Bossless Forever Review – Bossless Forever A Scam Or Legit?

Recently, someone told me “the local lead generation business is the best business model of the decade.”

You must be interested in starting a local lead generation business. So you read Bossless Forever review to find out if this the truth.

I have written a few reviews on this business model. The two popular reviews are Modern Millionaires and the Lead Generation Coaching Program.

Today, we discuss the Bossless Forever training program by Amiee Ball.

Many of you want to know if Bossless Forever a scam or legit? And can you make money using this training program?

I am going to share with you the local lead generation business model, and why Bossless Forever is all hype, nothing more.

Before you go out and spend over $4,000, I must warn you; it’s not easy to achieve financial freedom with Bossless Forever.

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Bossless Forever Review Summary

Name: Bossless Forever

Business Type: Lead Generation

Investment: $4,000 +

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  • Bossless Forever will teach you the process of launching a local lead generation business. It also calls a local digital ads agency.
  • You’ll learn to find small businesses that need sales leads.
  • You make money by selling the leads to them.
  • This business is very competitive, which requires large investments and a good reputation. You have to show results to get paid.
  • The Bossless Forever webinar doesn’t mention the cost because you will turn it off.
  • This opportunity is not what you think. You learn more about it in this review.


What Is Bossless Forever?

Bossless Forever was created by Aimee Ball to teach people the process of starting a local lead generation business.

The training focus on using local SEO to generate leads and sales to local business owners.

You don’t have to be an expert digital marketer. The Bossless Forever course is designed for all online entrepreneurs, both beginners and experts.

Aimme Ball claims the course is free. However, this is not true.

Members have reported paying more than $4,000 for the Bossless Forever training program. This makes you wonder, is Bossless Forever a scam?

Amiee is a successful digital marketer. She runs a web consulting business providing local SEO services to help small businesses improve their search engine rankings.

Bossless Forever will conduct a private interview to verify the funds before telling you the cost to join. Is this good for you or a way for Boless Forever to charge you as much as they can pay.

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Bossless Forever Course

Bossless Forever course covers the 5 steps of building a successful local lead generation business.

The entire training program teaches you the local SEO techniques as follows:

Lesson 1 – The Niche Selection

This lesson introduces you to local SEO and the Bossless Forever business opportunity.

You learn to identify local businesses that depend on sales leads to generate revenue.

The lessons start with niche selection, domain selection, website creation, tax, and all necessary legal paperwork to launch the business.

Lesson 2 – Due Diligence

Market research is an important part of finding the first client.

You learn the Bossless Forever process of prospecting and client qualification.

This lesson teaches you the art of deal-making by cold calling on businesses to verify their needs before sending them leads.

Lesson 3 – Web Traffic & Lead Generation

This is the core training of the Bossless Forever business.

You learn to set up and promote a lead generating website.

The lesson covers Google Ads traffic, social media ads, and organic search traffic.

Once you generate the traffics, you learn to convert them into qualified leads to sell to local businesses.

Local businesses purchase sales lead from you, not traffic.

Lesson 4 – Promoting Your Lead Generation Business

This is cold calling. You make calls to local businesses to sell the leads.

The course uses free leads marketing scheme to find customers.

Basically, you offer free sales leads to introduce your business to potential clients.

If the potential clients don’t buy your leads, you lose all the investment.

This is the most difficult part of the Bossless Forever business opportunity.

Those you that hate doing cold calls, don’t waste your money with Blossless Forever.

Calling on local business to sell you leads is how you make money with local lead generation business.

Lesson 5 – Make The Sale And Grow The Business

The final step is signing a service contract with the new clients.

This lesson covers the process of contract and pricing. Bossless Forever prefers a flat monthly service fee. This fee structure is simple and easy for business owners to visualize their monthly expenses.

As your business grows, you need helpers. Bossless Forever teaches you the process of hiring, managing, and working with your team.

Once the contract is signed, you need to collect the monthly fee from the clients.

What happens if businesses refuse to pay for the provided leads?

