Residual Payments Review

You are reading Residual Payments reviews for this one main reason:

  1. 1. Finding a legit opportunity to make money while working from home.

Earning passive income online has become a real option to replace a 9-5 job.

However, there are so many scams online. Can you trust this one?

The Residual Payments course by Patricia Carlin and David Carlin promises to teach you how to earn a residual income by helping businesses save money in their payment processing systems.

David and Patricia Carlin claim to have earned millions in commissions using this technique.

But does it work?

There’s only one way to find out the truth.

We are going to review the Residual Payments business model to help you learn: exactly what to expect inside, how much it costs, what are the drawbacks of this business opportunity, and more.

Here’s the first thing you need to know.

  • At first glance, this course might look very affordable. But to take full advantage of everything inside will cost you thousands of dollars.

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Residual Payments Review Summary


Business name:
Residual Payments
Type of Business: 
Credit Card Processing
Initial Investments: 


What Is Residual Payments Course?

The Residual Payments is a digital course by Patricia Carlin and David Carlin that teaches you how to become a Digital Payments expert.

This program aims to help you generate passive income by becoming a digital payment agent.

Patricia and David present this as a business opportunity to tap into the lucrative digital payments market.

But what is a digital payment agent? And How does the business model work?

Digital payment agents are representatives or ‘salesmen’ of credit card companies.

They help small business owners, eCommerce stores, and even large companies get set up with credit card processing.

The digital payment agent earns a small commission from the credit processing fee.

The Residual Payments business model allows you to earn passive income every time a business accepts a credit card for a purchase.

You get paid each month on autopilot for the life of the entire account.

Patricia and David claim that it’s the only course you will ever need to become a massively successful digital payment agent.

Sure, there is a market for credit card processing.

But, can the Residual Payments course help you build a successful passive income business?

Before analyzing the course, we want to introduce you to the founders.

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Who Is Patricia Carlin and David Carlin?

Patricia Carlin and David Carlin claim to have over 20 years of expertise in the digital payments business.

Patricia Carlin is a college dropped out.

Her first job was customer support for the Internet Billing Company.

Eventually, Patricia Carlin was able to help Fortune companies launch their internet payment processing subscription.

Patricia Carlin considers herself part of the first online merchant account in history and one of the most influential people in credit card payment processing.

David Carlin got into the payment processing business when he met Patricia.

He was a successful eCommerce entrepreneur.

Together, Patricia and David generated over $20 billion in sales, and

They have earned millions of dollars in residual income as digital payment agents.

The couple created the Residual Payments course to share with you their business secret.

We take their story mostly from their bio.

There haven’t been many verification or reviews written about this couple.

It’s up to you to decide if Patricia and David are legit.

We are more interested in the business opportunity.

Is Residual Payments a legit business to earn passive income?

Is Residual Payments Legit?

Residual Payments is a legit way to earn passive income on the internet.

You can make money with it, but not as glamorous or lucrative as Patricia and David Carlin claim.

It is for sure not a business model for everyone.

The course will help you get started in the digital payments industry.

However, success isn’t as easy as it might seem.

Digital Payment Agent is a salesman selling credit payment processing services.

Your job is to convince business owners to switch to your proposed payment processing services to make money.

The Residual Payments business is not for you if you hate sales, rejection, or handling high-pressure situations.

For you to succeed, you need to do a lot of networking.

You will have to make sales calls and visit local businesses in person.

It is legit that the course teaches the strategies used by the Carlins.

But Residual Payments is not a passive income business model.

Inside Residual Payments Course

The Residual Payments course is a series of instructional videos and tools from David and Patricia Carlin teaching the steps of becoming a Digital Payments expert.

The mini-courses under the Residual Payments brand advertise as The Digital Payments Revolution.

You must purchase each course to learn all the steps to set up a digital payment business.

We know now that Residual Payment is a series of sales funnels to upsell entrepreneurs more expensive courses.

The final upsell costs thousands of dollars to work with David and Patricia.

Below are the courses that you will get inside the Residual Payments.

Digital Payments Revolution

This Digital Payments Revolution course is an introduction to the merchant service industry.

It includes nine videos, each last about 15 to 20 minutes.

The course gives an overview of the founders, who they are, what credit card processing is, and how much you can make as a Digital Payment Agent.

You also learn the basics of identifying potential clients, which ones aren’t worth working with, and how to land your first client.

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These videos won’t teach you how to earn passive income with digital payments.

They open your eyes to the possibilities.

