Is Rev Transcription Legit – Rev Transcription Review

Most start asking, “is Rev Transcription legit?” After they find out the pay rates Rev Transcription offers freelancers.

Even Rev Transcription says that you are not going to get rich working for them.

The pay rates reported by Rev Transcription freelancers are low. So low it makes you cry, this is exploitation.

No wonder many people consider Rev Transcription as a scam.

However, Rev Transcription is a legit freelance site for you to earn a few extra bucks, not to get rich.

Rev Transcription freelance gigs are not for everyone.

This Rev transcription review will help you decide if is the right place for you to make money online.

One thing for sure, you are not going to earn a full-time income working for Rev Transcription.

Those freelancers that earn a million dollars or more per year are online business owners, not just working for a freelance site.

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Rev Transcription Review Summary

Name: Rev Transcription

Business Type: Freelance Site

Investment: Free

Recent Reviews:
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Is FusionCash Legit

  • Rev Transcription pays you for transcribing audio and video clips into texts.
  • The pay rate is $0.30 per audio/video minute. It takes 4 minutes to complete a 1-minute clip.
  • A professional transcriber earns $0.30 every 4 minutes working for Rev Transcription. If you are new, it will take longer to earn $0.30.
  • At this pay rate, you make roughly $4.50 per hour, with no benefit.
  • If you think $4.50 per hour wage is fabulous, then the Rev Transcription freelance job is for you.
  • Those looking to make $100k this year, don’t waste your time.
  • At the end of this Rev Transcription review, I’ll share with you my best opportunity to earn a full-time income working from home.


What Is Rev Transcription?

Rev Transcription is an online freelance platform connecting transcriptionists with clients looking for transcribing services.

The website site was launched in 2010 by Jason Chicola and Josh Breinlinger as FoxTranscribe and FoxTranslate.

The company headquarters is based in San Francisco, CA.

The company offers services including captions, subtitles, and foreign subtitles for all types of audio and video clips.

Rev Transcription hires more than 50,000 independent freelancers to complete the work of transcribing services.

The company made headlines in November 2019 for cutting the pay rate from $0.45 per audio/video minute to $0.30. While raising the transcription fee from $1 to $1.25.

Rev Transcription claimed the changes were not motivated by profits. Do you believe

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How Does Rev Transcription Work?

Rev Transcription is a gig company.

The company offers on-demand transcription services by outsourcing the jobs to gig workers, individuals joining Rev Transcription to make money from home.

Rev Transcription Services

You can purchase the following services from

  • Transcription Services: This is the work of converting audio or video clip into a written document.
  • Caption Services: This service requires transcribing and adding closed captions to videos.
  • Foreign Subtitle Services: It’s the process of translating English into other languages to create foreign subtitles for videos.

Those are the three services offered by Rev Transcription.

You can upload audio and video files to The files are sent to 50,000 Rev Transcription freelancers who compete for the job.

Rev Transcription Rates

Rev Transcription offers their services at a much lower rate compared to other transcription companies.

The company uses an algorithm to determine the rate by evaluating the audio/video quality, complexity, and length of time.

Rev Transcription based rates are:

  • Transcription: $1.25 per audio/video minute
  • Caption: (5) $1.25 per audio/video minute
  • Foreign Subtitle: (5) $3 – $7 per audio/video minute

This is the rate that charges you for the services.

But Rev Transcription gig workers only receive 30 cents pay rate per audio/video minute.

If you are still interested in working for, then read on to learn the job application process.

Working For Rev Transcription

Everyone in the world can apply to become a Rev Transcription freelancer.

But you must go through a qualification process to start working and earn money.

Here’s a quick overview of the Rev Transcription job application process.

Rev Transcription Application

The application is simple. You need to enter your details on their website and hit the ‘Next’ button to start the testing.

Rev Transcription Test will test you in three areas, grammatical skills, typing skills, and the transcription test.

You must pass all these three skills tests to get accepted.

The grammar test requires you to use proper spellings, capitalization, and punctuation skills.

Your typing speed must be at least 50 words per minute (60 seconds) to pass the Rev Transcription typing skills test.

The last test is the transcription sample. You are asked to listen to a short audio script and transcribe the file accordingly.

Once you have completed the skills test, you have to wait 2 days for the decision.

If you get rejected, you have to wait 45 days to start a new application process.

If you get accepted, you can begin working for Rev Transcription.

