Webtalk Review

Webtalk is inviting people to become a member of Webtalk elite affiliate group to share their online revenue. It’s FREE, no investment requires!

Webtalk quickly amasses millions of new accounts and active users.

This might be an opportunity for you to become the next billionaire, sharing up to 50% of Webtalk ad revenue.

Some of you are excited and ready to join. Some of you are skeptical about this.

Me too. When I first heard about this offer from Webtalk, immediately I thought this got to be another online scam.

I rushed over to investigate this business opportunity. I was surprised at what I see.

I am writing this Webtalk review to provide information on this business opportunity as well as offering you an inside look at the Webtalk social platform.

What is Webtalk?

Quickly, Webtalk is a social media network platform with an emphasis on security, privacy, and convenience. The company is based in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Webtalk gives you, the users, the ability to control over who and how your messages, posts, video, and personal data can be viewed on their media platform.

This means you will have the ability to categorize your contacts into groups and subgroups, and how each group can access your personal data. No other media platforms are currently offering these options.

The biggest and most noticeable difference about Webtalk social media platform is sharing the ad revenue with users, up to 10% for life.

Facebook’s annual ads revenue is over $40B. 10% of this, is what? You get my point!

There are so many benefits that the Webtalk platform offers to users. The biggest is the ability for you to build your own online advertisement agency with the platform. I’ll explain it below.

Did you know Webtalk will share up to 50% of its ad revenue with the founder group? You should reserve your spot now before it’s too late.

Is Webtalk a scam?

Recently, I have a long discussion with a few friends on this, Webtalk a scam, topic.

In my opinion, you cannot say Webtalk is a scam because it is free to join.

The reason my friends believe Webtalk is a scam because the business model is both multilevel network marketing (MLM) and Affiliate Marketing.

I quickly point out that both MLM and Affiliate Marketing business is legal under the laws.

There are many people making millions with both business opportunities. Therefore, you cannot say these business models a scam.

Another scam argument is that Webtalk has been just another marketing hype by the owner to collect and sell data.

Here are a few things wrong with the argument above:

  • All social media platforms make money on collecting and selling data. You must have not followed the recent story involved Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal. Why this is not a scam?
  • There are international laws and US laws that regulate the way a company can use personal data, especially the recent GDPR regulations. A company can face heavy fines for violating these laws.
  • I don’t understand why people store their personal and financial information on social media platforms. None of the current social media networks is 100% secured from breach and hacking. I did not hear anyone call Facebook a scam after the recent hacking of the platform.
  • Most of the Webtalk scam arguments are more of a skeptical or double that people have on the success of Webtalk as the next big social media platform.

I agree with the risks of investing in an internet startup, but business risks are not equal to scam.

Webtalk benefits for personal users.

Webtalk gives you control over how to share your data with others. No other social media platforms allow you to create multiple contact groups except Webtalk.

With other social media platforms, you only have two options for your contacts, either friends or followers.

Webtalk allows you to separate all your contacts into personal, professional, or create your own group. You can even subcategories for each group if you like.

Unlike Facebook, where your posts are visible to everyone, Webtalk allows you to decide who can see your messages, posts, or shares. No more having to worry about someone sees something you would rather they didn’t.

Would you add friends & families to your LinkedIn network? NO! LinkedIn is not the right place, but Webtalk is; a place for all your contacts.

Webtalk also provides File Shares where you can share files with a specific contact group, or a resume to your potential employer. This feature is nice to have.

A personal account with Webtalk is free, but you will need an invitation at this time. You can use this invitation to check out Webtalk. Oh, the platform also pays 10% of the ad revenue to its users. Who would say no to some extra cash?

JOIN Webtalk

Webtalk benefits for business users.

As a business owner, I know what it means to properly manage your list of contacts.

With the current media platform, it is impossible to separate your customers from your investors and your personal friends. Webtalk has the solution.

Using Webtalk, you can send different marketing messages, promotions, or discounts to each group of your contacts.

