Is Clickworker Legit: Insider Clickworker Review

The internet gives us new ways to make money from home, some good, some bad, and few scams. Clickworker micro-jobs is one of them.

There are mixed reviews of Clickworker online.

Many say Clickworker is a legit work from home job, while others calling the site, a scam.

Don’t you want to know the truth?

I have done my research, and I am writing this Clickworker review to share with you my findings.

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Clickworker Review Summary

Name: Clickworker

Business Type: Micro-Jobs

Investment: Free

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  • You can make money from home completing micro-tasks for Clickworker.
  • Clickworker pays a few pennies for each completed project. There are high paying projects, up to $15, but these are rare.
  • Inconsistency of work is the basis of Clickworker scam complaints. There will be months that you cannot find a single task to make money.
  • You will get paid for your works. This part of Clickworker is legit. However, don’t expect to earn $9 – $10 per hour for 8 hours each day.
  • Here’s the truth, you are not going to earn a full-time income working for Clickworker. But you can use this platform to launch a lucrative online business working from home. I’ll explain everything below.


What Is Clickworker?

Clickworker is a freelance platform allowing individuals to work from home performing micro-tasks.

Clickworkers earn money completing small projects on their own schedule from anywhere in the world with a computer and Internet access.

The company was incorporated in 2005 as Humangird (GmbH) in Germany.

GmbH introduced the website in 2010.

By 2011 the company’s independent workforce grows to 150,000 Clickworkers.

The company officially changed its name to Clickworker in 2013.

At the time of writing this Clickworker review, the company has over 2 million Clickworkers working worldwide.

Clickworker offers companies a convenient and cost-effective option to outsource simple tasks to crowd micro-workers.

At the same time, the company offers individuals an opportunity to earn a little money from home completing these small tasks.

Clickworker Jobs

Clickworker jobs are small tasks that take seconds or minutes to complete and pay pennies.

You can find the following jobs on

  • Data Annotation: It’s the work of evaluating, analyzing, and categorizing the content of websites, search results, images, or documents.
  • Text Creation: These micro-tasks are creating short descriptions for cities, hotels, software, or fashion items. This work also involves copying and editing existing texts.
  • Proofreading: Proofreaders edit the text to correct spelling, grammar, style, or proper use and expression.
  • Research: These micro jobs involve searching for data on the Internet, such as addresses of companies or restaurants. It also includes verifying and updating existing data.
  • App Testing: Your job is to test the design, functionality, and usability of different apps.
  • Mystery Visit: These tasks require you to leave your house. You visit nearby stores to take pictures of products and upload them to Clickworker.
  • Surveys: Clickworker offers different opportunities for you to share opinions and earn money.
  • Photo Capturing: Take a quick selfie of everyday objects or situations and upload them on to earn cash.
  • Video Recordings: Video jobs are a short recording of you performing a simple activity from a list of tasks on Clickworker.
  • Audio Recordings: These projects ask for a quick recording of different voice commands.

All Clickworker jobs can be done from home on a laptop or computer.

Clickworkers set their own work schedule. They decide when and how much you want to work.

However, to earn a reasonable hourly rate, Clickworkers would have to perform hundreds of the micro-jobs on the list.

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Working for Clickworker

No experience is required. Anyone 18 or older can apply to work for Clickworker.

You begin the job application process by creating a free account at This takes about one or two hours to complete.

The account registration requires proof of identity by providing a copy of your Social Security Number, passport, or driver’s license. Many people don’t trust Clickworker and refuse to provide these documents. Some even accuse Clickworker of running a scam, arguing why the company needs people SSN for a job paying pennies.

Once the account is set up, you need to complete and pass a few assessments before you can work and earn money.

These assessments consist of the basic English Placement Test and Job Qualification. It takes about two hours to complete all of them. There is no retake, and you must pass all assessments to start working for Clickworker.

