Simple WIFI Profits Review – Is Simple WIFI Profits Legit

Simple Wifi Profits teaches a legit online business known as Affiliate Marketing.

The course focuses on the paid traffic affiliate marketing model, which considers the riskiest online business for beginners or inexperienced digital marketers.

I always recommend people to learn the free traffic (SEO) affiliate marketing business first, before trying the paid traffic.

It’s cheaper to start a free traffic affiliate marketing business.

However, you are going to waste a few grands to learn and launch the Simple Wifi Profits business.

You waste a lot of money on buying and testing digital advertisements because you don’t know which ads work.

I will use this Simple Wifi Profits review to discuss the risks and benefits of paid traffic affiliate marketing.

If you are not interested in starting an affiliate marketing business, Simple Wifi Profits is not for you.

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Simple Wifi Profits Review Summary

Name: Simple Wifi Profits
Business Type: Affiliate Marketing
Investment: $1,479

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  • Only buy Simple Wifi Profits if you understand the risks of paid traffic affiliate marketing.
  • The Simple Wifi Profits business model requires constantly running Facebook ads to make sales.
  • Yes, Simple Wifi Profits teaches you and provides the predesigned ad templates. It doesn’t mean the ads will make money.
  • It’s easy to waste thousands of dollars on Facebook ads with a small mistake. You will make a lot of mistakes as a beginner.
  • The movement you stop running ads or get banned by Facebook, you lost your business.
  • It’s too risky to build an affiliate marketing business exclusively on Facebook ads for traffic.


About Simple Wifi Profits

Simple Wifi Profits is a digital course teaching the 4 Steps Of Affiliate Marketing.

If you don’t know the 4 fundamental steps of affiliate marketing, click on the link above to learn more.

It’s important to understand the difference between Simple Wifi Profits’ 4 steps and the fundamental model.

The 4 Steps you will learn with Simple Wifi Profits are:

  1. Find a problem.
  2. Find a product to solve the problem.
  3. Share the product on Facebook using paid advertisements.
  4. Make sales and earn referral commissions.

Chris Eom and Andrew Wright, founders of the Simple Wifi Profits, use these steps to make money online promoting weight loss products.

They are combining all their experiences into a digital course to help you make money quickly and avoid costly mistakes.

The strongest selling point of the Simple Wifi Profits course is running ads on Facebook that generate sales.

It’s easy to buy ad spots on Facebook, but it’s not easy to convert a click into a sale.

Simple Wifi Profits shows you how to use a simple sales funnel to convert ad clicks into sales.

The course wants you to believe making money online with Facebook advertisements is very simple and easy.

If this is true, why companies choose to pay affiliate commissions over Facebook ads?

I’ll tell you at the end of this review.

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Is Simple Wifi Profits Real?

Simple Wifi Profits is real. This course teaches the paid traffic affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate marketing is a real and legit online business.

It’s the cheapest and simplest way to make money online promoting others people’s products.

You will learn the process of making money online using Facebook ads.

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The Simple Wifi Profits business model is real, but making money online using Facebook ads is too expensive and unprofitable.

Simple Wifi Profits Course Review

Simple Wifi Profits course teaches the 4 steps of affiliate marketing with some modification.

It’s a good idea to read this Simple Wifi Profits course review to familiarize yourself before buying.

You need to pay attention to step 4. Simple Wifi Profits uses different business strategies to share and promote products.

Here’s what you get after purchasing the course.

Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

This lesson explains to you affiliate marketing vs. other online businesses.

It provides you a clear understanding of how Simple Wifi Profits helps you set up an online business as a beginner.

The course introduces you to ClickBank, the main affiliate platform which you will use to find products to promote and earn commissions.

Simple Wifi Profits promises to show you the quick path to $10,000 per month using Facebook ads to generate sales.

This introduction prepares you for step 1 of Simple Wifi Profits 4 Steps Affiliate Marketing.

Step 1 – Searching For A Problem

According to Simple Wifi Profits, people will buy products that solve their problems.

We all have problems, and we are looking for ways to fix them.

Like you have a problem with money. You buy Simple Wifi Profits to help you make money online.

The bigger the problem, the more money you make.

This is the old method of teaching beginners to identify their market niche.

We know this business strategy doesn’t work well, because it ignores the market competition.

A big problem with saturated market competition is not easy to make money as a new kid on the block.

Step 2 – Find Products To Solve The Problem

Once you identify a problem, you need to find a product to solve it. The quickest way to find this product is using the ClickBank platform.

