry.

I came home from work… a few months ago… She told me that she wanted to start a part-time business to make extra money at home.

That was the first time I heard of the Paparazzi Jewelry… But, I didn’t know it was a pyramid scheme.

You know… my wife was involved with one of them… I think it is Mary Kay’s something… It was bad!

I was told that we can make a lot of money partying… “The Paparazzi Jewelries sells itself… We don’t have to do anything!”

Oh… boy… was I wrong.

Had you sat down with your wife to learn about the business?

Yes… I asked her… We didn’t discuss much.

I’m too busy with works, you know.

So… You only asked her,

What Is Paparazzi Jewelries?

Something like that!

That’s not how you start a business!

But… she explained to me about the business… and It sounded like an awesome idea…

What’s special about Paparazzi Jewelries is that they are custom-made and cheap… most sell for $5 or less… and

The idea of selling jewelry while partying was… interesting, you know.

You went along because of the parting, right? Both men laughed…

Yet, but also because Paparazzi has been in business since 2010… Plus, the startup costs for a Paparazzi Jewelry business are cheap… less than $500.

That’s how these pyramid schemes get you… low investment!

Besides the startup cost, Paparazzi Jewelry is lead-free and nickel-free… Which my wife told me… is a big deal for some women who are metal sensitive.

Another business advantage… Paparazzi Jewelry is limited in quantity… This is “supposed” to create a big demand… because you have to “… grab what you want when you see it. Otherwise, you might miss out!”

I thought Paparazzi is a win-win deal for me and my wife to make money at home… I never thought…

Until we…

Become A Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant

It started by purchasing a starter package… Paparazzi offers us three options… $99 Preview Pack, $299 Small Home Party Kit, or $499 Large Home Party Kit.

Paparazzi Jewelry review starter kits

Let me guess… you and your wife went for the biggest kit?

You know… I thought $499 to start a business is not a bad deal… very inexpensive.

And… we received some jewelry to sell… like 200 pieces… and marketing materials as well.

So, what’s the problem?

It was her mother…

I see… the in-law.

I think we make a mistake signing up under her team.

Yet! I remembered… you needed a sponsor to join these pyramid schemes.

She literally involved in every business decision… it drove me nuts!

My wife is out promoting Paparazzi Jewelry every day with her mom… I have to care for the kids… I thought this is a part-time home-based business… But, it’s not.

It takes a lot of work and time to earn some money…

After the first home party, I realized… you have to sell a lot of $5 jewelry to make a profit… And…

It cost us a lot of money to host the parties.

So, I told my wife… enough… no more party at our house.

What happens, now?

She’s selling them at her mom’s place… Never get home before midnight…

Really, that’s bad.

Did you guys make money?

If we do… she’s not telling me… I haven’t seen the return on my investment.

You… don’t even know the about profits?

You mean the…

Paparazzi Jewelry Compensation Plan

Yes! How do you make money selling Paparazzi jewelry?

They gave me a copy of the compensation plan… It was simple and easy to make money.

Is that what Paparazzi Jewelry says about its compensation plan?

According to my mother-in-law… two options to make money selling Paparazzi jewelry,

Retail sales and Recruiting others… which they called, “Business Building.”

How much on the retail?

I believe 45%… But, if you can sell at the full retail price of $5.

Why can’t you sell at $5?

Competitions… you can find Paparazzi jewelry online at a much cheaper price… even below the wholesale price that we paid.


Don’t believe me… check eBay, Amazon, and Wish… You can find cheap custom jewelry at $2 or less.

Who sells them at such a cheap price?

I think… other Paparazzi consultants dumping inventories.

The part of the Paparazzi jewelry business that I hate… recruiting people to join Paparazzi.

The Paparazzi Jewelry compensation plan offers a 15% commission on the starter kit and a 5% to 10% commission on your team sales.

But… to earn this commission… You have to be an “Active Consultant.”

An active Paparazzi consultant must order the minimum number of jewelry from Paparazzi every month.

Oh, yet… My wife had to do the same thing with Mary Kay… I was told, that the way mlm companies force consultants to buy products.

Yes, we have to order $100 to $300 of jewelry every month that we cannot sell…

Do you know what’s crazy?

If my wife’s lucky and recruited a new consultant willing to spend $499… she makes a $75 commission. ($499 x 15%).

But, to receive this $75… she had to order at least $100 of Paparazzi jewelry.

That’s $25 in the red… This does not include party expenses, time working on the business, and unsold inventory.

We have to put more and more money into the business every month… I have to work overtime to support her, the kids, and the business.

This is insane!

So, yesterday… I explained to my wife how Paparazzi a pyramid scheme, and I told her to close the Paparazzi business.

I’m not giving her another dollar to buy jewelry from the Paparazzi.

Is everything OK between you two?

Yet… My wife is cool… But…

What happens?

My mother-in-law is upset at my wife… They haven’t talked to each other for days.

That’s good for you man… no in-law to deal with.

I know… But, I feel bad for my wife.

Well, what can I do… Business is Business! The young man said.

While listening to the conversation, I thought to myself…

What’s the reason their Paparazzi Jewelry business failed?

It is because…

Paparazzi Jewelry A Pyramid Scheme, or?

I know Paparazzi is an mlm… But, based on their conversation,

Paparazzi doesn’t sound like a pyramid scheme.

According to the young man, Paparazzi consultants don’t make money on recruiting new consultants. They make money on selling jewelry… If this is true,

Then Paparazzi is not a pyramid scheme under the law.

The young man kept saying… “We have to buy jewelry that we cannot sell.”

It seems that they are treating this mlm business as a retail business…

As we have discussed in MLM vs Affiliate Marketing… to become successful with mlm opportunity, you have to be super good at recruiting, face-to-face selling.

It’s impossible to make profits operating an mlm as a retail business… If you want to make money retailing jewelry, you should go for affiliate marketing.

Paparazzi Jewelry offers an exciting line of custom jewelry… But it’s still an mlm business.

  • When this young couple started their Paparazzi business, their failure rate is over 99%… the failure rate for mlm business.
  • When they operate an mlm as a retail business, their failure rate goes up to 99.9%.

They are unsuccessful not because of Paparazzi a pyramid scheme… But because they did not know how to run a business.

Let review the reasons they choose the Paparazzi business:

  • Paparazzi offers custom jewelry only $5,
  • Paparazzi jewelry is lead-free and nickel-free,
  • Paparazzi jewelry is limited in quantity, and
  • My wife can sell jewelry.

I heard this same story over and over with people entering the mlm business… “I join because I love what they are doing… They have the best products, and I am a believer.”

Those are not the reasons we become business owners…

We start a business to make money…

When I started my online writing business, I asked, “Can I make money as a writer?”

If you are looking for ways to make money from home, Paparazzi Jewelry mlm is not your only option.

YES, you can earn six-figure as a writer.

Can you write? Here’s how you get paid for writing!

This concludes our Coffee Talk on “Paparazzi Jewelry Review.”

Until next time…

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