CEO Movement Review – Is CEO Movement Legit

Members of the CEO Movement have been recruiting people to join the community.

According to them, the CEO movement is a legit community. This community teaches people how to generate multiple streams of income from home. They call the scheme Wealth Creation.

The entire scheme sounds legit at first.

When I conduct research and reading reviews on the CEO Movement. I realize this wealth creation scheme is not about helping you to make money.

The CEO Movement is a scheme selling hopes and dreams, a promise of a better future, which will cost you thousands of dollars.

If you are pursuing a career of making money from home, you need to look for a real-world opportunity. One that builds on profit and honest work.

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CEO Movement Review Summary

Name: CEO Movement

Business Type: Online Community

Investment: $4,000

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  • CEO Movement is a training community teaching the process of generating multiple streams of income from home.
  • The CEO Movement is free to join. But you have to purchase the training lessons and products to make money from home.
  • You make money by recruiting people to join the CEO Movement and purchasing products to retail for profits.
  • It’s impossible to make profits selling the CEO Movement overpriced products. I’ll show you in a bit.
  • CEO Movement is not a real business. It is a marketing scheme to recruit people into MLM opportunities.


The CEO Movement

The CEO Movement is an exclusive online community teaching the process of Wealth Creation.

This self-improvement program is designed to teach you how to make money from home by generating multiple streams of passive income from the internet.

The goal of this community is to help you build a successful online business and become the CEO of your company.

You can join the CEO movement for free.

However, there are expensive fees to purchase the training lessons, one-on-one coaching, tools, and support to learn the process of wealth creation.

So, the CEO Movement is not free. It’s a scheme to sell you expensive training and overpriced products.

Once you join, the way to create wealth is by promoting the CEO Movement. This why members accuse the CEO Movement of operating as an MLM.

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Is CEO Movement Real?

The members of the CEO Movement are real people looking for ways to make a living working from home.

The training lessons provide by CEO Movement are real. The problem is they are too expensive.

The entire training program costs over $6,000.

If you are someone like me who doesn’t want to lose her hard-earned dollars, you will not waste six grands with the CEO Movement.

You learn to make money from home by promoting CEO Movement and selling its products through Facebook and Instagram advertisements. This training doesn’t justify the expensive cost of this CEO Movement program.

While the CEO Movement is real, you can get the same training lessons for a cheaper price from another online entrepreneur program.

Join The CEO Movement

Just so you know, it’s not entirely free to join the CEO Movement.

The free or you don’t have to buy anything promotion is just a marketing scheme to get you to watch the free webinars.

The first purchase you have to make costs $79 per 28 days to access the members’ platform. This is not the CEO Movement training platform. This is just a membership fee.

If you want to learn the CEO Movement process of wealth creation, you must pay for the training lessons.

Let me give you the break down of the costs for the entire program:

  • $1,271 – Global Facebook Community training
  • $1,271 – Social Media Training Academy
  • $378 – 1-on-1 Coaching Call
  • $1,908 – Automated Online Sales System
  • $761 – Weekly Team Mastermind calls
  • $1,268 – CEO Movement live events

It is very expensive to join the CEO Movement.

I agree that it costs money to start a business. But you are spending a lot of money for training lessons. These do not generate money.

You make money by promoting the CEO Movement and its product. There are no multiple streams of income to help you earn a full-time income.

CEO Movement Products

You make money from home by selling the ENAGIC Kangen water filters and recruiting people to join the CEO Movement.

As you can see, the CEO Movement doesn’t have a product. They promote MLM companies’ products costing over $4,000 per unit.

The CEO Movement was not created to help you make money. This scheme is designed to make money from you.

How do I know this?

Because the CEO Movement members are required to purchase both the training program and the Kangen water filter systems.

Buying products to retail for profits is a legit business. The problem you will have is the price. Both CEO Movement products are so overpriced that they are impossible to resell on the market.

How are you going to make money when you can’t sell the products?

Now you understand why people call the CEO Movement a scam. It has to do with the ENAGIC Kangen water filters.

CEO Movement Kangen Water

I did some research to find out what is the CEO Movement Kangen water filters?

Here is what I have discovered.

The Kangen water filter machines transform your ordinary tap water into healthy, fresh-tasting alkaline drinking water.

Yes, these are simple filter machines that cost over $4,000 each.

How many people in this world will pay $4,000 for a water filter system?

Yes, only the CEO Movement members are buyers of this water filter. They are purchasing the filters for the opportunity to make money, not for the health benefits.

If you are smart, you can see that it’s easier and more profitable to resell water bottles than these Kangen water filters.

The CEO Movement Forex

A few readers asked me about the CEO Movement Forex program, is it legit?

CEO Movement doesn’t own this Forex training program. They earn commissions selling you the training. This is what CEO Movement does.

CEO Movement doesn’t own any products. They promote and sell a product from an MLM company, IM Mastery Academy.

The founders of the CEO Movement are using this platform to recruit and build their MLM team.

When you join the CEO Movement Forex training program, you are joining an MLM company.

You learn how to make money not by trading Forex, but by recruiting people into the IM Mastery Academy.

The CEO Movement Forex program is the IM Mastery Academy training program.

If you want to know how this Forex training program works, you should read our review on the IM Mastery Academy.

Is CEO Movement Legit?

As an online community, the CEO Movement is legit.

As a business opportunity to create wealth, the CEO Movement is not. You will not make money with this community.

The CEO Movement is a recruiting arm for MLM companies. You make money from home by building a team and selling overpriced products.

Don’t join the CEO Movement unless you are ready to participate in an MLM business.

Can you see why the CEO Movement is so vague about their business?

Yes, they know people hate MLM.

Is CEO Movement An MLM?

No, CEO Movement is not an MLM.

It is a recruiting platform for different MLM companies.

Every training lesson is preparing you to promote and sell MLM opportunities.

You learn to recruit and build teams, and you make money from recruiting others and from their sales, override commissions.

The CEO Movement is a new type of marketing technique that MLM members used to build their business. I have discussed this in the MLM Affiliate Marketing.

Yes, MLM companies and their members are moving their recruiting online. If you are unfamiliar with this marketing concept, I suggest you click on the link above to learn more.

Is CEO Movement Worth It?

If you hate MLM opportunities, then don’t join the CEO Movement.

If you are into MLM, you can build a platform similar to the CEO Movement to promote and recruit team members.

All the training lessons offered by the CEO Movement teach the basic skill of affiliate marketing.

Don’t pay the CEO Movement thousands of dollars to learn basic affiliate marketing. You can get these lessons for free at WAU.

Before ending this CEO Movement review, I like to ask you a question.

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I hope my review helps answer your question, is the CEO Movement legit?

Until next time.

Please share your CEO Movement experience below.

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