Royal Prestige Review – Is Royal Prestige A Pyramid Scheme

I begin this Royal Prestige review with an assumption that Royal Prestige is not a pyramid scheme.

But charging over $20K for a 7-piece cookware set is a scam.

Do you know how Royal Prestige distributors sell the products?

They use false medical claims and benefits to promote Royal Prestige cookware sets. You can read the ABC News story on this for yourself.

I am not saying that you cannot make money as a Royal Prestige distributor.

I am telling you, it’s not easy to sell a $20,000 plus cookware set.

It’s getting harder and harder to make money with MLM business. Nobody likes salespeople visiting their homes. This is a business killer for Royal Prestige MLM which relies on home parties to sell products.

Many MLM distributors start using the MLM Affiliate Marketing technique to recruit and sell products.

However, most of us look at the Royal Prestige MLM business as a pyramid scheme or a scam. Is there any truth to this?

I invite you to read this Royal Prestige review to discover the truth.

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Royal Prestige Review Summary

Name: Royal Prestige

Business Type: MLM

Investment: $22,400

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  • Royal Prestige MLM business owners make money by building a team to sell the Royal Prestige cookware sets and accessories.
  • The Royal Prestige pots and pants are overpriced with cookware sets costing over $20K.
  • Under the Royal Prestige compensation plan, distributors make money through sale commissions and team commissions.
  • The MLM business strategy is by hosting in-home parties and group sales presentations.
  • As a Royal Prestige distributor, you must travel around the country to conduct product demonstrations and recruit team members.
  • This is a face-to-face sales business, which we all hate.


What Is Royal Prestige?

Royal Prestige is an MLM company selling a wide range of stainless-steel cookware and accessory, including pots, pans, skillets, pressure cookers, and water filters.

The company offers several lines of 5, 7, and 9 layers of aluminum-based stainless steel wrapped cookware sets that come with a 50-year warranty.

Hy Cite Enterprises owns and operates Royal Prestige as a family business.

The company distributes its products through an MLM network of independent distributors, which has been fined for engaging in deceptive advertising and unfair business practices.

Royal Prestige distributors use false medical claims to sell pots and pants. They scare customers by telling them aluminum cookware causes Alzheimer’s and cancers, which is untrue. The company was fined for engaging in this medical marketing fraud. You can read about this in the company’s legal settlement with the State of California.

Royal Prestige cookware and kitchen accessories might offer a higher quality, but no medical benefits.

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Royal Prestige Cookware

We cannot have a Royal Prestige review without a discussion of the Royal Prestige cookware and the prices. Why are they so expensive?

Royal Prestige offers high-quality lines of cookware sets and accessories with a 50-year warranty. This is it, nothing more.

Royal Prestige Pots & Pans

The claims of Royal Prestige pots and pans let you cook without any added fat or oil and very little water is BS.

Royal Prestige cookware sets are made of stainless steel. They offer no added benefits, except doing their essential job, cook.

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Furthermore, stainless steel doesn’t have anti-sticking properties. It will stick when you cook. Below is a customer complaint to prove this point.

Royal Prestige Customer Complaint

The fact that Royal Prestige post and pans are constructed with 5 layers or 9 layers of surgical stainless steel is not entirely true.

Only the outside layers of the cookware are surgical stainless steel. The inner layers are a combination of aluminum and copper.

If cooking with aluminum pots causes Alzheimer’s, then using Royal Prestige pots and pans will not protect you from this illness.

Royal Prestige Filter

The Royal Prestige 5500 water filter filtration system is promoted as a solution to your filthy house water.

Using the same false marketing tactic, distributors claim house water is filled with diseases, such as soil sediments, Spirogyra, viruses, and bacteria, etc.

If you want to provide your family with pure and clean natural water, you need the Royal Prestige filter. The cost of this water filtration system is over $2,000.

Many people fall for this scam thinking the Royal Prestige filters protect their family from all the harmful diseases.

However, the best water filter system on the market today is not Royal Prestige.

You can buy the best water filter system for a fraction of the cost compared to the Royal Prestige brand.

Is Royal Prestige A Pyramid Scheme?

As an MLM company, Royal Prestige is a pyramid scheme, even if it’s legal.

MLM companies always promote overpriced products to support the business multilevel commission structure.

The FTC has warned that MLM companies can be an illegal pyramid scheme if distributors’ commissions are mainly from recruiting activities, not selling products.

