Internet JetSet Review – Insiders Exposing John Crestani Secrets

Before I start this Internet Jetset Review, there are two important secrets that I like to tell you:

Secret #1: Internet Jetset, or IMJetset, is not the same as the Super Affiliate System, many online reviewers making this mistake. Internet Jetset is a traditional affiliate marketing business model focusing on free traffic, while Super Affiliate System is a new affiliate marketing business model focusing on generating revenue through paid traffic.

Secret #2: If you have paid $47 to join Internet Jetset first, then you have to pay another $999 to join the Super Affiliate System. But if you join the Super Affiliate System first, then the Internet Jetset program is free. Is it really free?

I will expose more secrets inside this Internet Jetset Review.

If you are interested in the Super Affiliate System, you can read my article discussing John Crestani & The New Super Affiliate System.

This is Internet Jetset Review only.

Internet Jetset Review Of John Crestani

Name: Internet Jetset

Business Type: Affiliate Marketing

Investment: $47 Per Month

Recent Reviews:
 Online Team Builders

Commission Hero

Internet Jetset is an affiliate marketing education program that teaches you about making money online as an affiliate.

This program is the brainchild of John Crestani, a successful online affiliate marketer building an online income of up to $500K per month.

I know some of my readers are new to affiliate marketing, so here is a small description of the business in case you wonder what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an online business model in which you promote other people’s products or services to earn a commission. If you want to learn in detail about this online business, I suggest getting a copy of my ‘Guide To Make Money Online‘ to discover the power of affiliate marketing.

A closer look at the Internet Jetset training program reveals that John Crestani created this training program based on the fundamental 4 steps to make money online.

Here is a quick overview of the 4 steps to make money online: #1 choose a niche, #2 build an affiliate website, #3 Generate traffic to the website, and #4 Earn revenue.

This is good because the 4 fundamental steps are the cornerstone of building a successful online business.

However, Internet Jetset claims using this training, beginners can generate online affiliate commission within 2 hours. Let see what is John Crestani Secrets?

Internet Jetset Review Training Platform

In this section, I’ll give you a quick preview of the member area, then I will reorganize the training modules under the 4 steps to make money online to give you a better understanding of the Internet Jetset program.

After paying $47 to join Internet Jetset, this is what you see in the member area:

internet jetset member area

12 Training Modules

All lessons are in video format with notes and practical exercises that you must complete before moving on to the next step.

This is how Internet Jetset looks under the 4 steps to make money online.

I am not going to discuss the first 2 modules. These modules are basically an overview of the Internet Jetset program. I have talked about this in the intro section above.

Step 1 – Choosing an affiliate niche

This is Internet Jetset training module #3.

An affiliate marketing business must start with an affiliate marketing niche. If you don’t know what is an affiliate marketing niche? Read What Is Affiliate Marketing Niche?

The lessons in this module are straightforward. You will learn how to find, select, and choose a profitable affiliate marketing niche.

John Crestani offers a process to identify an affiliate niche by starting with your own skills, flow by identifying people that can benefit from your skills, and last what is the market problem that your skills help to solve.

These lessons provide some valuable business tips for beginners, but I don’t think it’s worth $47. You can get them for free by doing a Google search.

Step 2 – Build an affiliate website

This step is module #5 of the Internet Jetset training program.

The reason this step was pushed all the way to number 5 because Internet Jetset is setting you up for the upsell on paid traffic training, the Super Affiliate program. More info below later.

Every affiliate business needs a website. This is your primary online real-estate. An affiliate website helps you build trust with your audience, allows you to build your brand, and uses it as a promotional tool to earn revenue.

In my opinion, you must start building your own affiliate website right away, not wait until week 5 or 6.

This module is taught by Ashley, John’s business partners. It offers lessons on how to set up your own website such as the initial installation of WordPress, setting and configuring plugins, the difference between post and pages, writing affiliate posts, adding widgets, and more.

There is so much information in this module, but most of them are basic lessons. You can get them free on the internet.

The most important point you need to know is Internet Jetset does not offer web hosting, autoresponder, domain names, or any other affiliate marketing tools. You must pay an extra $60 to $300 per month for these tools if you want to actually build a business website. The $47 per month is only for access to the basic training lessons.

