Is PHP Agency Legit – PHP Agency Review

PHP (People Helping People) Agency is offering you a job and an opportunity to build your own home-based business.

This marketing slogan sounds enticing. But with so many home-based business scams promoting online, you must be wondering is PHP Agency legit?

You are not the only one asking what’s the PHP Agency about?

The truth is: “PHP Agency is a multilevel marketing (MLM) company.”

This doesn’t mean PHP Agency is illegitimate or a scam.

We know less than 1% of people make money with MLM opportunities.

Is PHP Agency different? Or Can you make money with PHP Agency?

Let answer these questions in our PHP Agency review.

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PHP Agency Review Summary

Name: PHP Agency

Business Type: MLM

Investment: $159

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  • PHP Agency agents sell life insurance and other financial products to earn commissions.
  • The home-based business opportunity is structured using an MLM model.
  • PHP Agency pays a low commission rate compared to other insurance agencies.
  • PHP Agency expects every agent to purchase a life insurance policy with the company. I’ll explain more later.
  • This business requires traveling to sell insurance and recruit new agents. You are not a work-from-home with this business opportunity.
  • If you hate sales and recruits, PHP Agency MLM is not for you.


What Is PHP Agency?

PHP Agency is a financial services company selling term and permanent insurances, debt settlements, 401k rollovers, and more.

The company uses the MLM business model to recruit and offer agents the dream of business ownership.

PHP Agency was launched in 2009 by Patrick Bet-David. This company is based in Addison, Texas.

At the time of conducting this PHP Agency review, the company estimated annual revenue is $13 billion with over 14,000 registered agents.

PHP Agency agents make money selling financial products and building a team.

Recruiting events are organized to sell MLM products because new agents are expected to purchase an insurance policy upon joining the team.

Block—You can use My Writing Business to make a comparison.

PHP Agency Products

As an agent, you are expected to purchase PHP Agency products.

It’s important to discuss the quality of the products in this PHP Agency review to help you choose the right one.

PHP sells two types of financial products:

  1. Term and Permanent Life Insurances, and
  2. Annuities
PHP Agency Life Insurance

PHP Agency’s target market is middle-class incomes.

The agency uses life insurance products as part of financial planning services focusing on asset protection.

PHP Agency sells the following life insurance products:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Return-of-Premium Term Life Insurance
  • No Medical Life Insurance
  • Index Universal Life Insurance
  • Fixed Index Annuity

PHP partners with leading life insurance companies to offer insurance products to clients. These companies include NLG, ANICO, AIG, Mutual of Omaha, Foresters, Global Atlantic, and many others.

It’s safe to say that PHP Agency life insurance products are legit.

However, PHP Agency decides to adopt the MLM model to promote and sell life insurances.

Do you know why?

PHP Agency Is An MLM

PH Agency uses multilevel marketing (MLM) to sell products to agents.

New agents are expected to purchase a life insurance policy from PHP if they want to join the MLM opportunity.

The PHP Agency MLM recruiting events are sale events, using the home-based business opportunity to find new customers.

New agents are asked to promote insurance products to friends and families even before they are licensed by the government to sell life insurances.

So, PHP Agency adopts the MLM model to sell life insurances. The agency has little interested in helping you build a successful business.

Now you know why over 99% of agents make no money.

Is PHP Agency A Pyramid Scheme?

PHP Agency is not a pyramid scheme by carefully structure the business to comply with the FTC regulations.

According to the FTC, MLMs are pyramid schemes unless they offer real goods or services.

Technically, PHP Agency is not a pyramid because the agency sells real products, life insurances.

But this doesn’t mean you can make money with PHP Agency.

Selling life insurances to the public is not easy. Make money as a life insurance agent is a tough job. PHP Agency knows this.

This agency sells you a dream, an opportunity to be your own boss. The purpose is to build a relationship with you to sell life insurance to you, your friends, and your family members.

I call this MLM strategy a classic bait and switch scam.

Working for PHP Agency

You can work for the PHP Agency by paying the registration fee. This is not a job.

The recruiting or interview appointment is a sales presentation. Anyone willing to pay, get hired.

You are not an employee of the PHP Agency. You are an independent agent working to build your own business.

Those interested in working for the PHP Agency are required to pay these fees.

PHP Agency Cost

To become an agent, PHP Agency charges $150. This fee covers your agent account and training.