This is a major risk for your local lead generation business.

How Much Does Bossless Forever Cost?

Bossless Forever is not free.

The webinar is free, but this is a marketing scheme to recruit new customers.

The sale begins when you call for a private consultation with a Bossless Forever coach.

The coach will sell you one of the 6 courses with prices ranging from $197 to $10,000.

Below is the price list for Bossless Forever courses:

  • Power Profit – 7 lessons costing $197 per month.
  • Epic Email Prospecting – 2 lessons costing $997.
  • Billboard Business Boom – 1 lesson costing $2,000.
  • Referral Ninja – 6 lessons costing $2,997.
  • Pay to Play – 7 lessons costing $4,997.
  • Aimme’s Agency Accelerator – 2 lessons costing $10,000.

The total cost to purchase all Bossless Forever courses is $21,188. This is just for the lessons.

There are expenses to operate your local lead generation business. The biggest expense is digital advertisements. Google Ads are expensive. Be prepared to spend a lot of money before you can get the first client.

Building Bossless Forever Business Fast

You must have a big budget to buy digital ads if you want to build your Bossless Forever business fast.

Digital ads are the quickest marketing method to bring traffic to your website.

The more people visit your website, the more sales leads you can generate. But generating sales leads doesn’t mean you are making money.

You make money when small businesses purchase the leads from you.

There is a long process from finding a client and signing a contract.

The Bossless Forever teaches the process of lead generation. It’s up to you to convince the business owners that your leads can bring them more sales. If the business owners like your proposal, they will sign the contract.

The hardest part of the local lead generation business is convincing small business owners to purchase sales leads from you.

You have to cold calls, meet with business owners, and do sales presentations to make money. Bossless Forever is not a work-at-home business opportunity.

If you love hitting the road, pounding the floor, and knocking on doors, then you might succeed with Bossless Forever.

For me, I love to roll out of bed and take five steps to my office. I prefer affiliating marketer over the Bossless Forever lead generation business.

Bossless Forever A Scam Or Legit?

As a local SEO training program, Bossless Forever is not a scam. But the program is too expensive.

You can learn local SEO for less than $50 per month from other online training programs. Why pay over $20K for this?

Because Bossless Forever is a training program, not everyone will make money.

This business is very competitive because everything builds on results and reputation.

How can you convince a small business owner that your local digital agency is better than Google Local Business Services?

Bossless Forever is not for average investors. You must have a big budget to launch this type of business.

Now you understand why Bossless Forever doesn’t disclose the real cost in the free webinar.

Complaints Against Bossless Forever

The lack of customer complaints and reviews of Bossless Forever is a sign that this training program has zero track record of success.

You cannot find any complaint against Bossless Forever on the BBB website either.

Most Bossless Forever scam complaints have to do with the cost. The program is not free.

Bossless Forever uses the private meeting to pressure people into purchasing this expensive program.

The purpose of the one-on-one meeting with a coach to upsell the Bossless courses, not for you to learn about the opportunity.

If you are scheduling a one-on-one call with a Bossless Forever coach, just know this is a sales call.

As a successful Online Business Reviewer, I have evaluated hundreds of investment offers and online moneymaking opportunities to expose scams. I am going to tell you this: “Even though Bossless Forever is legit, but the program is overpriced. The local lead generation business model is very competitive. Your chance of building a successful business using the Bossless Forever courses is low.”

Final Review Of Bossless Forever

Bossless Forever is not a business opportunity. This is a ridiculously expensive training course. You need to find a lot of clients to break-even.

Bossless Forever doesn’t teach you how to sell the leads, which requires cold calling on small business owners. This is the most difficult part of the local lead generation business.

If you hate making cold calls, then don’t spend money on Bossless Forever. You will lose your investment.

To build this Bossless Forever business, you must be ready to hit the road, knock on doors, and do sales presentations to make money. This is not a work-at-home opportunity.

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I hope this Bossless Forever review answers your question, is Bossless Forever a scam or legit?

Until next time.

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