Utest Review – Is Utest Legit

This is a popular complaint about Utest: “Utest is not legit. It has very little paying projects.”

The reviewers are right about little paying projects to earn money.

As to the legit part, Utest doesn’t look like a scam. We are going to review Utest to find the truth.

According to Utest members, this is a side hustle.

Utest is not a place for you to earn a full-time income online.

When you get invited to participate in a project, the payment is less than the minimum wage.

If you’re OK with $1 to $2 per hour pay, this review will help you increase the chance of landing more paying projects.

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Utest Review Summary

Name: Utest
Business Type: Digital Products Tester
Investment: Free

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  • Utest is hiring freelance testers to find bugs and provide feedback on the development of digital products.
  • This is a work-from-home job that pays per project completed.
  • Paid projects are by invitation only. You are competing against millions of testers worldwide for a chance to work on the project.
  • The pays rate for each project is between $10 to $50. However, there’s no guarantee that you get paid for every completed project.
  • As a tester, your job is to find bugs and submit feedback for approval. Only approved bug feedback receives a payment.
  • You don’t get paid for projects without bugs or free of errors, no matter how many hours you’ve worked on the project.
  • So, you might not make money with Utest even when you get the job.


What Is Utest?

Utest is a freelance website that hires people to work from home as digital product testers.

The freelance website was launched in 2007 by Doron Reuveni and Roy Solomon.

Digital companies and software developers pay Utest for accessing the platform testers to help improve and debug their software.

Utest shares a small portion of its revenue with testers. The company claims to have more than 500,000 testers living around the world.

Anyone looking to earn a few extra bucks can join Utest as a tester.

However, the pay is not good.

Utest might be a good job for people living in developing countries where the daily wage is less than $3.

For the United States or developed countries residents, Utest is a just side gig.

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Utest Sign Up

Utest is free to join. Sign up for an account with Utest is the first step to getting hired as a tester.

You must be at least 18 years of age or older. This is the only requirement to sign up for an Utest account.

No testing experience is required.

You must have a good internet connection with a computer or laptop to work on projects.

Utest is the simplest freelance platform for people around the work to join.

Utest Application Process

You can visit the Utest website to start a new tester application process.

You must complete all fields on the application process as accurately as you can.

Utest relies on the information on your application to match you with available paying projects.

Once your application has been submitted, you must complete the basic skill tests, including written, video evaluation, bug finding, and functionality.

Utest will ask you to complete a personal profile that includes information about demographic information, skills, and digital devices in your household.

The last step of the application process is confirming your email address to accept project invitations.

Utest Projects

Paid projects are by invitation only.

Utest sends out a project invitation to all testers whose profiles fit the job descriptions.

You are competing against other testers for the same job. So, you must act quickly to get accepted.

Only accepted testers can participate in the project testing cycle for a chance to make money.

If you to slow to accept the invitation, you have to wait for the next available project.

Testers can improve their chance of receiving more project invitations by joining the “Sandbox Program.”

The sandbox program is only open to selected testers. Utest will send you an invitation if you get selected.

If you do well in the Sandbox program, your test score will improve. You’ll receive more invitations and a higher pay rate.

How Much Does Utest Pay?

Utest pays per bug found and approved by the client, not by the hour.

Your pay rate depends on the ranks, Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

New testers are on the lowest pay scale which is about $10 per project.

The top pay on Utest is $50 per project.

You don’t get paid for completing a project.

Sometimes testers receive no compensation because there no bugs or errors in the software. This is the risk of working for Utest.

A few online Utest review articles claim that testers earn $1,000 to $10,000 per month. Don’t believe them. These are online writers promoting Utest to collect referral commissions.

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According to testers, the average Utest pay is $5 per hour. This calculation is based on the average hours required to complete the projects vs. the average payouts.

How in the world can a tester earn $10,000 with a $5 per hour pay rate?

Many testers have told me that they do not consider Utest as a way to earn a full-time income. This is their side gig to earn a few extra bucks.

There’s another factor that prevents testers from earning money, competition.

Utest has over 500,000 testers. No way the site has enough projects for everyone.

Remember the popular Utest complaint?

“It has very little paying projects!”

Well, the problem is supply and demand, too many testers. You’re all competing for the few projects available.

Is Utest legit?

Utest is a legit freelancer website. The site always hires testers.

You do get paid for testing digital products.

However, this is not a good job.

The problem with Utest is the low pay rate and high competition.

Most of us cannot live on a $5 hourly wage, and you are competing against thousands of testers for the same job.

You can spend hours testing software without making a dime if there’s no bug or errors to report. Does this make Utest a scam?

You don’t take the job, there are thousands of testers around the world who will.

I just don’t understand why people wasting their time with Utest.

Is Utest Worth It?

Utest is not worth it if you are looking for ways to earn a full-time income from home.

You can use Utest as a side gig, not a real job.

It’s impossible to earn $10,000 per month with a $5 per hour job.

Why waste your time with Utest?

If you want to earn a full-time income from home, you need a real work-at-home opportunity that pays a consistent income.

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I hope this Utest review answers your question, is Utest legit?

Until next time.

Please share your Utest experience below.

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