Businesses can also use Webtalk as a communication tool to stay connected with their employees, suppliers, investors, and loyal customers without having to expose their personal and family information.

Webtalk is the only social platform where you can share your leisure-related posts to friends and families, business-related posts with clients and investors, and work-related posts with coworkers.

For a small fee, businesses can set up their own premium business page, run ads, collect contacts, and conduct business transactions on the platform.

Webtalk is an ultimate platform for all your eCommerce solutions.

Right now, Webtalk is offering a free business account. You will need to click on the invitation below to register. I invite you to promote your business on Webtalk.

The business will also receive a 10% share of the revenue for all your referrals. You can use this as a discount offer to the customers or help reduce your ad expenses. However, you like it.

Webtalk benefits for affiliate marketers.

Webtalk is the only social media platform that pays you to build your own network. This is what affiliate marketers do, build networks of customers.

This is an opportunity for you to build an online business without spending a penny. All you have to do is drive traffic to Webtalk. When your referrals make a purchase from an advertiser or another member of Webtalk, you earn a commission.

You will earn commissions from your referrals, their referrals through five levels.

Webtalk primary revenue will be platform advertisements and premium membership features. These revenue models are similar to Facebook and LinkedIn. You can potentially make millions with your own network of referrals.

There are several ways for an affiliate to make money with Webtalk.

  • Personal purchase: You earn a commission when your referrals buy from an advertiser via “Buy Now” ads.
  • Digital Service: This includes purchases of monthly subscription service from a third party ad by your referrals.
  • Market Place Purchase: A commission is earned if your referral shops from Webtalk’s Marketplace.
  • Platform Ad: You earn a commission from all ads purchased by your referral on Webtalk’s platform.
  • Pages For Business: You earn a commission if an invite set up a business page.

Those are just a few ways for you to earn with Webtalk.

There are currently over 1 million members using Webtalk and growing. This platform has proved itself to be the next powerful paid ad platform. You certainly don’t want to miss this opportunity.

Sign up for an affiliate account with Webtalk to invite them before they invite you.

Webtalk affiliate platform calls SocialCPX where you can access to view and track your referral stats.

Webtalk benefits for Ad Agencies.

Webtalk is a great way to grow and expand your digital advertisement services.

You now can offer an alternative social media platform, besides Facebook, to help your customer grow their business online.

Ads running on the Webtalk platform will likely be cheaper than Facebook and other social media.

Webtalk revenue sharing will add some serious cash to your agency earning. If you are able to get a position as a Webtalk founder group member, your agency commission will be 50%. This is huge.

Webtalk is free to join. The minute you wait, the more money you waste.

How to build your online business with Webtalk?

Webtalk affiliate program is offered to everyone, and it is free to join. But you need an invitation. Here is your invitation.

The best way to build a successful business with Webtalk is through affiliate marketing promotions to drive traffic to the site.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you understand what I am talking about.

If you don’t understand what affiliate marketing is, I recommend you read this article “The 4 Steps to Affiliate Marketing.

basic affiliate marketing process

You can also watch this video if you don’t like to read. >>>>>>>>

I also recommend you sign up with a free affiliate marketing training program to learn the basic skill of digital marketing.

The #1 free online training program that most people recommend is the Wealthy Affiliate University.

This University has the best free business training program which I have used to launch my online business.

Here is what you will get with a free training account with the Wealthy Affiliate University:

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Webtalk affiliate program is a lucrative online business opportunity. However, you need to learn the process of affiliate marketing to turn this into a successful business.

I invite you to join my network at the Webtalk and the Wealthy Affiliate University, so we can work together and build a successful online business.

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If you are thinking that almighty Facebook cannot be beaten right now. I hope you look at Webtalk and think hard. Many people say the same thing about Instagram, look at the platform today.

If Instagram offers a revenue sharing program like Webtalk, you would be a millionaire today!

Once this opportunity pass, it never happens again.

I love to hear your thoughts.

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