Let me give you a quick overview of each video:

  • Video 1 is roughly 2 minutes long. The training video covers the merchant service industry.
  • Video 2 is about getting to know the founders, the Carlins. The 22 minutes video introduces you to David and Patricia Carlin, their background, how they become successful, and more. The purpose of this video is to build a trusting relationship with you.
  • Video 3 introduces you to the business of credit card processing. It gives you an idea of what to expect and how to make money as a digital payment agent.
  • Video 4 offers the potential revenues you could generate with this business concept. Everything is hypothetical, not real. It designs to get you excited.
  • Video 5 discusses the residual income. It explains the commission that you earn from each credit card payment processing. You collect this passive income for years to come.
  • Video 6 is a continuation of video training number 5. It talks more about the potential opportunity of the business model, more marketing hype with no real value.
  • Video 7 introduces you to potential clients. It tells you not all businesses are suitable for Residual Payments.
  • Video 8 discusses the process of landing your first paying client. The video makes it sounds easy to get hundreds and thousands of clients. It is a preparation for an upsell.
  • Video 9 encourages you to take the next step of scheduling a one-on-one meeting with a Residual Payments representative. It is a sales presentation. The representative gives you an overview of what you can expect after Becoming a Highly Paid Agent. It is another course that you have to purchase.

You learn nothing about starting a business after purchasing the Digital Payments Revolution course.

It is a set up to sell you the next course, Becoming a Highly Paid Agent.

We will give you the total cost for Residual Payments in a bit.

Next, we like to give you an overview of the second course.

Becoming a Highly Paid Agent

This course is a step-by-step guide to setting up your Residual Payments business. It is the principal training program.

The Carlins divided this course into seven sections.

Section 1 – Setting up your business

Patricia and David teach you the steps to setting up your business profile.

They talk about the best practices of using social media and how not to fall into the trap of being dishonest or greedy.

Section 2 – Identifying Opportunities

This section touches on what industries to target, how you can identify which ones provide high margins, and how you can take advantage of working with eCom business owners.

Section 3 – Prospecting

This section teaches the followings:

  • how to generate leads,
  • how to get past the gatekeeper (Ex. The secretary),
  • how many businesses you should contact each day, and
  • how to get business owners to do business with you.

Section 4 – Getting the Business

The objective of this section is to help you get business by:

  • teaching you the sales cycle,
  • giving you sale scripts to use with business owners through email and phone, and
  • training you how to close deals.

Section 5 – Fulfilling/Setting up a Client

The section gives you an overview of how to onboard clients.

It is the steps of setting the client up with a credit card processing system.

Section 6 – Scaling the Business

David and Patricia talk about how you can avoid common mistakes many agents make, how to make sure your clients never leave you, and why chargebacks aren’t good for your business.

Section 7 – Best Practices/Mindset

The final section prepares you mentally for this business.

Many people waste time when getting started.

David and Patricia push you to start your business and stop wasting time.

They help you to identify the type of industries to target for clients.

You also get introduced to the Digital Payments Agency Program. It is a high-ticket upsell.

Digital Payments Agency Program

It is the high-ticket course Patricia and David offer.

The training costs a few thousand dollars, and payment plans are available.

The program gives you access to:

• their High-Risk Mastery course,

• bi-monthly training calls,

• weekly classes where top performers teach methods and strategies working for them,

• a year’s worth of pre-made graphics you can use for social media and your website,

• unlimited deal calls and application submissions for 90 days,

• a dedicated account manager,

• access to the Inner Circle Facebook group,

• bi-monthly sales calls,

• social media and filming courses, and

• virtual assistant masterclass.

In addition to the three courses above, you must purchase tools for this business.

Here are the tools:

Digital Payments Playbook

This playbook contains sales and marketing material, such as sample scripting, probing questions, visuals, social media captions, quotes, questions, and a calendar to help you plan your posting schedule.

The goal is to help you save time in your Residual Payments business.

The book also goes in-depth into the different services you can offer and the different ways you can sell merchant services.

The Digital Payment Playbook does not come with the courses. It is an additional cost if you want the tool.

Centz CRM

Centz CRM is a tool to help you and your clients manage all payments.

It will help you generate leads and sales online through email and text message marketing.

The tool helps you automate your entire business.

You also have to pay for this tool. We’ll talk about the cost after giving you all the tools.

Residual Payments Inner Circle Private Facebook Group

It is an exclusive Facebook group where Residual Payments hold live meetings every Tuesday.

Members of this group get access to the newest content, tools, training, and newsletter covering changes in POS systems, and banking rules and regulations.

Patrica and David also do live deal analysis and pricing training for members so that everyone in the group can get the best pricing on their accounts.

There’s a monthly fee to join this private group.

As you can see, Residual Payments consists of three courses, two tools, and a private FaceBook group.

Each of them comes with a price.

The course is structured in a sales funnel system to force entrepreneurs to purchase all of them.

Now is the perfect place for us to reveal the investment required to start the Residual Payments business.

How Much Is the Residual Payment Course?

Residual Payments has dropped the initial price from $17 to $1.

Yes, you can join the course for $1 right now.

