Is Synergy Worldwide a Scam? Synergy Worldwide Review

Synergy Worldwide has been around since 1999. Why would anyone call a 20 plus years old company ‘Synergy Worldwide’ a scam?

When someone refers to Synergy Worldwide as a scam, they are talking about the MLM business opportunity, not the products.

This Synergy Worldwide review will discuss two important business topics:

  1. Is Synergy Worldwide a scam or a pyramid scheme?
  2. Can you really achieve financial freedom with Synergy Worldwide?

So, this is a business review of Synergy Worldwide, not a product review.

If you are planning to join this mlm, you might want to read this Synergy Worldwide to discover all the risks and rewards owning this mlm business.

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Synergy Worldwide Review Summary

Synergy Worldwide

Vasayo, Valentus, IDLife, 5LINX, Herbalife, KaratBars, Q Sciences, Vorwerk, Trevo

Business Opportunity: (MLM)

Initial Investments: $550

Annual Revenue:
See Nature’s Sunshine Products

  • Synergy Worldwide is an mlm health and wellness company that offers a wide range of nutritional supplements with the main product line includes: Proargi-9+, Heart Health, Core Nutrition, Weight Management, Fitness, and Personal Care.
  • Synergy Worldwide products are manufactured by the parent company Nature’s Sunshine Products’.
  • Nature’s Sunshine Products’ took over Synergy Worldwide in 2000 when the company was in operation for only one year.
  • Synergy Worldwide was launched by Dan Higginson, who is still running the company at the time of this review.
  • According to Mr. Higginson, “Synergy mlm business opportunity is your gateway to personal freedom and financial independence.”
  • The company claims to payout 55% of the profit to the distributors. However, there are not financial documents to back up this claim. The company doesn’t provide an Income Disclosure Statement (IDS) to the public.
  • As a Synergy Worldwide distributor, you make money selling and recruiting others to join the company mlm opportunity.
  • Synergy Worldwide is a sale and recruiting business opportunity. This home-based business is not suitable for people without sales or recruiting background.


What Is Synergy Worldwide?

Synergy Worldwide is an mlm health and wellness company.

The company markets and sells a wide range of supplement products designed to improve your overall health.

The company opened its mlm operation in 1999 by Dan Higginson. It was sold to Nature’s Sunshine Products’ (NSP) in 2000, after just one year in operation.

At the time of this Synergy Worldwide review research, the company is still run by Mr. Higginson under NSP ownership.

This is an mlm opportunity provided little or no financial track record regarding its distributors’ income. I am unable to locate an income disclosure statement (IDS) for this company. This should be a warning for anyone interested in joining this business opportunity.

I’ll discuss the importance of an IDS report later in this Synergy Worldwide review.

I strongly recommend that you carefully evaluate and compare Synergy Worldwide mlm with other home-based business opportunities before joining.

You can use My #1 Business Opportunity to make a comparison.

How To Join Synergy Worldwide?

Your sponsor can help you with the application to join Synergy Worldwide and start your own distribution business.

You to apply online or send in a form to the company for approval.

However, completing the application process does not mean you are qualified to earn commissions with Synergy Worldwide. You must purchase a Pack and sign for an AUTOSHIP to qualify for commissions.

I’ll share with you the total investment required in the following sections of this Synergy Worldwide review.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Synergy Worldwide?

According to the Synergy Worldwide compensation plan, you must activate your Business Center (BC), after signing up to become a distributor, to start earning commissions.

An Elite Distributor rank is required to qualify for all commissions outlined in the compensation plan.

The cost to join Synergy Worldwide as an Elite Distributor is $550 (500 CV).

You can activate your BC purchasing a Starter Pack for $330 (300 CV) but will not be eligible for Elite Rebate commissions.

synergy worldwide starter pack

Besides the initial investment, you are required purchasing at least 240 CV ($264) of products every 6 months to maintain your membership with Synergy Worldwide.

The business expenses listed above are just to get your business up and running. There are monthly sales volume requirements, which you must meet to advance in rank and earn commissions.

I will discuss the monthly sales volume requirements in the compensation plan section of this Synergy Worldwide review.