Do you think is worth it to take so much risk to apply for a job that pays a few pennies/cents per task?

How Much Does Clickworker Pay?

The pay rates are posted along with the jobs. Clickworker pays $0.50 to $2 for every completed task.

However, you must finish the task within the allotted time to get paid.

Clickworker paying $2 for 15 minutes of work is very good. It is the same as earning $8 per hour. But these $2 jobs are not guaranteed. You are lucky to get 3 of these jobs in a day.

You will be spending more time searching for a job than working on a project.

Lack of jobs and oversupply of labor has created a situation where Clickworkers go for days without work.

How can you make money when there’s no job available?

The claim of making $8 per hour working for Clickworker is overrated.

How Does Clickworker Pay?

Clickworker pays you using these payment methods: PayPal, Direct Deposit, and Transferwise. PayPal is the preferred payment method for most Clickworkers.

Money earned from completing jobs is credited to your Clickworker account within 7 days.

Your account must meet the minimum cash amount to receive a payment from Clickworker.

PayPal users receive a Clickworker pay every week between Wednesday and Friday. This is the quickest payment option.

Bank deposits occur once a month.

Transferwise payments are sent out twice a month and required a minimum payable amount of $10.

How often you receive payment depends on the payment method that you selected.

How Much Can You Make On Clickworker?

You can make $2 for every 15 to 20 minutes working on Clickworker. But you are not going to earn a consistent pay rate of $8 per hour.

There’s not enough job on Clickworker to keep you busy and earn a full-time income.

Your earnings depend on the project pay rate and the time required to complete it.

You must complete the job within the assigned time frame. The countdown timer will start once you begin working on a project. You will not get paid if the time runs out.

You are unable to make money on Clickworker not because of the pay rate, but because of the lack of works.

You make more money doing online surveys with Swagbucks than with

Is Clickworker Legit?

Clickworker is a legit site for you to earn a few bucks. This company has over 2 million independent workers worldwide. It’s a safe site for you to work from home.

However, don’t expect to make a lot of money on Clickworker. This is a micro-working platform where each task pays pennies.

There will be many days that you earn nothing because of no work. This doesn’t make Clickworker a scam or illegitimate company.

Clickworker is not the place to help you pay the bills. But you sure can make enough cash to purchase a cup of Starbucks.

Site Similar to Clickworker

There are many sites similar to Clickworker that allow you to make a few dollars working on micro-tasks.

If you enjoy earning pennies, you might want to check out these sites to get more jobs.


TryMyUI offers user testing services to digital developers looking to improve their products. You can join this company and work as a tester to evaluate websites and apps to earn some cash. Each task pays up to $10.

Rev Transcription

Rev Transcription offers an opportunity to make money transcribing audio and video clips into texts. The company pays $0.30 per audio/video minute. This company pays more than Clickworker.


Swagbucks is a popular and largest micro-jobs site online. Most people think of Swagbucks as a survey site. However, Swagbucks does offer micro tasks for you to make money. You can easily find more works on this site compared to Clickworker.

No assessment is required to work for Swagbucks. The company even pays a $10 sign up bonus to every new member.

These are the popular micro-jobs platforms for you to make money from home.

There are many more micro-jobs sites similar to Clickworker out there that aren’t worth your time.

The only way to get more work is by joining the largest and most popular sites.

Is Clickworker Worth It?

Considering the lack of works and low earning, Clickworker is not worth it to invest your time.

You should consider very carefully before handing over your SSN and Passport to work for a few pennies per task. The risk of working with Clickworker is quite high.

Listen, Clickworker is not the place for you to earn a full-time income, not even for earning a few quick bucks.

If you are searching for a way to generate consistent work and income working from home, you should consider taking on some freelance works.

You get more work and make more money as a freelancer than working for Clickworker.

Don’t waste your time with Clickworker.

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I hope this Clickworker review answers your question, is Clickworker legit?

Until next time.

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