Qwantify Review – Understand The Qwantify Franchise

There is a catch with the Qwantify franchise opportunity.

The company guarantees to build you a niche Shopify retail website that generates at least $10,000 in revenue per month.

Does Qwantify $10,000 per month revenue guarantee legit or a scam?

You have a feeling something is not right about this business deal.

It seems too good to be true.

Qwantify must be hiding something.

There’s no way a company can guarantee every Shopify retail store to generate $10,000 in revenue per month.

As I review the Qwantify guarantee, I realize it’s not a guarantee.

It’s a marketing scheme to sell you a Shopify website, nothing more.

Investors beware!

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Qwantify Review Summary

Name: Qwantify
Business Type: eCommerce Franchise
Investment: $15,000 or $50,000

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  • Qwantify guarantees to build you a $10,000 per month Shopify dropshipping website for $50,000.
  • It seems like a no-brainer to partner with the Qwantify franchise. This is a guaranteed success.
  • This guaranteed revenue by Qwantify is a marketing scheme to sell new Shopify stores.
  • Yes, Qwantify will build you a professional eCommerce store. However, you are responsible for all the costs of advertisements and marketing.
  • Qwantify will use your money to test the market.
  • If the marketing campaign doesn’t work, Qwantify will build you a new Shopify dropshipping store. Again, you are responsible for the costs of advertising a new website.
  • You are giving Qwantify a blank check to buy digital ads until the new Shopify store generates $10,000 in revenue per month.
  • The moment you stop paying for the marketing expenses. You have breached the contract. Qwantify keeps the $47,000, and you get nothing.
  • Qwantify guaranteed revenue is not a real guarantee.


What Is Qwantify?

Qwantify is a Shopify website builder that offers investors guaranteed revenue for their eCommerce websites.

You can partner with Qwantify and become an online business owner within 90 days.

You don’t have to do anything. Qwantify does all the work to build you an operational dropshipping store on the Shopify platform. This is a Done-For-You eCommerce opportunity.

Qwantify promotes its business opportunity on franchise websites as a guaranteed success.

People partner with Qwantify based on the $10,000 per month guaranteed revenue scheme.

The guaranteed revenue condition on you paying for all the marketing costs. This ships all the business risks from Qwantify to you.

How much money do you have for Qwantify to play with the marketing of your Shopify store?

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How Does Qwantify Work?

Qwantify will partner with you to build a niche Shopify dropshipping online business.

As a partner, you contribute the money.

Qwantify contributes labor and eCommerce expertise.

Let review the Qwantify partnership program.

Qwantify Partner Program

Qwantify offers two partnership programs.

Both partnerships have a 12 months term allowing Qwantify to build you a $10,000 per month revenue Shopify store.

The partnerships require you to pay a one-time investment, in addition to monthly marketing expenses. We’ll talk about this in the cost section of this review.

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At the end of the partnership, you have two options. You can continue paying Qwantify or take over the ownership of the eCommerce website.

Qwantify guarantees all partners a Shopify dropshipping business with a minimum of $10,000 monthly sales revenue.

However, the partnerships require you to pay for all the marketing expenses. This gives Qwantify an unlimited spending budget on marketing.

If you are unable to provide unlimited marketing funds, you are in breach of contract. This releases Qwantify from the guaranteed revenue.

These partnerships are designed to benefit Qwantify, not you.

Qwantify Website

I have no doubt Qwantify will build you a professional Shopify dropshipping store. This is what they are selling.

Qwantify knows an eCommerce website without revenue is worthless.

So, the company includes the guaranteed revenue scheme to trick people into buying their Shopify websites.

People are buying the Qwantify eCommerce website because of the guaranteed revenue.

However, the guaranteed revenue is not legit or real.

Qwantify adds into the partnership agreements requiring you to pay for all the business marketing expenses. This allows Qwantify an unlimited fund to promote the brand new Shopify website until it generates $10,000 monthly sales revenue.

No partner has unlimited money to waste.

Eventually, the partner (you) will refuse to provide more marketing money. This act is a breach of contract, which releases Qwantify from the guaranteed revenue agreement.

Qwantify has just sold you a Shopify website with no customer, and no revenue for thousands of dollars.

Qwantify Cost

Qwantify seems to be a cheap investment with guaranteed success.

But at the end of the partnership, you are buying a website from Qwantify at an inflated price.

The true cost to buy into a Qwantify partnership is unknown.

Here are the Qwantify costs:

  1. The initial cost of investment – Qwantify has two levels of partnership: $15,000 or $50,000. The $50,000 investment gives you a done-for-you eCommerce business.
  2. The cost of monthly advertisements/marketing – This cost is unknown. You are responsible for the marketing costs until the new online business reaching $10,000 per month in revenue. You can also not pay the marketing and lost $50,000.

As you can see, the minimum Qwantify cost is $15,000.

Paying $15,000 for an eCommerce website without revenue is ridiculously expensive.

Yes, some people even pay Qwantify $50,000 for this worthless website.

Qwantify Profit

People buying a Qwantify franchise never ask about profits.

They assume an eCommerce website with $10,000 per month in revenue is automatically profitable.

Numerous online businesses generate millions in revenue still operating in the red.

Your Qwantify Shopify store doesn’t make money until all expenses are covered.

A Shopify store with $10,000 per in revenue with $20,000 in marketing expenses is not profitable.

This is why Qwantify offers guaranteed revenue, not profits.

Under the Qwantify partnership agreement, you give QWantify an unlimited amount of money to advertise the website until it reaches $10,000 in revenue.

It might cost you more than $100K for Qwantify to deliver the guaranteed revenue.

There is no profit when you are spending $100,000 to generate just $10,000 in revenue.

Qwantify guaranteed revenue is worthless.

Is Qwantify legit?

Qwantify is legit. The problem is people do not do proper research before buying into the Qwantify partnerships.

Qwantify might have used an unethical business scheme to sell you an expensive eCommerce website. But this doesn’t make the partnership illegal.

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When you sign the partnership agreement, you agree to provide unlimited funds for Qwantify to advertise the new website until it generates $10,000 per month in revenue.

There is no reason for Qwantify to hold back on spending your money.

Qwantify knows, eventually, you will breach the partnership agreement. You either become broke or refuse to pay more for the advertisements.

This partnership is wicked and bad.

Qwantify Scam Complaints

I recognize the Qwantify partnership scheme by reading the complaints on the BBB website.

These complaints call Qwantify a scam because they get trapped in the partnership.

Qwantify refuses to give a refund.

If they want to stay in business, they have to continue paying the monthly fee to advertise the website.

Or, they can walk away and lose everything.

What would you do?

Final Review Of Qwantify Franchise

I have seen a few business opportunities similar to Qwantify being promoted as a franchise.

This type of business scheme target novice and inexperienced online investors.

People jump on board with Qwantify because of the guaranteed revenue.

As you can see, guaranteed revenue doesn’t worth anything. Qwantify uses it as a trick to lock you into a contract paying overpriced for a Shopify store.

The biggest expense for every online business is the cost of acquiring visitors (customers), not building the website.

It’s easy for Qwantify to give a guaranteed revenue because you agree to pay for the cost of customer acquisition. This is not a good business opportunity.

I would never recommend the Qwantify franchise to anyone.

If you want to launch an eCommerce website or Shopify store, you want to keep the website development and marketing separate.

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I hope this Qwantify review answers your question, is Qwantify legit?

Until next time.

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