Plinko Master Review – Is Plinko Master Legit

The idea of making money playing a game app, Plinko Master, is too good to bet true.

What if I tell you Plinko Master is legit and real?

Many of you will take my words for it.

However, a few smart people might ask, ‘How much do I make playing Plinko Master?’

Not much, this is the catch with game apps.

No one is willing to tell you the whole story. They just tell you that Plinko Master pays real money.

I get it. Plinko Master is legit and does pay. But, are you talking a few pennies per hour or a few hundred dollars per hour of playing?

To find out the truth, I research on Plinko Master. This Plinko Master review doesn’t offer anything good.

The truth is, it’s not easy to make money playing Plinko Master. You might never see $1 from this app.

Everyone gets stuck at this earning level, and it’s not a bug!

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Plinko Master Review Summary

Name: Plinko Master

Business Type: Game App

Investment: Free

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  • Plinko Master is a game app that pays people to play.
  • You make money on Plinko Master by collecting coins, fruits, and different prizes.
  • You pay nothing to play Plinko Master. Just download and install the game app on your smartphone to start earning.
  • Playing Plinko Master is fun. But making money is painful. Every player seems to have a hard time reach the $100 cash out level. Is this happened by design?
  • Players accuse Plinko Master of running a scam to make money from advertisements. Yes, this game app has lots of ads.

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What Is Plinko Master Game?

Plinko Master is a free app game where players get paid to play.

The game is fun to play. Your job is to collect coins and prizes by hitting them with Plinko balls.

Making money by dropping balls down the table sounds easy. But not with Plinko Master.

The game developers have turned Plinko Master into a money-making machine for themselves, not for you as players.

The app is full of advertisements in which the company promises to share the earnings with players.

But there’s a problem, you seem to be stuck at the $91 level when the minimum cashout amount is $100.

Many players start wondering, is Plinko Master legit?

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Plinko Master Real Or Fake

I can tell you that Plinko Master is a real game app.

However, you will have a hard time cashing out your earnings.


The major problem with Plinko Master is the earnings slow down as you progress.

It becomes harder and harder to collect coins or prizes as your earning level increases.

When your account reaches $91, most of the coins and prizes disappear. This prevents players from reaching the minimum $100 cashout amount.

Many players stopped and gave up playing Plinko Master. They warned others Plinko Master is fake, not payout.

While Plinko Master is a real game, but the make money part of the game seems fake. You should read the reviews on Google Play to understand players’ frustration about the payout scam.

If you don’t care about the money, this game is fun to play.

How To Play Plinko Master?

Playing Plinko Master is not complicated. You download and install the game onto your smartphone.

No registration requires. Once installed, you launch the game by clicking on the app icon.

The Plinko Master game screen consists of green and gold pegs with 4 tubes at the bottom. There’s also a moving ring on top of the tubes. Below is the picture of the Plinko Master game board.

Plinko Master game screen

Here’s how you play the Plinko Master game:

  • Plinko Master gives you 30 Plinko balls at the start of the game.
  • Your goal is to collect coins, money, and prizes on the Plinko game screen.
  • You choose the location, then tap on the screen to drop the Plinko ball.
  • As the ball rolling down the screen, it will hit the pegs and might land in one of the tubes at the bottom.
  • If the Plinko ball hits a gold peg, you earn 5 coins.
  • When the ball hits a green peg, you earn $0.01.
  • You earn a bigger prize when the ball drops in one of the four tubes at the bottom. You can earn gold coins, cash, fruits, or more Plinko balls.
  • When the ball land on the moving ring, a slot machine opens up for you to collect more prizes.

You want to collect as many coins, cash, or prizes with the 30 Plinko balls. When you run out of Plinko balls, you can watch a video ad to earn another 30 Plinko balls.

You can only watch 30 video ads per day. After that, you have to wait until the next day to earn more Plinko balls.

Does Plinko Master Pay Real Money?

Plinko Master promises to pay you real money via PayPal. However, the game offers different rewards: coins, money, and fruits.

  • Collect 5,000,000 gold coins you earn a $5 Amazon gift card.
  • Gather 25 different fruits you earn the grand prize of $1,000.
  • Collect enough $100 worth of green pegs you can request a PayPal payout.

As you can see, the chance to receive a cash payment from Plinko Master is slim to none.

The gold and green pages begin to disappear as your earnings increase.

It will be harder to find the green peg (money peg) after you accumulate $91 in your account.

I have never heard anyone find all the 25 fruits to collect the $1,000 prize.

Many players stuck at $91 earning in their account for months. They eventually give up playing Plinko Master.

Yes, while Plinko Master pays you in real money. But you will have a hard time cashing out from your account.

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Is Plinko Master Legit?

Plinko Master is a legit mobile app game to play and collect coins.

As far as taking home the cash, you might have a hard time reaching the $100 minimum cashout amount.

The money coins seem to disappear when your account reaches $91. You are unable to earn the last $9 with Plinko Master.

You might think Plinko Master is legit. But for me, this game app is not worth playing. You cannot make money playing Plinko Master.

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While Plinko Master gives the option to collect money, but you cannot cash out the earnings. Doesn’t this make Plinko Master a scam?

Games Like Plinko Master

There are games online that do pay you real money.

Many people have made money with a popular trivia game calls Swagbucks LIVE. This game app is free to play.

Each Swagbucks LIVE trivia game is about 10 to 15 minutes long. If you are good at answering questions in 10 seconds, you can win up to $1,000 in prizes.

You can also play games on InboxDollars to earn cash.

InboxDollars pays you a $5 bonus for registering a new account. Millions of people have earned cash from InboxDollars every month. I recommend you check out this site before playing Plinko Master.

It doesn’t matter how many game apps play. You are not going to make a lot of money. Game apps pay very little. You are lucky to make $20 a month.

Game apps are for fun, not a real way to earn a full-time income online.

I’ll share with you my secret to earn $100K per year in the next section.

How Much Can You Make On Plinko Master?

You make nothing playing Plinko Master. Everything looks legit in the game, but cashing out the money is not.

If you love to play games on the phone, then Plinko Master might be good.

If you want to make money playing games, don’t waste your time with Plinko Master.

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I hope this Plinko Master review answers your question, is Plinko Master legit?

Until next time.

Please share your Plinko Master experience below.

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