Rev Transcription Pay

Don’t expect to make $4.50 per hour once you get accepted into

Rev Transcription offers these based pay rates:

  • Transcriptions – 30 cents per audio/video minute
  • Caption – 30 cents to 54 cents per audio/video minute
  • Translation – $1.50 per audio/video minute

You must prove to Rev Transcription that you are a good transcriber to receive better-paying jobs.

Rev Transcription uses the 3R rating system to pay and reward the hardworking and loyal freelancers.

1R – Rookies

As a new or recently hired freelancers, you are only allowed to work on a 1 minute to 30 minutes audio or video file.

All your transcriptions must submit for feedback and corrections before sending it to clients.

You must show expertise to get promoted to the next level.

2R – Revver

Freelancers in this group are permitted to work on files up to 2 hours long.

You can send the transcribed files directly to the clients.

You will be randomly selected and graded on your work outputs for promotion.

3R – Revver Plus

As a Revver+, you are allowed to claim the new jobs 90 minutes before they are submitted to the other 2 groups. This gives you a chance to get easy works with top pay.

Revver Plus freelancers have an additional option to earn more money by becoming an evaluator. You get paid for evaluating the transcriptions of freelancers from the other 2 groups.

Rev Transcription Salary

You wouldn’t be able to live on the Rev Transcription income.

According to, average earning is $245 per month.

Based on this earning rate, the Rev Transcription salary would be $2,940 a year.

How can you live on a $3K salary?

Remember, you will earn less than an inexperienced transcriber.

Yes, Rev Transcription is a legit work-from-home opportunity. But it doesn’t worth your time because the salary is so low.

I would never work for a company that pays less than the minimum wage. is a scam.

I prefer to work-from-home as an affiliating marketer. It’s easy to generate $100K with this online business, then working for Rev Transcription.

Rev Transcription Payment Method

Rev Transcript uses PayPal as the only payment method to compensate freelancers.

You must have a PayPal account to receive payment. There is no other option.

The weekly payment is sent out every Monday for work completed the prior week.

There’s no minimum requirement. What you earned is what you get paid.

Is Rev Transcription legit?

The Rev Transcription is a legit online marketplace for you to make money from home offering transcription services.

The problem with Rev is the low pay rates. It’s impossible to earn a living as a Rev freelancer.

Sometimes legit doesn’t mean the best option for you to make money from home.

As a gig worker, your life is very challenging. You have to deal with the inconsistency of work and constant pay cuts.

Rev Transcribers are competing to get jobs. There’s never enough job for you to earn a decent income.

You need to find alternative options to make money online if you want to quit the 9-to-5 job. You cannot afford to do this working for Rev Transcription. If you visit the Rev Transcription Better Business Bureau (BBB), you’ll understand.

Rev Transcription BBB

The BBB gives Rev Transcription an A+ rating. Even though, the company has a total of 7 complaints.

Most of the complaints against Rev on BBB are about the low payment, unfair feedback, and termination for low transcription works.

These complaints do not affect the BBB rating because they show Rev Transcription as a legit business. The company doesn’t hide the fact that the pay rate is low, and the works are competitive.

Rev Transcription is not a place for you to get rich. This is a side hustle, nothing more.

As a successful Online Business Reviewer, I have evaluated hundreds of investment offers and making money online opportunities to expose scams. I can say is not a scam.

Even though Rev Transcription is legit, you are not going to earn a good income as a Rev freelancer.

If you are searching for an opportunity to make over 100k per year, you will not achieve this dream with Rev Transcription.

My Review Of Rev Transcription

Working for Rev Transcription is the first step to experience the life of freedom from a 9-to-5 job.

However, it should not be the main option to earn a full-time income online.

Gig sites like Rev Transcription are considered a side hustle, earning a few bucks while exploring other lucrative online opportunities.

Low pay rates together with inconstant works make Rev Transcription not worth it.

Why waste your time with the Rev Transcription?

There’s a lucrative method that I and millions of people have been using to generate six-figure passive income online.

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Rev Transcription is not the ticket to your financial freedom.

There are many lucrative work-from-home opportunities that you can earn a full-time income right now.

I choose This #1 Work At Home Opportunity to achieve my financial goal.

I am working from the comfort of my home and on a laptop. No commute and no boss. I work whenever I want and where I like.

Before wasting your life working for Rev Transcription, I invite you to read What I Do Every Day To Make Money At Home Online.

I hope this Rev Transcription review answers your question, is Rev Transcription legit?

Until next time.

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