Agency Hyper-Growth Review – Is Agency Hyper-Growth A Scam

People call me a “HATER” when I told them the local lead generation business is all hype. Cold-calling businesses to sell leads is not easy.

So, I am writing this Agency Hyper-Growth review to prove I am telling the truth.

Agency Hyper-Growth has the secrets for local lead generation business owners to win high-paid clients, “without cold-calling.”

Yes, the same people are calling me “HATER” when I told them there is no secret or easy way to sell leads.

They wasted $6,000 then called Agency Hyper-Growth a scam.

Can you blame Agency Hyper-Growth?

No, unless Agency Hyper-Growth has made an untrue income promise. A company is guilty of scams when it promises the moon and stars but delivers hell.

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Agency Hyper-Growth Review Summary

Name: Agency Hyper-Growth
Business Type: Digital Making
Investment: $6,000

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  • Agency Hyper-Growth promises to teach struggling digital agency owners the secrets to grow their business six figures in three months or fewer.
  • Sebastian Robeck and Bryan Ostermiller say their method has nothing to do with cold calling, cold emailing, or going to networking events.
  • If you want the secrets to financial success, you have to schedule a one-on-one call with an Agency Hyper-Growth rep.
  • According to online reviews, the private call is a sales presentation to pressure you into paying more than $6,000 for the program.
  • The income disclaimer doesn’t guarantee you will make money learning the Agency Hyper-Growth secrets.
  • Why are people willing to waste over $6,000 for this?
  • They are buying into marketing hype. Agency Hyper-Growth is a scheme to get your money.


What Is Agency Hyper-Growth About?

People jump into the local lead generation business hoping to get rich with this hot business opportunity.

But most of them struggle to make money. Not everyone is good or comfortable with cold calling or cold emailing to sell their leads.

Sebastian Robeck and Bryan Ostermiller, two digital marketers, see this as an opportunity to make millions. They create the Agency Hyper-Growth program.

What do they offer?

Agency Hyper-Growth offers the secrets to enroll high-paying agency clients.

The program promises to give you the key to success, making millions in three months or fewer.

Agency Hyper-Growth will teach digital agency owners a new way to sell their services like hotcakes.

Businesses will line up to work with you. There’s no more cold calling, cold emailing, and rejections after rejections.

If you want to end the misery, you buy the Agency Hyper-Growth marketing program.

Does Agency Hyper-Growth really have the secrets to help struggle digital agency owners achieve financial success?

It turns out, the secrets are not so underground anymore.

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Agency Hyper-Growth Course

So, what do you get for paying over $6,000 for the Agency Hyper-Growth course?

Here’s your review of the lessons.

Agency Hyper-Growth teaches you new ways to promote your marketing agency to bring in more high-paying clients.

The program starts explaining the deadly mistakes that most agency owners do:

  1. Lack of trust and credibility – Agency owners have always struggled to gain customer trust. Without trust, the clients aren’t taking you seriously. They don’t care.
  2. Zero predictability in sales – Cold calling, cold email, and business networking do work, but they are time-consuming and unpredictable in terms of sales.
  3. Attracting low-paying clients – Offering low price service packages to win clients is not good for your business. This type of marketing campaign attracts low-paying clients. You are competing on price, not the quality of your services.

The following segment of the Agency Hyper-Growth training is teaching the new ways of prospecting clients.

According to Agency Hyper-Growth, the first step you need to change is implementing an automated marketing system.

Their idea of an automated marketing system is using social media sites.

Agency Hyper-Growth focuses its training on creating a professional LinkedIn page and/or Facebook business page.

The program teaches agency owners to be specific with their bio to target the ideal clients or customers.

Your professional bio helps to build trust authority with your prospects. When you communicate a clear and concise message to specific clients, you get more sales appointments.

Once you get people’s attention, you lead the prospects into an automated enrollment process.

The automated enrollment process is nothing more than a sales funnel.

The sales funnel will convert cold prospects into high-paying clients, without cold-calling or face-to-face meetings.

The program trains agency owners to identify their ideal clients, then delivering the right messages to them at the right time. This is how to win high-paying clients.

But, how do you get the right clients to read your bio on social media sites?

You run ads on both Linkedln and Facebook.

The risk with this program is running the wrong ads, or the ads don’t work. This can become a costly investment for you.

Agency Hyper-Growth Cost

You must have a one-on-one call with an Agency Hyper-Growth to know the price.

According to a few online reviewers, the cost varies based on your interview.

Some people reported paying more than $6,000, others paid $4,000.

We can say the Agency Hyper-Growth costs at least $4,000. This is just the cost of the video lessons.

You need a few more grands to pay for LinkedIn and Facebook ads.

Be careful, you can lose thousands of dollars on digital ads that generate ZERO clients.

Can You Make Money With Agency Hyper-Growth?

No, you cannot make money with Agency Hyper-Growth. This program teaches agency owners the process to find high-paying clients.

Agency Hyper-Growth doesn’t income guarantee.

You need to understand this is a digital marketing course. When you are talking about marketing, nothing is a guarantee.

The missing part of this training program is closing the deal.

Agency owners don’t make money unless clients signed the contract to hire the agency.

I cannot see how you close high-paying clients using a sales funnel. Business owners don’t hand over money that easily. Before they hire your agency, they want to meet with you.

Agency Hyper-Growth says their program helps you to secure 7 to 10 sale appoints a week. This is not 7-10 closing deals a week. You will have to cold-call the prospects to make sales.

If you hate cold calling or face-to-face sales, Agency Hyper-Growth will not help you. Don’t waste your money on this training.

Is Agency Hyper-Growth A Scam?

Agency Hyper-Growth is not a scam this is a legit digital marketing training program.

Sebastian Robeck and Bryan Ostermiller are real. They are successful salesmen.

You are buying a bunch of videos training lessons. These marketing techniques work for Sebastian and Bryan, might not for you.

$6,000 for Agency Hyper-Growth is too expensive. I don’t think the program worth that much.

The secrets that Agency Hyper-Growth promotes are not secrets at all. Every online digital marketer knows these principles.

Using sales funnel to qualify prospects is not an underground or top secret.

Complaints Against Agency Hyper-Growth

There aren’t many complaints against the Agency Hyper-Growth online.

We don’t have positive reviews of the program either. The ones that we found are mostly from Agency Hyper-Growth themselves.

A few complaints regarding pricing or the program is not for them. These are not serious complaints rising to the level of a scam.

As a successful Online Business Reviewer, I have evaluated hundreds of online moneymaking opportunities to expose scams. I will tell you Agency Hyper-Growth is not a scam, but it’s an expensive training program.

My Final Review Of Agency Hyper-Growth

Agency Hyper-Growth was designed to help local digital lead generation agencies to grow their client base.

Unless you are an agency owner, Agency Hyper-Growth is worthless.

If you are interested in starting a local digital agency, read this lead generation business review before investing in this competitive industry.

Agency Hyper-Growth might help you reach more prospects. But you still have to hit the road, knock on doors, and do sales presentations to make money.

Yes, you don’t have to cold calling people from a list. You are calling people from a warm list.

Agency owners purchasing Agency Hyper-Growth hoping to find success for their struggling business.

This training program cannot help you If you cannot sell.

Why waste time and money on something that puts you further in debt and misery?

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I hope this Agency Hyper-Growth review answers your question, is Agency Hyper-Growth legit?

Until next time.

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