This lesson talks about the process of becoming a ClickBank affiliate.

Simple Wifi Profits takes you step-by-step into setting up your ClickBank account and how to search for the best-selling products to earn commissions.

There’s a big problem with promoting ClickBank products, most people believe ClickBank is a scam.

The platform has a reputation for selling junk products.

Since Simple Wifi Profits is a ClickBank product, the course suggests you promote this product to make money.

Step 3 – Sell (Share) The Product To People Who Need It

This is the money-making step.

You learn to use Facebook advertisements to promote and sell the products.

The course reveals the big secret to making money online with a basic 3 step sales funnel.

  1. Setup Facebook ads.
  2. The ads take visitors to a presell page or a landing page.
  3. Offer the products to convert visitors into customers.

Simple Wifi Profits provides a cloud-based app for you to set up the presell page.

It also teaches you the steps to set up this sales funnel.

The course ignored to mention that you have to pay for Facebook ads.

This expense is not part of the course price.

The course also fails to tell you that not every ad will generate a sale.

However, you still have to pay Facebook for the ad placement.

This will eat away all the affiliate commissions.

Simple Wifi Profits gives you the benefits and hides the risks of their business model.

Step 4 – Earn Commissions

Affiliate marketers make money earning commissions on each sale. This is how you make money with Simple Wifi Profits.

You have to make a sale to earn commissions. You don’t get paid when people click on Facebook ads.

It’s not easy to convert a click into a sale.

Now you know why companies choose to pay ClickBank affiliates over running Facebook ads. They get free advertisements.

Does this sound like a smart business opportunity to start?

I would never recommend this type of affiliate marketing business to beginners.

The Simple Wifi Profits business model is costly.

Simple Wifi Profits Price

The price to purchase this Simple Wifi Profits course is $1,497.

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You have the option to pay for this course in 3 monthly installments of $577 each.

This price is only for the course.

You need to have a large sum of money to pay for Facebook ads.

Simple Wifi Profits suggest you start with a $5 advertisement budget, then increase $5 more each day.

The $5 budget is small at the beginning. When you increase $5 more each day, the cost balloons to $2,480 after 30 days.

Remember, there’s no guarantee you make money running Facebook ads. This is a huge risk to take.

Here are a few problems with Facebook ads:

  • When the Ads don’t work, you lose everything. You must start from the beginning.
  • The ads exhaust their lifespan. People will not click on these ads no matter how much money you spend on them.
  • You don’t make money unless you convert the ad clicks into sales. This requires constant monitoring of the performance of the ads. You are going to lose money with the low-performing ads.

If you are planning to purchase the Simple Wifi Profits, you will need more than $1,497 to launch this business.

Simple Wifi Profits Refund

Let say you purchased the course, but don’t have enough cash to run Facebook ads. Can you ask for a refund?

Simple Wifi Profit is a ClickBank product. ClickBank has a 45 days refund policy. This policy is set by the product owners.

The course offers you additional one-on-one coaching after 45 days before issuing a refund.

This additional coaching will push you outside the 45 days refund deadline. This refund policy is worthless.

Simple Wifi Profits make another refund promises. The course will issue a full refund when your business generates $10,000 in earnings.

Is Simple Wifi Profits saying you are not going to earn $10,000 using their course?

Is Simple Wifi Profits legit?

Simple Wifi Profits is a legit affiliate marketing training course. But it’s not a profitable affiliate marketing business model.

The business is relying solely on Facebook ads to generate sales. This is very risky.

Are you reading simple Wifi Profits to find out if this business opportunity profitable?

Then you will be disappointed.

You are unlikely to earn $10,000 with this business model, no matter how hard you try. Simple Wifi Profits is so confident that they offer a full refund if you reach this goal.

Simple Wifi Profits Alternative

The affiliate marketing business is a real and legit online business for you to make money from home.

You don’t need to use the Simple Wifi Profits model.

A better and safer model is free traffic affiliate marketing. This business model requires time to learn and build but less expensive.

Most people start their affiliate marketing business as a part-time gig. This is known as “learn while you earn.”

You are not going to earn $10,000 in your first month with free traffic affiliate marketing.

However, you are building a long-term business.

Once your online business generates enough free traffic, no one can take this from you.

I suggest people start with free traffic affiliate marketing before entering the paid traffic model.

I understand you are here to read this review of Simple Wifi Profits.

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I hope this Simple Wifi Profits review answers your question, is Simple Wifi Profits legit?

Until next time.

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