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There are additional costs to obtain a professional license from your state to sell life insurance. Licensing costs include:

  • $20 for your state pre-licensing course class
  • Approximately $500 for a state test, fingerprints, and continuing education

Once you become a licensed insurance agent, you are required to purchase the following products and services:

  • PHP Agency Blueprint for about $24
  • $15 per month to use PHP App for agents
  • Purchase a life insurance policy

Besides the costs above, there are other requirements that you must meet to keep your business with PHP Agency.

Many online PHP Agency reviewers don’t mention these requirements, but they are important.

You must meet the monthly minimum sales volume and recruiting requirements to receive commissions and stay in business. MLM companies use this requirement to force you to purchase products or sell more to your friends and family members. I hate MLM because of this.

Think about this,

Why do you have to purchase an insurance policy from the PHP Agency for the opportunity to sell life insurances?

PHP Agency should be paying you as an agent for the agency.

As an Affiliate Marketer, companies pay me to promote and sell their products online.

The monthly sales volume is used to convert agents into customers. You should read our discussion on MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing to learn more.

I understand it costs money to start a business. But can you recover the investment working for PHP Agency?

We will discuss this issue in the next section of this PHP Agency review.

PHP Agency Salary Review

PHP Agency doesn’t pay agents a fixed salary. You earn commissions from selling life insurance and recruiting other agents.

Your salary is based on your performance. There is no way to know your exact salary.

We can only review the PHP Agency compensation plan to understand how you make money as an agent.

PHP Agency Compensation Plan Review

PHP Agency claims its compensation plan payout 152% commission. This is not true.

Before we start reviewing the PHP Agency compensation plan, there are few fine prints I want to point out to you:

  1. This compensation plan is a 3×9 matrix.
  2. Agents must meet both sale and recruiting quota each month to qualify for commission and rank promotion.
  3. There is no override commission.

The PHP Agency compensation plan is very confusing. I’ll explain the main parts of this plan to simplify the entire compensation calculation.

The commissions are determined based on your rank.

So, let look at the PHP Agency ranks.

PHP Agency Rank Levels

PHP Agency has 11 rank levels. New agents start at the lowest level and work their way up.

You must meet the level requirements to get promoted and earn that rank commission.

Here are the rank levels and requirements:

Level 1 – Trainee

New recruits who have signed the associate agreement and paid the fee.

Trainees receive a 30% commission on any sales that they refer to PHP Agency.

Level 2 – Associate
  • Recruiting 3 trainees
  • Making 3 sales
  • Team total products sold $3,000

Associates are not a licensed agent. You earn a 40% commission on each sales referral you send to PHP Agency.

Level 3 – Field Associate
  • Become a licensed agent
  • Have 1 Associate in your team
  • Recruit 15 trainees
  • Make 15 sales
  • Team total products sold $30,000

You are now a fully licensed agent. You can sell life insurance. You earn a 50% commission on every policy you write with PHP Agency.

Level 4 – Director
  • Have 2 FAs or 1 FA and 2 A in your team
  • 6 licensed agents in your team
  • Recruiting 30 trainees
  • Making 30 sales
  • Team total products sold $60,000

As a Director, you earn a 50% commission on your sales and qualify to up to 10% Pool Bonus.

Level 5 – Marketing Director
  • Have 3 FAs or 1 DD and 1 FA in your team
  • 15 licensed agents in your team
  • Recruiting 50 trainees
  • Making 50 sales
  • Team total products sold $100,000

Marketing Directors earn 75% personal sales commission and qualify for 20% Pool Bonus.

Level 6 – Senior Marketing Director
  • 2 MDs in your team
  • 60 licensed agents in your team
  • Team recruiting 100 trainees
  • Team sales 100
  • Team total products sold $200,000

Senior Marketing Directors earn 77% personal sales commission and qualify up to 30% Pool Bonus.

Level 7 – Executive Marketing Director
  • 4 MDs in your team
  • 120 licensed agents in your team
  • Team recruiting 200 trainees
  • Team sales 200
  • Team total products sold $400,000

Executive Marketing Directors earn 78% personal sales commission and qualify for 40% Pool Bonus.

Level 8 – Senior Vice President
  • 6 MDs in your team
  • 180 licensed agents in your team
  • Team recruiting 300 trainees
  • Team sales 300
  • Team total products sold $600,000

Senior Vice Presidents earn 79% personal sales commission and qualify for 40% Pool Bonus.

Level 9 – Executive Vice President
  • 8 MDs in your team
  • 240 licensed agents in your team
  • Team recruiting 400 trainees
  • Team sales 400
  • Team total products sold $800,000

Executive Vice Presidents earn 80% personal sales commission and qualify for 40% Pool Bonus.