Royal Prestige distributors do earn commissions on the sales of their recruits.

Distributors with large team members tend to make more money.

Royal Prestige MLM business is a recruiting business.

It’s very difficult to make money selling overpriced products.

To make money as a Royal Prestige distributor, you better be a good recruiter.

If you hate recruiting, then the Royal Prestige MLM distributor program is not for you.

Royal Prestige Distributor Authorization Program

Royal Prestige cookware and kitchen accessories are sold by independent authorized distributors.

The process to become a Royal Prestige authorized distributor requires a sponsor. Your sponsor is your team leader who will help you to start the business.

Any current authorized Royal Prestige distributor can sponsor you into the program.

If you don’t have a sponsor, you can fill out an intake form and a local distributor will contact you to start the process.

The initial business investment requirement is investing in Royal Prestige cookware sets This is your cost to start a Royal Prestige MLM business.

Besides the initial investment, there are business operating expenses related to traveling and organizing sales presentations.

I understand that it costs money to start a business. But can you recover the investment selling Royal Prestige overpriced products?

How Do Royal Prestige Distributors Make Money?

Royal Prestige distributors make money based on commissions.

The two types of commissions you can earn from representing Royal Prestige are sales commissions and team override commissions. We will talk about these commissions below.

Before we discuss the Royal Prestige commissions, I like to point out that this MLM company doesn’t publish an annual income distribution statement (IDS).

IDS are financial documents disclosing distributors’ annual earnings. Without these documents, you cannot evaluate the profit and loss of operating the Royal Prestige MLM business. This should be a warning to you as an investor.

Royal Prestige Commission Plan

The Royal Prestige sales commission is the difference between the distributors’ wholesale prices and the consumers’ retail prices.

As a distributor, you purchase Royal Prestige cookware at the deep distributor discount prices to sell at retail price for profits.

We can compare the two price lists to determine the sales commissions.

Let me give you a real-world example:

  • A Royal Prestige distributor purchases 5 pieces of complete cookware set at a wholesale price of $4,043.06. Then sold the cookware set at the retail price of $16,700. The distributor commission from this transaction is $12,656.94.
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Royal Prestige does pay a lucrative sale commission rate, up to 75%.

However, offering a high commission rate doesn’t mean you can make money. You must make a sale to earn the commission.

So, how do Royal Distributors sell these overpriced products?

They recruit new distributors. New distributors are encouraged to purchase a set of cookware for product demonstrations. This is an easy sale.

Now you understand why recruiting is the best option to earn commissions with Royal Prestige.

Royal Prestige Retail Prices

Once you understand the Royal Prestige commission plan, you realize the excessive retail price is to support the business commission structure.

You can purchase the same set of cookware of the same quality from other brands for a much cheaper price.

There is nothing special or beneficial to cook food with Royal Prestige pots and pans.

If you purchase Royal Prestige cookware sets at retail prices, you are not paying for quality. You are wasting money paying commissions to the Royal Prestige distributors.

Is Royal Prestige A Scam?

I agree Royal Prestige is a scam because of its business practices.

Their distributors using false medical claims to trick people into purchasing the cookware sets.

Furthermore, excessive prices are designed to pay distributors high commissions. There is no benefit to consumers.

A common scam complaint online against Royal Prestige has to do with the purchase financing rate. This company charges the highest interest rates allowed by law, 24%.

I don’t see the justification for spending thousands of dollars on a cookware set.

Look, you don’t have to agree with me. But you should read this ABC News article to understand the Royal Prestige scheme.

Is Royal Prestige Worth It?

I don’t believe Royal Prestige is worth it, either as high-quality cookware or as a business opportunity.

As I have stated above, the inner layers of Royal Prestige pots and pans are made of aluminum and copper. The outer layers are stainless steel to offer better resistance against corrosion. I cannot see how the cookware sets are worth up to $20K.

It’s even harder to believe that you can find a strong market demand for Royal Prestige products.

People are unlikely willing to spend $16 or $20 for a set of pots and pans. This doesn’t happen every day.

If you cannot sell the products, you will not make money. This is the reality of the MLM business.

Group sales and home parties are things of the past.

How can you sell the Royal Prestige cookware if nobody wants to meet with you face-to-face?

Let me ask you this question, why do you start a business?

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I hope this Royal Prestige review answers your question, is Royal Prestige a pyramid scheme?

Until next time.

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