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Step 3 – Web Traffic generating techniques

You can find these lessons in module 4 through 6 and 8 through 11 of the Internet Jetset.

Only module 11 teaches paid advertisement traffic techniques. There is a big business reason for this which I’ll discuss later.

All the other modules teach the basic free traffic generating techniques. These lessons are good for beginners to build a strong business foundation. But I don’t believe you can make a commission in 2 hours using these techniques.

Now is a good time to discuss the big business Secret behind the Internet Jetset program.

Internet Jetset does not offer any advanced lesson on free traffic generation. There are two reasons for this. First, John Crestani is not an SEO expert. Second, his online fortune is built mostly on paid advertisements.

John Crestani creates an affiliate training program to teach people his affiliate marketing model, which is online paid advertisements affiliate marketing. Under this affiliate marketing model, you do not need a website. All you need is a landing page to promote products or services to earn commissions.

If you are interested in this affiliate marketing model, you will have to pay $999 to join the Super Affiliate program. This is what Super Affiliate is all about.

Almost everyone upgrades to the Super Affiliate program because many of them are unable to generate income on the free traffic model.

This is John’s big business Secret: introducing people to the basic lessons, which is very difficult for beginners to succeed, then upsell the Super Affiliate program.

This Super Affiliate training upsell is offered to you immediately upon joining Internet Jetset. You want to read about this upsell in my Super Affiliate Program Review.

Let now focus on Internet Jetset Review of the website traffic generating techniques training lessons

Google organic traffic

In this training, all members learn the basic targeted traffic from Google via the process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is a marketing technique to generate free traffic from having a website ranked at the top of the Google search results.

Most successful online marketers are also SEO professionals. SEO traffic is the #1 source of traffic on the internet. It is the best investment for your business.

Internet Jetset training lessons only cover basic SEO techniques such as creating a review website or a blog site, tips on keyword research, backlinks building, and content creation strategies. Against, these are all basic lessons.

Some SEO techniques discussed in Internet Jetset training videos are outdated. Especially the backlinking and content creation strategies, most experienced affiliate marketers do not use them anymore. Never buying backlinks and create content only for search engines, these strategies might do more harm than good for your online business.

There are better training programs on the internet that teach basic and advance SEO skills. Most basic SEO training lessons are free. You should use these free training programs to supplement Internet Jetset training.

I have secured 10 Free Lessons on SEO traffic training to include in this article. You are welcome to check it out. It is FREE!

YouTube traffic for beginners

YouTube is another great social network to generate free traffic. John is a YouTube master. After all, he has thousands of views and subscribers on his channel.

Against, you will learn the basics of YouTube video marketing. This Module touches on everything you need to know about YouTube Traffic. How to upload a video, creating a catchy custom thumbnail for high click-through rate (CTR), writing video descriptions that sell, a guideline to make sure that all your videos are relevant to your audience and so much more.

YouTube training lessons are featured by Jonas Lindgren. Jonas is a consistent YouTuber with a smaller audience than John. Jonas’s training focuses on review videos about making money products. He will share with you the step by step how to start a YouTube channel, find products, then make the review videos.

You can use the training videos in this module to apply to your online business. However, you must understand that these are basic lessons, and you are directly competing with the masters both John and Jonas.

It will be an uphill battle for newbies to compete.

Facebook traffic strategy lessons

The entire training focuses on generating traffic from Facebook by creating and growing a Facebook fan page.

This is where beginners will likely run into problems. John Crestani uses a website posting method to build and grow a Facebook fan page. But with Internet Jetset, you don’t have a website. I really don’t understand how can you build a Facebook fan page without a website?

Understanding the basic of Copywriting

This module has seven videos covering different basic copywriting techniques. All these videos are created by Ronnie Sandlin, a successful online entrepreneur and a student of John.

We all know that an affiliate marketer with good copywriting skills will have better conversion rates and make more sales than the one who has not developed these techniques. I encourage you to learn these skills.

You will learn some interesting copywriting ideas to include in your content. But don’t expect to become an expert after this training. John is only giving you a glimpse of this topic.

You need to pay for advanced lessons if you want to learn more.

Driving traffic with Launch Jacking

As an experienced affiliate marketer, I don’t think this technique work anymore. Since Internet Jetset adds this in the training, I will have a few words about it.

