Is Survey Club Legit – Survey Club Review

Do you know Survey Club doesn’t offer its own surveys?

Knowing this fact is important when you are looking for a legit way to make a few dollars from home.

Scammers frequently create survey aggregated sites to steal earnings and rewards.

So, is Survey Club legit? Or is Survey Club safe to join?

I am writing this Survey Club review to highlight the risks and benefits of joining an aggregated survey site.

It’s up to you to decide if Survey Club legit or a scam.

Anyway, it’s always safer to take surveys with companies that conduct the actual marketing researches, such as Swagbucks and InboxDollars.

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Survey Club Review Summary

Name: Survey Club

Business Type: Online Surveys

Investment: Free

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  • Survey Club is the middleman connecting you with market research firms to complete surveys for cash.
  • Survey Club is free to join. You can use this site to earn coffee money, not a livable income.
  • You earn a few pennies for completing surveys.
  • Cashout is allowed when your account reaches $20, which can take weeks or months to achieve.
  • As a middleman, Survey Club receives commissions for referring you to the market research companies.
  • You spend 15 to 30 minutes doing surveys to earn a few cents. Doing surveys for cash is not a real option to make money online.

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What Is Survey Club?

Survey Club is not a survey site. It’s an online survey hub. The hub connects you with market research companies to complete surveys for cash, gift cards, and other rewards.

Survey Club was created in 2005. It’s not the oldest survey site online.

The oldest online survey site is InboxDollars, which was founded in 2000.

It’s free to join Survey Club. But you must be at least 13 years of age living in the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK to be eligible.

The most annoying thing about Survey Club is you have to re-register with every market research company to participate in their surveys. You can easily avoid this by joining the survey sites directly.

Review Of Survey Club Features

There are so many survey sites online today that make it impossible to join all of them.

As a survey aggregator, Survey Club allows you to search and access surveys across the website with ease.

I am going to offer a quick review of Survey Club features, which you might be interested in.

Survey Club Filter

The Survey Club filter allows you to search across the internet for surveys and select the one that you are interested in or might qualify.

Using this filter, you can improve your chance of completing more surveys without getting disqualified midway. This will help you earn more.

The more surveys you do, the more money you make.

The major disadvantage of using this filter is getting redirected to a different survey site, Survey Club Panels. Every time this happens, you are required to go through the registration process before you can take the surveys.

Survey Club Panels

You can use the Survey Club Panels to find other survey sites to join. This expands the opportunity for you to complete more surveys and earn bigger rewards.

The downside to this is any cash accumulated through these panels are not aggregated into one Survey Club account.

Your earnings scatter in many accounts which can be frustrating to keep track of them all. Plus, it becomes harder for you to meet the minimum cashout requirement. You end up not getting paid for doing surveys.

Unable to reach the $20 payout amount makes you feel Survey Club is a scam, not legit.

Survey Club Affiliate Program

You can join the Survey Club affiliate program to earn more cash. This feature pays you $1 for each referral who registers for an account.

Unless you have a large number of people ready to join Survey Club, this referral reward feature is worthless to you.

Yes, Survey Club does have a few unique features, but they don’t add any benefit to your chance of making money online.

Let me say this, if you are joining Survey Club to do surveys from other sites, then join Swagbucks and InboxDollars. These two largest survey sites control almost all online surveys.

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How Does Survey Club Work?

Survey Club is a membership site. It means you must be a member to participate in doing surveys for cash.

The longest part of the Survey Club registration process is filling out a detailed personal profile. This profile is used in determining your qualification for each survey.

Before discussing the application process, I want to discuss this first.

Survey Club Jobs

I have readers asking me how to get a job with Survey Club?

Listen, Survey Club doesn’t offer you a job. You can become a member by sign up for a free account to do surveys.

Survey Club pays anywhere from $0.05 to $1 for each completed survey. You will have to complete a lot of surveys to earn enough money for a cup of coffee.

Survey Club will send you a daily email with available surveys. You will not qualify for all of them. It is up to you to search for more surveys.

I wouldn’t call this a job because you do not get enough surveys to earn a full-time income. Someday you get no survey to earn.

If you don’t mind getting paid $1 or less for an hour of work, then sign up for Survey Club.