However, this $1 is the promotional price for The Digital Payments Revolution, not the entire Residual Payments business course.

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David and Patricia Carlin say you don’t have to purchase all the courses and tools to start the Residual Payment business.

However, in The Digital Payments Revolution mini-course, the Carlins stressed that you must purchase the second course, Becoming a Highly Paid Agent, to start your business.

The Digital Payments Revolution is the first step of getting you into the door. They will upsell you at the end of each course.

They will get you to purchase all the courses and tools if you want to make money with the Residual Payments.

Here’s how much you have to pay for the Residual Payments course:

  • The Digital Payments Revolution – $1
  • Becoming a Highly Paid Agent – $197
  • Digital Payments Agency Program – $9,997
  • Digital Payments Playbook – $47
  • Centz CRM – $49 per month
  • Residual Payments Private Facebook Group – $299/month

$10,590 is how much you have to pay for the Residual Payment course.

How Much Can You Make With Residual Payments?

According to David and Patricia Carlin, you can make an average of $500 for each business that uses its credit card processing service.

As long as people are using credit and debit cards, there is an opportunity to make a real residual income in your digital payments business.

Yes, the demand does exist.

But I doubt you can generate millions or become a million-dollar digital payments agent like the Carlins say.

There are many challenges in the digital payments business.

A digital payments business isn’t a “get-rich-quick” scheme.

According to, the average salary for a Digital Payment Agent is $48,437 per year.

This business is a sales job. You are selling payment processing services to receive a small residual income from each customer transaction.

You need to sell hundreds or thousands of customer accounts to generate sufficient income to support a comfortable lifestyle.

It’s a lot of hard work.

Now, it’s not impossible to make money with the digital payments business.

If you’re willing to take on the grueling work as a sales agent, you might be able to make some money.

Is Residual Payments Worth It?

I, personally, do not think Residual Payments is worth it.

I am not saying the course is a scam or not legitimate.

Digital payment is a legit business to earn residual income.

Credit card companies hire thousands of people to work as digital payment agents.

Because credit card companies hire and offer free training to become digital payment agents, it is not worth paying over $10k to buy the Residual Payments course.

Why pay when you can get the training for free?

Save the money and work for a credit card company to see if you can make money as a digital payment agent before starting a business.

A digital payment agent is a salesman.

Sale is a tough job.

I am speaking from experience. Not only have I done it, but I won’t do it again.

Your situation may be different.

When deciding if Residual Payments is worth it, the first question you might want to ask is whether you are not comfortable going out of your way to email, call, and visit business owners every day.

The Residual Payments business is best for someone who is an extrovert or doesn’t mind cold calling businesses.

If you hate sales, there are other opportunities for you to earn passive income.

I work from home, which is a unique situation. I make a good living without seeing anyone or selling anything.

You might be interested in learning more about My Home-Based Business.

I am not saying this fit you, but who knows?

Residual Payments Pros and Cons

We have established that you can make money with Residual Payments.

The digital payment processing industry is very competitive. It’s not as glamorous or luxurious as David and Patricia Carlin promoted.

We will give you a few pros and cons of the business model to help you make a sound investment decision.

The Pros

  • There is a demand for digital payment processing by businesses.
  • You will earn residual income, but I doubt you can generate millions like the Carlins say.
  • Residual Payments is one of the few courses that will help you to start a digital payment business if you don’t want to work for a credit card company.
  • The Carlins have experience as digital payment agents. They practice what they teach.

The Cons

  • Residual Payments is an expensive course. It costs you upwards of more than $10k to learn.
  • All the scarcity tactics and excitement that they try to create on their sales page are to upsell their courses. It designs to extract the most money from each entrepreneur.
  • The Refund Policy is Misleading. The 30-day money-back guarantee only applies to The Digital Payments Revolution, which prices at $1. Buyer beware!
  • You must be a hustler to make money. If you are an introvert or hate sales, Digital Payments does not fit you.
  • Digital Payments is a residual income business, not a Passive Income business. You have to make a lot of sales and do a lot of services to earn residual income.

Final Review of Residual Payments

Residual Payments doesn’t appear to be a profitable investment.

I am not saying that you can’t make money as a digital payment processor.

The price tag doesn’t justify the investment.

You only earn a few pennies per transaction. It requires a lot of hard work to recoup your $10k investment.

The number doesn’t add up for me.

Digital payment processing is a challenging business to make money.

You are competing against major players such as PayPal and Stripe.

Eventually, your clients will switch to a national digital payment processor for convenience.

You must be an exceptional salesperson to build a successful digital payment business.

That is why investing in Residual Payment is buying a job, not a business.

Why would you pay over $10,000 for a job?

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I hope this Residual Payments review answers your questions about the course.

Until next time.

Please, share your experience below.

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