Community Influencer Academy Review, Scam Or Legit?

Community Influencer Academy Review, Scam Or Legit?

Digital lead generation has become the hottest trend for business to promote their products and services online.

Online programs such as the Community Influencer Academy promises a simple and easy way to digital lead generation success.

Aarin Chung seems to claim the only way to stay profitable in the real estate business is through digital lead generation.

The old way of in-person marketing is dead.

Is this true? Or, Aarin creating hype to promote and sell her Community Influencer Academy?

The question, whether Community Influencer Academy is legit grows louder every day.

So, I decided to research the Community Influencer Academy to see what this is about.

Here’s my review of the Community Influencer Academy.

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Community Influencer Academy Review Summary

Name: Community Influencer Academy
Business Type: Digital Lead Generation
Investment: $1,500

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  • Community Influencer Academy offers a new way for real estate agents to find sales lead, digital lead generations.
  • Aarin Chung claims the real estate business is a social media business, not a personal business.
  • This program teaches real estate agent the process of generating leads through FaceBook and Google ads.
  • Generating sales leads with digital ads requires a large spending budget. One mistake, you can lose thousands of dollars in minutes.
  • Community Influencer Academy is legit. The risk is wasting your money on something that doesn’t work.
  • It’s true that people using the web to search for homes, but most prefer to see the property before signing the contract. Personal experience is unlikely to go away with real estate.
  • If you hate in-person sales, I don’t see how Community Influencer Academy can help you. You should save the money and invest in a business that doesn’t require sales.


What Is Community Influencer Academy?

Community Influencer Academy is an online training program teaching real estate agents how to generate leads using Facebook and Google ads.

This community is owned and operated by Aarin Chung, a licensed real estate agent.

Aarin claims the traditional in-person real estate lead generation methods are dead.

So, Aarin creates the Community Influencer Academy to show agents a better and more effective way to get leads without cold-calling or door knocking.

The Community Influencer Academy promises to teach agents the process of generating leads online, nurture relationships at scale, and take over any local market.

Many experienced agents point out Aarin as a fake. She is a licensed agent with no real estate sales experience.

The biggest problem with Aarin is all talks, no real-world success.

The Community Influencer Academy claims its coaching program can help you close five or more homes per month. I don’t see how you can do this many deals without an in-person meeting with buyers.

The Community Influencer Academy is true good to be true.

After looking into this program, I am giving you my Community Influencer Academy review.

WARNING, this coaching program is mostly hype. You might end up wasting money with no guaranteed result.

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Community Influencer Academy Coaching Program

The Community Influencer Academy starts with an argument that traditional real estate in-person lead generation is dead.

The coaching program tells you there are five things that you must do to become a successful real estate agent.

  1. Build your real estate business with integrity and stop tricking people into transactions.
  2. Focus on scaling your business, not in-person lead generation. One-on-one lead generation can’t be scaled. Digital lead generation grows business faster without requiring more time and energy.
  3. The newest weapon in real estate lead generation is the sales funnel. It’s better to use sales funnels to find new clients than cold-calling.
  4. You must Leverage social media sites and emails to build a relationship with leads.
  5. You must invest in yourself by joining coaching and mentorship programs such as the Community Influencer Academy.

The lessons begin after the introduction. These training lessons teach the process of using sales funnels to generate leads.


You learn the foundation of setting up a sales funnel. It covers the process of using FaceBook and Google ads to generate traffic.

Using digital advertisements to generate traffic is very expensive. You can lose thousands of dollars in seconds when something goes wrong.

The sales funnels program is not free. You must pay a monthly subscription to a service like ClickFunnels to run this digital lead generation.

Community Influencer Academy offers basic lessons on building a niche website to attract those interested in real estate investment. The program call this “Evergreen Website.”

Evergreen websites are blog sites that post content without time-sensitive. It means publishing information that stays relevant and produces value over the long-term.

The program talks about evergreen websites but fails to discuss in-depth how to rank for organic traffic. The program relies on paid traffic to generate leads.

Once you capture the traffic, the Community Influencer Academy offers lessons on converting traffic into sales leads.

The program covers the process of building a relationship using social media sites and email marketing campaigns.

While this method allows you to avoid in-person sales, but it’s very expensive to generate a sales lead.

Regardless of what Community Influencer Academy tells you, you will need a lot of money to make this program works. You have to pay for digital ads, website hosting, email marketing program, sales funnels tools, and more.

The risk with this program is when the digital ad campaigns fail to generate traffic. You can lose a lot of money with no qualified leads. It might be why we don’t see many success stories online about the Community Influencer coaching program.

Community Influencer Academy Cost

It’s very difficult to find the exact cost to join the Community Influencer Academy.

There are various online reports from people that it costs between $997 to $1,500 to train with Aarin.

So, the least cost to become a member of the Community Influencer Academy is $997. This price is for the video lessons.

The biggest expense to launch this digital lead generation program is purchasing digital advertisements and tools.

You have to spend thousands of dollars on ads to generate web traffics. Traffics are not sales leads.

You must spend more cash on tools to convert traffic into qualified leads.

Now you understand why Community Influencer Academy doesn’t publish the actual cost for this program.

Does Community Influencer Academy Work?

This is a great training program if you want to learn the process of digital lead generation.

However, I doubt that the Community Influencer Academy can help you close five or more deals per month without in-person meeting with clients.

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Very few home buyers purchase a property without viewing the homes. This is rare.

People purchase a house to live in for a long time. Most want to see the property first before signing the contract.

You will have to cold-call the sellers or brokers, schedule home visits, inspections, loan applications, and more. How can you do all this without in-person contact with the clients?

The idea that Community Influencer Academy can help you make six-figure working from home with a computer selling real estate is unreal.

The best this program can do is helping you find potential clients. To turn a potential client into a sales commission requires personal contacts.

I hope you can see Community Influencer Academy is all hype.

Is Community Influencer Academy legit?

As a training program on digital lead generation, Community Influencer Academy is legit.

You will receive video lessons teaching how to use sales funnels, niche websites, and email marketing tools to find sales leads.

But don’t expect to close five or more deals each month simply using the Community Influencer Academy training.

This is a very expensive method of generating sales leads. You must be ready to spend to make this program works.

If you don’t have a lot of money to experiment with digital lead generation, then use the traditional methods. It’s cheaper and more effective.

Community Influencer Academy suggests abandoning all in-person lead generation. It is terrible advice. Real estate agents must have some level of personal contact with the clients to close deals.

Final Review Of Community Influencer Academy

Community Influencer Academy is expensive without proof of success.

The idea of no cold-calling or face-to-face meeting to sell real estate is an exciting and simpler way to make money.

Aarin tells you she found Community Influencer as a way for introvert agents to make money in real estate.

The truth is Aarin makes money from selling the Community Influencer Academy course, not from selling property.

Yes, this program might help an introverted person to make money selling digital courses. But I doubt that it can help real agents to build a successful business.

Digital lead generation is a system to help you find potential clients. To convert a potential client into a paying customer requires a lot of works.

Regardless of what Community Influencer Academy says, this program is unlikely to help you eliminate cold-calling and in-person sales.

If you hate cold-calling, face-to-face, or in-person sales, you are not going to become a successful real estate agent with the Community Influencer Academy.

Yes, the internet offers many lucrative opportunities for you can earn a full-time passive income at home.

But the Community Influencer Academy is not one of them.

I understand you are here to read my review of the Community Influencer Academy.

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I hope this Community Influencer Academy review answers your question, is Community Influencer Academy legit?

Until next time.

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