You must also include your times, marketing materials, travel expenses, and gas into your monthly business budget to determine the total costs of operating a Synergy Worldwide business.

One thing that I hate about mlm is the monthly sales volume (PV) requirement. This is designed to convert you into a paying customer.

Why do you have to sell a certain number of products to earn commissions? This is the reason I choose the Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunity where you earn commissions on every sale, no sales volume requirement.

To understand why mlm opportunities require a monthly sales volume, you should read our discussion on MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing.

Synergy Worldwide Compensation Plan Overview

Synergy Worldwide claims that its compensation plan is designed to pay out 55% to distributors. Let see if this is true.

You have two options to make money with Synergy Worldwide: sell products and recruiting people to join your team.

Let discuss the important points of the Synergy Worldwide compensation plan. To see the full version, just click on the link to download a copy.

Make Money Selling Synergy Worldwide Products

As a qualified Synergy Worldwide distributor, you can purchase products at a wholesale price and retail them for a profit.

The company suggests you add a 20% markup on the wholesale price to earn a retail profit.

I will say this; Synergy Worldwide products are primarily purchased by Distributors to meet their monthly sales volume requirements. This is how mlm companies make money.

You will not make a lot of money selling Synergy Worldwide products on the market.

If you want to become successful with mlm opportunity, you must recruit others to join your Synergy Worldwide business. Because the bulk of your income will come from people in your organization purchasing the products, downline commissions.

Make Money Recruiting Others to Join Synergy Worldwide

When people join Synergy Worldwide, they are required to maintain an active status and continue operating as a Distributor.

Before I continue, you need to understand what is Commissionable Volume (CV)?

The CV is points assigned to each product by Synergy Worldwide. As a distributor, you must either sell or purchase a minimum number of CV each month to maintain an active status and earn commissions.

Synergy Worldwide offers you three ways to maintain active status:

  • You can purchase products worth at least 240 CV ($264) every 6 months.
  • You can place an order at least 120 CV ($132) each month, or
  • Signup for a monthly AUTOSHIP of at least 100 CV ($110). However, the company suggests 150 CV ($165) to qualify for Elite Rebate commissions.

Based on the CVs requirement above, this means every Distributor that you recruit have purchasing products from Synergy Worldwide to remain active. When they purchase products, you earn commissions.

The more people you recruit, the more CVs they have to order, the more money you earn. This is how mlm works.

Once you are active and eligible, here are your options to make money from your enrollees:

Fast-Start Bonus

Fast-Start Bonus is earned when your new recruits order at least 150 CV worth of products.

Here’s how much you can earn:

  • You earn $25 for an order worth 150 CV.
  • You earn $50 on orders worth 300 CV.
  • You earn $100 on order worth 500 CV.

Every sponsor wants the recruit to order products up to 500 CVs. This is the highest commission that they can earn.

Remember, you have to invest at least 500 CVs to active your BC and eligible to earn all commissions under the Synergy compensation plan?

It is natural for new distributors purchasing 500 CVs because they don’t want to miss out on earning commissions.

Elite Rebate Bonus

Distributors are not eligible for the Elite Rebate unless they maintain a monthly product order of at least 150 CV ($165).

When everyone in your organization must place 150 CV order each month, you can earn a good junk of commissions.

Once eligible for Elite Rebate, you can earn a 25% rebate for orders above 150 CV.

Let say you place an order for the month totaling 200 CV of products. 150 CV goes to your Elite Rebate eligibility. You receive a 25% rebate on the remaining 50 CV, which is $12.50 (50 x 25%).

Basic Commission

The basic commission is determined using a binary structure.

The binary structure requires you to have two teams, 1 on the right and 1 on the left.

Both teams must generate enough CVs for you to earn a 10% basic commission. The commission is calculated using the weak leg.

Below is a quick calculation of basic commission.

synergy worldwide basic commission

As new team members join your organization, each is assigned either to the right or the left team. Their monthly CV orders are pooled together to pay you the monthly basic commission.

The basic commission is your monthly recurring income. This is designed to encourage Distributors to recruit instead of selling products.

Mega-Match Bonus

Synergy Worldwide will pay you a dollar-to-dollar on every Basic Commission earned by team members that you personally recruit. This is called Mega-Match Bonus.