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Join Survey Club

It’s simple to join Survey Club. You only need an email address to register for an account.

The first-time login to your Survey Club account, you will need to fill out a detailed profile. Survey Club uses this profile to match you up with surveys. It reduces the chance of getting disqualified.

The next step is registered with Survey Club Panels. These are survey sites that have partnered with Survey Club to offer you more surveys to earn money.

You have to register with each panelist if you want to participate in their surveys for cash program. Yes, it’s a lot of work before you can earn a penny.

After completing the profile, you can start using the Survey Club filter to search for surveys and earn some cash.

Survey Club Pay

Survey Club is a middleman. So, your earnings can be a little less compared to working directly with the market research firms.

The payment works like this after you have completed a survey.

  • The market research firm would pay Survey Club.
  • Survey Club deducts its share of the payment.
  • The remaining amount is credited to your account.

The average Survey Club pay is low, between $0.50 to $1, depending on the length and complexity of the survey.

Your account must accumulate $20 or more to request a payout.

Remember, the cash earned from completing surveys through Survey Club Panels don’t count toward the $20 cash out requirement. Now you understand why people get upset and accuse Survey Club as a scam.

Survey Club payout options include paper-check, PayPal, or an Amazon gift card.

The payout processing time is 3 to 4 weeks.

Does Survey Club Really Work?

Yes, you can use Survey Club to earn a few dollars online. But this is not a good option to replace your full-time job.

Survey Club is a place to kill some free time and having fun. It’s not a job.

You might have read an online review from people claiming to earn $10 for a survey. This might be true, but they did not tell you how long the survey, and how often you receive this high-pay survey.

Listen, Survey Club really works, but you are not going to get rich doing online surveys.

Earning a few dollars with surveys is real.

It is a scam when someone claims to earn $100 or $200 per day doing surveys.

Is Survey Club Legit?

Survey Club is a legit site that pays cash for your opinions. But you are not going to make a lot of money with Survey Club.

Here are the reasons you cannot earn a full-time income with online surveys:

  • Low payment – You earn pennies for each completed survey.
  • Not qualify – You can be disqualified halfway through the survey and earn nothing.
  • Not Enough Surveys – Every survey has a limited number of participants. You are competing against thousands, even millions, to work on the same survey.
  • Work is inconsistent – Do expect days go by without a survey to take.

Yes, Survey Club is legit. But are you willing to waste countless hours searching and doing surveys to collect few pennies?

As a successful Online Business Reviewer, I have evaluated hundreds of online moneymaking opportunities to expose scams.

I can tell you Survey Club is not a scam. This survey site is safe. However, it will take you a long time to earn $20 for a payout.

You can visit the Survey Club BBB site to verify my evaluation. You find complaints against Survey Club not about getting scammed, or the site is not legit. Most complaints have to do with low earnings.

If you want to improve your earnings with surveys, I suggest joining the market research companies directly.

Survey Club Alternatives

I’ll give you the two leaders in the market research industry to check out.

You might get paid better by doing surveys directly with these largest market research sites. Oh, don’t expect to get rich with them either.

Survey Club vs. Swagbucks
  • Swagbucks is the leader in online surveys compared to Survey Club.
  • There are more options to earn cash rewards with Swagbucks.
  • Swagbucks uses the point reward system. You can redeem points for gift cards or cash payment to PayPal.
Survey Club vs. InboxDollars
  • InboxDollars is a cash reward survey site. You can earn $5 just for becoming a member.
  • You have more activities to earn cash, such as playing games, watch videos, and read paid emails.
  • The cash out threshold for InboxDollars is higher compared to Survey Club, a minimum of $30.
  • However, you have more options to earn without leaving the platform.

Is Survey Club Worth It?

Online surveys are a fun activity to earn a few dollars for coffee.

Low pay is the reason Survey Club isn’t worth wasting your time and effort.

When you are looking for ways to earn a full-time income online, legit is important. But you cannot ignore the pay rate.

Are you willing to work for less than $1 per hour?

Not me!

Why waste your time with Survey Club?

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It has nothing to do with online surveys.

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I hope this Survey Club review answers your question, is Survey Club legit?

Until next time.

Please share your Survey Club experience below.

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