Level 10 – President’s Council
  • 10 MDs in your team
  • 300 licensed agents in your team
  • Team recruiting 500 trainees
  • Team sales 500
  • Team total products sold $1,000,000

President’s Councils earn 81% personal sales commission and qualify for 40% Pool Bonus.

Level 11 – Chairman’s Council
  • 12 MDs in your team
  • 600 licensed agents in your team
  • Team recruiting 600 trainees
  • Team sales 600
  • Team total products sold $1,200,000

Chairman’s Councils earn 82% personal sales commission and qualify for 40% Pool Bonus.

Now you have some idea of the PHP Agency ranks, it’s easier to discuss the commissions.

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This compensation plan is designed for recruiting, not selling.

The way to make more money is advanced in rank levels.

Rank promotion achieves by recruiting the minimum number of new associates listed for each rank. Every new associate expects to purchase an insurance policy from PHP Agency. This will helps you qualified for rank promotion.

Let assume you join at the Associate rank (level 2). How do you advance to the Field Associate (FA) rank level?

  1. You recruit 15 people.
  2. Each recruit purchases an insurance policy paying a premium at least $200 per month.
  3. You have met all the FA rank requirements with 15 recruits, 15 sales, and $36,000 in sales revenue.

The more you recruit, the more you earn.

PHP Agency Residual Commissions

PHP Agency offers Pool Bonus, no residual, or overrides commissions.

You do not qualify for Pool Bonus until you have reached the Director rank, level 4. Low-level agents receive no reward for recruiting and team building. They are helping PHP Agency built a team for free.

The PHP compensation plan is clearly designed to make money for people at the top of the pyramid, not the agents at the bottom.

I hope you can see how PHP Agency makes money by recruiting you using the MLM scheme. This company has little or no interest in helping you make money or build a successful business.

PHP Agency Pay Is Low

The best way to understand PHP Agency pay rates is by comparing the commission rates against the traditional insurance sales agencies, non-MLM.

My research has indicated the PHP Agency commission pay rates are lower.

Traditional insurance sales agencies pay new agents up to 70% commission vs. 30% commission by PHP Agency.

You make more money working for an insurance sales agency than with this MLM.

Do you know why people love to work for PHP Agency?

Because they are the owner of a business, not an insurance agent. This is how PHP agents see themselves.

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Is PHP Agency Legit?

There is nothing illegitimate about selling life insurances. PHP Agency is a legit insurance agency.

The issue with PHP is the MLM structure. This agency takes advantage of your desire to be a business owner to sell life insurance.

Your compensation and promotion are based on the number of people you have recruited into PHP Agency.

the PHP Agency recruiting events are sales meetings, searching for the next dreamers to fall into the scam.

PHP Agents are expected to purchase a life insurance policy, then recruiting friends and family members to buy more life insurance from PHP Agency.

Does PHP Agency MLM sound legit to you?

Next, I like to share customer complaints and testimonials to highlight the PHP Agency scheme.

PHP Agency BBB Review

You can find more complaints and testimonials on the PHP Agency BBB webpage.

This complaint was from an agent telling us about the PHP Agency job.


The statement above shows us that PHP Agency MLM business opportunity is a scheme to sell life insurances.

This agency has no interest in helping you build a successful business.

Now, I want you to read this testimonial from another agent posted on the PHP Agency BBB webpage.


This doesn’t sound like PHP helping this agent start a business.

The agency recruited this agent, then convinced him to convert all his family insurance policies and 401K investments into PHP Agency.

As a Business Review writer, I have evaluated hundreds of home-based and MLM business opportunities to expose scams.

PHP Agency MLM is a bait and switch scheme. This is not a legit business opportunity.

The Truth About PHP Agency

Here is the truth about PHP Agency:

  • PHP Agency is an MLM.
  • PHP Agency uses the MLM scheme to sell life insurances.
  • PHP Agency doesn’t offer you a business opportunity.
  • PHP Agency recruits you to help them sell insurance to your friends and family members.
  • PHP has no interest in helping you make money.

Is this the type of business opportunity you want to invest in?

Just ask yourself this question, why do you want to start a business?

To make money, right?

And to make money you invest in a legit and profitable business opportunity.

PHP Agency is an MLM scheme, neither legit nor profitable.

Why take so much risk with PHP Agency?

There’s a lucrative method that I and millions of people have been using to generate six-figure passive income online.

You must read my #1 recommended online business opportunity.

Can you write?

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You are not going to make money with PHP Agency.

There are better business opportunities for you to generate a full-time income from home.

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I hope this PHP Agency review answers your question, is PHP Agency legit?

Until next time.

Please share your experience below.

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