The illustration below will help you understand how Mega-Match Bonus works.

synergy worldwide mega-match bonus explain

This bonus is another example of how Synergy Worldwide encourages recruiting over product sales.

You can earn unlimited Mega-Match Bonus from team members that you personally sponsor.

There are other leadership bonuses, commissions, and incentives that require you to build a large team to qualify. I consider these bonuses not the main option for new Synergy Worldwide distributors to make money. If you are interested in learning about these leadership bonuses, I suggest reading the compensation plan for more information.

I hope you can see that the Synergy Worldwide compensation plan was designed to convert you into a customer, purchasing products to become active and qualify for commissions.

Can You Make Money with Synergy Worldwide?

As discussed earlier, the best way to make money with Synergy Worldwide mlm is by recruiting others to join your team, not selling products.

Since Synergy Worldwide doesn’t publish an Income Disclosure Statement (IDS). It is difficult to know exactly how many Distributors earn a full-time income promoting Synergy Worldwide.

MLM company that does not publish the IDS report is a Red Flag. It suggests Distributors are not making money.

You don’t need a copy of the IDS report to know that 99% of mlm distributors make little or no money.


Because mlm compensation plans are designed to convert distributors into customers, not business owners.

Synergy Worldwide distributors must purchase products every month to stay in business and receive commissions, even when they cannot sell the products.

Is Synergy Worldwide a Scam?

Synergy Worldwide is not a scam. The company offers you an opportunity to start a business from home. You must carefully evaluate this opportunity before investing. The risk of starting a new business is losing all your investments. With Synergy Worldwide mlm, this risk is very high. When people cannot make money, they call Synergy Worldwide a scam.

You are responsible for researching, studying, and investigating Synergy Worldwide before joining.

Many people join mlm because they believe or love the products. This is not how you evaluate an mlm opportunity.

The right way to evaluate an mlm business opportunity is by analyzing the financial documents and/or reading Synergy Worldwide reviews.

Reviews that discuss the risks and rewards associated with operating this home-based business, not product reviews.

As the owner of an Online Business Review, I have evaluated hundreds of home-based business opportunities.

It’s true that Synergy Worldwide is not a scam, but it is unlikely that you can achieve financial freedom.

Is Synergy Worldwide A Pyramid Scheme?

No mlm company will admit that they are a pyramid scheme.

The best way to tell a pyramid is by looking at the compensation plan.

MLMs that reward members based on recruiting activities are considered an illegal pyramid scheme.

Under the Synergy Worldwide compensation plan, you make money when your team members purchased Synergy Worldwide products to maintain an active status and qualify for commissions.

Synergy Worldwide distributors do not directly make money recruiting others. But they are indirectly making money when team members are to force purchasing products monthly.

So, more people join your team, more money you will make. This is how you build a pyramid.

You don’t have to agree with me that Synergy Worldwide is a pyramid scheme. But you can’t deny that the compensation plan is designed to convert you into customers, not to help you build a successful business.

Is Synergy Worldwide Worth It?

If you believe Synergy Worldwide products improved your health, then it might worth the investment.

For those looking to start a profitable business, I don’t think Synergy Worldwide is worth it.

After carefully studying and reviewing the Synergy Worldwide opportunity, I don’t see anything special or unique about Synergy Worldwide. This is just another mlm opportunity that uses hopes and dreams to sell products.

I like to ask you this.

Do you know why you want to start a home-based business?

To earn extra money from home, to be your own boss, or to achieve financial freedom?

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Synergy Worldwide uses multilevel network marketing to promote and sell supplement products.

The mlm strategy is to recruit people as distributors, then require them purchasing products to remain active and eligible for commissions.

The truth is, not many distributors make money with mlm. You must continuously recruit new people to grow your team and make money.

If you hate sales or recruiting, like me, then you will have a hard time building a successful business with Synergy Worldwide.

There are other home-based business opportunities that do not require face-to-face selling or recruiting.

I choose This #1 Business Opportunity to make my fortune. You should click on the link to investigate my home-based business before joining an mlm.

I hope my Synergy Worldwide review answers your question, is Synergy Worldwide a scam?

Until next time.

Please share your own Synergy Worldwide experience below.

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