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First, this lesson is taught by Pyong Kim, another self-claimed successful affiliate marketer.

Launch Jacking is a marketing technique of capturing the online buzz or trend to generate organic (free) traffic.

Here’s how this works: first find a new and exciting product, register a domain name that includes the product name, then build a website to get ranked on Google to generate free traffic. This is an old SEO trick.

I know some people still using this exact domain ranking trick, but it doesn’t work with Google today. The search engine no longer considers the domain name as a high-ranking factor. It replaces this with domain authority.

I think this part of Internet Jetset training is useless. You can skip this.

Building an authority review site – By Donnie Gamble

I think the title of this section speaks for itself. In this module, you will learn how to create niche websites and how to dominate or become an authority in the niche.

Donnie will go over the process of finding a profitable niche, choosing the right products to promote, build a niche website, then earn money as an authority site.

This method is a long-term strategy. It takes years for a site to become an authority site. Authority site doesn’t happen overnight. So, I don’t think you will generate any income in 2 hours with this technique.

These lessons are valuable because they cover an important SEO topic on creating unique and high-quality content. Today content is king for ranking.

Facebook Ads and Affiliate marketing

This is an introduction to Facebook ads with Carlos Cruz. You will learn the basics of creating your first Facebook Ad campaign for affiliates and make your first sale with Facebook ads.

This part of the Internet Jetset training is totally different from the other prior training modules. This is a different affiliate marketing model. A model that only works with paid advertisements.

In this module, Carlos will teach you how to use Facebook ads to generate traffic and use the landing page to promote products and convert the paid traffic into customers.

If you are thinking of entering this affiliate marketing model, you will need a budget to buy some tools and paying for Facebook ads. Paid ads carry a higher risk of losing your investment because when something goes wrong, it can create a disaster. Make sure you can afford it.

The training in this module is so basic that I would not recommend it to beginners. It does not provide you with sufficient skills and knowledge to conduct a Facebook ad campaign. You will need advanced training if you don’t want to lose all your money.

This is where Super Affiliate System can help. This system teaching entirely on paid ads. I strongly recommend this system if you want to succeed in the paid advertisement affiliate marketing business. Click here to learn more about the Super Affiliate System.

Paid advertisement affiliate marketing is the quickest way to make money online. It is riskier and requires a big investment budget. Think carefully before signing up.

Step 4 – Earn revenue through affiliate links.

Adding affiliate links to your webpages or landing pages is the way to track and earn commissions. You will learn the right way to pick affiliate products and where to find them. John provides tips and several suggestions for different affiliate networks to sign up and promote which will save you some time.

Some of the most popular affiliate networks are Clickbank, Wealthy Affiliate, Amazon. eBay and more. You can visit each of them to sign up. It is a very simple process.

There are several ways to add affiliate links. The most common types are text links, graphic links, or video links. If you know how to insert a hyperlink, you can add affiliate links. If not, you will learn this in the Internet Jetset program.

Internet Jetset Review Overall

Internet Jetset is created under the 4 steps to make money online. Most successful affiliate programs built on these steps. Therefore, I have no doubt that Internet Jetset is a legit and a good program.

One misleading marketing issue to point out is that it is very unlikely you will generate a commission in 2 hours under the Internet Jetset. You might under the Super Affiliate System. Click here to learn more.

Is Internet Jetset for me?

In my opinion, Internet Jetset is not a business training program. It is more of an educational program.

Internet Jetset only provides video lessons on affiliate marketing business. It does not provide any tools for students to practice or build an online business.

Internet Jetset does not provide web hosting, domain name, website builder, keyword tools, and other necessary online tools to build a successful affiliate marketing business. All these tools have to be purchased from a third party, and they can cost anywhere between $89 to $250 per month.

There are better training programs that provide both lessons and tools for you to learn and build an affiliate marketing business. The #1 affiliate marketing training University is currently offered a promotion for Free Membership Account. I suggest registering for a free account with this University before purchasing Internet Jesttset.

Overall, Internet Jetset is a legit educational program to learn affiliate marketing. However, $47 a month is a little too expensive for me. With this same price, I can get a website with hosting, keyword tool, personal blog, 24 hours support, content writing program, training lesson, and more. You can get the same here.

What do you think? To join or not to join Internet Jetset.

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